Hey Reddit - Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher here to answer your questions! Learn more about us below (from our professional bios):

Natasha Leggero is an accomplished actress, writer, stand-up comedian and lover of men. She co-created, wrote, produced and stars as Lillian Bellacourt in the Comedy Central series “Another Period” (a show set in 1902, not about menstruation), now in it’s second season. She has appeared on the popular Comedy Central Roasts of her mistress James Franco, and her meditation teacher, Justin Bieber. Her Comedy Central special, “Live At Bimbo’s” was supposed to be called “Diamond Pussy” but some lawyers had a problem with that. You may have seen her in “Modern Family” where she played a drunkard, the movie “Let’s Be Cops” where she played a woman on ecstasy gagging herself with a lollipop, or the movie Neighbors where she played a prostitute. On the Emmy nominated show “Burning Love,” she played the woman not wearing pants. But her true break out role was on Comedy Central’s “Reno 911″ where she combined all of her skills and played a prostitute wearing no pants. She has also been featured on NBC’s “Community” and “TheTonight Show,” FX’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” Netflix’s “Arrested Development,” Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” and “Key and Peele,” ABC’s “Suburgatory,” IFC’s “Comedy Bang! Bang!,” and E!’s “Chelsea Lately,” among many others. She lives in a servantless household.

Moshe Kasher. Comedian. Child Genius. Jew. Jew Comedian. OBGYN. Pleasure center. Good tipper. Guiding light. Beefcake. He lives in LA with a woman and three white dogs. He’s been featured on Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” and “@midnight,” FOX’s “Brooklyn 99″, FX’s “The League,” “Portlandia” “Transparent” “Conan,” and ”Carson Daly,” Showtime’s “Shameless,” E!’s “Chelsea Lately,” and more. He hosts the popular podcasts, “The Champs” and “The Hound Tall Discussion Series.” He is also the author of the acclaimed memoir Kasher In The Rye on Grand Central Publishing. In 2012 he released his first hour special on Netflix, “Moshe Kasher: Live In Oakland” It’s really good. He was a writer for The Comedy Central Roasts and is a producer/writer for the Comedy Central show” Another Period,”On which he plays Dr. Goldberg, “America’s first Jewish doctor.” He’s been selected as one of Variety Magazine’s “Ten Comics to Watch”, LA Times’ “Faces to Watch,” and iTunes’ “Comic of the Year.” He is currently developing television shows for both Comedy Central and Showtime. Basically he’s funny and has done stuff.

Don't forget to check out our upcoming tour dates on Natasha's Website for the Honeymoon Tour, and the second season of Another Period premiers June 15th on Comedy Central!

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pregnantbitchthatUR17 karma

Natasha, you KILLED at the Franco roast. Love the Lorne Michaels bit for Samberg and the Phil Hartman one for Hader. The reaction shots on them afterward were amazing. How does it feel to have been the funniest person there that night?

NatashaAndMoshe20 karma

You are sweet I don't agree. But thank you.

NatashaAndMoshe32 karma

NATASHA: It's clear that I'm the one who forgetting to start each post with my name right?

idc32117 karma

Natasha: Any tips for home decorating? My apartment is plain and boring and you said on WTF that even your dorm rooms looked nice.

Moshe: I love your taste in house music and wish I could have seen you DJ! Also you need to be on Who Charted again. Any good book recommendations other than your own? I've already read it.

PS: You guys and Howard Kremer are my favorite comedians and I love you even more than Louis CK!

NatashaAndMoshe26 karma

Hide the cords and paint the ceilings. Stay away from brown.

NatashaAndMoshe16 karma

Moshe: You like memoirs? My fav book ever is prolly "the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay"

aidsymcgee14 karma

Were you worried before you started dating that if you break up you'll be in the same industry and things will be particularly hard to manage?

NatashaAndMoshe42 karma

Moshe: No, this dik too bomb to ever have relationships.

NatashaAndMoshe35 karma

No but I am now.

cook94j14 karma

Moshe, I was literally heartbroken after listening to the last champs episode. easily the greatest podcast I've ever listened too. Any chance of a reunion episode somewhere down the line?

also come to fucking Atlanta.

NatashaAndMoshe15 karma

Moshe:Yes I think a reunion ep is within the realm of possibility. Thanks for fuckin with us!

ignominy8888 karma

It's gotta be with Dave Chappelle!!!!

NatashaAndMoshe15 karma

I agree one of the great tragedies of the show is that Dave was never on. Trivia fact: he was once IN The room for a champs taping during the LEX STEELE ep.

fineheresmyaccount12 karma

Moshe: what would racist Steven Hawking say if he stepped to your girl?

NatashaAndMoshe45 karma

MOSHE: he-llo. Na-tasha. You are hot but I do not like the moorish blood of the itali-ANS!

SunTzuIsMyFavourite11 karma

Yo Natasha, what was the best thing that happened off-camera at a roast?

NatashaAndMoshe57 karma

I smoked a joint with Snoop during a commercial break.

vaginalabyss9 karma

Ok Natasha, honesty time. How hairy is Moshe?

NatashaAndMoshe19 karma

I'd say he's a 7. But he doesn't have hair in gross places like neck or back. Only in super gentlemanly places.

aidsymcgee9 karma

Do you think young peoples' focus on political correctness will:

(a) revert back a little and we'll be left with a more progressive society; or

(b) revert back too much and some sort of huge alt-right movement will emerge?

NatashaAndMoshe18 karma

MOSHE: I think things go in cycles and when a horrible president is elected we will focus on different things than blogs and costumes

NatashaAndMoshe13 karma

If those are the choices I choose b.

fineheresmyaccount8 karma

Do you have any pet names for each other?

NatashaAndMoshe34 karma

MOSHE: The N-Word.(both ways)

NatashaAndMoshe8 karma


Oops_it_Slipped7 karma

Natasha: How often do you come back and visit Rockford? And next time you do, can we hang out?

NatashaAndMoshe11 karma

MOSHE: Ill answer that, no you can't.

jigsawt7 karma

Moshe, I remember hearing on the champs that you never had a serious girlfriend/relationship. Is Natasha your first serious girlfriend? If so, Natasha: did this freak you out a little to know that you were marrying Moshe and you were his first "real" gf?

NatashaAndMoshe26 karma

MOSHE: Yeah Natasha is my first serious girlfriend. My new one is super cool tho(good at keeping secrets)

NatashaAndMoshe21 karma

Didn't really freak me out just had to teach him about giving gifts on birthdays.

NatashaAndMoshe20 karma

MOSHE:one thing I have learned is that Vintage Fur solves all arguments.

Randalthor717 karma

This is probably too personal, but did Natasha convert to Judaism prior to the wedding? If so, what did she think of the process and did it change her life outlook?

NatashaAndMoshe22 karma

Yes I was very happy to get out of Catholicism. Also I was in Rome this summer and swung by the vatican for confession and he said it was cool. He also said "Have you ever made abortion".

NatashaAndMoshe7 karma

Yes I converted to Judiasm, being Catholic was embarrassing I'm glad it's over.

DontMakeMeAuditUrAss6 karma

Do you have a moment that you feel was the pinnacle of your stand-up?

NatashaAndMoshe7 karma

MOSHE: my special taping was pretty awesome. That was a good "I'm def a comic now" feeling.

yalittleweirdy26 karma

When did you guys first meet and what were your first impressions of eachother?

NatashaAndMoshe12 karma

MOSHE: We met in comedy and my first impressions were that she was funny.

NatashaAndMoshe10 karma

I met Moshe in the comedy scene and my first impression of him is that I didn't want to do stand up after him.

DontMakeMeAuditUrAss6 karma

What was the best heckle thrown at you?

NatashaAndMoshe11 karma

MOSHE: The hardest one is "next!" becuause really what can you say back?

jigsawt6 karma

Moshe, Hound Tall Discussion's "Death" episode w Chelsea Peretti + Kumail nanjiani was the funniest podcast episode EVER recorded. How do you find the weirdo experts for the HTD show?

NatashaAndMoshe6 karma

Moshe: thank you! I actually cold call most of the guests but Caitlin was a suggestion from Christopher Ryan

-dudeomfgstfux-6 karma

I went on a date to see your stand-up Moshe Kasher, and my date assumed you were asian because of your name; to this day she thinks your closeted Asian, can you confirm or deny this for her?

NatashaAndMoshe12 karma

MOSHE: I'm asian. Yes. I am asian. Actually im pacific islander.

NatashaAndMoshe8 karma

This is true

NatashaAndMoshe6 karma


thereis1way6 karma

Who married up?

NatashaAndMoshe18 karma

That chick who married Johnny Depp?

I_smell_awesome5 karma

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

NatashaAndMoshe20 karma

MOSHE: I like my pizza topped with pussy.

NatashaAndMoshe10 karma

squash blossom

jigsawt5 karma

Natasha, knowing that Moshe's mom (and stepdad?) and dad are deaf, how do you communicate when visiting them? Did you learn sign language? Do you bring a white board to dinner?

NatashaAndMoshe6 karma

Well his step dad isn't deaf but to answer your question his mom is very easy and fun to communicate. Lots of facial expressions! Also she is great at texting. I want to learn sign language it is a goal of mine.

wrenful5 karma

How good did it feel roasting Justin Bieber?

What's one thing on your bucket list you still haven't crossed off, but hope to sooner rather than later?

NatashaAndMoshe11 karma

Good but he was sweet. Learn sign language!

yellowraccoon554 karma

Natasha, what is your favorite moment from the Lavender Hour podcast?

NatashaAndMoshe5 karma

There are so many but maybe Tim Hiedecker making fun of Duncan's music tastes.

tenderbranson3014 karma

Tash, you are my favorite female comedian! I saw you at Bottlerock 3 years ago. How do you maintain your elegance while talking about toilet babies?

NatashaAndMoshe13 karma

NATASHA: al·lure əˈlo͝or/Submit noun 1. the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating. "people for whom gold holds no allure" synonyms: attraction, lure, draw, pull, appeal, allurement, enticement, temptation, charm, seduction, fascination "the allure of Paris"

you_are_temporary4 karma

Hey guys, love your stuff. How did you get your starts from aspiring comedian/actress/writer to professional? What kind of day jobs did you have while you were working your way up?

Also, I'm moving to LA in a week and am going to need a new default jew deli. I'd love some recommendations if you have any.

NatashaAndMoshe6 karma

seems like there is only one answer to this question: HARD WORK. It takes time and effort and there are NO SHORTCUTS other than being 20 and good at the internet. On second thought thats a super good shortcut.

NatashaAndMoshe6 karma

MOSHE: My day job was always being a sign language interpreter. I never waited ONE table!

you_are_temporary5 karma

Definitely a good backup career. Moshe, are either of the shows you're developing sketch based? Key and Peele and Inside Amy are great, but I think you and Natasha's tone on a sketch show would be incredible

NatashaAndMoshe7 karma

No my shows are 1 narrative(the showtime one with the Russos) and 2. Talk format but with a twist never done on TV(the comedy central one)

NatashaAndMoshe5 karma

NATASHA: cocktail waitress, lawn mower, paper route, shop girl, barista, answered phones in a brothel

NatashaAndMoshe6 karma

NATASHA: Sorry al the jewish delis are on the other (bad) (west) side of town.

DontMakeMeAuditUrAss4 karma

Moshe, how do you stay sober when spending so much time on the road?

NatashaAndMoshe7 karma

Moshe: eh who knows.

jzaleski844 karma

I'd like to know who your favorite people to play against on @midnight are?

NatashaAndMoshe5 karma

My favs have been Sinbad and Weird Al becuause of teenage freak out points

DontMakeMeAuditUrAss4 karma

What do you think about the comedy "boom" going on now? Do you think the market is saturated with too many "Specials"?

NatashaAndMoshe8 karma

Moshe: not yet( wait till I drop mine)

bulldog02564 karma

Natasha: I didn't realize you were from Rockford until I heard your WTF interview, and it made me wonder if there was anything you missed from that area? Like any local restaurants or anything?

Moshe: As another jew named Moshe, I was wondering when you started comedy if/how people mispronounced your name when they brought you to the stage?

NatashaAndMoshe8 karma


NatashaAndMoshe7 karma


DontMakeMeAuditUrAss5 karma

Its "Moe-Sheee", right?

NatashaAndMoshe6 karma

nah it sounds like mo-sha

atlantictiger4 karma

Hi guys. I stan hard for Another Period, and wanna know from both of y'all what it was like to work together on that ep. Moshe wrote... #Justice4Chair?

NatashaAndMoshe3 karma

We all wrote everything so it was not harder or easier.

DontMakeMeAuditUrAss4 karma

Hey Moshe, I read Kasher in the Rye. As an orthodox jew, I really got a kick out of you name dropping mordechai ben david in there. Natasha: If you get sick of Moshe would you consider dating another scrawny jew? If yes, where do I sign up?

NatashaAndMoshe6 karma

MOSHE: You sign up with me. ALso I always wondered if MBD heard about the book. I kinda assume he has.

jberd453 karma

Hello! Congrats on getting married!

What I was wondering is this:Natasha, on Another Period do you guys have historical advisers or similar people to get the details of gilded era life down?

NatashaAndMoshe7 karma

Sometimes we have help but we also do a lot of research ourselves. We all went to Newport Rhode Island for a field trip.

mrsnky3 karma

How are the arguments between married comedians different than the arguments of regular couples?

NatashaAndMoshe8 karma

MOSHE: We are having one right now about logging in , Ill let you know how it goes.

jigsawt3 karma

I read that Whitney Cummings + Neal Brennan cowrote a script (The Female Brain) that starts shooting this summer. I know you are supes busy but are either of you going to be in it?

NatashaAndMoshe5 karma

NATASHA: I'm assuming Whitney will cast me as herself?

NatashaAndMoshe6 karma

MOSHE:I assume Neal will cast me as "antagonistic podcast host"

monkeymech3 karma

Natasha: Think you'll ever come back to Ireland in the future?

NatashaAndMoshe5 karma

NATASHA: Perhaps! I want to see the countryside

heyitsrance3 karma

What's it like working with Chelsea Peretti?

NatashaAndMoshe3 karma

MOSHE: we are friends not co-workers.

NatashaAndMoshe3 karma

but that part is dope!

thejimla3 karma


NatashaAndMoshe5 karma


NatashaAndMoshe1 karma

NATASHA: Chelsea is a real hoot big fan.

roastedbagel3 karma

Natasha, what's the absolute funniest thing someone's ever said - joke or otherwise - on the Chelsea Handler roundtable that had you laughing the longest?

Also both of you - what's your favorite sandwich to eat? Be descriptive with any and all veggies/condiments.

NatashaAndMoshe3 karma

Lobster salad no condiments toast points.

Asiago_Bagel2 karma

Hey Moshe Kasher, I've loved your comedy ever since I saw "Live In Oakland."

What is it like being Jewish in the field of comedy?

How much antisemitism do you face from hecklers/critics/family/fans. Has it changed at all as you have become more successful?

NatashaAndMoshe9 karma

Anti semitism I mostly see online behind anonymous eggs. It makes me horny.

LeftLegCemetary2 karma

Does Another Period have another season planned?

NatashaAndMoshe8 karma

Season 2 premiers June 15 and we just got picked up for a third season.

NatashaAndMoshe6 karma

YEs season three was just announced and season two debuts june 15th

theindigi2 karma

Are either of you gonna be doing any sets in LA between tour dates next week?

NatashaAndMoshe3 karma

MOSHE:Sadly no! and hi!

mrsnky2 karma

Which comedians make you laugh the hardest?

NatashaAndMoshe7 karma

MOSHE: brent weinbach, chelsea peretti,

monkeymech7 karma

Brents Mind Jack video is so god damn funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSu-Y4I09eo

NatashaAndMoshe5 karma

NATASHA: I love it! Brent is a true original!

NatashaAndMoshe5 karma

Bamford, Holmes, Rory Skovel

NatashaAndMoshe5 karma

Silverman, Kremer,

NatashaAndMoshe6 karma

Norton Stanhope

NatashaAndMoshe7 karma

the mighty Patrice O'neal

NatashaAndMoshe3 karma

this could go forever.

cook94j2 karma

Best part of being married to a comedian? Worst part?

Do you both secretly think you're funnier than the other?

NatashaAndMoshe6 karma

MOSHE: best part is the laughs. and we are funny in different ways so it works.

ignominy8882 karma

For both of you, can you name two new comics that are great and we should check out?

NatashaAndMoshe3 karma

Moshe: I like Sophie Buddle and Marcella Arguello Andrew Michaan and Jamar Neighbors

[deleted]1 karma


NatashaAndMoshe3 karma

Moshe:Who would name names?

screechdiddy1 karma

Whose asshole gets more play in the bedroom?

NatashaAndMoshe10 karma

MOSHE: Your mother's.

screechdiddy2 karma

Yeah I really just lobbed that one to you

NatashaAndMoshe5 karma

I and your mother thank you for that.

FanDiego1 karma

Who do each of you support: Hillary, Bernie, or Trump?

NatashaAndMoshe5 karma

Bernie, Hillary, Move to Canada

NatashaAndMoshe5 karma

Im Bernie with a Hillary Rising.

BigBolognaSandwich-2 karma

Hey Natasha, nudes? Did I mispell Natasha? Fuck heads.

NatashaAndMoshe9 karma

MOSHE:No problem, post your email?

RobotSkeleton-5 karma

What lead you both to the profession of comedy considering you were both tragically born without a sense of humor?

NatashaAndMoshe3 karma

Please post your email and I will explain this in greater detail.