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What can a director do to allow you to create your best possible work? Show you examples of music types he may be going for? Try to use words? Is there particular verbiage/nomenclature that you would recommend an aspiring director learn to be able to communicate better with a composer?

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Definitely a good backup career. Moshe, are either of the shows you're developing sketch based? Key and Peele and Inside Amy are great, but I think you and Natasha's tone on a sketch show would be incredible

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Hey guys, love your stuff. How did you get your starts from aspiring comedian/actress/writer to professional? What kind of day jobs did you have while you were working your way up?

Also, I'm moving to LA in a week and am going to need a new default jew deli. I'd love some recommendations if you have any.

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Are some people beyond help? Do you think legal suicide should be an option? From a philosophical standpoint, I believe people have the right to their own lives.

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What would you say right now to the people you went to High School with?

What's the most times you've masturbated in one day?

Do you ever tweet un-funny things on purpose just to see how many people still like it?

What % of your tweets are posted while naked?