Pretty self-explanatory. Just thought it would be interesting to share about something that many people are so uneducated about or uncomfortable talking about.

My proof has been privately submitted.

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iWant_To_Play_A_Game77 karma

If someone gets an hour with you and finishes within let's say... 6 minutes. What do you do for the rest of the time? Asking for a friend.

theNJprostitute80 karma

Usually they are embarrassed and leave.

gizamo11 karma

You mean you wouldn't make them a sandwich and try again in a few minutes?

theNJprostitute58 karma

It's their wife's job to make them a sandwich. I'm there to do what their wives clearly can't; satisfy them in bed.

RoseTheFlower58 karma

Definitely asking for a friend.

theNJprostitute22 karma


JRStewie1149 karma

Does this profession change the way you see the male gender?

theNJprostitute42 karma


JRStewie1128 karma

In what ways? Do you feel that you will never be able to love a man again or is it a trust issue?

theNJprostitute63 karma

I have difficulty connecting on more than a sexual level now. I fear that I will never be able to "make love" again. I have a boyfriend right now and he tries to "connect" with me during sex and i really can't do it. In fact, it makes me anxious. I see sex as work.

javmultipies59 karma

And this is why some people are also fearful of entering relationships with girls/guys who've done porn, or even just been with a shit ton of sex partners. And yet the sex positive crowd can never admit that it's even a slight possibility someone would change from having transactional sex, or a ridiculous amount of sex partners.

It's called the 1000 cock stare and if you're lucky you'll notice it on the first date.

theNJprostitute37 karma

Of course it changes you. Whoever says it doesn't is a liar. It has effected me greatly.

Mutt122348 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

theNJprostitute60 karma

Chocolate Chip Mint.

theNJprostitute50 karma

Thanks for asking. Refreshing change of pace.

sexrockandroll39 karma


theNJprostitute16 karma


dginmc36 karma

How much do your services cost? Do you have a menu? Do you know of male prostitutes?

theNJprostitute43 karma

$120 for a half an hour and $200 for an hour. My prices are considered expensive for my area.

I have not met any male prostitutes but they exist.

DidJohnDieAtTheEnd31 karma

What's the strangest thing you've ever been asked to do for money?

theNJprostitute66 karma

There is a lot. Men ask me to pee on them a lot. One time a guy paid me to get naked, track his apartment, and then clean it. He got off on neatness. Weird.

bo_dingles29 karma

track his apartment


theNJprostitute81 karma


He wanted me to mess up his house and then clean it again. Sorry for the typo!

DidJohnDieAtTheEnd17 karma

Well I guess that makes a change for you rather than just sexual stuff! Is there anything you wouldn't do regardless of the amount of money being offered?

theNJprostitute64 karma

Yeah there's a lot I wouldn't do. I have specific rules and no amount of money will change them. I've been offered multiple thousands for sex without a condom. I have never and will never. I still have morals believe it or not.

DidJohnDieAtTheEnd28 karma

I fully believe you still have morals. And do you have any safety precautions you follow, as I imagine it's a pretty dangerous job?

theNJprostitute46 karma

A boyfriend who is always packing and waiting in the car just in case. Plus I carry mace.

DidJohnDieAtTheEnd26 karma

Well I'm glad your safe. Is your bf not bothered by your line of work?

theNJprostitute52 karma

Not really. He worries for my safety, that's all. He knows I use protection and that my encounters are strictly physical. He's not threatened. He wants better for me but knows how close I am to graduating and obtaining my degree and leaving this life behind. He's supporting me and helping me through it.

DidJohnDieAtTheEnd20 karma

That's great I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours:)

theNJprostitute19 karma

Thank you

sacredscholar13 karma

wait what your bf goes to jobs with you...and thats not...weird for him?

theNJprostitute17 karma

He knew what he was getting into. He knows sex is just sex and there's no meaning behind it when I work. He loves me and would rather be there so I'm safer. He waits in the car.

Ace19997 karma

How much do you charge for eating fried rattlesnake skin with chopsticks?

theNJprostitute24 karma

Exotic food is eaten free of charge.

RawrDub27 karma

What's the scariest situation you've been in?

theNJprostitute74 karma

I had to fight my way out of a situation where a man was trying to rape me. I maced him in the face and stabbed him in the leg with the closest thing I could reach- a metal nail filer he had sitting on his nightstand.

JRStewie1125 karma

Most Money Made in night? Weekend?

theNJprostitute37 karma

About $1,100

donaldpump6914 karma

How much did you have to do for that?

theNJprostitute26 karma

3 guys, multiple hour intervals.

Crowedog7412 karma

Did you shower in between?

theNJprostitute40 karma

HELL YES. Every time. It would be SO gross if i didn't.

donaldpump699 karma

Doesn't that start to hurt?

theNJprostitute31 karma

Sometimes. Vagina's are pretty flexible though.

bigpipes8420 karma

theNJprostitute9 karma

Hah. Love that bitch.

nomad8023 karma

What makes you $200 worthy? I appreciate a good sales pitch

theNJprostitute35 karma

I'm clean, safe, and fun to talk to. I'm not a burnt out junkie like most prostitutes. I try to have fun with you and make you laugh and feel comfortable. Most girls don't offer any of that. I am also exceptionally good at every single thing I do ;)

But my actions speak louder than my words, and my body speaks for itself.

Jack_Sawyer26 karma

You said in another comment that you have hep-c, in what way is that clean?

theNJprostitute29 karma

I have Hep C from when i used to use intravenous drugs. Hep C is very difficult to catch through sex. It is spread by blood. By clean I mean that I ALWAYS use condoms and shower between every call. You'd never catch anything from me unless you shared a needle with me and i don't use anymore.

zacharoo1221 karma

Do you fake orgasms to speed things up sometimes?

theNJprostitute55 karma

I am constantly faking. Not so much to speed up the process, but the guys like it when they think I'm getting off.

BarryMcCackiner5 karma

This is one I don't get. Do guys really not understand you are faking or they just don't care? I understand you aren't in their heads so maybe you don't know the answer. But for me personally, I know when a woman is actually getting off, and having a woman fake it would be kind of irritating. Do they ever just say "you don't need to do all of that"?

theNJprostitute4 karma

No ones ever questioned me. Idk if it's because I'm a good faker or if they don't care.

kramdiw21 karma

How often do you get tested?

theNJprostitute65 karma

The first Wednesday of every month.

JRStewie1120 karma

Busiest nights of the week?

theNJprostitute20 karma


kigaltan8 karma

Why Thursday? I would have thought it would be a day when people didn't have work the next day.

theNJprostitute22 karma

No idea. Just always seems to be Thursday. Lol

mytodaythrowaway20 karma

do men try to be good at sex with you, as in try to get you off, or do they just do it as quick as they can?

theNJprostitute43 karma

Some just worry about themselves, but believe it or not, MOST want to get ME off.

Crowedog7415 karma

I don't know if that's considered a fetish per se, but that's something that a lot of guys get off to.

theNJprostitute14 karma

I've noticed.

thunder-cricket20 karma

Do you prefer if a client is of a particular size? If so, what size?

theNJprostitute56 karma

The smaller the easier it is on me.

DoYouEvenThroCodeBro18 karma

Favorite position? And do you get any pleasure out of it?

theNJprostitute71 karma

Rarely I get some pleasure. Not often.

Doggie style so I can pretend I'm being fucked by Brad Pitt LOL

ultronic22 karma

What age Brad Pitt do you find most attractive?

Is current Brad Pitt still attractive?

theNJprostitute19 karma

Brad Pitt will die attractive.

I love him most from Interview with a Vampire, because I'm dark like that. Lol.

theNJprostitute8 karma

He can bite me any day.

Armando_Munoz18 karma

Forgive me, I have a bunch:

How did you get into this line of work?

What are some of your sexual fantasies?

Has a client ever sexually satisfied you?

Any particular reason you chose prostitution over pornography?

theNJprostitute32 karma

Full time student, 40 hour/week internship & raising a child. I don't have time to make money a normal way until school is over.

Being able to make love to my boyfriend. Right now we only fuck. He wants a deeper intimacy level that I'm not able to offer him because this job has ruined me emotionally.

My family/friends don't have to know I'm a prostitute. It's easier to hide. Plus I am in school about to receive my Doctorates. Porn would look bad on my resume. This will slip between the cracks.

Armando_Munoz11 karma

Thanks for the response. I hope your relationship gets better. What are you going for your doctorate in?

theNJprostitute39 karma

Clinical Psychology specializing in drug and alcohol addictions counseling.

Thanks =)

NaziMeComin17 karma

What is the worst kind of client?

theNJprostitute43 karma

The kind that thinks they're ever going to become my boyfriend. And the kind that think they're "the best" in the bedroom when in reality they have tiny cocks and have to pay to get laid. The ones that think they'll impress me, or believe me when I tell them they do.

golfpinotnut17 karma

I'd like you to comment on personal safety. I suspect that being a prostitute has to be really scary at times. Do you carry a gun? Mace? a knife? Do you have a process where some third-party knows where you are in case something goes sideways?

theNJprostitute36 karma

I carry mace and I take my boyfriend with me everywhere i go. If I walk into a call and he doesn't hear from me within 5 minutes, he is on his way inside and he is ALWAYS carrying. He needs a phone call from me within the first 5 and he needs to hear me say I am okay and that I've received my pay. I tell him how long I will be, if I go over that time by even a minute without letting him know, he is on his way inside. He ALWAYS assumes the worst.

Decemberistz39 karma

I was so confused when you said you carry mace. Google was my friend.

theNJprostitute40 karma

I should do this instead.

Forgetful_Jones19 karma

LPT: Get rid of your mace. Carry a real OC with a high percentage of Capsicum ex.

Practice with an inert, aim for the eyebrows. You should OC yourself so you know how you react. OC gets everywhere. The only way to get over it is time, but a bit of dish soap and running water and a fan helps.

theNJprostitute10 karma


bobconan15 karma

Any stories you can tell about him coming in at the 5 min mark?

theNJprostitute28 karma

They're all the same, really. They come quick and get embarrassed. One guy wanted his money back (he didn't get it). One guy once used some lame excuse about how he hadn't had sex in years (forgetting he had just seen me a week prior). He was a junkie.

TwigSmitty28 karma

Lol I think u/bobconan was asking about your boyfriend coming in with his gun after not hearing from you in the first 5 minutes.

theNJprostitute27 karma

Oh. Fortunately, my boyfriend has not had to do that yet.

Deckardkane3 karma

I get the feeling he is more of your "pimp' than someone you are in a "loving" relationship with. Certainly sounds far from a "boyfriend"

theNJprostitute4 karma

i can understand how it can seem that way, but you don't live with him every day. He loves me to pieces and we have a wonderful relationship. He is not my "pimp"- he does not get paid by me. He has his own job and his own path. He is very much a boyfriend.

Vote4Justice16 karma

Do you have any tattoos?

theNJprostitute27 karma

Yes, more than the average person.

NaziMeComin14 karma

What do you do when you are on your period?

theNJprostitute20 karma

I don't work.

solitaryE8 karma

There might be a market for it....but chances are a break is good, haha

theNJprostitute14 karma

There is, but I enjoy my breaks.

NaziMeComin13 karma

What do you wear?

theNJprostitute30 karma

I dress casual with sexy lingerie underneath. I don't like to draw attention to myself or make things look suspicious.

JRStewie1113 karma

Do you have hard limits? and if so what are they?

theNJprostitute20 karma

No anal, and nothing completely unreasonable.

DoYouEvenThroCodeBro12 karma

What would you define as unreasonable?

theNJprostitute20 karma

Ive been asked to do crazy things. Shit on someones chest, let them shit on mine, let them tie me up, let them be rough with me.... etc

DoYouEvenThroCodeBro48 karma

I think you may have just disappointed a lot of redditors...

theNJprostitute34 karma


my1999gsr12 karma

If you could work in a different field, what would it be?

theNJprostitute19 karma

I plan to. I am a full time student and intern. Psychology- specializing in drug and alcohol addictions counseling.

javmultipies6 karma

Are you worried you'll get frustrated with your paycheck when you go into counseling and decide to go back to being a provider?

theNJprostitute13 karma

I'll have my Doctorates; so I will be making good money. I won't be frustrated because I will finally be doing something I LOVE and making more than enough to live still.

However, it does ruin jobs for me now. Tried quitting and getting a 9-5 but $200/hour sure beats $15!!!! Lol

Once I receive my Doctorates, I'll never go back to this.

dginmc12 karma

Do you get women clients, or only men?

theNJprostitute41 karma

Did my first couple about a month ago. Was super fun, got to fuck the girl. That was my only experience with a woman. They never call. Wish they did!

the_frightman_cometh10 karma

How did your first ever visit with a client go ? Did you tell them they were your first ?

theNJprostitute12 karma

Much different from what I do now. When I first started I worked for an agency out of Trenton. I work independently now.

They did not know they were my first.

JRStewie1110 karma

Average age bracket of clients?

theNJprostitute25 karma

No brackets. ALL ages. 18-80.

Majority is 35-45 year old married men.

Crowedog7419 karma

Do clients ever make dad jokes?

theNJprostitute20 karma

Not sure in what sense you mean, but i've had clients like to be called "daddy"

brandonsmash10 karma

How do you feel about providing your services to married men? Do you see it as offering relief, or do you have any qualms or other reservations about marriage?

theNJprostitute27 karma

I try not to think about it. I feel bad for their wives but it's my job to make money. If they weren't seeing me they'd be seeing someone else so I try not to feel guilty.

theNJprostitute31 karma

But yes, it makes me have trust issues with men.

eLyUKayEe10 karma

Have you ever run into a client in your day-to-day life?

theNJprostitute33 karma

Yeah. It's funny because they get so awkward ESPECIALLY when they're with their wife lol as if i would just be like "HEY ITS ME THAT PROSTITUTE YOU SCREWED" and they steer off in another direction.

I_Have_a_Harley10 karma

Do you ever enjoy it or is it purely business?

theNJprostitute12 karma

Business. Sometimes something will feel good but mostly business.

NaziMeComin9 karma

Do you have an STD?

theNJprostitute21 karma

I have Hep C from when I used to take intravenous drugs, but I have never caught anything through sex. I ALWAYS use protection for EVERYTHING and get tested monthly.

hurtsdonut_34 karma

You know there is a cure for hep c now?

theNJprostitute70 karma

Yes, I begin my treatment in March.

theNJprostitute37 karma

Thank you, though.

MrNature728 karma

If I have a tall but shaped face and dark hair, but big lips, what kind of facial hair should I grow?

theNJprostitute13 karma


AntmanIV8 karma

If I were a prospective client, are there any red/green flags to look for in an ad? How do you communicate how chill/safe you are in your ads?

theNJprostitute23 karma

You can never judge an ad as far as safety. You have to just go with your gut. A real escort will NEVER discuss the exchange of a sexual act for money. If they say ANYTHING trying to get you to say its an exchange of money for sex, it's a setup. A real escort will make sure you know that you are paying for her TIME, not her body.

maxhops8 karma

Any interesting story you want to share?

theNJprostitute65 karma

Too many. Hmm...

I used to have this client that was so fucked up all the time he could never get it up. He would be so high, he would get on top of me and thrust but his dick never went in. I have a fat ass so it would always slip between my ass cheeks and he would basically fuck my ass cheeks without ever penetrating me and tell me how good my "pussy" felt.

This dude saw me like every weekend for a year and never entered me ONCE. He thinks we've had sex hundreds of times.

TittlesMcJizzum8 karma

I went on BackPage and ran into a lot of "bait and switches" and walked out on both. Sorry ladies. I was wondering is there a safe place to do these kind of activities in which I won't be lied to? Any free sites? I know there are some that you have to pay for, but not even sure if those are legit.

Any advice? I'm in California.

theNJprostitute11 karma

Nothing safe about this business, babe. Unfortunately, some girls will always "bait & switch". I have NO idea why. Don't they realize you'll know once you see them and most likely leave????? So stupid to me. Gives the rest of us a bad rep too. Any idea how many times a day I hear "Are you real?" or "Is that really you?" Lol.

WatchMeEngineerThis8 karma

Do you enjoy your work?

theNJprostitute22 karma

No. But I enjoy the money.

ThePaxCanadiana7 karma

What do you think about legalization of prostitution?

If the government provided for you and your child and helped you get through school would you want to keep prostitution illegal?

Would legal prostitution demean women more than society already demeans women?


theNJprostitute23 karma

I think it should be legal. It's my body and I'm not harming anyone.

I would never wish to have the government provide ANYTHING for me.

I don't think legalizing prostitution would demean women anymore than they already are. They're doing it anyway. Might as well stop making it more difficult.

-chadillac6 karma

  1. You say you're going to school, how much longer do you think you'll be doing this job then? Also what degree?

  2. What do you tell your family you do for a job? (Not sure if that's a sore subject or anything, just curious, no judgements)

theNJprostitute14 karma

I will be receiving my Doctorates in Clinical Psychology specializing in Drug and Alcohol Addictions counseling in November of this year (2016). I currently have my master's but can not have my own practice without my PsyD.

My family thinks my internship is paid. It is not.

ThirtyWize6 karma

Has a guy ever cried while having sex with you? Tell us about it.

theNJprostitute12 karma

Yes! Twice.

First time- old man whose wife recently died (sad, i know)

Second time- Man who felt guilty for cheating on his wife.

Dentistchair6 karma

Does the fact not all your clients are probably the most physically attractive people ever turn you off?

theNJprostitute10 karma

I'm always turned off by them. Attractive or not.

_bitchonwheels5 karma

What's the strangest request you've ever gotten and is there anything you won't do?

theNJprostitute12 karma

There's a lot I won't do. Strangest is probably a regular of mine that has a "cleanliness" fetish. He is a super neat freak. Pays me to get naked, wreck his house, then clean it again. He has never touched me.

Icy-A5 karma

Have any people under the age of 18 approached you? what do you say to them if they want to use your services?

theNJprostitute11 karma

They don't normally admit to being under 18. Once or twice that has happened and I immediately said they have to be 18 and apologized.

I did meet a guy once or twice that LOOKED underage and I made both of them show me their ID's. Both ended up actually being 18.

ISIS-the_Archer_one5 karma

Any repeat or regular johns?

theNJprostitute7 karma


solitaryE5 karma

Do you see clients of a certain demographic more frequently? Like college kids?

theNJprostitute17 karma

They are all so different. All walks of life. Often people you would never expect. Hasidic Jews are common as well. That always surprised me at first.

2muchcontext3 karma

Have you ever had to refuse a client simply on their looks? I noticed you mentioned that your clients can be as old as 80.

theNJprostitute7 karma

Ive only refused them over cleanliness.

I asked a guy to shower once and he said no so I send him on his way.