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Moshe, I remember hearing on the champs that you never had a serious girlfriend/relationship. Is Natasha your first serious girlfriend? If so, Natasha: did this freak you out a little to know that you were marrying Moshe and you were his first "real" gf?

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Moshe, Hound Tall Discussion's "Death" episode w Chelsea Peretti + Kumail nanjiani was the funniest podcast episode EVER recorded. How do you find the weirdo experts for the HTD show?

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Natasha, knowing that Moshe's mom (and stepdad?) and dad are deaf, how do you communicate when visiting them? Did you learn sign language? Do you bring a white board to dinner?

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I read that Whitney Cummings + Neal Brennan cowrote a script (The Female Brain) that starts shooting this summer. I know you are supes busy but are either of you going to be in it?

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Natasha you're my favorite comedian. What would it take to for you and Moshe to consider expanding your honeymoon tour to everyone's favorite humid hellscape: Tampa, Florida?