My short bio: I've been working at McDonalds (Corporate not Franchise) and have learned alot of neat things about how it opporates and about the food AMA

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Edit: I'm not really busy today so I'll be checking it throughout the day and replying (might still say live since i leave window open), but I'll try and get back to everyone Asap, but not gonna be as active as i have been

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cobaltcollapse2158 karma

Why can I never get a McFlurry?

McDonaldsIAma3612 karma

no clue i always got mcflurries on deck

GoldHillThugLife1726 karma

What's the sketchiest thing that's ever happened while you were working there?

McDonaldsIAma3467 karma

Uh some homeless guy came in went into the women's restroom and started jacking off

Datcrazycreeper1289 karma

What the fuck.

McDonaldsIAma2104 karma

yeah....the funny part was our gay(male) manager was the one that went to find out what he was doing in there

42prime1426 karma

Go on...

McDonaldsIAma1959 karma

ROFL only thing that was told to me by him was that apparently the guy had a big sized member

JaysonthePirate1341 karma

Go on...

McDonaldsIAma2161 karma

then he got arrested cause we called the police?

FabianC5851346 karma

Can I get a double quarter pounder with cheese plain, 4 nuggets with BBQ sauce and a large chocolate chip frappe?

This is my average order

McDonaldsIAma1658 karma

i dont see why not, but with shipping it'd probably gross by the time it got to you

fuckclemson69515 karma

Have you seen the video of a McDonald's burger over the course of a couple months or couple years(don't remember how long it was) and it literally does not change? No mold, no nothing.

McDonaldsIAma749 karma

oh god yeah that thing....

canuckalert139 karma

It's interesting you used the word "thing".

McDonaldsIAma171 karma

i mean its been a while and didnt really think of the science behind it

FabianC58532 karma

haha, anyways on a more mature note, lol, what menu item do you prefer or enjoy the most?

McDonaldsIAma92 karma

Personally I enjoy the maple bacon djion taste crafted burger with crispy chicken on the artisan roll (I'm weird though I order it without onions or djion sauce )

CollectingCandles1330 karma

Why is it a Royale with Cheese in Paris and not a Quarter Pounder?

McDonaldsIAma2456 karma

Because a City known for finesse needs a burger with finesse

theweed71200 karma

How do you fix the ice cream machine?

McDonaldsIAma2773 karma

We pray

hdpq126 karma

And when praying doesn't work?!?

McDonaldsIAma540 karma

what do you mean doesnt work?

A-girl-called-Reedit1063 karma

What's the most unethical/unhygienic thing your boss/supervisor has asked you to do?

McDonaldsIAma1629 karma

Most unethical is just denying service to the homeless we get (there's a valid reason for it )

The unhygienic is more individuals, they don't ever last long in the kitchen or at the job, but they think it's OK touch every item with the same pair of gloves (raw chicken, meat etc. Then the food ) it normally doesn't go out but I've seen it happen a few times where the mistake isn't caught

A-girl-called-Reedit666 karma

What's the reason for denying service to homeless people?

McDonaldsIAma1548 karma

It's mainly because the homeless people in our area tend to be extremely rude (like apparently our Store Manager would sometimes buy them food) , but they have keyed their cars, trashed the store threated employees and customers and have even assaulted one of the managers

A-girl-called-Reedit578 karma

Sorry to hear this. If you had a nice homeless person who wasn't part of that group come in and ask for a burger would you serve them?

I've been served while coming back from events absolutely covered in mud and smelly.

McDonaldsIAma1949 karma

yeah we dont discriminate by that standard, its more specific people we dont serve. like there's 1 homeless guy we actually serve because hes always nice and respectful (sometimes we dont even charge him)

nomadic_stalwart1020 karma

Any idea when we're getting All-Day Lunch? I don't get why I can't have a cheeseburger at 7 in the morning.

McDonaldsIAma720 karma

no clue either should just be Mc'd at this point no time frames

QcumberKid202 karma

In Texas we go to Whataburger b/c if you want a burger at 7 in the morning, they'll make it for you. It might be a good idea to try a test run down here to see if it's worth it.

McDonaldsIAma127 karma

sadly its not up to the individual store

muchhuman973 karma

Are you at work right now?

McDonaldsIAma1337 karma

I got off like an hour ago

worldracer4014 karma

So did the homeless guy.

McDonaldsIAma1942 karma

I giggled

Mr_Funnybones735 karma

I always ask for no cheese on burgers because my wife is lactose intolerant. At least 80% of the time they put cheese on it anyways, even after double checking with them when I go up to the drive thru window. What's so hard about this simple task?

McDonaldsIAma928 karma

it honestly depends on what you're ordering and drive through is notorious for this (there's several areas where it could have gone wrong) thing is Drive through is timed at every step from when you start ordering till when you leave and during rush hour the goal time is 150 seconds or so. What probably ends up happening is either of these:

A: Person taking your order didn't hear you (the com system is shit) and just kinda pretended to hear which is bad on them

B: They heard and Marked it, but the kitchen made it and "Served" it before the no cheese came up (serving something means removing it from the monitor at your station) which is again bad on them

C: The people gathering your food into bags aren't paying attention and just grabbing food that matches yours by wrapping only. Any time you alter a recipe it should have a tag attached to the special item even if it's just no cheese

Ristake679 karma

D: Management didn't order enough grill paper/stickers and we ran out of one or both.
E: The grill paper fell off and was reattached to the wrong burger.

McDonaldsIAma338 karma

This too

Caustic-Echo568 karma

F: the employee didn't give a mcfuck

McDonaldsIAma331 karma

this generally isnt a thing tbh, we don't care if you remove or add stuff its all the same to us, it's just sometimes if we're rushed we over look things (glance at the menu board for instance to see what you ordered)

throwaway_350730 karma

Where do you work?

McDonaldsIAma1469 karma

at McDonalds

tokeaphatty434 karma

Corporate or Franchise?

McDonaldsIAma752 karma


purple1864112 karma

What's the difference??

McDonaldsIAma282 karma

honestly as a customer it's not much of a difference. The difference all stems from management benefits etc. I know some places that are Franchise don't offer certain promotions though (ex. the $1 any size soft drink)

roadrunnersk123 karma

FYI, my younger nephew visits McDonald's often. I've gone with him on occasion.

There's a huge, and I mean YUUUUGE difference between franchise and Corp.

Franchise, without fail in my experience, is nasty in comparison.

Franchisees seem to skimp on freshness policies.

McDonaldsIAma325 karma do we.....unless our regional/district manager is there.....

aaronakaski683 karma

Why is the shake machine always down on Saturday night? Do that shit in the mornings!

McDonaldsIAma897 karma

you'd be surprised how often shakes get ordered at all hours, Had an order of 6 shakes at 5:07am today

JelliedHam421 karma

On a scale of Mormon to Toll Both Attendant, how high were they?

McDonaldsIAma459 karma


A_Cave_Man938 karma

Holy smokes!

Edit double gold! Thanks everyone for the holiday gifts!

McDonaldsIAma302 karma

you arent getting enough credit for that

PrimarinaPopplio505 karma

How authentic are the nuggets? Are they chicken?

McDonaldsIAma1316 karma

they are nuggets when we get them so hard to say

Bowl_of_Gravy419 karma

Any chance of the McDonald's personal pizzas coming back? I liked them, especially with a side of fries and a chocolate shake.

McDonaldsIAma566 karma

I didn't even know McDonald's ever offered that (before my time most likely)

Bowl_of_Gravy211 karma

Admittedly, this was many many moons ago (probably at least 15 years). They were tiny pizzas, about 7" in diameter, cut into 4 little pieces. You could order them with fries and a drink, just like any meal. Were they the best pizzas in the world? Hell no, not even close, but they were okay as a different option to a burger during a quick drive-thru McD's. I guess they weren't popular enough to keep them on the menu.

McDonaldsIAma144 karma

yeah that sounds like the type of thing they do. They have an idea they run the numbers for a limited time offer to test the waters, if it works they keep it (Just how all you can breakfast started as limited, but now the full menu is there) and yeah that was way before my time, i was still a kid back then

WhySoVesuvius391 karma

The McDonald's where I live recently (like two weeks ago) laid off about half it's staff and now has computers you order your food at, and then the cook runs it out to you. Do you think this could happen to you?

McDonaldsIAma575 karma

possibly tbh, but im not too worried im one of the few people that does my job

xRNGesus348 karma

What is the grossest thing on the menu?

McDonaldsIAma609 karma

Anything with onions I hate onions though so....

really though as ive made everything on the menu nothings really horrible, its all pretty much made how you'd make a sandwich at home

oldschoolfl232 karma

i hate onions too. When order something without onions 80% of the time I get no onions. 20% of the time they give me extra onions

McDonaldsIAma223 karma

honestly some of my coworkers do that because they dont pay attention, there's a subtle difference between the add menu and the remove menu (literally the word ADD or No is highlighted otherwise it looks the same; granted ADD has more options)

Big-Al-NI282 karma

Does the McGangbang exist and if so how often does it get ordered?

McDonaldsIAma248 karma

Uh not to my knowledge never heard of it and no where on the menu

BigBabyBurke189 karma

A mcgangbang is pretty good. You get a mchicken and a mcdouble. You peel the mcdouble apart so both buns have a patty. You then insert the mchicken in between (you can leave the buns on the McChicken or take them off, I prefer to take them off)

McDonaldsIAma214 karma

i mean that sounds like something we could technically due, but i dont think our wrapping would hold it properly

PM_me_Nazi_mods151 karma

In my town in Wisconsin, you could order a mcgangbang at any of the 3 restaurants. They would know what you mean and they weren't wrapped but placed in one of those small sanwhich boxes

McDonaldsIAma155 karma

might just be one of those things

HoTs_DoTs260 karma

You are probably done but one question.

I LOVE the McChicken. I always get it with only mayo, so no lettuce or pickles. I get a small fry so I can put the fries on top. It's just 'my thing'. Any reason why sometimes it's so damn good and other times its just really crap? I don't eat fast food often. Literally only one a month but that is my favorite fast food item.

McDonaldsIAma249 karma

possibly how fresh the food was made, some places do a bad job at keep track of the fresh timers. Id personally ask for everything fresh even if you have to wait 3-5 min for it to be ready

Edit: Also i've been going since 1 ish, i dont work tomorrow so im just chilling doing this while i wait for midnight

9Virtues239 karma

Why when I ask for ketchup do you guys always act like I'm stealing from your own personal stash?

McDonaldsIAma259 karma

i dont i literally grab a handful even if you only need 2 lol

AnoNyWorm226 karma

Could i make the bigmac sauce myself? If yes how?

McDonaldsIAma419 karma

sadly i don't know the answer to this because the sauces are shipped to us in a cylinder container that we attach to the squirt gun type things that generally put out the same amount every pump

happyfamilygogo210 karma

What menu item does everyone hate making?

McDonaldsIAma420 karma

Anything that has to be "Custom" we label it as "Special Request" so they have to literally stop working just to come over and ask what the special request is (wanting something fresh counts towards that too -.-)

happyfamilygogo153 karma

Does it annoy you when I ask for a plain cheese burger?

McDonaldsIAma534 karma

To explain more we hate it when people want weird things like ketchup between the patties and the cheese on top (it gets weirdly specific )

McDonaldsIAma144 karma

Not at all there's a button that says plain for that reason

tunersharkbitten39 karma

would a mcdouble with added mac sauce count as "custom"? i always see the receipt paper on the wrapper and i can only assume that it is a special item or something.

McDonaldsIAma64 karma

nah thats easy its when there's an entire list of changing the recipe, the note is just to identify that specific mcdouble from the sea of mdoubles

BushMeat24 karma

So if I don't want onions, that's custom?

McDonaldsIAma65 karma

nah custom is asking for us to put something in there that isnt under the list of options (its basically like if you want us to do like a protean style and make the lettuce the bun, order have 1 pancake instead of 3) random things you can do but wouldnt normally. Adding and removing there's literally buttons for it

Luchie-Luchie1 karma

I agree a bit, but what about the McRib? Making it is messy, cleaning the food cabinets that held the ribs, and just the smell it makes. I'm so glad it's over.

McDonaldsIAma1 karma

eh we have it pretty neat tbh, we have a little box that holds all that stuff and the ribs themselves are just held in an freezer like the normal meat (separated of course)

cabbage_patch_cunt175 karma

Is the ice cream machine broken?

McDonaldsIAma331 karma

yes sorry

PhoenixKiwi121 karma

What is the most requested item at any point in time at your store?

McDonaldsIAma179 karma

That was a hard one but I'd say mcdouble or mcchicken atm due to the 2 $2.50 thing going on (sausage biscuit when that's not available the $1 it's kinda funny )

KaiserCanton100 karma

What;s your worst customer you've ever had?

McDonaldsIAma311 karma

worst customer experiences vary but the two or three that come to mind are :

  1. The guy who got insanely upset over the fact that I took his money too slowly (he was handing me $2 for a $5 meal like....not sure what he wanted) after he pulled out more money to finish it, i didnt understand why not just give it all at once

  2. There was the Lady who kept arguing that a certain sandwich doesn't normally come with X ingredient even though its in the recipe and its shown in the pictures

  3. EVERY PERSON EVER WHO GETS UPSET WHEN WE CLARIFY, people get upset when we ask with or without egg for the "Sausage McMuffins" There's a difference between that and Sausage McMuffin with Egg and people order both the wrong way

Newly_untraceable102 karma

Sausage McMuffin with Egg

Worst name for a product ever. Considering that a normal Egg McMuffin is egg, ham and cheese on a muffin. If it has sausage insead of ham, why not just call it a Sausage Egg McMuffin?

I am personally a fan of the Sausage McMuffin (no egg) but the naming convention makes no sense at all.

I realize you don't personally name the menu items, but someone at corporate fucked up when they originally named that thing!

Edit: at, the trademarked name is "Sausage McMuffin with Egg" so I am guessing for all this that are replying that it is something else, it is just because that's what people around you call it.

McDonaldsIAma85 karma

I sometimes feel like they list the ingredients of their new items and just kinda go "THATS IT" , but yeah i call it the Sausage Egg McMuffin regardless of that being its actual name

ericandhisfriends129 karma

Sometimes ppl would ask for sausage egg McMuffin without egg, and I'm like the fuck dude

McDonaldsIAma81 karma


baramullah90 karma

why does everything looks amazing on menu and on table its just pale, small and stale??

McDonaldsIAma131 karma

depending on your store it could be people are keeping times on the food (everything has a shelf life of about 30min or less), but either way it'll look different since there's such thing as "Food Stylist" pretty much the pictures are made using fakes or normally inedible versions that look better than they normally would (like sprayed with crap to make them shine but said crap is toxic)

hadesflames53 karma

They also specially cook the meet to look perfect and inject condiments to make it look amazing. In reality half the burger has nothing on it. Only parts that needs to look good is the one that makes it on cam.

McDonaldsIAma38 karma

this accurate TLDR

Mexikanen82 karma

  1. My local mcdonalds always seem to have a "broken" icecream machine at a certain hour. Do you think they just disable it because it is a pain to make those orders?

  2. How easy is it to sneak in some spit into an order ig you really wanted to?

Thanks ;)

McDonaldsIAma103 karma

  1. Two things could be going on, 1 it is just "Broken" because they dont want to deal with it slowing down their times or their Cleaning timer is set around that time for w/e reason. Option 3 is theyre Franchise and the owner is too cheap to get it fixed properly

  2. It honestly depends how observant the person is, they have full view of the kitchen, but there/s plenty of blind spots people could use to do that

Honestly though there's no reason for that to happen because the kitchen workers never deal with customers thats all front counter manager issues. Kitchen just makes w.e theyre told to make (no reason for them to be mad at you) if they have to remake it so be it we normally have a few extra sandwiches from mistakes of making 2 when asked for 1 canceled orders etc.

ezzyrd76 karma

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

McDonaldsIAma189 karma

getting a good laugh when people blame you when you;re behind the counter. Literally all i do is take orders sometimes depends how busy we are

vajav71 karma

What's your favorite fast food other than McDonald's and also do you enjoy anal?

McDonaldsIAma180 karma

In & Out and who doesn't?

jessersammidge69 karma

Why did the jalapeño mcdouble get axed?

McDonaldsIAma121 karma

my guess is the jalapeno tbh, cant think of any other reason

Shugoki68 karma

Which task at work did/do you hate the most?

McDonaldsIAma196 karma

i was gonna make a toliet reference and how that one was the shittiest lol

but seriously kitchen is the worst during rushes because of the amount of orders that come in. it also didnt help the person "training" me didnt really help at all and was just upset that I didn't instantly know what to do

TarzoEzio166 karma

What is a thing that a customers almost always do, and annoys you?

McDonaldsIAma163 karma

"Hmmm what should I get" or "Wait NVM Let me Get XYZ instead" mainly because one holds up the line, the other screws over the cooks

themarcusknauer36 karma

Can you still shoot BigMac sauce across the restaurant with the sauce gun?

We used to blast each other at closing with that thing. This was over 20 years ago though.

McDonaldsIAma35 karma

nah its a small squirt now that barely comes out in order to get "Exact" proportions on every bun

ReyMaizel30 karma

How strict are you guys about enforcing proper hygiene and management of the client's food?

McDonaldsIAma38 karma

eh management tries to, but they care more about satisfaction

JaffeyJoe24 karma

Is there any food items that are no longer on the menu, that you wish you could have back?

I miss Arch Deluxes.....

McDonaldsIAma57 karma

The Wraps, they were good and relatively healthy

FitFire18 karma

Is super size option ever coming back?

McDonaldsIAma47 karma

doubt it, too much bad publicity

RoadRacoon16 karma

Have you ever spit on, contaminated, or in any way fucked with someones food?

McDonaldsIAma98 karma

nah, people are fucked up, but ill just refuse to serve them before getting to that point

WolvenSweetDemons15 karma

What's up?

McDonaldsIAma104 karma

A roof a sky , nm IDK What you want from me cries in spanish

jtoetta10 karma

Do you like the food at MacDonalds?

McDonaldsIAma52 karma

Thing is working there you know how to customize the menue to be really good (double quarter pounder with bacon lettuce tomato no mustard etc. Basically it becomes something worth eating )

tunersharkbitten18 karma

what ARE some of the best menu hacks that one can get away with? without pissing off the staff...

McDonaldsIAma36 karma

Mcdouble add mac sauce add shredded lettuce is pretty much a poor mans big mac (remove the ketchup and mustard though)

mayoriguana9 karma

Any favorite menu items? Secrets or tips for ordering the tastiest meal?

McDonaldsIAma11 karma

Tips is be exact with your order, when you say ambiguous this such as "Regular size" it kinda throws a wrench in our order taking, we don't like having to interrupt you unless we have to for you options and it also just makes it easier on us (Modify as much as you want, just make sure you know what you want) Add cheese NP, No pickles you Got it, Some cream and sugar in your coffee "HOW MUCH IS SOME" is what we think after hearing it 160000000 times a day. I know it sounds nit picky, but managers get on us about that stuff as its partially how they do inventory.

As for Favorite Items I said it in another reply, but I love the Tasted Crafted Burger of: Maple Bacon Djion, Artisan roll, and Crispy Chicken. However I order it without Onions and Djion Sauce since im picky

CromulentEmbiggener6 karma

1) Why are McRibs seasonal?

2) Does SCSE mean anything to you? Its supposed to stand for Safety Courtesy Show Efficiency. When I worked at Disneyland, my trainer said Disney stole this motto from McDonalds years ago

3) Are there any "secret" items that people can ask for by name? I'm sure you can make it if we describe it, but the internet says there are a few items all McDonalds knows by name that's not on the menu

4) How often are the frozen yogurt and coffee makers cleaned out?

McDonaldsIAma22 karma

  1. from my understanding its mainly because of the pork demand isnt always available compared to other meats, but i thinks its just a promotional stunt.

  2. Eh we kinda have something like that, but literally no one takes it seriously, not even the managers. now its more just making sure you're happy which is why we often give out free shit

  3. Not to my knowledge, but something i think is normal could be "secret" as theres alot of stuff not blatantly on the menu like the mini meals

  4. Theyre actually cleaned out pretty often as we have a dedicated technician with them having automated cleaning cycles. If it doesnt clean itself it stops working when it needs cleaning and yells at us which is why sometimes you cant get hot drinks or icecream etc.

kommerzbank5 karma

Where do you work at?

McDonaldsIAma8 karma

At McDonalds

fidzer3 karma

Is it true that if you ask for fries without salt, a fresh batch of fries has to be made, meaning you get super hot, crispy fries (without the salt)?

McDonaldsIAma11 karma

basically, i mean you can also just ask for fresh fries

[deleted]1 karma


McDonaldsIAma1 karma

No clue before my time

Joey_the_Duck1 karma

How concerned are you about the threat of automation and self serve kiosks?

McDonaldsIAma1 karma

eh if it happens it happens

[deleted]1 karma


McDonaldsIAma1 karma

long before my time (im 21 for reference)

DudeRobert1251 karma

How's the hole?

McDonaldsIAma2 karma