Hey guys it's Gianna Michaels porn star extraordinaire! I wanna answer all your questions that you have but wanted to say thanks to Camsoda.com peeps for getting me on here. I will connect with all my fans after the AMA for a real fun time and we can get down and crazy live on my webcam. For now ask me whatever your deepest darkest fantasies are about me or the adult industry and I will do my best to answer them for you!

Proof: https://twitter.com/therealgianna/status/672455485841371137

I'll be answering questions here from 12-3pm EST. After I'll go live on Camsoda.com at 5pm EST. I'll be doing a free public chat and you can ask me more questions there!

EDIT: fixed some line wrapping. this thing is tricky! ;-)

EDIT2: Hey, gotta go get ready for my camshow. on camsoda.com I will try to come back and get the rest of those questions answered. I had a great time with you guys thanks for having me.

EDIT3: Thanks so much for coming to check me out on camsoda.com. I had a blast with everyone. Lets do this again! ;-) Keep in touch: GIANNAXXX.COM [email protected] GIANNAXXXSTORE.COM
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HelloImBrock5041 karma

What was it like working with the dudes from Bang Bros? Are they as cool as they seem on mute?

EDIT: Gold? For Freeeeeeeee?! Thanks!

camsoda_com2127 karma

i haven't worked for them in a long time but i loved everyone over there and still keep in touch w a few people

camsoda_com4242 karma

question to you guys????? If i decided to come lout of retirement and make more movies would you watch? what would you want to see me do?

PillsburyThrowboy3173 karma

would you watch?

Does a bear shit in the woods? What kind of question is that? I don't think any dude is thinking "nah, I don't want to see tits today."

camsoda_com1812 karma


mexicanomamado3519 karma

Would you ever do a scene with a fan if the amount of money was reasonable ?

camsoda_com5421 karma

I'm retired but if you could beat me in Halo 1 on 1 then its on.

jodemmy115853 karma

i dont think you know the can of worms you just opened.

Butcher_Of_Hope423 karma

Or does she?

TheAmoeba332719 karma

Low-key she retired to play halo professionally.

camsoda_com2010 karma


Black-Kirito2755 karma

Kvothe Amyr is my gamer tag. See you in the sheets.

Edit: how cool would it be if the porn Industry did some sort of contest and if you won you got to make a film with your favorite star. Mine would be Siri, Fay, buffy, or Gianna.

Edit: this is great, my highest up voted comment is me trying to get a porn star to sleep with me...:/

camsoda_com1663 karma


timekillerjay2945 karma

How often are you recognized in public? Do you think most people who recognize you say so, or keep it to themselves? Any stories of an awkward "where do I know you from" type encounter?

camsoda_com1374 karma

I get recognized very often in all of the above ways. i have NEVER had a bad experience sometimes the guy gets shy nervous mid conversation when it all connects if he is not already fully aware of whats up. BUT........... always goes something like this hey gianna like they already know me. hand shake. hug. convo.... lots of convo. most remain friends. kevin i just met at lax just got back from milan. Jimmy and i talk on a regular via email. etc........ I love you guys and thank you for the love on screen and off screen in real life. -G

Mcfinley2685 karma

What is your opinion on the recent controversy surrounding James Deen?

camsoda_com3248 karma

I have no opinion on the controversy. I have worked with James Deen and he has always been kind and professional.

camsoda_com30 karma

i have no opinion on that

kmm992433 karma

Hey Gianna. Just wanted to thank you, my wife watched one of your movies and now blows like a champ! I owe you one! Any other blowjob tips you may have thst you don't use in movies??

camsoda_com2744 karma

eye contact. be aware of what ur partner likes wants both hands, make love to the cock with your mouth. enjoy every moment and inch

111anon1112402 karma

Rather suck 100 duck sized cocks or one horse sized cock?

camsoda_com2293 karma

uhhhhh.......... no thanks

Mendoza_Loki1868 karma

You are by far my favorite porn star, how do you react to people who come up to you and express their love for your work?

camsoda_com2400 karma

with a smile and a hug that usually turns into a convo.

Mendoza_Loki2065 karma

Take away: Gianna give out free hugs. Must meet Gianna

camsoda_com1926 karma

free hugs

Twicetheheart6703 karma

You say meet I think you meant meat.

camsoda_com997 karma

yeah that too...lol

Introvertedgenius1855 karma

Do you ever watch your own scenes? Do you have a favorite out of the scenes you've done?

camsoda_com2973 karma

yes is it weird. i have 2 go to scenes that i watch and masterbate to bcuz i remember how good it was

rshoffman1447 karma

What scenes?

camsoda_com1496 karma

:) def in that list watch them and let me know which u think is my all time fav!!!!

MethMouthMagoo665 karma

I imagine most of the people asking you "what scenes?" are sitting at work right now, ready to possibly lose their jobs over a spank sesh.

camsoda_com408 karma

hahhahahaha. check out all four which do you guys think is my fav???

AreDreamsOurParallel1811 karma

I came across a video once of you giving a guy head and he came prematurely and unexpectedly. You started laughing because the cum hit the camera lens. He seemed to say something like he was mad that you were laughing and causing a scene. First of all, I think that was a really hot scene - second of all, are there certain lines of etiquette in a scene like that where the actor gets mad if you cross them?

camsoda_com2131 karma

everybody is diff and what they take personal differs. lol....... that shit was hilarious how could i not laugh. but its all love on my end.

i personally notice if i laugh too much i scenes guys can start to act funny or self conscious. i don't do it to make them feel bad I'm just having a good time

thaneofpain679 karma

The best lovers are the ones who don't take sex so seriously that you can't laugh in the bedroom.

camsoda_com516 karma

I agree

heyluis_1384 karma

Is it hard to have a relationship being a pornstar?

camsoda_com2348 karma

i personally think relationships in general can be difficult. i was shy b4 porn and didn't date much at all. i don't really date for sport either. I've only been in one relationship ever. I really like someone now, I guess well see how that goes. whatever will b will b. hahahahaha....

DUXZ4225 karma

forget him, hes not your type.

wanna do lunch?

camsoda_com1269 karma


oil831274 karma

Gianna, big fan. You fuck like a champ. Should I be playing hard to get with the girl I'm interested in or be flirty and show lots if affection?

camsoda_com3633 karma

no you shouldn't the only thing hard should b ur dick if u like her tell her or she's going to get attention somewhere else and ur fucked

games get old

DarkhourX1130 karma

Hello Gianna, I met you at eXXXotica a few years back and took one one your very special pictures. I was wondering if I went again and met you would I be able to take a special request picture holding your breasts to put a long side the one I already took?

camsoda_com1475 karma

hahahaha..... did i grab your dick. at exxxotica there is no nudity allowed. we will see how frisky i feel that day. meow

some-call-me-tim589 karma

Pics or it didn't happen.

Sam33231849 karma

Oh shit! OP fuckin delivers

DarkhourX893 karma

One of my favorite moments ever at a convention

Spicy-Rolls1661 karma

Put that shit on your Resumé.

camsoda_com1007 karma


SenorMowgli1011 karma

When are we getting a scene with hitomi tanaka?

camsoda_com1002 karma

sign me up!!!!!!!!

Ralph-Hinkley959 karma

Hi Gianna, big fan. Do you really enjoy the bukakke scenes as much as you appear to?

camsoda_com1894 karma

yes i love being in control of all them dicks!!!! hahhaha...... and of course the huge mess.

I saw a tshirt once that said "Bukakke ruined my carpet" i die laughing whenever i think of it. i want that dam shirt hahhahhaha

bozobozo920 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

camsoda_com3043 karma

Ah... ez one... Dickasorus

Nelly0112786 karma

What's your best sexual experience on set? What's your worst?

camsoda_com1405 karma

best: a scene with any of the above said performers. worst: when people bring their personal problems and bad energy to set. SHUT THE FUCK UP IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY. lol................... you need to work on you honey boo boo.

camsoda_com724 karma

blonde or burnette???????

BookerTeaBag720 karma

Hi Gianna! Thanks for doing this AMA and love watching you have sex.

Just wanna ask, who's the coolest off set? Also, I really love you and your videos! Once again thanks.

camsoda_com1042 karma

hahahahhaha........ nice coolest off set sophie dee sara jay

KingNg625 karma

What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

camsoda_com1075 karma

be normal.... lol... idk. i let someone pee on my leg in the shower lol..... jk on film you can google all that in real life i have yet to be tied up and fucked something i really would like to try w someone i trust

BayerWhite614 karma

Could you see yourself ever shooting again? What informed your decision to step away from shooting?

camsoda_com1243 karma

HELLLLLLL YES!!!!! I am actually really temped in this moment to hop on some porno dick! recently a few major companies have made me offers to do film and i am seriously considering :)

but until then we can have some fun on CAMSODA.COM every week

CynicalPi607 karma

How do you feel about the fact that every guy here asking questions has a tiny, minuscule sliver of hope that you will somehow hook up with them?

camsoda_com1400 karma

it makes my pussy wet to think that maybe even one of is sitting at home with a hard on right now

chrisevil696594 karma

In your honest opinion what does a girl like you look for in a man or even just someone to chill with?

camsoda_com917 karma

i seek...... good conversation. stimulate my mind humor. MUST have! idk just be yourself and if it works it works. i need a cross of somewhat romantic/will put my ass in check (masculine man)

fatal249553 karma

who is your fav female performer to work with?

camsoda_com967 karma

belladonna. sara jay. sophie dee

werealldeadramones545 karma

Hi Gianna!

As the second coming of Christy Canyon, how'd it feel to rise to the top of the adult industry as a full bodied, natural woman surrounded by bad boob jobs and bleach blondes?

Have you retired from doing scenes? I know you mostly do cam shows now. Was their a reason?

Are you the toughest bitch to ever set foot on a set? (I already know it's yes but when you slapped that actor in the face for slapping you it was boss mode)

Thanks for looking and doing this ama!

camsoda_com462 karma

I am flattered to be put in the same sentence yet alone compared to Christy Canyon. I have been amazed at how far along I have come within the adult industry. I recognize that is with the help of allllllll avenues: production companies, agents, talent, marketing and most of alllllllllllll the fans.

I have not filmed for a production company sine 2009(ish) With no major reason as to why. I have been working on my site GIANNAXXX.COM and Feature Dancing and camming exclusively with Camsoda.com weekly so make sure you join me today 5pm set./2pmpst!!!!!!

deweywebber487 karma

Hi Gianna

What is your "perfect day" when not working?

camsoda_com1283 karma

a long romantic walk to the bank.... hahahha.... just kidding

I LOVE the beach. alone time or time with close friends/fam. movies. wine and good conversation. locking myself in my house with my lover and do nothing and everything at the same time.

idiotsbrother369 karma

I want to have lunch with you and people watch from a patio. What's your schedule like?

camsoda_com541 karma

feature dancing currently in Madison Wisconsin. next weekend Reading PA weekend after San Francisco

how about you take ur laptop to the patio and pull me up on the screen and pretend I'm there w u lol........

or if I'm ever in your city come out to your local gentalmens club and have a drink w me

feature dancing sch on my site giannaxxx.com

camsoda_com392 karma

lol..... steve thought i was being bad and decided to give me a slap i wasn't expecting and i believe the video explains the rest. lol.... improv

huge_ox223 karma

Who's the best star you worked with, and the worst? (performance and personality wise)

camsoda_com310 karma

favorites: justin slayer, manuel ferrera, lexington steele, michael stephano, preston parker for SURE!!!!

HappyShepard218 karma

How many of your friends stayed your friends after you told them you want to become a pornstar? Did you consider those friends that left you "real friends you can trust" before they disappeared?

camsoda_com552 karma

i lost no friends or family when i told them I was going to do adult film. a few told me: i was making a horrible choice. i was going to end up on drugs my pussy was going to get streched out and id never have a husband ...... lmao!!!!!

but when i remained exactly the person i was prior to adult film they love me just the same.

I've always been a loner. very introverted somewhat even socially akward growing up. i think a lot of people where surprised at my life choices.

real friends never leave.

Dendening199 karma

Do you have any special talents that aren't in front of the camera?

camsoda_com700 karma

YEP!!!!! I am human. I feel. I am WOMAN. I want the best for people. ohhhh yeah and I have this hot warm pussy between my legs thats pretty special.

camsoda_com175 karma

DANG!!!!!! Trying to keep up with you guys!!!! Thanks for the love. this is too much fun.

Elle_Fanning151 karma

how do I even talk to my crush?

camsoda_com324 karma

find the courage!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!! tell her how u feel and move forward. just spit it out.

ohwelliguessnot140 karma

What is the best gift you've either given or received? And what is the coolest thing on your resume?

camsoda_com255 karma

given: a blowjob...... i can tell it really was appreciated! received a VJ(vagina job) hahahah

SlappyMcManBags117 karma

Would you ever consider doing amateurish HC? It'd be awesome to see you working with a penis that's not as long as my forearm.

camsoda_com91 karma


davethedrugdealer111 karma

Hi Gianna, what was your favourite scene to shoot and subsequently what was your least favourite scene?

P.S. Hope you'll be in Toronto soon. Would love to see you in front of my eyes instead of on a computer screen. ;)

camsoda_com297 karma

fav scenes: realitykings.com -tits mcgee wmanuel ferrera justin slayer international- big titty white girls w justin slayer lexington steeles- silver back attack w lex& jean claude evil angel-fashionistas w jenna haze & rocco siffredi

Tony-Flags60 karma

How did you pick your stage name? I only ask because I have a good friend that is actually named Gianna Michaels and she had to basically delete most of her social media accounts and/or change her name on them because of you.

camsoda_com53 karma

ouch! well i chose gianna and a random company added micheals to my model release and it stuck soon after all search engines had me as gianna michaels

CJHaam44 karma

Hi Gianna, thanks for doing this AMA.

My question is how did you originally get into porn? Was it your plan or did you kind of diverge somewhere and fell into it?

camsoda_com91 karma

completely random i end up in porn had never watched moved to cali walking to work an agent approached me to "model" said no ran into same guy 1 year later walking in same spot and i decide to "model" lol..... modeling obviously was nude modeling where u additionally have sex on film lol.....

camsoda_com35 karma

What are you doing at 2pm pst/5pm est? make plans to spend it with me? I will be doing a 1 hour live free cam show on CAMSODA.COM are you there?

Alpha-Trion31 karma

Who do you want to win in the upcoming Batman v. Superman?

camsoda_com194 karma

wonder woman

FraydNot18 karma

While in the shower, are you the kind of person that wins arguments in your head? Or do you pretend you have superpowers and are beating the shit out of every movie bad guy?

camsoda_com21 karma

in my mind making a check list of everything i need to take care of. then i forget the list when i get out of the shower lol..........

savage95as15 karma

Go to food or restaurant right after work?

camsoda_com27 karma

pasta. steak. or sushi

Reaganomics99 karma

Did you enjoy the sex during your scenes ? Or feel like u were apart of something you would rather not be doing

camsoda_com11 karma

pppppsssssssshhhhhhht! regarding film i love making movies!!!!! the camera brings out my inner beast!

lucipherius7 karma

Wow you are my favorite for a long time. Do you want to go to lunch or dinner? I don't have a question other than that lol

camsoda_com28 karma

were do you live what state?

antoniop921 karma

Hey Gianna. I'm a huge fan of yours and I was wondering what would be the chance of us actually being friends if we ever met?

camsoda_com14 karma

Hellllllll mutherfucking yes!!! I keep up with a lot of the people I meet randomly or at conventions. Im a chill person. nobody can ever have enough friends.