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Can jet fuel melt steel beams?

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bubble is a meaningless (or used meaninglessly) term. In the sense that there are debts that will never be repaid, the assets may be overvalued.

However, there are very few firms that are overinvestest in student loan debt. There is no rush of small investors trying to buy these at a discount either, and no one bidding up their price irrationally (which tends to be the meaningful classification of bubble).

So, even if 30% of the $1T+ in student loans ends up unpaid, the other 70% will pay 50%-80% total interest, and the overall amount is a relatively small portion of large bank portfolios. (would still provide a net profit)

Furthermore, if there is any threat to bank solvency, then student loan reform will be the new "heads they win, tails you lose" bailout policy. The American solution is for taxpayers to absorb any potential mass student loan defaults... again making bubble an inappropriate term as it relates to investment.

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is the main reason for $600 houses, liens (often by city for back taxes/fees) on the property? Or was it just massive renovations?

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The best and simplest UBI plans keep the difference with existing programs and the UBI. If they were receiving more than $1000 in disability benefits, they'd keep the extra, but that extra would be subject to the same clawback (and asset) rules.

It may be worth making the UBI even higher in order to completely eliminate what becomes a small program. Perhaps buying off existing recipients with one time payoffs to cover several years of (extra) benefits, is a good enough savings to roll up the programs cost into UBI entirely.

A bigger problem than the asset test is the incentive to stay disabled to continue qualifying. If I give you $1000 or $1200 per month only if you say you are crazy or your back hurts, and you have to stay crazy or stay "only qualified to do work where your hurting back prevents you from accepting", then you have a strong incentive to stay disabled, and to convince yourself that you are and always will be disabled. With UBI, and its unconditionality, you're free to try and get better or contribute in any way you can that bypasses your hardships.

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a scroll compressor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scroll_compressor

It could be used to pressurize air, or pressurize co2 into beer.

What makes this useful as a 3d print is that it requires precise math for the parts, but is otherwise a simple machine.