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I'm fucking dying laughing at my desk at work. Awesome.

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I see that you have a Bachelor's degree in Hamburgerology. How did you arrive at that discipline over, say, Nugget-American Studies?

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That's a very interesting story.

What prompted your move to the UK? Would you say that the NHS and folk there are generally more accepting than where you were raised in the US? How often do you actually think about your condition -- videlicit, is it a struggle or does everything just fade into the background because you're just a normal person?

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How do you feel about providing your services to married men? Do you see it as offering relief, or do you have any qualms or other reservations about marriage?

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What are the most common queries you see on WA? Are there any trends you notice, and anything you might link to a specific cultural phenomenon or political touchstone? Basically, how do the data coming from WA represent what's happening in the world at large?