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Not sure if you were aware of its existence, but there's an entire subreddit of people who fall asleep to Futurama. I can't tell you how many times I've had a shitty or stressful day and put on an episode to help me go to sleep and try to make the next one better. Thank you so much for creating something that, when I didn't have any friends, made me feel like maybe I did.

Question: One $300 hookerbot or 300 $1 hookerbots?

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I believe it'll make a comeback, as the experience of sitting around and smoking a joint with friends, sans obliteration, is one of the best you can have. Vaporizers are really starting to take up that market share, however, because they're a little milder.

Instead of trying to make the next Everclear, I wish some of these growers would work on putting out a nice craft beer. Bud that has flavor and is well cured, but won't knock you out.

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I hope you aren't downvoted into oblivion, because I think this is a fair question.

Look at it this way: it's hard to find poster children in counterculture. These people were willing to take a stand and break the law because prohibition is a failed policy that has real consequences for our country. It's easy to pick on them as low hanging fruit, but activists are an important part of marijuana history.

There are amazing individuals and organizations that are working to change the perception of marijuana, but it's hard. For every Carl Sagan, there are ten guys like this. There are many positive faces in the marijuana industry right now - Jane West and Wanda James are two strong female voices in the industry - but that's not how perceptions change.

Legalization will allow for people we know to come out of the cannabis closet, and that will force people to examine their prejudices. Neighbors, family members, community leaders: these people all use marijuana. Personal experiences will shape the future, not a high-profile magazine cover.

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