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When Conan bursts into your office to film a segment, are you aware that he is coming or does he really just suddenly show up in your office with a cameraman?

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Natasha: Any tips for home decorating? My apartment is plain and boring and you said on WTF that even your dorm rooms looked nice.

Moshe: I love your taste in house music and wish I could have seen you DJ! Also you need to be on Who Charted again. Any good book recommendations other than your own? I've already read it.

PS: You guys and Howard Kremer are my favorite comedians and I love you even more than Louis CK!

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It is definitely one of the best podcasts ever. Ain't nothin' like that Neal-Moshe banter.

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Favorite and least favorite parts of living in LA?

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I swear every time he posts that photo, for any hashtag, I am guaranteed to laugh.