Hey Reddit!

I'm the Community Coordinator at the world’s biggest porn site, Pornhub, and I am back for my 2nd AMA! I have many members of the Pornhub team close by to answer pretty much any question related to porn and running one of the largest websites.

Some of the stuff we've been working on:

Re-launched Pornhub Premium to make paying for porn worth your while at only $9.99/month for Pornhub plus 100,000+ premium scenes, full DVDs, 1080p quality and no ads.

Launched a free Virtual Reality category and support for 180 and 360 degree porn on Cardboard for Android mobile web, our Android App and iOS. Also playback support for GearVR and Oculus. We have a sweet html5 360 player on desktop browsers too.

Pornhub Originals, our official production arm designated to create new, original content unique to Pornhub. Our first title, Full Holes, premiered in February. Pitch us ideas for what we should do next!

Pornhub Insights, our awesome sfw data blog where we explore and analyze trends in porn viewership. Ask for us any data questions and we'll get the results.

Pornhub Cares, our philanthropic division where give away scholarships, help save the whales, plant trees and raise money for cancer awareness.

And we love corn. Especially Aria.

Team members who can answer questions about the site, data, tech, VR etc:

(Me) Katie – Community Coordinator
Aria - Social Media Coordinator
Corey – VP Operations
Brett – VP Product
Rusty and Noah – Dev Manager and Lead Developer
Alain – Dev / VR specialist
James - Data analyst

Proof incl fat Snoo

We always love hearing from our users, so questions along with any feedback to make your porn experience the best possible is more than welcome!

Thanks for the questions everyone! I reddit way more than I should so I'm always available for any questions or feedback.

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HockeyCannon306 karma

Is it okay if I just say thank you?

Katie_Pornhub309 karma

You're very welcum.


Booty_Is_Life_155 karma


Katie_Pornhub136 karma

You win.


JoeMomma96271 karma

When is PornHub kids coming out?!

Katie_Pornhub520 karma


burgerdog294 karma

I think you misunderstood. He's not saying porn involving kids. Just porn for kids.

Katie_Pornhub484 karma


punerisaiyan218 karma

In 2014, Pornhub told its viewers to stop uploading footage from Brazil's defeat to Germany at the 2014 FIFA World Cup with sexual innuendo titles.Were there any other such instances when videos like these were uploaded?

Katie_Pornhub232 karma

Bayern Munich VS Porto was a pretty popular upload as well.


pachonga216 karma

What is the biggest threat to the porn industry in the next 5-10 years?

Katie_Pornhub1045 karma

Your mom.

ImSomebodyNow230 karma


Katie_Pornhub307 karma

One of us! one of us! one of us!

Jazzyfizz4216 karma

Ok, but in all seriousness.

Katie_Pornhub30 karma


pironic183 karma

a while ago in /r/Showerthoughts someone posted the idea of adding a rating to porn sites that shows how many people left your site on that video... Any possibility to this?

Katie_Pornhub258 karma

We do this! We know how long users watch each video and when they leave. This is currently factored into our "hottest" videos listing and we're continuing to build on this to make sure we surface the best videos to users.

ReginaldLADOO81 karma

We know how long users watch each video and when they leave.

That's kind of creepy.

Katie_Pornhub158 karma

Why? We have no clue WHO they are, just the data on what is watched.

KaseyB34 karma

I'm curious how this applies to the hottest rankings. If they leave too soon, they didn't like it, and if they're on a particular video for a long time it didn't really do it's job. Is there a bell curve of time watched?

Katie_Pornhub45 karma

Yeah too long would be a negative factor as well but less so that too soon. It's something we are continuing to improve and tweak with the help of our data scientist.

BrodyApproved161 karma

I've got an artesian well on my property and the water pressure is lousy. Any suggestions?

Katie_Pornhub175 karma

Call this guy. http://i.imgur.com/QZQ8t72.gif. I heard he's also a great plumber. -Aria

Skookum8143 karma

Why does the website have a 'humor' category? What was the memo behind that?

Katie_Pornhub400 karma

We needed somewhere to put our corn videos.

kaliforniamike142 karma

Does Donald Trump have the upgraded Pornhub account or does he use the regular version like the rest of us working class folk?

Follow up question: What are his top 3 searches?

Katie_Pornhub476 karma

We can't be sure but Premium user cheeto_dick sure has viewed a lot of latina porn.

Warlizard130 karma

  1. Who is your favorite Redditor and why is it Warlizard?

  2. Is there any way to tag parents or roommates with RFID chips that will automatically change porn to a peaceful mountain scene and remove the suck-o-matic 3000 when they get within 100 feet?

  3. When are you going to pay me to write clever and interesting scripts that highlight how interesting and unique the Pornhub girls are (as well as acrobatic)?

  4. How many girls does it take to make an official "reverse orgy"?

Thanks in advance.

Katie_Pornhub72 karma

  1. We've been brought together by the look of disapproval and have been united ever since.

  2. Great idea!

  3. We just launched Full Holes and will be working on more Originals so pitch us your idea!

  4. Reverse orgy.. since four is an orgy would -4 be a reverse orgy?


Warlizard46 karma

  1. Indeed.

  2. I know, right?

  3. You're kidding, right? I have more written content that would be easily adaptable than you can shake a dick at. You tell me the topic, I'll send you the script.

  4. It's still a "hole" number.

Katie_Pornhub49 karma

You have my contact information. We'll talk.


Embelishes_A_Tad118 karma

After a nice hard shucking do you prefer your corn salted or buttered?

Katie_Pornhub270 karma

Ooooh. Creamed.


punerisaiyan113 karma

There is a sub here r/PornhubComments. Do you read comments on Pornhub?

Katie_Pornhub258 karma

I'm actually a mod there!


Kinderschlager32 karma

now that begs the question. how does moderation work on a porn site? sex stuff is ok but assholery is not i take it?

Katie_Pornhub54 karma

Pretty much, it's actually a really friendly community.

ZacharyJTa98 karma

Hey Katie,

How do you feel about Allie Haze's recent AMA?

Katie_Pornhub249 karma

It was pretty awful but we still love Allie.

nomad8091 karma

  • average time spent per video?
  • average time spent per visit?

I need to know what percentile my fapping is at

Katie_Pornhub112 karma

About 5 minutes and about 8 minutes.

fuckswithducks89 karma

While they're separate companies, most of the major porn tube sites (Pornhub, Redtube, YouPorn, Xtube, etc) are all owned by the same parent company. What kind of collaboration is there between your companies?

On that note, I really like how YouPorn has free tools to view statistics about the videos I upload and would love it if Pornhub had something similar!

Katie_Pornhub116 karma

They are all run by separate teams, sometimes even in different countries. We like to think we're all friends though and there is some overlap. For example, I now run social media for YouPorn while still being community coordinator for Pornhub.

punerisaiyan67 karma

I now run social media for YouPorn while still being community coordinator for Pornhub.

2 jobs at once.Interesting. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Katie_Pornhub175 karma

Two hands.. two jobs? Coincidence?


punerisaiyan83 karma

What do you consider the best and worst parts of your job?

Katie_Pornhub223 karma

The dick pics. (◕‿◕✿)

finest_pirate80 karma

2 years ago u/katie_pornhub told u/billywubba she'd send him 1 month of pornhub premium for free

I PM'd him a few months ago curious if he actually got it and he replied no. Will you honor your promise now?

Katie_Pornhub120 karma

We did send him premium though.


wwrxw73 karma

What do your offices look like?

Is there porn posters on the walls? or porn themed coffee mugs? or is it just a normal office?

PitchforkAssistant27 karma

Now, can we get a VR tour of the office from Snoo's perspective?

Katie_Pornhub26 karma

That would be pretty funny.


mattreyu73 karma

So for filming VR scenes, does the actor have to wear some awkward VR camera rig while they bone?

Katie_Pornhub122 karma

Yup. I've heard that male talent has a lot of trouble keeping it up with such heavy gear on their chests. Often the scenes have to be filmed multiple times.

omkmg69 karma

I watch porn fairly often - several times a week. I've noticed that the categories I typically view say that they have thousands of videos, but each time I click and view the thumbnails it seems that I've seen most of the clips. Any tips on finding less commonly viewed clips?

Katie_Pornhub88 karma

On Pornhub change the filter to "Newest" instead of "Recently Featured". We have millions of videos but only about 1 mill are featured across 60+ categories.

punerisaiyan61 karma

Even though you all are not performers, have you ever been asked to do a scene? Or wanted to try it out?

Katie_Pornhub150 karma

I get asked every day but company policy that employees can not be performers. I did have my corn debut last week though. http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph56fd5d1bd4db7 -Aria

jetzt-ist-es-vorbei55 karma

How are your opinions on VR Porn? Is it the future ?

Katie_Pornhub103 karma

It will play a huge part in the future of adult, gaming, entertainment etc. but it will be a long time until it replaces the ease of loading a video in a basic player. If you haven't tried VR porn, you're missing out.

csdot54 karma

You guys hiring any web developers / back end programmers? Got an email I could maybe send my CV to? c:

CS Graduate with a previous focus from Big data analysis and software engineering, even got experience building for Oculus kit 2 :>

Katie_Pornhub53 karma

Yes! Email your CV to [email protected]

CitizenPremier53 karma

Another video game related question: do you think you'll be involved in adult video games any time in the near future?

Katie_Pornhub63 karma

One of our partners, Nutaku, already does this.


Weirdoh36 karma

After a quick look at Nutaku I wasn't too impressed at their games. How about starting vr rhythm game development. Just attach vive controller to crotch for controls. I spent way toooo much time thinking how the game mechanichs would work. It could become the next Rock Star style hit game. (maybe not as many copies bought by parents as gifts to their kids). Just call it Porn Star and get some porn stars to work with 3d modelers to get them in game.

Katie_Pornhub33 karma

Great idea, we'll definitely consider it.


SinSkin52 karma

Would you rather beat off fight 100 duck size penises or one horse size penis?

Katie_Pornhub87 karma

This is horrifying. I'm not down at all. That's too many penises.


Mantisbog49 karma

Why do you allow videos to be labeled amateur when they are clearly NOT amateur?

Katie_Pornhub106 karma

Amateur videos tend to be professional studio content in an amateur style. Homemade content is what you're looking for! You can toggle this on the sidebar. We have thousands of verified Pornhub amateurs that make that make homemade content!


sartorial_satirist9 karma

It helps, but I just looked now and there are a few GDP clips that are flagged as homemade.

Katie_Pornhub21 karma

Use those suggestion buttons under the video. We rely on community to flag the proper tags!

punerisaiyan49 karma

what is the main misconception about people that work in porn, in your opinion?

Katie_Pornhub160 karma

We aren't all naked and having sex with each other, sadly.

twa52546 karma

Hi pornhub team. I don't at all agree with it, but once you do porn your future career opportunities tend to dwindle significantly. Does that stigma follow to your jobs too? Do you feel it will be hard for you to find other employment if you ever leave the porn tweeting business?

Katie_Pornhub158 karma

No it doesn't affect future opportunities. It's easier for developers because employers are always impressed when they say they work on a site that gets 500 million daily page views.

IAMAVelociraptorAMA43 karma

Hi, Katie!

How's that fluffbeast monstrosity of a cat doing?

Katie_Pornhub91 karma

Here's some cat tax


Gaywallet27 karma

it would make a good mop, thats for sure

IAMAVelociraptorAMA40 karma

I am in the market for both a cat and a mop

Katie_Pornhub75 karma

lmao I hate you all.


Aelegans40 karma

If you were an alpaca, would you be a suri or a huacaya?

Katie_Pornhub39 karma

Definitely the first one.


ShameM837 karma

This one is for Aria :) Do you enjoy interacting with people on social media and did you intend to end up at pornhub or did you have other career's in mind?

Katie_Pornhub67 karma

Well I really wanted to be a banker but this is my silver medal. I do love interacting with fans though. -Aria

tma199636 karma

What ever happened to Jordan that ran your Twitter back in ~2012? Katie and Aria are cool, but Jordan was my favorite (no offense!)

Katie_Pornhub96 karma

She got too horny and quit


TheThirdStrike33 karma

Seeing as Pornhub was one of the first Adult sites to support video on the PlayStation 4 browser...

Has the team considered looking into supporting the PSVR when it hits shelves later this year?

Katie_Pornhub55 karma

If PSVR let's us play porn on it, you can guarantee we will support it.

Jux_31 karma

Is there anyway to move the "Cast" button on the mobile site? Because it's wayyyy too close to the "mute" option if you get my drift. That Chromecast just takes over if something is sent to it ...

Katie_Pornhub37 karma

Scary! It's actually the default Android player so blame Google for the oversight.

CitizenPremier30 karma

Who's your favorite gamer on the YouPorn esports team?

Katie_Pornhub56 karma

It's actually Team YP, not YouPorn esports and they're a completely separate division but all of our players are awesome. I have a preference for our fighting game players since those are the games that I prefer.


rubiksman33330 karma

So what you're saying is Bizzaro Flame. EZ$

Katie_Pornhub27 karma

We have Filipinoman and Valmaster as well who play SFV!


remotectrl28 karma

How many chicken wings could you eat in one sitting? Is this more or less than your ideal number of tacos?

Katie_Pornhub50 karma

ALL OF THE CHICKEN WINGS IN THE WORLD. My ideal number of tacos is three.


Rocksteady2R25 karma

I was saddened to hear about the recent passing of Amber Rayne.

For the day or two afterwards, I saw very little "tributes" to her. I know the details aren't out yet, and the internet loves to be suspect about the motives and lifestyles of the talent in your industry. I can totally accept that there would be few "tribute reels" or any such thing - directorial commentary, co-star commentary, etc, etc. - My image of the porn world is of detached relationships and a requisite need for non-emotional interactions.

having said that, though, I realized that is only 1/2 the equation here; customers and fans would be the other side. I would imagine you would have seen a huge spike in simple "search results", and "favoriting" would skyrocket in the next few days. Did they?

I also imagine, quite callously, that the industry will move on fairly quick. Yayo is as Yayo does, right?

Anyhow. I hope she's in a better place. I don't doubt she had her issues, but she always seemed comfortable with the choices she made.

Katie_Pornhub26 karma

We are all saddened by her death. We see spikes in searches for keywords, pornstars, celebs whether they are in the press for positive or negative reasons out of curiosity. So yes we can assume searches for Amber did increase but we tend to not release data on social or to media when these types of things happen. -Corey

Chili_Taco25 karma

What's your favourite category ?

Katie_Pornhub42 karma

SFW. It's real. http://www.pornhub.com/video?c=221 (It's not actually SFW) -Brett

pironic14 karma

sooo much corn!

Katie_Pornhub30 karma

And so little time.


OverengineeredXXX25 karma

Why doesn't Snoo have his own page on the Pornstars section?

Katie_Pornhub43 karma

Don't give Katie ideas like that.. Brett

fenrow21 karma

One of your advertisers shown in popups for me in the UK is a large Irish based gambling company with logos featuring leprechauns. Unless I'm looking for leprechaun porn, I only want to see advertising related to the act at hand (wanking). I don't want to gamble, I want to wank.

You, or your advertisers think differently. Is there some connection between porn and gambling that makes it particularly effective?

Katie_Pornhub22 karma

With these types of popunders, the idea is that you wank and then gamble - they're only really meant to be seen once you're through with the task at hand. Leprechaun porn is more popular than you'd think though!

punerisaiyan20 karma

Pornhub is going to make a porn film in space, named Sexplorations in space.What is the latest news about it?

Katie_Pornhub51 karma

Unfortunately, We only hit 10% of our funding goal on Indigogo so everyone got their money back. It's not off the table, when costs come down we will try it again. Weightless sex is still on the horizon!

punerisaiyan19 karma

How do people react when you tell them about your job? Do you get a lot of negative reactions or are people generally neutral/positive?

Katie_Pornhub35 karma

Usually they are intrigued but it's almost always positive. Sometimes it depends on the generation.

DeathisLaughing18 karma

Hi, what has been your favorite office prank while working at PornHub? Also, would you say that you have the best cat of all time?

Katie_Pornhub43 karma

I definitely have the best cat of all time.

There aren't really many office pranks but we have EPIC nerf gun battles.


remotectrl45 karma

Even your office games require clean up.

Katie_Pornhub25 karma

gdi remotectrl.


foxy_boxy17 karma

What little features are on the website that we probably don't know about?

Katie_Pornhub25 karma

We have achievements!


ThisIsReLLiK16 karma

I asked this to Katie the other day, now I want to ask the rest of you.

Working at Pornhub, what would you consider NSFW? Like, what would you be disgusted to see on a co workers monitor?

Katie_Pornhub32 karma

Gore, teletubbies or any kids cartoons.

marinaraleader13 karma

what is your favourite corn?

*edit i meant porn

Katie_Pornhub28 karma



ArchangelPT12 karma

Any plans for a VR experience that somehow synchs with a fleshlight/dildo? Or a i dreaming too big?

Katie_Pornhub19 karma

Teledildonics are real. Have you heard of our Twerking ButtTM?

Katie_Pornhub17 karma

Definitely #4


Chronoloraptor11 karma

Is there any info on the engineering that goes into actually hosting the pornhub site; like database tech used, if it's all on physical servers or in AWS and if in AWS what services are used, strategies for scaling with that many users, if there's any dynamic scaling involved and what that looks like in the evening vs the rest of the day, etc?

Also, how can I get a hot girlfriend?

Much thanks!

Katie_Pornhub12 karma

DB is MySQL ) with a lot of caching in place and all servers are physical dedicated 48 threads machines.


For girlfriend question - 666-6969 (Aria)

Sn1pe9 karma

I probably could have just googled this, but since you guys are doing an AMA, I thought to myself why not just ask.

So, for pretty much a good portion of my internet life, I've gotten all of my porn through sites like yours and have never gone to the paid sites where the main videos usually come/are produced from. Since it seems that a majority of people are viewing porn through sites like these and not the main sites, how does this affect the industry, if at all?

I rarely ever see people say that they bought a subscription to some porn site since there are thousands upon thousands of sites that offer free content. I'm guessing there's probably some deal between you and the studios where the viewer is enticed to go to the studio's website to see more of the content that they saw on Pornhub or Xvideos, possibly making them a new subscriber.

Katie_Pornhub25 karma

Yup, we have thousands of studios that upload videos in return for banner space around the video. The ads drive subscribers to their sites. Many people do pay for porn. Our Premium offering has had nearly a million subscribers since we launched it in August. -Brett

PermTrouble9 karma

How much of your product is view by mobile (or can you even tell?), and how much has that expanded over the past few years?

Katie_Pornhub11 karma

Last time we checked, it was around 65%. This is up from just under 50% in 2013.

BelieveInRollins9 karma

I have a question for Katie. What are your tattoos of, and which is your favorite? Also do you have a favorite player on the ravens? c:

Katie_Pornhub17 karma

I have a day of the dead and halloween themed sleeve. I also have some disney leg tattoos, some tribal scorpions, and a couple other small ones.

As for my favorite Ravens player.. FLACCO!


AyooItsGee949 karma

Sooo... Katie have you ever hooked up with one of the pornstars before?

Katie_Pornhub18 karma

Nah. I've had offers though. Have you seen those dicks though? They're horrifying. I'm a tiny person.


senorwashingmachine7 karma

Is mayo a good lubricant?

Katie_Pornhub16 karma


PickleMorty6 karma

Is corn being added as a category permanently? Asking for a friend. Also was the idea at all helped by the Rick and Morty epsiode Rixty Minutes?

Katie_Pornhub5 karma

It's a channel, not category, but it's here to stay! It's part of our SFW category.


abortedfetus696 karma

Do you know when the VR goggles are being shipped?

Katie_Pornhub9 karma

They actually started shipping today! So most people should have them within the next few weeks.

kaliforniamike5 karma

I already know the answer but if you wouldn't mind repeating yourself for the plebs...

What is the largest sized bear you could fight? No weapons or guns, but you are allowed one standard camping/backpacking knife.

Katie_Pornhub11 karma

I will fight any sized Gummy bear. Make it as big as you want. I will defeat it.


BrucedeMoose4 karma

Cornhub? Can you describe it to me?

remotectrl3 karma

The comments section on your sites are always hilarious and sometimes helpful. Do you guys have any favorites?

Katie_Pornhub3 karma

I really liked Limerick Larry!


punerisaiyan3 karma

Who is your favorite pornstar?

Katie_Pornhub4 karma

Xander corvus


BrodyApproved3 karma

What is your favorite meme? :)

Katie_Pornhub10 karma

this one


dorgoth123 karma

How do people's choices vary throughout the year, not including holiday themes? More outdoor in summer?

Katie_Pornhub9 karma

We actually looked at the data to see if there were any major changes in searches from season to season but like you noted, they were mostly concentrated around specific holidays.

tributeredditguy3 karma

What technologies are used behind the scenes? NGINX as the web server I'm guessing, but what else?

Also, do people really share videos on social networks? Do you get lots of traffic from social networks?

And to finish, cause I was supposed to be with my girlfriend right now, where are the videos of those NERF office wars?!

Katie_Pornhub4 karma

Yeah we have NGINX. We have a lot Load Balancing in place. Other technologies: Redis , Memcached, McRouter, MySQL, Node.js, Golang, Neo4j, Sphinx.


Oxmaster2 karma

How is your Esports team going along?

Katie_Pornhub3 karma

Pretty good. You can check out updates at www.teamyp.com and maybe Claire will stop by to answer some questions /u/teamyp


Joshua_a19892 karma

Have any good porno recommendations?

0446am2 karma

In terms of data - has viewership of BDSM activities gone up recently? As PhD student (who researches porn), it seems to have entered the mainstream a lot more in the past few years...

In terms of VR - as a 24-year-old person with a vagina who watches a lot of your porn (and who has also worked in the VR industry, incidentally), it'd be great to see VR be used to experiment with the genre of porn itself. What do you have planned on this front?

Lastly, how can I apply for a job with you? ;)

Katie_Pornhub2 karma

1- We noticed a pretty significant spike in BDSM searches when the 50 Shades of Grey movie premiered http://www.pornhub.com/insights/50-shades-bdsm-searches
2- Alan's got this one
3- email us at [email protected]

Jacob_Soda2 karma

Favorite pizza topping?

Katie_Pornhub13 karma


rdrnation19842 karma

Have any of you appeared in any video on your site, and if so who and what was the video?

Katie_Pornhub5 karma

PoopStuckOnYourFur2 karma

What does your office look like?

Katie_Pornhub3 karma

I answered this in another comment but here's a tour