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Do you think today's social dating habits contribute to the spread of herpes? Dating sites like Tinder, where strangers can hook up within hours with multiple partner.

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Here's what he posted on the thread: TIFU by getting fired for pissing off Hillary Clinton's campaign manager

So I won't name names but I work for a company that manages the back-end infrastructure for individual campaign donations (we process credit card transactions essentially). Anyway being the IT guru (and genius) that I am I made a sort of decent video on the technical implications of Hilary's email situation for Youtube. Well forgetting what was in my clipboard I ended up linking a few videos to my boss's boss on another unrelated topic and accidentally sent him the link to the video that I made (from my company email no less). Once the email was sent I immediately realized the problem and tried to change the name on my google account that had the video thinking id be fine and would have deniability. Well after hours of crossing my fingers and eventually moving on I got quite the call. I was ultimately told that the email ended up getting forwarded due to an out of the office forwarding setup to multiple people including Hilary's CAMPAIGN MANAGER. Anyways she called the company I work for and complained which led to my firing today so if anyone needs a IT guy fluent in MySQL, DB2, and TP systems I am available.

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Hello, you're very perceptive and creative. Would it be possible to do an article about you? I've been writing a series of articles on creativity in leadership and posting on Linked In. Your story is exactly what I'm looking for to tie into the articles of how leaders come up with new ideas to create innovative products. I'm going to PM you (sent a message in the private link) with the link to my articles. Please let me know, I really appreciate this. Best regards,

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Ahh... I beg to differ :-) in your world those stories are pretty common, but in my world (the world of the audience I write for) it's not. What I find interesting is the human element, the dynamics between people, where I can take that and weave it in to a story in such a way that's it's gripping. Like the story of the woman who's father committed suicide and the mother wrote the note to make her believe it's her fault. I mean.... writers can't make that stuff up. Plus I don't know anyone in a strip joint :-)

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oops.. will send to r/science