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PNWMark350 karma

How did/do you find the motivation to keep constantly going? My wife is a cancer survivor and has 40% chance of developing a second cancer (has genetic disorder) she and I have been bogged down with medical bills.

BillSeng416 karma

I keep going and stay busy by doing hobbies. Keeping my family happy is number 1. Gardening is something that I really enjoy. I like to see the flowers and trees that I have planted.

NightSkyth220 karma

Maybe it's stupid but are you afraid of dying ?

BillSeng430 karma

Not really. I got to go I got to go. Can't do anything about it. Does it bother me? yes. I feel upset because I can't do anything.

JJest107 karma

What's the difference between being afraid of and bothered about dying? Could you please elaborate?

Very sorry to hear about your condition. You seem like a nice guy. My condolences to you and your family. :-/

BillSeng195 karma

Well both are kind of like one in the same. Biggest thing is I am bothered by not being able to do anything about it. I'm not afraid of doing anything. Being not able to do something is much different.

honus157 karma

What dumb things do you wish you would've done?

BillSeng352 karma

Went on more trips and vacations. Some people call vacations dumb because some consider it a waste of money. I used to race cars. Would have liked to gone a little harder..

Sparred4Life34 karma

Money is just an object, but those memories are far more precious. :) What did you used to race? Fellow racer asking, albeit very low level stuff. Haha

BillSeng92 karma

71 boss 351 L50 tires. jacked up in the back. side pipes coming out. 850 double pumper.

smoke_and_spark109 karma

What advice have you left these kids with?

BillSeng272 karma

Get an education and work hard and help your mom.

Drummer242798 karma

Not all illness and cancer are text book symptoms at start, so what were your very first symptoms ? How long after the start did it get serious?

BillSeng119 karma

Severe pain in urination. It got serious in 30 days. Started around thanks giving and got serious on January 8th 2012.

ArchangelPT88 karma

Don't you feel like doing something extreme?

BillSeng237 karma

I am right now. I'm trying to raise 35k for my kids future. So hopefully they won't have to suffer that much.

bmurph01484 karma

Are you particularly religious? Is so/if not has that affected your attitude or beliefs in the past few days?

BillSeng429 karma

No I am not religious. No it hasn't either. I'm not going to lie to anybody. Anybody can believe anything they want to believe. I know a lot of people who are upset with people because they believe something different. As far as I go. I don't push my beliefs on anybody and I don't want anybody pushing their beliefs on me. Believe what you want to believe. That is not any of my business.

selflessGene75 karma

Do you regret going through 28 rounds of chemo? Knowing what you know now about your life expectancy, would you still do it?

BillSeng293 karma

I'm still hoping for the best. I have faith that the doctors will be wrong and that I will live. I have to keep fighting. Can't give up.

Mutt122364 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

BillSeng84 karma

Milk Chocolate

cheeseburgercrew64 karma

If you could give one piece of advice to all redditors what would it be?

BillSeng165 karma

Be nice to your friends and family. Merry Christmas and Happy New year. I would put more time into making friends and meeting people.

satan_loves_us55 karma

Thanks for taking the time to be here.

What's your proudest moment of your legacy to pass on? Do you believe in afterlife?

BillSeng114 karma

Helping other people get a good job and making more money for the family. Their is a lot of people I helped get jobs. I don't believe in afterlife.

LeanRight48 karma

What are your favourite memories?

BillSeng109 karma

Lets see...I had some good fishing trips and some excellent times with the family. Would be way to much to explain. But spending time with loved ones is hard to beat.

kevfitz172948 karma

Did you enjoy Christmas? Get any nice presents?

BillSeng179 karma

My friends made it good. Presents are being around loved ones. Nothing else seems to matter at this point.

VKalia8945 karma

This may sound stupid but how do you feel? Have you accepted the end is coming? What is that like? If you could have any song play whilst you left what would it be?

Sending love man.

BillSeng123 karma

I feel like I'm generally tired. I have pain all through out my body. I have tubes in back for my kidneys. I have a colostomy bag on my belly for my digestive track. I have accepted the fact. I'm trying to connect with some friends. My doctor told me I would die in the next day or so. I would have Elvis-The end is near playing.

ranger-falls41 karma

What prompted you to do this AMA? If you only have days to live, how do you proceed? What things are you doing in these final hours? What does someone do to tie up the loose ends of a life that is rapidly fading? Have you made video time capsules for the children? What do you want people to take away from this?

BillSeng77 karma

My friends prompted me. Day by day, hour by hour I proceed. Spending times with loved ones and relaxing. I can't do much. I guess it would be prepare for the inevitable. No time capsules made yet but that is a good idea. I would want people to know that this can happen to anybody at anytime. Even the youth. I see young people in the hospital with cancer. Late teens early twenties.

Happytrigger32 karma

Thanks so much for doing this, sorry to hear about your situation; I'm sure the children are going to excel at everything in life.

On to the question: What, in your opinion, has been the most eye opening experience you've, well, experienced?

EDIT: Changed question because previous one had been asked already.

BillSeng86 karma

Cutting the umbilical cord on my son when he was born. Then next would be probably having the doctor coming in and telling me I could die any day while watching my girlfriend cry.

djgump3530 karma

I admire your courage, going into the most certain truth we are born with, and accepting it on this level.

With that said, how far would you go, what would you do, to get more time?

BillSeng46 karma

I would do whatever the doctor says to do. I think one of the keys would be nutrition. That's what my doctor tells me. Funny thing is I'm not a smoker or a drinker.

epicluca30 karma

How's your wife dealing with this? It must be tough to lose 2 husbands to the same illness

BillSeng27 karma

It is very hard. Your right. All I can do is help the kids.

hobobeer29 karma

Have you ever thought about doing something outrageous (robbing a bank, skydiving, running naked through a town fair, etc.) that you would never do if you weren't in your current situation?

BillSeng69 karma

No. I have always been a good guy. Not a law breaker.

Salbatanu22 karma

First off thanks,

Second what do you want your last words to be? Have you thought it out or?

BillSeng117 karma

It would be thank you for your help. Because I couldn't have done it on my own.

postemporary22 karma

Have you tried any non-conventional therapies or medications?

BillSeng50 karma

No. I have been accepted for a clinical trial research at the american cancer association. Supposed to go to Moffit cancer center in Tampa Jan 4th for a second opinion and evaluation

prettyflamazing17 karma

What do you want to be remembered for?

BillSeng32 karma

My charitable donations to help children in need.

redditterranean15 karma

Thank you for finding the strength to share these incredibly candid moments with us. How have your diagnosis and subsequent battle with cancer changed your view of mortality and humanity? Other than your family, what makes you happy/where do you find solace?

BillSeng17 karma

Nature and being out doors makes me happy. Love doing outdoorsy type stuff. Fishing and Gardening are my favorite. Well everyone is going to die. Hopefully over the age of 75. Big thing is that some people just don't care.

unfunfOrlando15 karma

Bill, any reason you didn't seek treatment at Moffitt?

A family member of mine was just diagnosed with cancer treatment has not started yet. But it looks like it may be stage 4.

BillSeng30 karma

Going to Moffitt January 4th. Amen

EvaUnit314 karma

What are your keys to living a happier life?

BillSeng35 karma

Do things that are enjoyable but you have to share it with somebody. Sharing these enjoyable experiences make it.

MikeSikey13 karma

My dad passed away from a long battle with cancer around this time last year. I never got the chance to ask him this question because it was oral cancer & a few other things but if you don't mind I'd like to ask you this: What is your opinion on assisted suicide for those deemed terminally ill? If it was an option why didn't you go through with it? If it had been an option do you think you'd have gone for it? If so, what factors such as finance, emotions, fear, etc, have on your decision if any? If not, as someone who has gone through what you have do you believe the option of medically assisted suicide should be provided for all those who are diagnosed as terminally ill?

Thank you for your time and I hope you find peace.

BillSeng16 karma

I think it should be an option. It should be their choice if they are in that much pain. In a humane matter. No I would have not gone through with it. I have been going through extreme pain and bleeding but it has not made me want to end my life.

RemnantHelmet11 karma

Is there anything happening in the future that you're angry or sad that you're going to miss? Like landing on Mars, for example?

BillSeng21 karma

Yes..exactly. I have always looked forward to it. I will be upset that I probably won't get to see who wins the presidential election.

ron_swansonator10 karma

is there a special place you'd like to visit before you pass away?

BillSeng12 karma

I would love to go the Bahamas on a cruise out of Fort Lauderdale

not_the_irrelevant9 karma

first of all thank you for doing this.

do you have any regrets?

BillSeng30 karma

No regrets. Life is what it is. You live it. I think I've lived a full life.

Digital-Hermit8 karma

What advice would you give to someone just leaving school?

BillSeng12 karma

Get back in school and get a higher education. Work towards your masters.

Evanz1117 karma

How did you react to the news when you were told? We always see reactions in film & television, but I never know if they even come close to realistic depictions of actual people.

BillSeng7 karma

My reaction was what am I going to do? What about my kids? What are they going to do?

xXTeamArcticXx7 karma

Did you go through the stereotypical stages of loss/death? Or how did you deal with it differently?

BillSeng11 karma

I think I went through normal stages. I'm a normal guy. Don't think I dealt with it differently. I Listen to some music from my times and watch some old good shows.

Skyfer_the_Youtuber6 karma

What in life are you most proud of?

BillSeng10 karma

My accomplishments in helping grow part of the banking industry. Also my kids.


Hi Bill,

Thank you for doing this. My dad passed away from cancer when I was 18 and in the middle of college. I never knew what to say to him to comfort him.

What do you like hearing these days or how do you like being approached when you tell someone about your illness? What makes it easier? What makes it harder?

BillSeng15 karma

Never ask a person who has cancer how they are doing. If they have cancer they are not doing well. Ask them if there is anything you can do for them.

jookyspooky4 karma

You were urinating every 30 mins and had severe pain. What was the point when you visited a doctor and why did you not go earlier?

Did you have any other symptoms before the urination pain and frequency?

Asking because so many wait too long to see a doctor and just hope the pain gets better.

BillSeng9 karma

I had no other symptoms. Went to the doctor got some medication. After I got off of the meds the pain came back. Went back again got more same thing...I went to the hospital on my own accord. Doctor did not advise me to go.

VanillaFace770 karma

Are you sure you want to be answering questions on reddit? I would be spending as much time as possible with the people who love me.

BillSeng34 karma

I'm right next to the people who love me. They are with me step by step. I am doing this for the people who love me. Also my first time using reddit. Kind of disappointed I won't be around to use it more. Its an interesting site. My family means everything. If you would like you can donate.