Hello everyone! Donut Operator here (known as BaconOpinion on Reddit)

I am an American police officer who is on a SWAT team! If someone tried to SWAT me, it wouldn't work out too well.

I have been a police officer for a few years now with military before that.

I currently stream on twitch.tv/donutoperator (mostly CS:GO) with my followers. I've been streaming for about a month now and making stupid youtube videos for a few months ( https://youtube.com/c/donutoperatorofficial )

I made it to the front page a while back with the kitten on my shoulder ( http://i.imgur.com/9FskUCg.jpg ) and made it to the top of the CS:GO sub reddit thanks to Lex Phantomhive about a month ago.

I started this AMA after seeing Keemstar swatting someone earlier today (like a huge douche). There were a lot of questions in the comments about SWAT teams and police with people answering them who I'm sure aren't police officers or members of a SWAT team.

SO go ahead and ask me anything! Whether it be about the militarization of police or CS:GO or anything else, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

My Proof: https://youtu.be/RSBDUw_c340

*EDIT: 0220- I made it to the front page with Ethan! H3h3 is my favorite channel and I'm right here below them. Sweet.

**EDIT: 0310- If you are a streamer/ youtuber and you are kind of "iffy" about contacting your local department, I will be making a bulletin for law enforcement agencies about swatting and would be more than happy to send your local department one. Shoot me a message if you need help with this.

***EDIT: 0420- Hitting the hay people. It was fun! I came here to clear up some misconceptions about police and SWAT teams and I think for the most part I helped you fine people out. I'll answer a few more questions on here tomorrow and you can always reach me on my youtube channel.

For those few people that told me to die, you hope someone chops my head off, you hope someone finds my family, etc... work on getting some help for yourselves and have a nice night.

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DarkBlade21172605 karma

So when they break down a door, who replaces it?

BaconOpinion3944 karma

If it's a false call we do.

MugenTV1982 karma

When you flashbang a baby, who replaces it?

rockpapersucker4982 karma

flashbangs are pretty cheap

BaconOpinion3472 karma

Oh that's fucked up

ZeroSilentz925 karma

So I'm guessing flashbangs aren't quite as cheap as he implied?

BaconOpinion2251 karma

I mean not really. But we don't ever bang inside of a house.

anonasd1020 karma

What makes it a false call?

Did you mean if it's a "prank," or does that include a credible source calling in thinking there is an emergency when there's not?

Haydenbeckett795 karma

Both I would imagine

BaconOpinion1194 karma


anonasd312 karma

I guess I worded my question way less specifically than I wanted.

What I'm really wondering is, someone gets swatted(this keem drama garbage), but someone is arrested-- They had drugs or whatever. Now, the call itself was not legal, but the homeowner is arrested. Is the door replaced by the SWAT team?

BaconOpinion838 karma

We call that the fruit of the poisonous tree. It was a false call to begin with so it would probably be thrown out.

Edit: As I mentioned to the other attorney, I answered this question a bit too quickly before really sitting to think about it. If we are there in good faith and within our rights, we can charge for anything in plain view.

clocks2122184 karma

Is the mustache standard issue?

BaconOpinion4209 karma

You have to earn it. Rookie.

mostnormal993 karma

When do we get the kitten.

BaconOpinion1898 karma

gotta find it under a dumpster.

Pleased_to_meet_u1681 karma

OP - thank you! I've had two questions in the back of my mind for a while about this.

1) If I suddenly find I am being SWATed, what should do to end things as quickly and peacefully as possible?

2) if someone is pounding on my door saying, "Police, OPEN UP!" can I reply, "I will fully comply after you show me a badge and ID*." Is that something a citizen is allowed to do, both legally and in the real world? Anyone can wield a gun saying, "I'm a police officer."

[*If that's not the right phrase to get an officer to identify themselves, what is?]

BaconOpinion2354 karma

1)lay down on the floor face first, away from a door, and lay your arms straight out like a T. Think jesus. When they get to you explain that it was a false call. They may not listen at first until they confirm that everyone else in the building is safe. Just keep telling them that it was a false call.

2)Absolutely. Call 911 and confirm. Don't ever just open the door because you hear police. Verify first. There have been lots of home invasions caused by people saying they are police.

Honestly if an officer needs to get in your house quick enough for an emergency they won't have time to take off their badge and pull their wallet out. Just call 911 if you can't tell they are a police officer.

mclamb1039 karma

How do I protect my dog?

What does an officer do if you tell him that I put the dog in the closet or bathroom, please don't open it?

916hotdogs1335 karma

I don't think you'll get an answer to this one. Any dog that responds protectively will be shot, false call or not.

The police came to my door to arrest me on false charges, and my daughter, being smarter than me thought to put the dog out back, which created a whole other "Someone escaped out the backdoor!" scenario.

At least my dog lived. And after getting out of jail, losing my job, pissing in a cup for a year, and showing up to a dozen court dates, I was free to live my life without a conviction. God bless the USA.

BaconOpinion1015 karma

I personally pepper spray them if they are aggressive, I don't know the circumstances of your arrest so I cannot comment on that bud.

BaconOpinion283 karma

We're still gonna open it, but we'll probably get you to open it. If we don't have time for that and it's aggressive, we'll pepper spray it.

MondoKool1657 karma

Are you worried that Keemstar will SWAT you? Can you SWAT a SWAT?

BaconOpinion3777 karma

I am unswattable. If someone tried to swat me I would literally get a call to go to my own house.

Moonlight_City_Drive1525 karma

Could make for a pretty comedic stream situation

I don't find actual SWATing funny in any way by the way

BaconOpinion2565 karma

I would gear up and stand outside my own door and wait for my team to get here and them be like WTF?

BScottyJ2403 karma

Do they know where you live? If so, you're missing an opportunity to troll your team if you ever did get swatted for some reason.

As they are about to break down your door, just shout "WAIT" and when they look at you confused, just pull out your keys and unlock the door.

BaconOpinion2137 karma

hahaha YES

discoparty749 karma

Since you stream, you should leave for a "bathroom break" then come back in fully geared up to trick your viewers. Like on April 1st or something.

BaconOpinion1485 karma

I'm being swatted guys..........BY ME

SkepticHero1114 karma

Do you ever use any 'tactics' you learned from SWAT in CSGO? In other words how realistic is CSGO. I imagine it is completely different but maybe there is something in common.

BaconOpinion2440 karma

YES! CHECK YOUR DAMN CORNERS WHEN YOU MAKE ENTRY! lol so many people just walk past blind corners and get lit up.

hadntCSGO855 karma

lit up in csgo or lit up irl?

-kindakrazy-387 karma

Unfortunately both. Covering (snapping to the) corners is number one when entering a home. That and don't block the fatal funnel (doorway). Keep the officer flow moving.

Source: officer

BaconOpinion152 karma


alexanderkensington876 karma

If someone were to smash in the door to my house my first reaction would be to grab my gun to defend myself because I live in a Castle Doctrine state. Is an armed individual a shoot on sight for SWAT? Is there an attempt at de-escalation in case that person is an innocent? Would this defensive reaction get me killed if I were swatted?

BaconOpinion1381 karma

That would be my first reaction too man. All Swat teams are trained to yell Police as soon as they make entry. The flash bangs and a dozen people yelling police are usually a tell tell that it is actually police.

Gonna be honest, swatting is a tricky situation. If someone is pointing a gun at me, I'm going to shoot them. If someone is holding a gun down by there side, I'll try and make them drop it.

This question is why all SWAT teams need to be trained on SWATTING to verify that it isn't a real event. The hard part is that situations like this are very time sensitive.

Perhaps popular streamers should contact their local SWAT teams and have them keep a log of their address and phone number to verify?

sanjeetsuhag862 karma

Perhaps popular streamers should contact their local SWAT teams and have them keep a log of their address and phone number to verify?

Its really shitty that it has come to this. Emergency services are for emergencies, not for pranks.

BaconOpinion555 karma

I agree bud. If that's what it takes to keep people safe then so be it. Special Weapons And Tactics.

FinickyPenance310 karma

I know at least one YouTuber (/u/vanguard_anon) who's got a friendly enough relationship with the police that they call him beforehand just to confirm that he's not killing his family or anything.

throwawayfornp971034 karma

"hey tim, are you killing your family"

"no dude, must be a prank haha"

violently stabs wife

BaconOpinion915 karma

o no

Nyxia235 karma

I mod for a streamer that gets 5-6k viewers and when he moved into his new place he did just that, called the local police station and explained what he does and that there might be false alarms and stuff, he said they were understanding.

BaconOpinion344 karma

We are very understanding people.

Morningstar88802 karma

What is the typical punishment for people who call in the fake incidents to swat?

Edit: and how often do they get busted doing it?

BaconOpinion1026 karma

Never ran into it, but every jurisdiction has different charges. I'm sure it would be some jail time with restitution being paid.

Mr_Vandemar799 karma

How do you handle family dogs when breaching someone's home?

BaconOpinion1191 karma

If they aren't aggressive we ignore them, if they are we pepper spray them.

FlexoPXP873 karma

I really hope this is the case 100% of the time. Nothing would make me violent faster than you all killing my dog.

BaconOpinion2137 karma

Same here. I'd snap someones neck for Mike Wazowski

nmotsch78947 karma

What happened to his eye?

2muchcontext761 karma

A really bad pepper spray incident

ProbablyPostingNaked239 karma

He was aggressive.

Lolleos250 karma

He was passive-agressive, so only half of the treatment.

BaconOpinion27 karma


StormCrow1770787 karma

If you met Keemstar face to face, what would you say to him?

BaconOpinion3201 karma

What the hell is a Keemstar? Then ignore him. All he wants is attention and to be recognized.

hanknaruto12622 karma

What has been the funniest or most lighthearted situation you've been in while in your line of work?

BaconOpinion1627 karma

Someone stole a dildo from a sex shop and in court the officer had to read the report which explained the stealing of said dildo with a lot of his peers listening/ trying not to die from containing their laughter.

owlyboi554 karma

I mustache you a question, But should i shave it for later?

BaconOpinion1202 karma

Get out.

TheLazyD0G538 karma

As a police officer, did you report keemstar for his involvement in the swatting incident?

How often are the perpetrators caught when they swat someone? What punishment do they face?

Have you ever been on a fake call? What happened?

BaconOpinion854 karma

As a police officer, did you report keemstar for his involvement in the swatting incident? I haven't. I will look into it further though. Someone in the jurisdiction that he swatted the person in and the jurisdiction from where he swatted from needs to get together and be able to prove it was him. How often are the perpetrators caught when they swat someone? No clue, never ran into it personally. What punishment do they face? Every state/ city/ county has different charges. I would think some type of federal charges would be in order though along with a hefty restitution fee. Have you ever been on a fake call? What happened? Yes. We find the person that made the call and charge them with making the false call.

climber591186 karma

As a police officer, did you report keemstar for his involvement in the swatting incident?

I haven't. I will look into it further though. Someone in the jurisdiction that he swatted the person in and the jurisdiction from where he swatted from needs to get together and be able to prove it was him.

How often are the perpetrators caught when they swat someone?

No clue, never ran into it personally.

What punishment do they face?

Every state/ city/ county has different charges. I would think some type of federal charges would be in order though along with a hefty restitution fee.

Have you ever been on a fake call? What happened?

Yes. We find the person that made the call and charge them with making the false call.

BaconOpinion980 karma

thanks buddy

LethalClips474 karma

Something I've always wondered is I know that you're not the dispatcher, but if you have, is there really any indication that you're going into a home from a fake call?

BaconOpinion947 karma

Not necessarily. Dispatchers just relay the message and give as much info out as they can. We honestly rely on people not being shitty like Keemstar and treat everything like it's real because it could quite possibly turn out to be a real situation.

JoshwaarBee229 karma

Do you have any of your own thoughts or ideas about how to prevent these fake calls, outside of just relying on people to be decent human beings? (Because let's face it - If everyone was just a decent human being, you'd be out of a job.)

BaconOpinion336 karma

I commented earlier to form a relationship with your local department / SWAT team. Go up to your local department and explain everything to them.

kingPLoPz376 karma

How do you feel about no-knock warrants? Some departments say they have found that waiting for suspects to leave the house and then pull them over is much safer and virtually always an option. Do you think this is true?

BaconOpinion522 karma

I agree with that when it comes to narcotics most of the time. But we still have to consider that their house still needs to be secured, so we have to make entry anyways. For barricaded suspects/ hostage situations/ violent offenders no knock warrants are absolutely an option.

The_Aphelion374 karma

What MOS did you have in the military? And how did that experience transfer to your job in SWAT?

BaconOpinion692 karma

I was an aviation tech starting out, when to security, trained to be a SEAL for a few years, then got hurt at BUD/S and left the Navy. I got to do some Close Quarter Battle stuff with the Seals and learned a lot from that which transferred over to Police and SWAT

kevansevans253 karma

Woo I'm an AT as well!

borklassner108 karma

AE here, you guys should play D&D together.

BaconOpinion102 karma


Youngsweppy345 karma

I must know, how good are you at rainbow six seige?

BaconOpinion290 karma

Never played it!

SecondComingOfOcho333 karma

Does your team have medics assigned, or just standard medics standing by? Fellow LEO asking here. I'm the medical guy in my dept and have the giant MCI pack that I Carry for any active shooter entries.

BaconOpinion468 karma

We have paramedics who train with us and respond to callouts.

GF-in-a-trivial-coma321 karma

Have you ever gotten on the Captain's shit list and ended up getting stuck in the cage with an overweight mormon where you had to impress a badass Sergeant to give you a second chance?

BaconOpinion238 karma

LOL I don't think I'm on anyone's shit list. Hopefully.

Fluffylele263 karma

  1. Your favorite Donut/Donut Shop?

  2. Have you ever responded to any false calls? If so what (Streamers, ordinary people being targeted, etc.)

  3. What do you guys do when you don't have any calls?

BaconOpinion474 karma

1) I don't like sweets unless it's Thin Mints or mint chocolate chip ice cream haha. We actually have a Krispy Kreme in town though that has killer coffee. 2) I haven't been to a swatting yet but I've had plenty of bullshit calls where we charge someone with misusing 911. 3) we are regular police officers, detectives, special unit folks, who do SWAT as a side duty.

windyy246 karma

Is there anyway we can raise awareness of SWATting with our local police departments/SWAT teams? It's awful that scumbags will waste the time of professionals who could be responding to actual threats.

BaconOpinion302 karma

Absolutely! Go down to your local department and ask to speak with a Sergeant or someone in charge. This is a real issue that needs to be addressed by all SWAT teams.

codifier182 karma

There have been reports of criminals emulating a no-knock warrant and yelling "POLICE" in order to reduce the amount of resistance, and since they can obtain police-style gear appearances can be deceptive. Given this and the potential an innocent homeowner reacting to defend what they see as a home invasion (I believe a man who killed a deputy in this situation was acquited in Texas -it was the wrong house) what is your opinion on making things safer for everyone involved? Because of these situations I am not a fan of no-knock warrants unless there is a dire need. Do you think that no-knocks have gotten out of hand?

BaconOpinion243 karma

CALL 911 IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS! I think no-knocks are required in certain situations and shouldn't be ended all together.

As I said earlier, it all comes down to training on the SWAT teams part.

sorren_uogl167 karma

I have IBS and poop a lot. If I'm on the can is it possible I'll be shot for not getting in the Jesus position?

BaconOpinion180 karma

No dude lol.

matdans161 karma

What's the current training for dealing with loose but non-aggressive dogs on the scene? Simply stash them in the bathroom and shut the door? Move past them and hope they don't bite?

BaconOpinion282 karma

I'm an animal lover and so are most people on my team. We understand that animals can become aggressive when their owners homes are breached. If something is aggressive, depending on the situation, we use pepper spray. Hurts like hell but doesn't kill them.

mmmmmmom118 karma

Is that a real mustache?

BaconOpinion439 karma

As real as you are babee

mnmnnmnm106 karma

Hello, what is your favourite anime? Thanks!

BaconOpinion449 karma

Cowboy Bebop, I'm really digging Attack on Titan right now though.

_Lyrae_55 karma

If you had to choose a section (Scouts, Garrison, MPs), where would you go?

BaconOpinion346 karma

Oh hell. They're all fucked.

jayansworld76 karma


BaconOpinion410 karma


Jahaadu133 karma

Silver Elite Master, but plays like a Nova 2 or 3

Source: Played a few matches with him a couple nights ago.

BaconOpinion109 karma


DragonElite4765 karma

Hi there! SWAT is a career field I'm interested in. I recently left the military. Has any ofn your training help you or hindered you from being a SWAT member? He easy was your transition into?

BaconOpinion130 karma

My previous experiences have helped. You can't just join SWAT. You have to be a police officer for a few years before trying out.

sigmabody58 karma

Have the police considered any sort of test for authenticity before dispatching for a call (and potentially upending someone's life at the least)? For example, verification of the caller, with non-spoofed caller ID, such that false calls can be met with serious repercussions (criminally and, preferably if possible, civilly)?

I mean, it wouldn't help much for underage callers, but I guess I'm wondering if there are any measures taken or considered before breaking down a door? Cause, as a relatively normal person, I'd guess having one's house stormed by military-type people, at tied up at gunpoint, would not be great for my trust of the police in general...

BaconOpinion200 karma

Swatting is a fairly new thing. When someone calls in serious stuff like swatters are doing now, it's usually extremely time sensitive, especially considering the attacks on American soil which have been taking place recently.

We don't take calls like that lightly and we respond like it's real. There needs to be more training on the issue honestly.

Think if it was real and we took an extra 30 minutes to verify it was and people ended up dead. The headlines would read something like "Police responded, 3 people dead" . The survivor/s would be on the news saying "they didn't respond quick enough!!"

It comes down to training, coming up with a quick verification system (maybe a log of popular personalities in the area?), and people not being assholes like Keemstar.

crielan57 karma

What is the longest standoff you were apart of? Its always amazing when you see the swat guys patiently waiting anywhere from hours to days while focused and always ready to make entry in a moments notice.

BaconOpinion121 karma

I haven't been on any HUGE standoffs yet, we had one for about an hour a few weeks ago that ended peacefully. It's all about discipline.

33rd_comment51 karma


BaconOpinion140 karma

I think of that more than anything. I have kids so that's always the first thing on my mind, not accidentally harming some kid who is caught up in their parent's mess.

MegaHighDon45 karma

What do you think can be done to protect streamers and youtubers from swatting? I'm not sure if it's happened yet but sooner or later someone is going to either be hurt or killed from a false call swat.

BaconOpinion68 karma

I agree that it is something that could happen sooner or later. Hell, I'd shoot at someone busting my door down If they didn't yell "police" first. I think that it comes down to SWAT team training on situations like this.

Aidans_profile41 karma

First off, thank you for your service! So what kind items do you carry when in the full gear and what do you guys carry in the vehicle your arrive with?

Edit: a word

BaconOpinion82 karma

Full gear is plate carriers, arm protection, crotch protection, helmet, goggles, gas mask, sidearm, rifle, tourniquets, med kits, magazines for sidearm and other stuff. In the vehicle is normally a ram and LOTS of other gear for special situations.

DrValentin39 karma

So what's SOP in the event of a false swatting call from the view of a ground team? Do you just apologize and say "someone will come by for that door" or is there more to it?

BaconOpinion198 karma

We explain the situation and replace their door and they get millions of views for being swatted live.

WallusTheWalrus35 karma

Keemstar swatted someone? Do you have proof because that would literally make him go to jail

LethalClips85 karma

He gave out personal information of someone and pretty much told his fanbase to do it, though as far as we know he wasn't the one who did it. Not sure of the legality of that, but a really shitty and unethical thing to do

BaconOpinion72 karma

It would be along the lines of inciting mischief, but every jurisdiction had different charges. The officers from the jurisdiction that he swatted along with the jurisdiction Keem lives in would need to get together on this one.

phuleboy23 karma

What are the real life odds of something like that taking place?

BaconOpinion33 karma

the officers communicating to form a case?

stafa28 karma

Can someone explain what keemstar is? I'm lost

BaconOpinion148 karma

Some asshole.

Joe_Jigglywiggles28 karma

Do decoy grenades exist irl?

BaconOpinion31 karma

Yes but we call them flashbangs

send_me_ur_navel21 karma

I have a buddy on SWAT for his jurisdiction, nicest guy ever, but admits he's an adrenaline junky. This leads me to a couple questions, do people when called out carry the same demeanor as they do generally? (I'm assuming they're more alert but do they get more aggressive/impulsive?) And are there any psychological tests done before getting on the SWAT team other than just applying that vet out someone's behavioral profile to make sure in intense situations they're thinking logically?

BaconOpinion28 karma

do people when on called out carry the same demeanor as they do generally? No, everyone has different backgrounds and experiences.

And are there any psychological tests done before getting on the SWAT team other than just applying that vet out someone's behavioral profile to make sure in intense situations they're thinking logically? you have to prove yourself a competent officer for a few years before being invited to and trying out for swat.

_Camp18 karma

Have you ever been swatted yourself?

What happens to swatters if they are proven guilty with false accusations?


BaconOpinion45 karma

Nope. I am un-swattable. Depends on the laws of their city or state.

Ayzerr17 karma


BaconOpinion122 karma

Fortunately my team hasn't had to deal with this situation yet, but I've made them all aware that it is a possibility. The problem with hostage situations or mass shootings or whatever bullshit that the swatter is making up can be very time sensitive. We don't want anyone else to die or get hurt if it is a real situation so we have to act quickly. This means that we can't verify everything right on the spot. As I told someone else, we generally rely on people not being a douche bag like Keemstar.

If you REALLY think it is likely, contact your local police department's SWAT team (county and/ or city) and ask them to keep your address and phone number on file and explain to them what swatting is so they can reference your information if a false call is made.

Swatting is a fairly new thing and lot's of departments haven't trained on it yet.

onemoreaccount16 karma

In the Keemstar video, they showed SWAT charging into that house with the young girl and her grandmother, why was there no planning, no strategy, they just got out of the van, ran up to the house with their guns drawn, smashed their glass doors and rushed in with flashbangs.

Maybe Hollywood is lying to me but don't you guys have some tech to actually stake the place out for actual threats, plan for minimizing collateral damage, etc BEFORE you leeroy jenkins into houses?

BaconOpinion18 karma

If there is the possibility of innocents being hurt inside I will rush in to help them. Swatting is serious shit that people think is a game. It comes down to proper training and people not being assholes by making false calls. The situations people are calling in when Swatting are usually very serious that require no time wasted in securing the building and making sure people are safe.

RoboGandalf15 karma

Did you go to college? If so, what did you Major in?

BaconOpinion57 karma

Some college while I was in the Navy. Intelligence with a focus on intelligence operations.

Axyl14 karma

Can you please throw Keemstar in a cell and swallow the key?

That piece of s**t doesn't deserve to be walking around in public.

BaconOpinion43 karma

Out of my jurisdiction but my fingers are crossed

jfc32010 karma

Which side is your favorite? T or CT side?

BaconOpinion49 karma

The winning side in CSGO. CT's all the way IRL.

OPisTheBoss8 karma

What is the average response time to get to the location where a SWAT team is needed? Has your team ever gotten there to catch the culprit fleeing?

BaconOpinion14 karma

We're pretty quick. We have caught people fleeing before.

iceman3126 karma

Hey Donut, thanks for the AMA! As a SWAT team member, how do you generally deal with overpenetration? You guys are slinging carbines in what are essentially plywood homes. I always wondered what you choose in terms of ammo. Hope this doesn't fall under opsec. Stay safe.

EDIT: Oh, and is that saying 'tighter pants = tighter groups' hold any truth? We all know you're one sexy mofo.

BaconOpinion15 karma

I generally believe that men should still wear short shorts. But not too tight.

We use regular AR-15 variations with 5.56. Over penetration is usually solved by evacuating the surrounding apartments/ homes before we make entry. Citizen safety is our FIRST PRIORITY. We have mp5's (9mm) and I wish we still used them though.

minumoto5 karma

I think most of the swatting issues are being asked about already, so a different kind of question:

Have you tried White Claw hard seltzer? Currently drinking the black cherry flavor, and it is delicious.

Thank you for your service.

BaconOpinion8 karma

Oh no I haven't. Where abouts are you located to find that?

OfficialBobRoss2 karma

What do you think should happen to Keemstar? (legally speaking)

BaconOpinion10 karma

Some type of charges should be brought up against him. The problem is proving he did it with the million 14 year olds he has to do his bidding.

[deleted]-19 karma


BaconOpinion21 karma

Protecting my community, my teammates, and myself feels great. Thank you for your input.