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Did you talk to any current teachers in your state before deciding on being a teacher?

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How early into your college career did you commit to going into teaching?

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because this is an AMA, I'll come out with this one:

Did anyone ever say to you: "you need to find out more about education as a working environment before you commit to that as a career path."

Like, did anyone at your university or anything advise you to find out about things like.... all the things you didn't know wouldn't suit you about teaching?

I considered being a teacher at one point, and then spoke to 2 people who were currently teaching, and based on what they said and what I knew about myself, I decided against it.

I just wonder why no one advised you to actually examine the teaching environment/talk to 2 or 3 actual teachers in your area before committing to education as a career.

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What do you have to do to learn how to be an actual KK donut... baker?

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What are the ratios of yeast, water and flour?