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this would make an interesting tv show special... college student cuisine. you could go to different colleges, and show students how to cook with limited budget and supplies.

EDIT: /u/chooter i would really like to know if GR saw this idea. i think the college students of the world would like some inspiration in their cuisines...(META EDIT): Victora just confirmed that GR did indeed see this.

EDIT: i have gotten several people giving me hints on learning how to cook. i know how to cook very well, and subscribe to /r/EatCheapAndHealthy and have /u/morganeisenberg (a very talented food blogger and chef) as a friend. I love to cook, but unfortunately my 80 hour workweek does not allow me more than a day to catch up on shopping, cleaning laundry and food prep. and yes, i cook every meal. no fast food, no junk food.

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i got stalked here on reddit a couple years ago. apparently someone in the /r/miami sub found out what car i drove and followed me home. its weird because looking back i remember someone tailing me pretty closely.... but once i got to my private parking structure they must have waited for me to leave the structure and followed me across the street. this apartment complex was forcing everyone out at the time so i was the only one left on my floor. so there i am, unwinding from a long days work when some jackass comes barreling thru my door. biggest mistake he could have made. i was in the process of packing my airsoft weapons, and while they couldnt DO anything to him, they sure as hell look real. he takes one look and turns and flees. i was pretty much motionless but after he fled i called the cops and they caught him downstairs trying to get the tow truck to give him his car back. overall he was sentenced to 5 years for breaking and entering(multiple counts i heard) aggravated assault, and indecent exposure.

joke was really on him, i moved the next day.

also i had an XD-40 on the counter, but fortunately he fled before i had to use it.

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i know it is probably the biggest tourist trap out there, but i went to ocho rios, and did the "jamaican bobsled" and got drunk off that smooth smooth jamaican white rum. then i went to a non touristy area and bought what i thought were fake cuban cigars, but when i got back to the boat my chief told me that they were real(i bought 4 humidors full of them... pretty cheap too). thank you for being from an amazing little island. the jerk chicken is the best i have ever had. straight from an oil drum oven.

EDIT: for those of you that need visual reference, HERE YA GO

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no, but apparently the police report that they mailed me stated that he learned what car i drove from reddit... strange because i only posted a pic once and deleted it the next day due to downvotes...

and as for reason, i have no idea... im not an asshole online(usually)

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HAHA YOU KNOW IT MAN!!! thats the good shit.