Since 2013, I've reviewed a number of cannabis strains for The Denver Post, judged at a couple High Times Cannabis Cups and got really high at Hempfest in Seattle. I'm the first marijuana critic for a major newspaper and the longest tenured reviewer for The Cannabist.

In other words, I'm paid to smoke pot.

I've smoked hundreds of unique strains in my life and was fortunate enough to be profiled by the New York Times, CBS This Morning, The Washington Post, and others. I'll also be appearing in the upcoming documentary "Rolling Papers" in a few months.

Just like last time, I'll do my best to answer all of your questions. Shout out to /r/trees and /r/coents.

When not reviewing pot, I'm playing Magic: The Gathering, co-hosting our comedy game show Uncalled Four and the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast, and running HempBox with my fiancée.

Proof: Twitter

EDIT: Took a quick smoke break. Taking questions for another hour or so, but thanks for all of the weird ones you've come up with so far.

EDIT 2: Thanks so much. I'll pop back later to get to a few more, but I have to run. If you want to keep up with weed or have more questions, I'm on Facebook, @fakejakebrowne on Twitter, Instagram, and other stuff. And, most importantly, if you're young and are interested in ending prohibition, please get involved with SSDP. Have a great 2016, everyone!

EDIT 3: I got back on to answer a few things I didn't feel like I had addressed and then realized it looks like this is live again. I assure you it is not. Reach out through any of the networks listed above or send me a PM. Thanks.

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IT_Chef1551 karma

When I hear "marijuana smoker" the mental image that conjures up in my mind is that of Snoop Dog, or some teen/20-something, white, young man that wears a "smoke weed everyday" shirt with a huge leaf on it, listens to too much Marley, and never shuts the fuck up about legalization.

I know also that this mental image is not unique to me...a lot of people think this way.

Now that I have "set the scene" so to speak; because you have a unique perspective on being a reporter, how does the legalization movement change "the face of pot users?"

My position is that we will not see any major movements in the way of both decriminalization and out and out legalization (on par with alcohol and tobacco) on a Federal level until the "poster boy" of weed shifts.

What can the industry, lobbyist groups, etc. do to change public perception?

EDIT - An overwhelming majority of you understood my question, I applaud you for being rational and willing to discuss "the elephant in the room."

For those of you who responded negatively with misplaced emotion, let me overly explain myself/question:

  • No, I am not sheltered, I understand that there is more to the world than just stereotypes
  • I am absolutely 100% on board with legalization
  • I occasionally partake
  • I am well aware that there are many more average people/users/contributing members of society than there are of the cartoony image I described above
  • The purpose of my question surrounds the fact that change comes from voting. You know who votes in HUGE numbers? Old people. Ask Grandma next time you see her what she thinks of pot smokers. I guarantee that her opinion is NOT favorable to the movement.

fakejakebrowne1189 karma

I hope you aren't downvoted into oblivion, because I think this is a fair question.

Look at it this way: it's hard to find poster children in counterculture. These people were willing to take a stand and break the law because prohibition is a failed policy that has real consequences for our country. It's easy to pick on them as low hanging fruit, but activists are an important part of marijuana history.

There are amazing individuals and organizations that are working to change the perception of marijuana, but it's hard. For every Carl Sagan, there are ten guys like this. There are many positive faces in the marijuana industry right now - Jane West and Wanda James are two strong female voices in the industry - but that's not how perceptions change.

Legalization will allow for people we know to come out of the cannabis closet, and that will force people to examine their prejudices. Neighbors, family members, community leaders: these people all use marijuana. Personal experiences will shape the future, not a high-profile magazine cover.

Edit: grammar.

PennyBeah302 karma

Not afraid to admit that I'm part of the growing legion of housewives that would rather take the edge off a long day with a little 4:20 sativa rather than a 5 pm cocktail... Most people who know me have no clue that I smoke, but I did "come out" to my family and they're a little wary but since I'm not a burnout AND I'm raising the hell outta my kids its not a problem, you know, we all have our ways of getting by.

Edited for grammar :)

fakejakebrowne190 karma

Good. For. You.

This happens one conversation at a time. I wish more people could come out without fear of losing their children or job, in that order.

defsubsucks332 karma

The Drug Policy Alliance try to change that with their stock images for use in articles about the subject, for example.

fakejakebrowne158 karma

Shout out to my friend Shawn Coleman and his silly hat in those.

original_greaser_bob1091 karma

ever reach that point where you realize "holy shit! this is the highest i can get! i cant get any higher! all i am doing after this point is wasting weed. wasting all that weed and the sunshine and the minerals and the air and the time and the effort that went into creating it. Mein GOTT I am smoking sunshine... and i SPEAK GERMAN!!! GOTT IN HEIMEL!!!" then you spend the rest of the day trying to figure out the name of the dog on Petticoat Junction?

Edit: Vergoldet!!! Danke! Danke! Bitte Schon! Bitte Schon! Liebe meine Apschminki!!!

fakejakebrowne1115 karma


notgarysmulyan842 karma

In trying out weed a few times in and around my college years, I've generally not liked it at all. I get generally paranoid and excessively fearful of damn near everything. I'm in another state where it's legal and interested in giving it another go, but I've no idea what to request to up my odds of having a pleasant experience this time around. Are there strains or categories that are better to try with these circumstances?

Edit: Getting some really great advice. Thanks everyone!

fakejakebrowne978 karma

Great question. Some of this is trying to be present in the moment and remembering there's nothing to fear - I do this often, as marijuana still makes me paranoid to this day.

If you're in a legal state, I'd ask the store for an indica instead of a sativa, as the latter tends to be more mentally racy. Feel free to start slow. If you don't get high the first time, that's infinitely better than being curled up in a ball, thinking about your breathing.

Outside of smoking, disposable vape pens tend to give a milder high. Some people prefer the high on edibles, although it can be harder to get an exact dose.

wheelbra271 karma

He had a great response, but I'd like to add to it. Make sure you're in a place where you feel safe. Have someone experienced with you that can calm you down if you do get paranoid. Have something else to focus on. Video games are great for this.

fakejakebrowne434 karma

I've heard that for some people, doing a little "weed wacking" helps them calm down.

leftaslide122 karma

Whenever I get paranoid from smoking, I eat 2-3 black peppercorns. It really takes the edge off and has pulled me through a couple of nervous episodes. There are many articles on the web about it. On my phone or I'd link one.

fakejakebrowne82 karma

sporkintheroad662 karma

As I've gotten older, pot seems to have gotten more and more potent. It's almost too strong now. While I don't miss the shitty headache-inducing brown bud, I don't always want to smoke the super bud. I just want to smoke a joint like the old days, but it's so strong I'm like one hit and done. Are there still growers producing regular old green bud? Will the market ultimately push that out if it hasn't already?

fakejakebrowne1459 karma

I believe it'll make a comeback, as the experience of sitting around and smoking a joint with friends, sans obliteration, is one of the best you can have. Vaporizers are really starting to take up that market share, however, because they're a little milder.

Instead of trying to make the next Everclear, I wish some of these growers would work on putting out a nice craft beer. Bud that has flavor and is well cured, but won't knock you out.

stoned_redditor524 karma

do you even dab bro?

fakejakebrowne1663 karma

fakejakebrowne300 karma

Better shot of the egg, currently on loan from the Smithstonian.

binkkit497 karma

Are you able to review more than one strain per day? I've always found that I only have the full experience on the first high of the day.

fakejakebrowne478 karma

The only time I have is for something like the Cannabis Cup where the sheer volume of strains means that's the only way you can do it, and only then with proper breaks between evaluations.

blompers157 karma

Hey Jake!

I recently started reviewing cannabis in my area (Toronto, Canada), as many dispensaries are opening up now. I started a subreddit, instagram and website to put all of the reviews.


Is there any advice or criticism you can give me? I would love to expand this as much as I can. Love your work by the way.

edit: Thanks for all the new followers on instagram and subscribers to the subreddit, I've made the instagram public for reddit :)

fakejakebrowne182 karma

I'll try to take a look and give you some feedback.

Wayneweasely412 karma

First, I'd like to congratulate you for practically winning life. I'm so jealous right now.

What are your 3 favorite strains ever?

fakejakebrowne407 karma

Thank you. Hopefully there are quite a few people with my exact job soon.

In no particular order: Super Lemon Haze, Blue Dream, and real New York City Diesel. There are some newcomers that could challenge them, but I'm also rating for consistency.

AstralClan134 karma

I wish people would understand that 99% of the time the quality of the weed depends on how it's grown and not just the strain... So how are you able to say you rate for consistency? If two growers grow the same strain it's not the strains fault if one turns out bad.. It's the grower. So are you just getting each of these strains from the same grower? I.e blue dream comes from Mr x and SLH comes from mr z every time? If grower 1 grows blue dream to perfection and grower 2 messes up, how are you able to rate for consistency on the strain?? Would really love a response, this factor has always bugged me when I hear about people reviewing strains

fakejakebrowne514 karma

This bugs me, too, because I think it's fairly easy.

I'm reviewing Italian food.

I love ravioli. I prefer ravioli to lasagna on the whole. Does that mean that Chef Boyardee Ravs are better than Grandma Italianname's homemade lasagna? No.

I'm reviewing ravioli every week through the lens of a specific recipe. My challenge is to explain what they look like, how they're made, what they taste like, and how full they make you to a lot of people who have never seen a fucking ravioli in their life.

Then the next week, I review a carbonara or a gnocchi and try to do the same.

Jennebell376 karma

Do you do a "Whilst Stoned" review, followed up by a "Upon Reflection" review?

fakejakebrowne524 karma

"Whilst Stoned" just cracked me up. Most reviews I write in retrospect, looking back at my notes and trying to figure out what's actually going to make the article. You have a tendency to think your ideas are better when your high and that isn't always the case.

DitaVonTeas370 karma

When you meet new people/distant family and they ask what you do, how do you respond?

fakejakebrowne599 karma


Fortunately, I do a lot of things and reviewing pot is only one of them. The one people ask the most about, sure, but one. I've worked in the industry since 2009, so there's nothing I haven't heard, and frankly, I give zero fucks what anyone else thinks. They don't spend any time worrying about what I think of them, so it's only fair.

Side note: I had some of my early reviews in a Culture magazine with Dita on the cover. Crazy to think those old issues sell for $$$ now.

RealPeterNorth314 karma

Which kind of weed makes the hot chicks the most horny ?

fakejakebrowne390 karma

Username checks out.

Gonzo_Historian263 karma

Are you ever like "I'll write the review later, man."?

fakejakebrowne512 karma

You mean literally right now?

zebedir219 karma

would you like an unpaid intern to come smoke weed with you?

fakejakebrowne258 karma

I have so, so many things that I need an unpaid intern to do before "smoke weed" but feel free to submit a resume to [email protected]

guilt_free202 karma

Is there a type of weed that just gives you a body high and doesn't give you the mental anxiety?

fakejakebrowne304 karma

Those tend to be indica strains, but that's not always true. You need to find what works for you through testing and ensuring that what you're smoking is indeed what they claim. That's a big part of why I write my column.

All drugs have side effects, anxiety/paranoia being one of the unfortunate ones with weed. But if we were talking about, say... cholesterol medication, you wouldn't give up on your heart just because you had an adverse reaction to one medication. You'd try another and hope it's more effective.

savageqm178 karma

Without being too bias, do you think some individuals are too addicted(mentally) to weed at least the ones without any severe medical conditions. Do you also think you can enjoy life without it?

fakejakebrowne380 karma

There are absolutely people who have problems that stem from smoking too much weed and there are side effects that come with any form of substance abuse. Fortunately, it's one of the safer things to abuse. I regularly enjoy life without cannabis. But I also REALLY enjoy life with it, so why not have the best of both worlds?

FLICKinBEANs125 karma

How many pots have you smoked?

fakejakebrowne242 karma

All of the pots.

FLICKinBEANs77 karma

Want to get stoned and play MTG?

fakejakebrowne212 karma

denverdenver on mtgo

Horse_trunk124 karma

What is the best strain for sleep?

Best strain for creativity?

What is your favorite go to snack while drugged out?

fakejakebrowne191 karma

Pre '98 Bubba for me. Knocks me out without too much initial uptick.

Haze, haze, and more haze.

I don't keep a lot of snacks around and rarely approach "drugged out" but I like tostadas. They provide a unique challenge when high enough.

budtending33 karma

Where do you find the Pre '98? And have you found any Maui recently? I can't find any anywhere.

fakejakebrowne50 karma

Bubba actually had a shop out here but don't know if he's involved still so don't want to lead you down the wrong path. Leafly is usually your friend, but I can't vouch for anyone that has it in stock currently.

For good Maui, I'd actually suggest Holistic Life's Golden Maui. Solid Golden Goat/Maui cross that gives you the best of both worlds.

jcsimpson99 karma

How's your memory?

fakejakebrowne287 karma

I'm terrible with names, but otherwise fine. I think the misconception is that sometimes people have trouble with recall functions while high. I assume it's because being present is so much damn fun.

AGdynamics89 karma

How do you feel about the recent recall of concentrates and edibles in CO for the use of pesticides?

Do you think that the presence of those pesticides in concentrated products (or on flower) is cause for concern?

Many of the pesticides considered "safe" for use on food are intended to be washed off or consumed orally in small amounts, not smoked. Should the use of pesticides in smokable products be banned until there is further research done to find out their full effects?

Also, dude, fellow Denver resident, you've gotta try the Herijuana and Fruit of the Gods from AMCH on 13th.

fakejakebrowne131 karma

I'm conflicted. On one hand, it shows how regulation works. No one on the black market is doing pesticide tests.

On the other hand, I know you can beat these tests. They're also showing up for things that are relatively safe if used properly, and there are solid methods that are excluded due to the list of approved chemicals.

At the end of the day, I am not a scientist. My primary concern is that we find out, years down the road, that we're all cancered up from the stuff that snake oil salesmen told us would cure it.

What I can say is that people have been smoking weed for years, weed that has been treated with many of the same chemicals, and there isn't a large body of anecdotal evidence that says we're all screwed.

EDIT: Love Herijuana, one of my favorites when done correctly, but if memory serves their prices were insane last time I popped in.

AGdynamics37 karma

Thanks for the response!

As a follow-up question relating to regulation: Recently the private use of Butane to make concentrates was outlawed in the City of Denver. It was a response to the (rather surprising) number of people who were blowing their houses to pieces by improperly and unsafely using Butane indoors. If I remember correctly, it's now a felony to use Butane or other solvents to make concentrates.

There are other extraction methods (ice water, alcohol, etc) which are still legal to be done at home, but as of right now the only way to legally obtain Butane-extracted concentrates is to buy them from a dispensary. With the growing concerns over the use of pesticides in commercial grows and extraction labs, do you think that the new law is creating an unfair market for concentrates?

Furthermore, people are not going to stop extracting their own concentrates at home. Do you think that this law could end up being more dangerous by pushing the Butane extraction process indoors where conditions for explosions are more likely to be present?

To provide a real-world example: For fear of pesticides and other unknowns in the growing, harvesting and curing process, a good friend of mine grows all his own flower and makes his own concentrates from the trim. Because of the new law, he now can choose to either break the law (risking a serious felony charge) and continue to do Butane extractions, change methods of extraction and get a different, less powerful product, or only buy his concentrates from a dispensary and trust that their products are safe.

In your opinion, should this new law be repealed/amended with homegrowers in mind, or is public/personal safety the more important issue in this case?

fakejakebrowne74 karma

Promise I'll make it back here, you made some valid points that I want to look at and provide a real answer to.

budtending82 karma

Have you noticed any correlation from THC percentages and highs? I budtend in Denver and too many people hinge on the stupid numbers on the bottle. What do you think?

fakejakebrowne158 karma

I RARELY look at THC %'s, as I'm much more interested in the whole experience. Did they give it the cure it deserves? How about the flush? Where are the terps? Was it trimmed by hand? To me, THC is one piece of the puzzle, but it's not even an edge piece.

crapshooter_on_swct78 karma

As an outsider if I wanted to to vaca in Denver how many hotel chains allow smoking in the hotel?

fakejakebrowne186 karma

Zero. You can hit a cannabis bed and breakfast or look on a couple sites that specialize in Couchsurfing but with weed. Most people just smoke in an alley or outside of the bar or pretty much anywhere. It's also a reason why edibles are so popular here: they're discreet.

circuital1458 karma

There are a handful of hotels that have deals with cannabis tourism sites that offer vaporizer rentals. They dont give you the name of the hotel until after booking, but its so convenient to vape in the hotel room before bed

fakejakebrowne65 karma

Also, it's VERY easy to figure out the locations of the hotels before booking. But smoke in the room and you're looking at a few hundred dollars in "cleaning" fees.

Prius_For_Life65 karma

How does one exactly land a job like this?

fakejakebrowne144 karma

Be passionate about writing first and cannabis second. I had a body of work before this position ever opened up because I would write anything, usually just for the byline, as a freelancer.

After that, I would suggest applying for said job.

GreekBastardo62 karma

  1. Apart from smoking it, are there any other uses of canabis?

  2. What is, by your opinion, the ideal dosage of canabis per day?

  3. Since you are getting paid to smoke pot, can you tell me if being "stoned" is better than being drunk?

Thanks in advance bro.

fakejakebrowne191 karma

  1. Tons. Most of my body products have hemp oil, as it's great for skin. Topicals are legit - Apothecanna and Mary's Medicinals make lines that are infused.

  2. Depends on what you're using it for. I'm not an everyday smoker, something that blew the mind of a 22-year-old I met this weekend. I use it as a Swiss Army Knife. Having trouble sleeping? There's weed for that. Need a creative boost? There's weed for that.

  3. In a vacuum, being drunk isn't a great thing. People abuse alcohol on a much larger scale than weed and there are huge societal costs that come from that. But I also enjoy a craft beer or nice tequila, so I'm not here to judge. Everything in moderation, including moderation.

Thanks for the questions.

ghosteria49 karma

When you are not "on the job" how much do you typically smoke?

Have you ever passed out from hitting too hard?

fakejakebrowne139 karma

Usually 3-4 times a week, but there are weeks where that's closer to every day depending on what's happening and who I'm with. I've had to get much better about not smoking when anyone shoves a pipe in my face. Poor me, I know.

Have never passed out on weed, but I also don't hold my hits. Stop holding your hits so long, people. Oxygen is your friend.

rjcarr13 karma

Logical follow-up question then: how long to hold your hits?

fakejakebrowne98 karma

Saw recently that 5 seconds is ideal, but I'm two seconds max. Then again, I don't need to choke out every last bit of THC because Colorado.

gravityisgone42 karma

What do you think about the High Profits documentary on Netflix?

fakejakebrowne74 karma

It was "well produced" if you catch my drift.

constructioncranes34 karma

Hey there. I've been vaping regularly for a long time and am lucky enough to have access to people who only sell the better stuff. I know when it's good weed and I know when it's shit... But beyond that I can't really tell the difference between strains. My dealers are always bragging about this and that strain but I just don't feel the difference. Usually weed simply enhances how I'm already feeling and what I'm already doing. I can't tell the difference between pure indicas and sativas or between smoking and vaping. I just get high.

My question, though, is more to do with the chemistry of the plant. If THC is the only active ingredient, and it can only be that one compound known as THC.. What makes the different strains different? I get that they look and smell different but in terms of the high, which can only be determined by the THC content, how does the compound differ in the different strains? I know some plants have more of it than others but that should only impact strength... What makes one strain more heady, or give you more of a body buzz, or all the different characteristics people claim to feel?

fakejakebrowne45 karma

So there are a bunch of different cannabinoids out there - CBD, CBN, etc - other than THC that effect your high. Then you have terpenes, which is essentially the aromatherapy of a given strain. How all of these different compounds interact is where you get the true difference between strains, and why those are felt so much less in edibles or oil that strips them away.

Those_Lingerers33 karma

Are you aware of any particular strains that would be good for someone with both depression and anxiety? I'm currently doing well on medication and with consistent therapy, but it's a constant fight to stay healthy and I like smoking on occasion when I have rough days (like when I need something to boost my mood or reduce the anxiety). The problem is, you get what you get in Texas and some strains make me very anxious. I've considered traveling to Colorado in search of the right strain(s) for me but don't even know where to begin. Advice?

fakejakebrowne42 karma

First, I want to apologize because the odds are stacked against you right now. Could you find someone in Texas with a variety of strains? Sure, but that's hard. Then, you'd need to find someone with a strain that worked for you. Harder. Then having it consistently? Ugh.

For the vast majority of people, there is a strain that works for their brain chemistry. It's trial and error, though, and you need to have access to the trial portion before the error even comes into the equation. A lot of people come to CO to do the research. Start with hybrids that lean indica, then move closer to sativa until you reach the balance of mood elevation without anxiety.

jtt12332 karma

Have you ever experienced depersonalization/derealization disorder after smoking? I tried weed once for the first time and have suffered from chronic dp/dr ever since. I would give anything to go back and not let myself try it

fakejakebrowne28 karma

No, and I'm so sorry you did. It appears to be a problem in a very small, small percentage of people who try it but a problem nonetheless. I hope you get past it and back to life. Something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

BoltmanLocke32 karma

What is your opinion on regular cigarettes? Do you find that you are put off by the smell? What ratio of pot to tobacco do you think is ideal?

fakejakebrowne74 karma

I'm now down to Ultra Light 72's because smoking tobacco is terrible and makes me a worse person.

I don't think there's ever a good excuse to mix pot and tobacco, as cannabis makes your lungs more susceptible to damage from the latter.

devilbones24 karma

Is there a strain that will relieve back pain without getting me too high?

fakejakebrowne42 karma

Try a topical or transdermal patch first, then a CBD infused edible that's low in THC. There's also evidence that taking Ibuprofen before smoking decreases the head high.

an800lbgorilla21 karma

What's the worst strain you have smoked, and what made it so bad?

fakejakebrowne54 karma

This Banana Kush. As someone said on Facebook, "It looks like they vaped it and then put it back."

MyTQuinn8720 karma

1 Does this include Edibles?

2 What type of parameters do you review weed by? I.e smell, type fo high etc

3: How much weight have you gained since taking this position? I know you get hungry don't lie. lol

fakejakebrowne118 karma

1A: Stop using pound signs to make lists. That's why this is happening.

1B: I have reviewed edibles for other publications but since they vary so widely in effect, I'm not sure how much it would help. I'm working on a web series where I eat an edible with my mom and we do a number of tests/games. But really, that's just to see my mom high. It's hilarious.

2: Mostly how to recognize a strain of weed and what the expected effect should be. So visual inspection and smell, plus an actual smoke report.

3: I'd attribute most of my weight gain to the sedentary lifestyle of a freelancer. Not a lot of physical activity in my office, but weed isn't to blame. If you're hungry, pop some Altoids.

bhowax2wheels11 karma

true, whenever I really need to not gorge myself on something gross when I'm high I go straight for the gum, or the mints. Tastes great, and distracts me from food.

fakejakebrowne26 karma

Flavor crystals are little presents for your mouth.

circuital1419 karma

Which recreational dispensaries do you recommend in Denver?

fakejakebrowne41 karma

Denver Relief, Good Chem, and Natural Remedies are all very consistent and appropriately priced. Medicine Man is a hell of a good time if you're a tourist and want to see an entire operation. Fox St Wellness is a hidden gem and does veganic last time I checked. It really depends on what you're looking for. And for the average consumer, it's hard to go wrong.

Toronto_man19 karma

Glass pipe or wood pipe, which do you prefer, or which do you think is better? I know there are many pros and cons for both...

Do you recommend a particular pipe?

fakejakebrowne35 karma

Glass forever. I can't remember the last time I had an enjoyable experience with a wooden piece.

I'm also the worst when it comes to pipes, as I just keep a clean spoon handy for sampling and have a few one hitters for when I'm running around. I get that people like spending a ton of money on a pipe, naming it, coming up with custom housing for it, etc. I'm just not that dude after having broken a couple expensive tubes when I was younger.

420smokeweedallday13 karma

Does marijuana have any adverse effects on animals? My cat doesn't seem to mind the smoke but I want to be sure it's safe for him to stay in the same room I'm smoking in.

fakejakebrowne45 karma

Generally, second hand smoke isn't too big of a concern with pets, but please don't hot box them or get them high through their ears. It's animal abuse and it's gross.

SuddenTheories11 karma

Do you think marijuana will become legal at the federal level anytime soon?

fakejakebrowne37 karma

I could see decrim at a federal level and for them to continue to defer to states. It's a lot to tackle but I'm happy to be the Czar if needed.

SexCop11 karma

What is the safest way to use cannabis?

fakejakebrowne67 karma

With a condom.

thejpn11 karma

What's your favorite way to consume cannabis?

fakejakebrowne59 karma

A clean glass pipe with friends. I think people get caught up too much in the vape life, dabs, etc, when packing a bowl and sending it around is a great communal experience.

rogue_lemming11 karma

First off, I've never smoked pot, so my knowledge is absolutely zero. That being said, there's increasing research being put out about various medicinal uses, and given my own medical issues, I was curious as to how to go about educating myself, if I decide to try it at some point.

  1. How do I determine what strains (?) to look for, and in what forms, that apply to my needs (primarily chronic depression and a generalized anxiety disorder)?

  2. I despise the smell, which is a big reason I've never tried it. What's a way to get around this - I'm assuming edibles, but again, I know nothing (am female, not Jon Snow).

  3. I guess this one's a general summary of my thoughts: How the fuck do I go about learning the right combination, between strains, application/intake methods, dosage, side effects/interactions, et al?

fakejakebrowne17 karma

Laughed out loud at the Jon Snow ref.

  1. Be careful, weed can exacerbate your GAD. Strains are like any medication, in that you probably need to try a few to figure out what works with your particular brain chemistry. I usually recommend starting with indica-dominant hybrids then moving closer to sativa.

  2. Vape cartridges have almost none of the smell, but edibles are also a great choice. Just take it slow.

  3. Trial and error. Until this is more normalized, we're all kind of in a bind. And be patient - it's a wildly effective medicine, but it takes time to dial it in. The nice thing is that the side effects are usually euphoria, sleep, or anxiety. Not "bleeding from your eyes during casual conversation" or "intense dreams of being a Warg but only for sloths."

jdrizzle237 karma

How does one proof/explain to their parents that smoking weed is not the devil and can help people with some of their personal issues while still managing to get good grades and stay in shape?

fakejakebrowne4 karma

Oh, hello me from 15 years ago!

Keep doing exactly what you're doing and they'll be forced to either accept that it's part of you or accept that it has nothing to do with you, and instead it's something they need to confront. And try to remember that it comes from a place of love, where ultimately they want the best life possible for you and can't understand that marijuana could be a part of that.

justSFWthings4 karma

I'm always skeptical when buying weed from dispensaries because sometimes I'll get something basic like Blue Dream and it's totally different than what I expect from Blue Dream. Sometimes it'll feel way more like a straight up sativa, sometimes it'll be a total dud.

Have you run into issues like this? If so, do you think it's an issue of branding or are some batches just that different?

fakejakebrowne5 karma

That's exactly why I write this column: helping people identify what a strain is on a few different levels. There are places that absolutely know if they put "Girl Scout Cookies" on a jar it'll sell three times faster and there's no regulation in that regard. Be skeptical, be informed.

ubspirit3 karma

Which strain/strains would you rate as producing the "most energetic high"? I suffer from intestinal illness that robs me of a lot of my energy and my state has medical coming into effect this January; I would like to know which strains to seek out first.

fakejakebrowne3 karma

A good haze hybrid is where I want to be for body energy, which is why I love Blue Dream so much. Haze on its own tends to be mostly cerebral, so don't see one and think "Hey, that's close enough!" Maui and Island Sweet Skunk can be solid choices, as well.

satintintintintin2 karma

How often do you smoke? Weekly? Daily? More than daily?

If daily / more than daily, how do you get high enough to get a meaningful read on how good the weed is? I find that when I smoke that often everything drops to the level of "eh, I'm a little bit high I guess".

fakejakebrowne3 karma

On average, 3-4 times a week. I missed my - on the first time and it said 304 and I almost left it that way to scare my mom who is probably reading this.

Walterhobbs2 karma

First of all congratulations! I am very happy to live in a world where a job like yours exists. Marijauna is a plant of many uses and it's about damn time we stopped limiting ourselves by keeping it illegal.

That being said, where do you stand on the effects on mental development of young people with the influence of legal weed? As a former user I am all for legalization, however considering the frontal lobe doesn't fully develop until 25 isn't it worrisome that weed is so popular with young people? High School and College is a very important time in a persons life that shapes their future, do you think legalization could down play some of the risks and possibly harm these young peoples "future" selves?

fakejakebrowne1 karma

Thank you!

I used marijuana at 16, but that's not recommended. I had to say as much in an interview with my school newspaper.

I suppose I disagree with your premise. Weed has been popular with young people for as long as I can remember, and I'd argue that's a byproduct of prohibition. Having honest conversations about weed is only going to help decrease the "cool" factor.

Don't do drugs, kids!

Toast422 karma

What's your favorite MtG card or deck?

fakejakebrowne3 karma

I want to figure out how to use Jhessian Thief in some kind of UR control because Ophidian was my favorite card as a kid. I just got back in to MtG in M15 and have rekindled my love for this supremely amazing game.

GreggoryElfwind2 karma

Heh, what an epic job! Tell me, wat pot do u think gets u the most high? Now I'm not talkin [10] hi i'm talkin [FUS ROH DAH] levels of epic 420dom, where they're essentially forced to hand me my doctorate because my world has been opened to the max

fakejakebrowne2 karma

That's what psychedelics are for. Or edibles.

donnieboy081 karma

For a guy who hasn't been able to smoke for 8 years (job drug tests, illegal in my state) I have to say I'm extremely jealous. If, and hopefully when it gets legalized here, any recommended strain to kick off with? I don't want to just dive in, but I don't want to smoke swag either.

fakejakebrowne2 karma

I think Blue Dream is a really nice, entry level strain for someone who has been out of the game for a while. A great, motivated body buzz that many people say feels the same as runner's high. Hope you can make it back soon.

stud_ent1 karma

How hard is not to find jobs in the cannabis industry?

fakejakebrowne2 karma

Jobs are plentiful! You just have to like working retail or trimming bud, as there isn't a ton of upward mobility yet.

Godspiral1 karma

Is the cost of weed in Denver lower than what it was before or in the rest of the country? Would you say that legalization has made the quality of weed better?

fakejakebrowne2 karma

Medical patients in this state can get great weed for $15/$20 an eighth, a lot lower than what I was ever paying outside of CO. Prices for recreational seem inflated because of the tax rate, a tax I'll gladly pay to walk into a store and walk out with weed for a little cash and a flash of my ID.

Access to testing has made weed infinitely better. Growers now get advanced reports back on each strain, making it easier to select and breed. We were breeding CBD out of strains for decades, for example. Now those are the hottest strains on the market.

darkrzane1 karma

Pot vs creativity, what's the verdict? I used to get high and play music all the time and not only was it the most fun of my life, I also thought I was pretty damn good at it. Was I better St the drums because I was high? Was I focusing more on it then usual and maybe I was better? Was it that I was having so much fun that I was playing to my full potential? Was I really farting on the snare drum and just giggling the whole time?

I've never recorded myself and listened to it while sober, so I only have my distorted memories. You, on the other hand, have surely done some writing while you were high. Was it any good? Were there sparks of brilliance that at least inspired better writing from yourself? Or was it all just fart jokes?

Ps, I feel kinda gassy.

fakejakebrowne2 karma

Great question. I feel like the ideas and concepts are better high and can be refined sober, but there are also moments that are like a pure flow state where I'm so present that I'm creating things that are more personal and true to myself. I fart, too, but that's part of the risk of doing anything creatively.

Deathdeathanddeath-6 karma

Do you think meth should be legalized next?

fakejakebrowne5 karma

Seems like making it illegal has solved all the problems everywhere.