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Hi Gianna!

As the second coming of Christy Canyon, how'd it feel to rise to the top of the adult industry as a full bodied, natural woman surrounded by bad boob jobs and bleach blondes?

Have you retired from doing scenes? I know you mostly do cam shows now. Was their a reason?

Are you the toughest bitch to ever set foot on a set? (I already know it's yes but when you slapped that actor in the face for slapping you it was boss mode)

Thanks for looking and doing this ama!

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My wife has expressed interest in a new sex toy. She'd prefer a vibrator as opposed to a dildo. Regardless of it being your own brand, what would you recommend I get for her?


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Hahaha. Thanks ladies.

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ASA! Your last book was great. I'm looking forward to the new memoir. Since you finished writing the latest one, what else have you been brainstorming? How's life with Tony? And what did you do today?

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I've made a huge mistake.