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Dude, I recently drove from NYC to South Carolina, and I had Krispy Kreme in like five different states.

The ones in North Carolina are bigger, browner, and more delicious than any other location that I've gone to. I don't remember where in North Carolina - I do actually, thanks to Google Maps location tracking - Rocky Mount.

I brought donuts from Rocky Mount as well as DC home to my girlfriend and she agreed with the taste assessment. The visual difference is obvious and striking.

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I'd love to learn more. I run a biotech, and I'm interested in your technology.

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I think New York Penn Station has had a Krispy Kreme inside the station for quite some time that gets the donuts delivered. I've never had a fresh Krispy Kreme from that location, and I worked a block away, so I walked by it almost every day, and never saw fresh donuts coming from the back.

Can you check with corporate on this? If there's a machine in the back of the Penn Station Krispy Kreme, I may have to go there again and just stand and wait.

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As long as you've filed, you are protected as we rely on a first-to-file system.


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Thanks man! I'd really appreciate it as a huge Krispy Kreme fan.