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Was it difficult to act in a movie based on something that happened to you and Emily, but with someone other than Emily? Was some/alot of it awkward?

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The Daily Show and the Colbert Report changed a lot over the years and thats how they kept an audience. Do you feel that the Nightly Show will continue to evolve and change or do you think you have hit a groove in how the show runs?

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Natasha: I didn't realize you were from Rockford until I heard your WTF interview, and it made me wonder if there was anything you missed from that area? Like any local restaurants or anything?

Moshe: As another jew named Moshe, I was wondering when you started comedy if/how people mispronounced your name when they brought you to the stage?

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I found your 45 with Rickolus a couple years ago in a record shop in Jacksonville and have been a fan ever since. I was wondering how that 45 came together, it being ao different from most of your other stuff?

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I can honestly say I did not expect that.