I am a popular Scottish Escort by the name of Lilywhitexx. Been working for almost 4 years in the sex industry and have had over 500 clients. I offer many sexual services to men aged 18 to 90.

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drillzilla21 karma

In a typical 1 hour booking, what would you say is the percentage of guys who cum: 0 times.
1 time.
2 times. 3 or more times?

And how much penis-in-vagina time does the typical guy take before they cum?

This is a serious question, i've always been curious as to whether or not my sexual stamina is above average or below average.

firsttimer199020 karma

Average in 1 hour is 3 cums I'd say. The 'usual' formula is pop 1 through oral. Pop 2 is sex- usually at least 10 mins. Pop 3 can be any but more often than not it's oral or by hand. Penis in vaj time would probably be about 20 mins in total.

Saying that I've had people cum once through oral in the first 5 mins then just cuddle and chat or hard fucking the whole hour, it really can be a mixed bag.

humanefly15 karma

The photographer who is taking your picture on the adultwork.com site linked appears to be sporting tighty whities and a massive erection in the window reflection. Were you aware of this? I found it funny

firsttimer199016 karma

Yes, that's why I keep in on there.

kickstartmalfoy9 karma

How often are the men who come to you commando under their kilts?

firsttimer19907 karma

Never really noticed this! I'd say about 1 in 6?

ScottTwopence9 karma

What did you want to achieve with this AMA? Why did you feel like doing one?

firsttimer199012 karma

I'm just having a quiet few hours on Christmas Eve, bit bored, had a few weeks break from working too so thought it would be a good way to get myself back in the frame of mind where I have my 'work head' on without actually working.

ScottTwopence4 karma

That's fair enough. I'd like to ask more questions but the activity isn't as I expected and I'd rather not monopolize the questions. Are there particular things you prefer to do during sessions that you are happy about when a client asks?

firsttimer19907 karma

If it's something I know I'm good at ie oral or being filmed and posing I'm far more able to stay in my comfort zone. I also like when clients bring toys like the hitachi wand, although it can be distracting. If it's one of those things I think I'm a bit crap at, like role play- it can make the session drag on and feel a bit forced.

Iamabioticgod8 karma

Do you guys have unions?

firsttimer19904 karma

No but we have support networks, forums and clinics we can go to where people can advocate for us.

samwise09127 karma

Hey! What is/are your favorite movie(s) of all time?

firsttimer19908 karma

LA Confidential.

Dookiestain_LaFlair2 karma

That is such a great movie, would you rather be with a Bud White type guy or a Jack Vincennes type guy?

firsttimer19903 karma

Bud White definitely, but any of the 'three' would do. To be honest, I'd like to be with Lynn the most!

ScottTwopence7 karma

What makes you happy and/or excited for life?

firsttimer19907 karma

I spend a lot of time with my son and our dog. Other than that I love music, mostly chillout, reading medical thrillers, binge watching tv, taking care of myself. Kinda generic mid 20s stuff. Very boring when I think of it. My private sex life is a bit non starter just now, so I can't even include that!

tallerthanunicorngod3 karma

How olds your son? Will you ever let him know what you do for a living, and do you intend to continue doing what you're doing for the rest of your life?

firsttimer19902 karma

I'd rather not answer the first one, but he's in double digits. I think he will find out eventually, but it will have to be from me.

Clark-Kent6 karma

Did you vote for Scottish independence?

firsttimer199029 karma

I voted no. And I would vote no again.

firsttimer199020 karma

Bring on the downvotes! Haha.

SetoKaibaCity1 karma

Why no?

What will you vote for in the EU referendum and why?

firsttimer199011 karma

I guess I felt like I would be walking into something blind, and really my life is pretty good the way it is. I wouldn't want to risk the unknown- the SNP wouldn't answer questions on the way they would deal with the sex industry. Also, I feel angry when society blames the government for their issues. The way I see it is, in the UK we have it pretty sweet compared to other places. If I have a problem do I blame David Cameron? No, I go out and try to sort it for myself. I'm not sure about the EU yet, I'll have to learn more about the terms if/when we get a referendum.

Moleculesplitter6 karma

Would you look down on a younger man using your services? The luster I think for a younger man to be with an experienced woman would be the driver here.

firsttimer19903 karma

No of course not, I regularly get people ages 20 - 30.

Moleculesplitter2 karma

Later in life when you settle down do you see your personal sex life being ruined. Also, one more for my curiousity. Do you suspect youll find that your partner down the road will have a hard time coping with the fact that youve been with so many partners previous to their relationship with you?

firsttimer19902 karma

I've had a few partners already who have known about my work. One wasn't ok about it and asked me to give up, the other found it a turn on. I would never have a partner who wasn't open minded sexually now anyway, I'd find it too difficult.

Tom-Pendragon4 karma

Is it worth it?

firsttimer19909 karma

Very much so. I have a lot of money and as much free time as I need. It's definitely not for everyone, but as a mother I can pick my own hours and work one day a week if I feel lazy- still taking home more than I did as a nurse.

Tom-Pendragon3 karma

What are you planning on doing after you are incapable of getting customers?

firsttimer199011 karma

In this industry literally ANY female can get business. The services you can buy/the providers you can pick from are as many as your imagination could think of. But, I do want to go into a job where I can support other people within the sex industry-Criminal Justice social worker, that sort of thing- in the next 5 years.

CivilityBeDamned-8 karma

as a mother I can pick my own hours and work one day a week if I feel lazy

As a mother, how do you think your child's friends are going to treat him for basically the entirety of his youth for having a prostitute for a mother?

firsttimer199018 karma

He's already pretty old, so I'm guessing "entirety" has mostly passed now. No one knows about it at this point and I hope that my mature attitude to sex and sexual behaviour will allow him to grow up with a healthy understanding of how the human mind comprehends different sexualities and practices.

CivilityBeDamned6 karma

My buddy had a stripper for a step-mom who was still working when we started turning 18. I'm not sure if we'd have leveled the same amount of harassment and taunting if it had been his real mother, but he was pretty generally miserable about the situation. As an adult, I don't really care, but children are cruel.

firsttimer19908 karma

I'm sorry that your pal had to go through that. I guess if I found out similar was happening to my son I'd look to help his self esteem rather than try to change the opinions of other people. It's surprising how small bullies can seem when you're happy in your own mind.

ScottTwopence4 karma

How much would you say you enjoy what you do and is it quantifiable?

firsttimer199027 karma

I do enjoy it. The one saying I have is "Why undersell your mind when you can oversell your body" Would I rather get less than £20 an hour for busting my brain out for some faceless wanker, or £140 an hour for someone busting their nut on my face?

RelPsych4 karma

Do you think sex work should be legalized? If so, what in your opinion would be the safest way to handle sex work, i.e., the best way to protect women?

firsttimer199015 karma

In the UK it is legal, but I feel it should be legal across the board. The thing that would make our industry SO much safer would be to legalise more than one girl working together. Just now in the UK you have to work alone, which can be very risky. If you have set areas where women could work indoors, with other people and had a way of making sure our income was taxed the sex industry would really come into it's own and I feel it would be more of an 'accepted' career choice.

RelPsych4 karma

What are the rules in the UK regarding prostitution? Under what circumstances is sex work illegal? Have you met many trafficked into sex work?

firsttimer19905 karma

One woman working on her own is legal provided she is over 18 and not forced into it. Basically all the usual laws on consent etc apply. It becomes illegal if she solicits or is working with another sex worker. I'm honestly not sure if I've met many people 'trafficked' however, I do believe that some of the girls from Eastern European countries may be being brought over and told they will be doing something else while in the UK, I wouldn't be able to say for certain if there is violence or coercion involved.

fornerlyspeedy4 karma

I've been seeing the same escort for the last 2-3 years and think I've fallen in love with her. Have any of your clients ever done the same for you? If so how would you like them to approach the subject with you?

firsttimer199012 karma

Yes they have and they were immediately cut out. Unfortunately some of us act too well, and people become convinced that we have feelings. Put it this way, unless we'd see you for free, there's not one iota of chance there.

Glyptyc4 karma

How do you deal with shy/awkward clients? I've always wondered about this since reading Catcher in the Rye, how escorts have to be masters of personality and making people feel comfortable.

firsttimer199019 karma

Well, I'm quite a bit of a tomboy so most of my pals are male, especially the type who like reading/gaming so dealing with shyness isn't too tough. I always make sure I go in with a full on snog to begin with- that way they don't have to say anything when they first meet me, then I try to turn a blind eye to any shyness by just treating them like I want to jump them. It's amazing how a man can gain confidence with 2/3 minutes of a women CLEARLY wanting in their pants.

llosa3 karma

Many dancers have told me that the sex industry is not as profitable as it sounds because maintenance costs (hair, nails, wardrobe, gym) are high...how do you deal with these business expenses?

Were you experienced in sex when you started working?

firsttimer19905 karma

I make on average £1000 per week but up to £2500 when touring. My average spend on hair is... £0 and nails are... £0, gym is also £0 as I have a dog and eat well, wardrobe is about £30 per week. I do the natural look so profit is high. I had slept with a lot of men and women, but I certainly didn't know even a tenth of what I know now. Having sex and sexuality/sexual behaviour are so so different, it takes years to become experienced I think.

llosa2 karma

Thanks for answering honestly. I guess being a 'natural' escort is way different from working in a club!

firsttimer19907 karma

If you consider how many showers I need to take a day I'd spend most of my time reapplying make up and doing my hair, rather than working haha.

llosa2 karma

Any eating healthy tips? I get that sex burns lots of calories, but just trying to uphold my New Year's resolutions here.

firsttimer19903 karma

I eat a pescetarian diet. I also don't eat after 7pm if I can help it. Never deprive yourself treats, but work out what your daily intake of calories should be FOR YOU, not the average.

It's important to cook from scratch too, obviously this can take time, but it's worth it long term.

valleyshrew0 karma

What's the reason you eat fish but not chicken? If you care about the environment then fish is amongst the worst things you can eat since they are being fished into extinction with even the EU government succumbing to pressure to allow trawlers to catch kilotons of endangered fish. Chicken is efficiently raised compared with cows and its environmental impact is about the same as fruit juice. If you care about taste or minimising suffering then fine maybe pescetarianism is for you.

firsttimer19901 karma

Have you been out on a large pelagic trawler or a white fish boat recently to see the fish stocks for yourself? I lived in one of the biggest EU fishing towns during my childhood and can tell you the figures are exaggerated. The EU government has to admit that if Norway is able to land so much fish, that it has to be there.

That aside, I dislike chicken and red meat doesn't agree with me.

vedder443 karma

what 5 things would u try to experience if u could be the opposite gender for a day?

firsttimer19904 karma

BlowJob, Having sex with myself (woman me), probably something to do with strength (arm wrestle?) as I'm really weak for a woman even, eating competition ala Man Vs Food, and of course anal sex when I REALLY enjoy it.

kii05 karma

what about the bad stuff, like getting hit in the balls?

firsttimer19904 karma

I think I'll give that, and shaving my face a miss. I've had a kid, and do my pussy daily- my day as a man should be as fun as possible.

SmartAlice3 karma

How does being in this line of work affect you spiritually?? Sex is an exchange of energy, how do you keep other people's energy from affecting you?

firsttimer19906 karma

I am quite a self reflective person by nature, I take a lot of time out of day to day life looking over my choices and motivations- helps me to piece together the decisions of other's. I would recommend this to anyone who has a job that involves a lot of emotional involvement with other people.

drillzilla3 karma

How many more years do you think you will be in the industry? And do you plan to start another career after that, or have you made enough such that you will just relax on beaches and sip cocktails for the rest of your life?

firsttimer19906 karma

I think I have another 2/3 years left in me. It's really really hard to leave the industry- I've tried about 5 times now (for partners who didn't like my job) but I always end up ditching them and going back to work. I'd love to go into social work as part of a Criminal Justice team, helping women like myself to get the most from their working lives and keeping them safe. This job can lead to so many negative behaviours if you're not a strong person, I'd love to share my experience with other people.

Disyan2 karma

When you give blowjobs during your sessions, do you require that your clients always wear condoms, or have you given blowjobs to clients not wearing condoms? Also, have you ever swallowed during your sessions?

firsttimer19904 karma

I always do oral with no condom and I always swallow.

Zloggt2 karma

So do people specifically want to have sex with you because of you're Scottish nationality? This is assuming if you're having the accent or something

firsttimer19901 karma

UK girls are more sought after than other nationalities in the UK. Mostly to do with communication issues with people who have English as a second language/the feeling that there may be pimps in the background of the international workers.

Aseros2 karma

Why are Scottish Escorts so cheap compared to English ones? I mean, where I live, the rates are double yours, and we don't even get good women.

Is it a lower cost of living? Would you move to England to increase your rates and end up with, arguably, better looking men?

firsttimer19909 karma

When I do work in England I keep my rates as they are, yes I enjoy money, but I hate feeling overly greedy.

JayTalk2 karma

Do you have any particularly bad experiences working as an escort? As lucrative as it may be,I have to think you would meet a lot of sketchy people.

firsttimer19906 karma

I have to say I've been very very lucky. A few friends of mine have been robbed but I've always been very careful. I did have to cut a client out of my life a few years ago when I felt he may going too far with age play scenarios. I think if you offer things that are a bit kinky you meet questionable people- I took a lot of photos (schoolgirl etc) off my profile after my run in with that man.

M_Proctornator2 karma

Has anyone ever attempted to offer you a deep fried Mars bar in exchange for your services?

firsttimer19903 karma

No, but make it a fish supper and Irn Bru I might consider.

i4mn302 karma

Do you go on sites like myfreecams and chaturbate?

firsttimer19903 karma

I use the cam site on the website I advertise on, just to keep all my earnings in one place.

TTTT272 karma

  1. Do you have a partner, or have you had one while working? How did your work affect the relationship?

  2. Have you ever had someone as a client who you knew in another context, or saw a client unexpectedly in public? How did you handle the situation?

  3. What's the longest session you've ever had with a client? Ever been taken on an exotic vacation for work, or something like that?

  4. Any special insights you think sex work has given you about men that non-sexworkers might not realize?

firsttimer19908 karma

  1. No we broke up 3 weeks ago. He did know and it only mildly affected the relationship when I had to be away for a few days. He found it a bit of a turn on.

  2. I've only spoken to one client in public, but it was someone I knew well- also someone who I could get away with talking to as he had fixed a few things in my house in another context.

  3. I've been taken away to Rome, the Algarve and Spain. It's mostly social time with 2/3 sessions a day. Since I offer mostly Girlfriend Experience I get these bookings a few times a year.

  4. ALL MEN have fantasies they will not tell their partners, probably due to shame or embarrassment. If you are open minded about sex with your partner and happy to try new things- my guess is he'd be less likely to stray... And believe me- they stray. I've never met a man who didn't feel guilt about this, more often than not they'd rather have a happy sex life with the one they love than see me.

Moleculesplitter6 karma

Some real speak in #4. Amazing how you get it but women everywhere say fuck that.

firsttimer19908 karma

Honestly I've had guys break down in tears because they've had a blow job from me. Nothing too difficult, just oral. Then the guilt comes and they're torn apart. I'm not saying cheating is ok, but if a man is willing to put himself at a huge risk (I could be anyone) for a few moments of pleasure should that not indicate to people that this isn't just about being 'selfish' or about fucking someone 'hot'? It's a natural human instinct to seek out sexual pleasure...

Sorry I could talk about it all day, I'll stop now haha

Meowymeow88-4 karma

Do you ever feel selfish for charging people so much money when they just want that basic human interaction and closeness that they aren't able to get?

How would you feel about someone who charges socially incompetent and friendless people money to hang out? Both cases seem to be predatory in my opinion.

When you know someone is married, do you ever feel bad that you are helping them break their vows and commitment to monogamy, or do you not care at all?

There's something very gross and inherently not okay with what you are doing. And it's not about the physical act of sex either.

firsttimer19905 karma

Do you ever feel selfish for charging a company to use you for what they want? Maybe you have basic you do that literally anyone could do, so should you tell your boss he should do it himself because you feel bad for asking him for money?

I think you'd have to ask the people who pay me if they feel like I'm taking advantage, it's not for me to say.

I am pretty sure I've helped more marriages than I've ruined. Monogamy is fine on paper, but going by my work and how busy me and other people are- it doesn't work in practice.

TTTT272 karma

What variety of penis sizes and styles (big, small, circumsized, uncircumsized, bejeweled, etc) have you seen? Most unusual? Any preferences?

firsttimer19901 karma

My preference is for big cocks. It gets me so excited when I see a client is big. I think the weirdest had to the the micropenis.

harry50501 karma

if u had a character in a down and dirty mortal kombat-style fighting game, what fighting moves would you have?

firsttimer19904 karma

It would have to be 'impotence'.... First I lap dance, grind all over the opponent, get naked, quick blow job then.... BRING OUT THE CONDOM. Opponent commits suicide by their own weapon after losing their erection.

garsy991 karma

who wins in a fight between Catwoman and the Joker and how? no weapons allowed

firsttimer19903 karma

Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman by sheer power of her sexual presence. She was my first ever crush. Hang on, does the PVC suit count as a weapon?

plaidcanadianguy1 karma

Do you like being an escort or would you rather be something else and of not what is your dream job?

firsttimer19903 karma

I do love it yes, mostly because it gives me a great lifestyle- the sex I can take or leave... how many of us are acting in our careers.... When I was younger I wanted to be a vet, and I still annoy people around me by saving animals where possible. Much to the disdain of my bank.

no1skaman1 karma

What do you think of justin beibers new album? Personally i think it's a banger.

firsttimer19902 karma

I was out in Dubai a few months ago and they were playing this acoustic gig of his on one of the music channels non stop. His voice was actually amazing, so I have to confess to being converted before I heard the new stuff.

DivinoAG2 karma

Am I the only one who's perfectly okay with her being a sex worker, but find it disgusting and immoral that she likes Justin Bieber? /s

firsttimer19901 karma

His new stuff is pretty good.

13976571 karma

Which social classes do your clients belong to?

firsttimer19901 karma

Mostly middle or upper.

TurtleofAwesomeness1 karma

Would/have you ever take(n) a female client?

firsttimer19901 karma

Yes I've had couples but not single females. I wish I had some female clients!

judyfunny1 karma

Diseases? Any worries or scares that you've had to deal with? How common is it to get sick?

firsttimer19901 karma

Nothing to report, I did get an STD in my late teens, most statistics show that we're less likely to get anything than single women, due to being out of work for a period of time. Pays to be careful.

professorpan1 karma

Does your family or friends know about your occupation? Are they supportive?

Ever run into your clients outside of appointments? What are the protocols?

firsttimer19907 karma

My family all know, bar my child. Mum is fab and helps me with my accounting and paperwork... Had a family member 'out' me on Facebook last year when I didn't take her to London for my 25th birthday (yes really) but everyone knew already. I see people quite often yes, but would never talk to them.

Marsh20 karma

What do you think about today's men? Do you feel like they have lost their attractiveness?

firsttimer19906 karma

In my personal life I am more into women than men. I find most men my age very childish. My clients are mostly in their 40s and I find them to be a lot easier to get on with than those my age. My definition of attractiveness is linked to how confident one is, so I'd say men younger than 25 are hard for me to find attractive.

firsttimer19904 karma

Gosh I could have replied in 15 words there. Definitely need to learn not to ramble!

savage-af-100-fam-10 karma

whats it like being a whore?

firsttimer19902 karma

It gives me a fabulous lifestyle, so pretty good.

[deleted]-11 karma

Do you come from an abusive childhood? What led you to being an escort? I guess it's that daddy problems cliche I'm trying to tap into here.

firsttimer19903 karma

Childhood wasn't abusive no. Was never touched until I practically sat on my boyfriends dick at 15. The only worry I ever had was the financial problems my family had, which I feel is a driver to me wanting such a highly paid job.