My name is Ross Minor. I am 17 years old. When I was eight years old, I found out my parents were getting a divorce. My father, upset witht he divorce, shot me in the right side of my head while I was asleep. He shot and killed my brother Ryan, and then committed suicide. The bullet passed through my head and out my left temple and into my left palm. As a result, I lost my left eye, all the sight in my right eye, my sense of smell, I have depression, and PTSD. After everything that happened, I spent most of my childhood moving from school to school, trying to find a school that would adequately provide my needs as a blind student.

Useful Links

  1. Me sharing my story at XMO, an extreme sports camp for the blind:

  2. Me showing sighted people how I play Mortal Kombat:

  3. A newspaper article of when I first went blind:

  4. Another article:

  5. An interview witht he news when I was in eighth grade:

  6. XMO website:


Edit: I have to go to bed, four hours of nonstop answering questions is exhausting. For those of you just now seeing this AMA, feel free to keep asking questions. I will keep answering until this AMA is archived haha. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me.

Edit: Hey everyone! I'm only going to answer questions that haven't been asked before. I've answered probably about 10 different questions a hundred times each. I'm sure if you skim through the comments you will find your answer. Thanks!

Edit: Hey guys, visit /r/blind if you want to ask other blind people questions.

Edit: So I've been thinking of creating a go fund me to raise money for an Xbox1 so I can play video games with everyone who has requested it. I haven't created it yet, and not sure if I will, but I wanted to know everyone's thoughts on the matter? If I did do it, I would only raise the minimum amount possible to pay for the xbox1 and the eq I need. I think I would also use it to start streaming on Twtich; you can do that right? Anyway, let me know what you think via comment or PM. Thanks!

Edit: Here's the linkt o my go fund me!

Edit: I created a fixed version of my MKX video. After a certain number of views, it wouldn't let me undo the stabilization.

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seluj12343425 karma

Hey mate. I see life hasn't been easy for you. All my thoughts go to you, but I'm 99% sure that if you made it way until now, nothing else can stop you in life.

How is your mum ? hope she is holding up

Much love from France

Nighthawk3213052 karma

Thanks mate! For a while, mom struggled with extreme depression. Now she is engaged and doing fantastic.

terpin1491 karma

Hey buddy, I can relate a little bit as my mother tried to kill me during a suicide bid when I was a kid. I know the PTSD and depression from surviving something like that can be terrifying and make you feel like you can't move past it, but keep working on it. It may take years but you WILL get to a point where it will just be something that happened to you but not be the thing that defines who you are as a person.

You've got so much life ahead of you, also that video of you playing Mortal Kombat was goddamn awesome. Stay strong!

Nighthawk321863 karma

Thank you for your words of encouragement :).

HiImJin3370 karma

Hey Ross, long time no see. I don't know if you remember me, but my name is jin. We hung out with Arthur in 5th grade at hawk ridge.

That's a crazy story man. It's super cool seeing you on Reddit and reconnecting. How have you been doing? I had no idea you moved to Florida.

Let's talk again soon!

Nighthawk3212407 karma

Wow! I totally remember you! If you have a Twitter, follow me @ross_minor, or add me on FB.

The-Potato-Lord1701 karma

Do you actually just see black now?

Nighthawk3213255 karma

Not exactly, I sort of see my own mind. Since I use to be able to see, I know what colors look like. Because of that I sort of see what I picture in my mind, if that makes sense.

kiky232236 karma

So essentially you imagine things based upon the things you've seen in your past? That's awesome.

Nighthawk3212022 karma

Yes, exactly!

Sly_Wood943 karma

I've read that people who lose their vision can still see in their dreams. Does this happen often for you? If it does, do you look forward to dreaming?

Nighthawk3211544 karma

Yes, I am able to see a bit in dreams. I don't usually dream often, so it's not something I really care about.

eddietwang306 karma

may have been asked elsewhere but how do you reddit?

Nighthawk321732 karma

Only about 10000 times :). I have a program on my computer that reads the text on my screen.

eddietwang345 karma

Thanks for answering for the 10000th time then! :) Hope all goes well for you

Nighthawk321303 karma

Yup sure thing!

flyingsaucerinvasion301 karma

is it difficult to remember what the colors look like?

Nighthawk321683 karma

Nope not at all. I don't think that's something I could ever forget.

puuying346 karma

Do you remember scents?

Nighthawk321526 karma

Yes I do.

dick-nipples1351 karma

As a father of two young kids, I just can't fathom how a man could get to the point of doing something like that... Were there any warning signs that you can remember, or was it just a random act, out-of-the-blue?

Nighthawk3211143 karma

My mom knows more of the back story, but at the time, no, we had no idea.

PainMatrix449 karma

Sorry if you posted this already, but what's the backstory?

Nighthawk321874 karma

Almost nothing tbh, just that my parents were getting a divorce.

treasurebum1149 karma

I mean this in a nice way. Do you ever find moments of black humour help you? Have you ever managed to find any lighter moments when looking at your predicament?

Nighthawk3212531 karma

Oh yes. I make jokes about my blindness on a daily bases, lol.

A blind guy walks into a bar.

treasurebum1931 karma

I see.

Nighthawk3215439 karma

I don't... :).

RoryBramley1337 karma

I'm a firm believer that humour is the best medicine for almost any ailment. I've got a lotta respect for you man.

Nighthawk3211273 karma

I agree. Thank you.

blueberrypie8392 karma

Omg... dead. Youre hilarious

Nighthawk321431 karma


Bruss481022 karma

Because of your loss of sight and smell, are you other senses heightened? Are you able to feel things and taste things better?

Nighthawk3211562 karma

Yes they are, especially my hearing. I mostly rely on my sense of touch and hearing.

Bruss481115 karma

That makes sense, it'd be kinda weird relying on your sense of taste haha

Nighthawk321862 karma

Yeah lol.

Ovicior402 karma

Is your name Matt Murdock?

Nighthawk321516 karma

I wish.

-selina-650 karma

My heart hurts reading this. You are a warrior, Ross. Can I ask you your views on gun control in the US? Stay strong xx

Nighthawk3211250 karma

I believe that guns should have extremely strict restrictions, multiple screenings, etc.

red_fs521 karma


Nighthawk321744 karma

I have forgiven him, more of acceptence. Hello from Florida!

whitechristianjesus104 karma

Hi neighbor :D

Nighthawk321135 karma

Hello neighbor!

Kvetta76 karma

Hello neighbor also! :)

Nighthawk321261 karma

Hello neighbor also also!

Create_a_cunt71 karma

Bless you for forgiving him. Wish you the best life you can have!

Nighthawk32167 karma

Thank you :).

exegg514 karma

This is overwhelming... I live in a pretty violent country where people are shot everyday, but this was just mean. What memories do you have from your brother? How was he like?

And to the event itself, do you remember anything? Pain? How long did it took to recovery?

Nighthawk321707 karma

I was asleep when I was shot, so I didn't feel any pain. I was in the hospital for about 5 weeks or so. I definitely remember my mom. I was more of a mamas boy, while Ryan liked to hang out with dad.

ozziegt651 karma

So you just woke up in the hospital later and your vision was gone? Sorry man.

My best friend when I was a kid was murdered by his dad in his sleep, along with his mom. I think they were going to get a divorce and he wanted to get the insurance money. Fucker was executed years ago.

Nighthawk321552 karma

Yup pretty much. Damn that's fucking rough, sorry man.

icatsouki490 karma

Is your depression getting better? Stay strong man you have inspired a lot of people, trust me going through something of that degree and staying strong is very admirable.Best of luck to you

Nighthawk321749 karma

Oh yes it has improved a ton since I got on antidepressants.

ladieslovetheflowehh374 karma

You know, for a blind guy, you've got one hell of a charming face. You obviously haven't lost your smile, and that's awesome.

I'm glad you found a mix of drugs that work for you. I know it can be difficult to find an appropriate combination and it can suck to wait to see the effects when you change.

As someone else said, if your family has made it through this, you should be able to make it though much more. I wish you the best, and thanks for doing this ama!

Edit: read the comments below regarding "for a blind guy" before jumping to conclusions. Thanks.

Nighthawk321276 karma

Haha thank you, that's very kind of you. I got lucky, worked on the first prescription.

whenim30iwilllook20427 karma

What do you plan on doing with your life?

If you have an idea of course, I'm 21 and I know fuck all, haha.

Nighthawk321851 karma

I want to be a musician, a motivational speaker, and a programmer for sure.

jewkakasaurus421 karma

This comment hit me hard bro. I don't have any physical disabilities and you have so much more motivation than me. Keep going hard brother.

Just out of curiosity, do you work out?

Nighthawk321438 karma

Thank you! Yes I do, I'm on the swim team, and I have a punching bag and pullup bar in my room. I'm going to eventually buy some free weights when I have the money.

is_this_wifi_organic703 karma

Yo PM me and we can figure out getting you some free weights in my budget, if you're interested.

Nighthawk321563 karma

Man, that is so kind of you, but I couldn't. Just the fact that you offered shows what an amazing person you are, but I can't. I'm moving soon, and it would just be one more thing to coordinate. Maybe I'll take you up when I move haha.

is_this_wifi_organic482 karma

Well just let me know man. You're doing a lot for everybody just being you.

Nighthawk321327 karma

Thanks bro, will definitly keep you in mind.

officeworkeronfire30 karma

a very interesting combo. you can learn just about everything you want to know about programming from subbing to the programming subreddits, reading the sidebars there and reading and watching videos online. I took a basic course in Ruby from google in a multi part online class. It was really neat and even though I'm not a coder I really enjoyed it.

I'm a musician. I play the guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and sing. If you're curious about music I say go for it. It's very relaxing to play, takes a LOT of practice and hardwork and just when you think you've got it down you realize just how impossibly hard your instrument of choice is to master.

Idk much about motivational speaking but I do really enjoy getting people pumped up about X or Y so if you can get people in high spirits and find a topic or topics you're very passionate about then I'd suggest watching as many public speaking gigs as you can find online(TED talks would be a great start).

GL dude : )

Nighthawk32145 karma

Wow thanks! I'm already taking a class on CSharp, and I frequently mess around with my raspberry pi. I'm quite good at the instruments I play, but recently I've reached ablock. It's about time for me to learn music theory, but I don't have anyone to teach me.

Tooup264 karma

If you could meet anyone alive today who would it be?

Nighthawk321460 karma

Hmm, either Bill Gates or Steven Hawking.

The-Potato-Lord260 karma

Ok first of all respect man. I am so amazed by what you've managed to accomplish already and I'm sure you'll go far. I have four questions but don't feel like you need to answer everything. I'll split them into separate questions so it's not just a wall of text.

Does your reading program thing read everything on screen or only stuff on certain areas of the screen, and can you adjust the speed of the voice?

Nighthawk321280 karma

Yes and yes. I control it using the keyboard. I'm able to read by heading, by link, by paragraph, by edit box, etc. I'm able to change the pitch, voice, rate, and volume of it as well.

thehuston337 karma

As a professional website developer, what are some things I can do on projects to make screen readers work better? Other than alt tags on images.

Nighthawk321286 karma

A lot of websites have these annoying banners at the top that are really annoying. I've also seen in some cases when developers make lists, they don't make one giant list, but they make one bullet point then create another list for the next bullet, it's weird.

ChompyGator250 karma

Where did you did you finally find a place that had a school to adequately teach you? I am a special education teacher and am disgusted by how often I hear of the huge disparities found in services from county to county and state to state.

Nighthawk321370 karma

My mom had to take the school system in Charlotte, NC, to due process. We eventually won the case, but no after we ended up moving to Florida and enrolling me in the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. I've since left that school and settled in a nice little private school to finish the rest of high school.

ChompyGator192 karma

Very cool. Glad that she was such a good advocate for you! So many parents find due process too daunting and won't push to have their child properly educated.

Nighthawk321309 karma

Yeah, mom is definitly my greatest advocate.

ziburinis158 karma

The US is still so behind in serving the needs of people with disabilities. One school district didn't teach a guy to read because he was deaf and they said he couldn't learn, which was a lie.

Nighthawk321114 karma

Yeah I very much believe it.

kovixen8 karma

Charlotte and not Union County? Regardless it's a shame that had to happen, although I'm not surprised as a mom of kids in the school system now. I didn't live here at the time, but I've heard your story from others and have a very good frid in your old neighborhood now. Im so sorry things have been so tough, and I hope for the best for you and your mother.

Nighthawk32110 karma

Thank you mam :).

TheCobras213 karma

Hey dude. I watched your speech at XMO, and it put a lot into perspective for me. I loved the last bit, where you mentioned how a small act like a high five, or a handshake, or a hug can mean a lot to people. And also to reach out to people, because we don't know what someone is going through, because often is is kept hidden from the world. My thoughts are with you just now, and I truly wish you happiness and peace.

Question time, I read in a previous comment that your sense of touch and hearing is heightened, so my question is, what do you consider to be some of the best/worst textures?

Nighthawk321289 karma

Thank you for your feedback! I absolutely hate the feel of the insides of pumpkins, never again. My favorite texture would probably be, hmm, silly puddy? I also like really soft things.

robtehsamplist171 karma

Do you think its worse being blind from birth or blinded during life after being able to see?

Nighthawk321417 karma

Definitly blind from birth. Since I use to be able to see, I know what colors look like, I have an understanding of what size and depth is, and I'm able to know when someone is able to see me: a lot of blind people born blind have trouble with that.

JellophantOfCake155 karma

Hey man. I thought that you being able to play Mortal Kombat is pretty sweet, so I had a few questions in regards to MK and other fighting games.

First, I was wondering how you imagine what the characters you play look like.

Second, I was wondering if there are any fighting games besides Mortal Kombat that would be feasible for you to play?

Third, what match ups in MK do you hate/like?

Nighthawk321286 karma

A few are just figments of my imagination, but a few I imagine from TV shows I use to watch when I was a kid. For example:

Gorro = That giant slime villan from Teen Titans.

Kung Lao = Zuko from Avatar

In MK9, I absolutely hated doing the ladder because I couldn't stand Grro/Kintaro/Shang/Chao, sorry for the bad spelling. I hated them because they discouraged the normal way you're suppose to play MK, with combos. Every time I would try to do a combos, I would get my face smashed. And oh God I couldn't stand Kintaro's flying jump thing, or was that Gorro.

JellophantOfCake48 karma

That's pretty cool man, thanks for sharing.

Nighthawk32156 karma

You're welcome!

Dalner123 karma

Just watched the XMO video and came here to tell you how a courageous and inspirational person you are. Also, I love your username man, is it a step brothers reference?

Nighthawk321105 karma

Thank you for watching! No it isn't, I've just used it for as long as I can remember lol.

amanforallsaisons123 karma

You know you're now Reddit's video game playing Daredevil with "NightHawk" as your badass superhero name, right?

Thanks for doing this.

Nighthawk32196 karma

I'm perfetly fine with that :).

SrSkippy118 karma

How do you type so well? Proper use of homophones, capitalization, punctuation, the works...

Nighthawk321172 karma

Just practice I suppose.

The-Potato-Lord101 karma

How has your loss smell affected your taste? Like, do you still taste a full range of flavours or only the five basic tastes; bitter, sour, sweet, salt and umami (not many people have heard of umami it's hard to describe but it's basically savory).

Nighthawk321196 karma

Yeah I'm still able to taste, it's just slightly dulled. If you gave me a grape flavored and a green apple flavored candy, I'd be able to tell the difference. If you gave me a strawberry and a cherry, I wouldn't.

CesarSamuel248 karma

If you gave me a strawberry and a cherry, I wouldn't.

I would not either. And im perfectly fine...supposedly.

Nighthawk321116 karma


DriskyBusiness89 karma

1v1 me mortal combat? Fair warning I have 20/20 vision.

In all seriousness though how you learned to play is incredible

Nighthawk321103 karma

Haha sure, even though I'm shit at playing online. Have a hard time getting use to the lag.

tinnyminny83 karma

Is there a mindset that you've formed as a result of this tragedy?

Nighthawk321333 karma

Yes, it takes pain to grow. I know Reddit doesn't like that saying, but it's what I've lived by.

tinnyminny115 karma

Thank you. You are a beautiful person inside and out.

Nighthawk321122 karma

Thank you <3.

CrimzonGryphon78 karma

Who in M K X sounds the hottest?

Nighthawk321159 karma

Hmm, probably Sonya.

kiky2372 karma

How did family friends react? Did you retain any friends from before the accident?

Nighthawk321122 karma

The family was devistated, especially mom. I have kept in touch with a handful of friends from my childhood.

Champ294767 karma

How were you treated at schools because of what happened? Also did this strengthen your relationship with your mom if you don't mind me asking? Also, major respect to you and thank you for doing this.

Nighthawk321161 karma

I wasn't necessarily bullied at school, but people kept their distance and didn't really talk to me because they were intimidated by my blindness.

SoloJota59 karma

How do you use the computer ?

Nighthawk321196 karma

With a keyboard, haaha jk. I have a program on my computer that reads the text on my screen.

Ferl7462 karma

Do you just talk back and it types, like the dragon program?

Nighthawk321150 karma

No, I use a keyboard.

Ferl7465 karma

Dam I'm almost 42 and still make mistakes and have to look at the keyboard to type. How do you know if you made a mistake or misspelled a word?

Nighthawk321144 karma

Usually I'll know if I missed a key. I usually go over what I write once just to make sure there aren't any huge mistakes. Whenever there's a spelling error, my program will tell me.

Ittybittykittycommit3 karma

How do you navigate on the computer? Like how do you find things to click on?

Nighthawk3219 karma

I have a program on my computer that reads the text on my screen. I control it with keyboard commands.

qui_gon_john58 karma

Hey. My condolences for the rough hand life has dealt.

Moving around, did an education system ever adequately meet your needs?

Nighthawk32185 karma

Nope not really. Most people didn't know how to deal with a blind student haha.

TacoSwimmer47 karma

What are your hobbies?

Nighthawk321185 karma

I play video games. I'm the captain of the swim team. I play the drums, piano, guitar, and I sing. I like to read and do various extreme sports.

TacoSwimmer49 karma

Wow, that sounds awesome, I can barely even play one instrument! I love to play video games too, what're your favorite ones?

Nighthawk32178 karma

My favorites are MKX, Naruto, Pokemon, and Inustice.

veracite42 karma

I read recently about a successful eye transplant for a blind pig. Do you keep up with this kind of research? Do you have hope of one day restoring your eyesight or smell?

Also, do you play computer games like MUDs? I play Alter Aeon which has a huge blind community.

Thanks for doing the AMA!

Nighthawk32177 karma

I keep up with it from time to time, but I honestly don't know if I would want my sight back. It would be amazing, don't get me wrong, but being blind is who I am now. And yes I do play Alteraeon, who's your char?

veracite55 karma

My current character is Leaf. I've been playing since like 1999 but I only log in once every few months. I'll log in to run something with you if you want though :)

Nighthawk321103 karma

I've already run with you before :). My name is Shrukin.

BobaFettyWhopper40 karma

Have you forgiven your father? Understandably there has to be some feelings of anger towards him.

Nighthawk32184 karma

Yes I have. I'm not nearly as angry as I use to be. I've pretty much accepted it for what it is.

AnUbiquitousUsername36 karma

If you could teleport to any point in your life for about 60 seconds, and can not be in the same room as yourself, when would you teleport to?

Nighthawk321100 karma

Honestly, I know it sounds kinda fucked up, by I wouldn't mind being there when I went blind. Maybe in the hall, listening to all of it happening.

DorotheaCurious35 karma

How have you navigated the loss of your brother? How do you maintain your emotional connection with him? Do people complaining about their (living) brothers make you mad?

Nighthawk32168 karma

No they don't make me mad, not at all. I have a few possessions that use to be his that I still keep around.

Sadaxer35 karma

Do you have or use some kind of phone? Or some gadget that makes everyday easier for you?

You seem so patient with all the duplicate questions on here, that's very kind of you!

Nighthawk32183 karma

I feel that everyone questions deserve to be answered. I have an iPhone.

sassosaurus15 karma

Hey :) I saw you said that you imagine your surroundings from the colours and images you remember. I was wondering if your dreams are also visual, or whether other senses take priority more when dreaming? Thanks for the ama!

Nighthawk32119 karma

Most of my dreams are blurry.

Overthinks_Questions11 karma

Who's your favorite Mortal Kombat character?

Do you find professional wrestling less enjoyable without smelling what the Rock is cooking?

Nighthawk32111 karma

Erron black. And yes, yes I do.

Tasher889 karma

Just watched your video. I'm so sorry you went through this. As a father of two (soon to be three! Just found out my wife is pregnant!) I cant even imagine a father doing this to their own flesh and blood.

Did your father leave any note or other clues as to why he did what he did? I know you said your parents were going through a divorce, but was that the sole reasoning? Did your father have a history of mental illness?

Everything happens for a reason, even if that reason is beyond our own ability of understanding. It clearly wasn't your time to go. Keep your head held high man. You're destined to do good things in life. Best of luck!

Nighthawk32122 karma

Thank you, that's very kind of you. My dad did leave several suicide notes, but I have yet to read them.

GabrielHawk3 karma

Very inspirational. What advice do you have for people struggling with depression that don't have it nearly as hard as you do?

Nighthawk32133 karma

Well, depression isn't really something that's dependent on how bad you have something, sometimes people just have it. I would say let people help you. We don't think rationally when we're depressed.

TedderFace3 karma

Sorry to hear that man. What sized bullet did he shoot you with if you don't mind me asking? (I really dont mean to come across as inconsiderate) Also, would it be possible to post a picture of the head scar? I'm very curious as to how it looks to this day :)

Nighthawk3219 karma

He shot me with a 22 revolver. I don't have much of a head scar anymore, but I still have a pretty wicked scar on my palm. I'll get around to posting that.

caazin2 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA - how are you currently reading the comments? Is there an interpretation tool on reddit? (which proves my ignorance on the challenges blind individuals face).

Nighthawk3214 karma

Thank you for taking part in it! I have a program on my computer that reads the text on my screen.

midmosquid2 karma

Sorry if this has been asked, but has this affected your memory at all?

Nighthawk3213 karma

Nope, the bullet didn't hit my brain.

ilikebigbuttsyoyo2 karma

Hi Ross! I'm your age, I can't even think about going through what you've been through, you're really brave! What are your plans for the future, what do you want to do? I'm sorry if this has been asked! A big hug from Portugal friend! :)

Nighthawk3213 karma

Haha thank you, hugs back! I plan to go to college. I want to be a programmer, musician, and motivational speaker.

TheDinosaurHipster2 karma


Nighthawk3214 karma

I can't, I'm blind. I have a program on my computer that reads the text on my screen.

SilverChallenjour2 karma

What is your favorite band or genre of music? Also I'd like to add that the way you keep going is very inspirational, keep being awesome.

Nighthawk32110 karma

Thank you! I mainly listen to rock and metal, but sometimes I'll listen to dubstep, Jazz, or piano. Some of my favorite bands are:

  1. A Day To Remember

  2. Our Last Night

  3. Sick Puppies

  4. Yellow Card

  5. Five Finger Death Punch

  6. All That Remains

  7. Blink182

williamyixin2 karma

How do you browse reddit?

Nighthawk3213 karma

I have a program on my computer that reads the text on my screen.

Sipues2 karma

Hello u/Nighthawk321! I have so many questions.

1) Have you been able to forgive your father? Please, don't get me wrong. I think that he was the most horrible and egoist person in the world, but, in order for you to continue with your life, you'll need to find some peace and acceptance.

2) have you been in love? Have you met a special person already?

3) You were able to see until the age of 8. When you listen to an audio book now, does your imagination gives you enough material?

4) what do you want to be in the future?

I apologize for so many questions and I'm not an English native speaker.

edit: you've already answered my first question above.

Nighthawk3215 karma

  1. Yes, I have accepted what has happened a long time ago.

  2. Yes I have been in love, but nothing more than silly teen love for about a year or so. I don't currently have a GF.

  3. Yes it does.

  4. I want to be a motivational speaker, a musician, and a programmer.

Ferl741 karma


Nighthawk3211 karma

Yes I can still taste.

mh051 karma

Hey man. What do you do for fun? I see you like to read and play guitar.. Any favorite books or authors? What song are you learning to play right now?

Nighthawk3214 karma

I like to do extreme sports as well. My favorite book would probably be Eragon or the Mistborn series. I'm currently learning to play and sing this song:

nimial1 karma

Have you found that your personality has changed much like Phineas Gage?

Nighthawk3212 karma

No, I didn't have a personality change because the bullet didn't touch my brain.

[deleted]-2 karma


Nighthawk3215 karma

50 duck sized for sure. I would just stomp on them.

[deleted]-3 karma


Nighthawk3217 karma

.....My father committed suicide?

Tooup3 karma

Haha, I didn't see what he asked before he deleted it, but your answer made me cringe at the thought.

Nighthawk3211 karma

Lol he asked if I still had a relationship with my father.

2seeyousmile2 karma

I missed that part! Oops.

Nighthawk3212 karma

No worries!

StealthyNinja2-8 karma

When will you kill yourself?

Nighthawk3212 karma

Never. I know you may think this is funny or whatever, and you're entitled to that, but joking about suicide is not a joke. I hope you're doing okay.