I’m director Peyton Reed who you may know best from my films BRING IT ON, DOWN WITH LOVE, THE BREAK-UP and YES MAN. I also directed lots of episodes of cult comedy TV shows including “Upright Citizens Brigade,” “Mr. Show with Bob and David” and “The Weird Al Show.”

I’m really excited for everyone to see my new movie ANT-MAN which stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll and Michael Peña, and comes out this Friday, July 17.

I’m here to answer your questions, so ask away!

My proof here: https://twitter.com/MrPeytonReed/status/621036796927868928

EDIT: Thank you all so much for your questions! I have to run soon, but I had a lot of fun and will try and come back soon.

UPDATE: I had a great time! Thank you all for your questions!

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TooMuchProtein31 karma

What was it like working with film buff/expert Gregg Turkington? Were you ever intimidated by his vast cinematic expertise?

mrpeytonreed35 karma

It was one of the great joys of my career to work with Gregg Turkington. For too long, he's been shackled to Tim Heidecker and, in my opinion, abused by Tim. It was a pleasure to give him the chance to appear in a blockbuster. And Gregg's cinematic expertise has no peer.

white_water11 karma

Do you think Gregg will get an Oscar nomination for his deeply layered performance?

mrpeytonreed16 karma

I think he deserves a nod.

NotSureHowThingsWork22 karma

Hi Peyton,

I've noticed that a lot of directors who normally don't do action tend to stay within the genre after the success of their comic book movie ^(Christopher Nolan, Kenneth Branagh, Jon Favreau, Alan Taylor, etc). After doing Ant-Man, do you feel like you would be willing to jump into another big-budget action film or would you rather return to comedy?

TheGreatPastaWars17 karma

Just in case others want to read the question:

Hi Peyton,

I've noticed that a lot of directors who normally don't do action tend to stay within the genre after the success of their comic book movie (Christopher Nolan, Kenneth Branagh, Jon Favreau, Alan Taylor, etc). After doing Ant-Man, do you feel like you would be willing to jump into another big-budget action film or would you rather return to comedy?

mrpeytonreed13 karma

It depends on the script, but I have loved working in this genre.

rabadoma18 karma

ok so when ur pooping do u wipe front to back or back to front, ya know wat i mean?

mrpeytonreed27 karma

I'm an F to B guy. #TMI

patriotsboy1215 karma

What was the funniest thing that happened on set?

mrpeytonreed32 karma

Dancing. Between Rudd and Pena, there was a LOT of dancing. You'll see it on the DVD and BluRay.

Jesus_Frankenstein15 karma

What was your version of FANTASTIC FOUR going to be like? It sounded pretty cool from the bits I've read about.

For those who don't know: Peyton Reed and Doug Petrie (DAREDEVIL) were attached to F4 years ago before the Tim Story version.

PS - I can't wait to see ANT-MAN on Friday!

mrpeytonreed19 karma

We went through several different versions. The Petrie version was structured somewhat like A HARD DAY'S NIGHT. Bummed it never happened.

ZoltronShock13 karma

Hey! Is "Ant-Man" similar to "Mac & Me"?

mrpeytonreed21 karma

There are no aliens, and no scenes take place in a McDonald's. Other than that, they're pretty similar.

FletchDoesNotLive13 karma

Since Gregg Turkington of the On Cinema family is in Ant-Man, is there any hope of Joe Estevez appearing in a future Marvel movie? Also, did you get to talk to Joe, Mark or Kim during the special?

mrpeytonreed21 karma

I'd love to figure out something for Joe in a future Marvel movie. There's already an MCU president. Perhaps Joe would be willing to play a VP or cabinet member. We spoke briefly on the special, but there was a lot of drama that night (Tim meltdown), so I didn't get to talk with him as much as I would've liked to.

sara5207 karma

i'm a little disappointed in this as i was hoping that #Decker existed within the MCU, meaning that one day Decker and Kington would join the Avengers, but I guess I can still dream.

mrpeytonreed9 karma

Keep dreaming. It's a good dream.

Pm_Me_Antyhing13 karma

What where some troubles you had while directing Ant-Man?

How did you over come these troubles?

mrpeytonreed15 karma

I have to say, ANT-MAN was a shockingly trouble-proof shoot. There were a lot of challenges, to be sure, but we had a top-notch team who met each one head-on.

alicia246813 karma

Hi Peyton, how does it feel to essentially take over Ant Man from Edgar Wright who worked on the project for so long?

mrpeytonreed17 karma

He had definitively left the movie by the time I got the call. I have always loved Ant-Man as a character and was passionate about making the movie. End of story. I really hope you like it.

Ramrod31213 karma

How'd you make/use cameras that small? I feel like they'd he hard to operate at that size

mrpeytonreed35 karma

We had an army of ant technicians who helped us construct all of the miniature cameras. Plus - ant operators.

silv3r8ack11 karma

What was it like working with Paul Rudd? Love the guy!

mrpeytonreed21 karma

Rudd is the greatest. Hard-working, smart, drama-free behind the scenes and a lot of fun.

RobustUnicorn11 karma

Why didn't you cast Jeff goldblum? He played a convincing fly and a little bit of goldblum goes a long way.

mrpeytonreed18 karma

I love me some Goldblum. He actually did some great voiceover work in a MR. SHOW WITH BOB AND DAVID sketch I directed called "The Civil War: The Re-enactments". I've been a fan of his since "Tenspeed and Brownshoe" (look it up).

ManWithTheHarmonica10 karma

Is it true that Gregg turkington got his role by winning a pop secret contest?

mrpeytonreed17 karma

This is a rumor started by Tim Heidecker. It's a matter of public record that Tim is envious of Gregg's success. Even by Tim's standards, this rumor is ridiculous.

nkleszcz10 karma

How much did you change when you got Edgar Wright's script?

mrpeytonreed19 karma

I guess we change a substantial amount. The basic structure and characters remain, but we added a lot of elements and deepened the characterizations. Great work by Adam McKay, Paul Rudd, Andrew Barrer, Gabe Ferrari and Eric Pearson.

genericname123110 karma

Will Ant Man conquer an ant colony and make them his subjects?

mrpeytonreed23 karma

Ant-Man will train extensively inside an ant colony and mobilize a massive group of ants to infiltrate Pym Tech. It's an ant heist!

LatenightSurfer8 karma

Hey Peyton I wish you all the best. My question to you is not related to ANT-MAN but it's related to direction in general. So, (during your formative years) when was the first time you banished your fears of film-making and went ahead and made whatever you could? Can you also please tell us about this moment in brief?

mrpeytonreed10 karma

I got a Super 8 film camera when I was 13 and shot a lot of film. It was simply the best way to figure out directing -- what worked and what didn't work. I think because I started shooting young, I'd figured out a lot before I started working professionally.

merry7228 karma

What was your assembly cut for Ant Man? Was there anything you took out that we might see later?

mrpeytonreed23 karma

Editor's assembly was about three hours long. My first cut was about two hours, fifteen minutes. I was hellbent on an Ant-Man movie that was tight and under two hours. I finally got there. There'll be some cool deleted stuff on the DVD and BluRay. More training, Scott doing some bad things in the suit, etc...

GamingTatertot10 karma

Whoa a big blockbuster under 2 hours? I feel like that is rarely seen. Good work.

mrpeytonreed15 karma

Thank you. I like a concise movie. I hope you do too.

GamingTatertot8 karma

Hey Peyton! Thanks for the AMA! Marvel has gotten a lot of controversy for being hard to work with in some cases, so do you think you could describe your experience working with them perhaps? What would you say were the best and/or worst aspects of it?

mrpeytonreed12 karma

I had a great experience working with Marvel. I felt supported and was able to make the ANT-MAN movie I wanted to. To have access to such an amazing cast and such a talented group of VFX artists and crew was terrific.

GamingTatertot3 karma

Good to hear! Really is an amazing cast, I love Rudd and Lilly a lot.

Actually this leads me to another question if you don't mind, how hard is it to coordinate and direct either majorly or fully VFX shots?

mrpeytonreed6 karma

Takes a lot of prep but I loved it!

jaytrade218 karma

Were the changes more to keep in line with the tone of the current Marvel Universe or was it for more for continuity of the Marvel Universe?

Also do you think if Ant Man was a stand alone would there be a need for so many changes?

mrpeytonreed11 karma

Relatively few of the changes were about making ANT-MAN fit into the universe. They were mostly about bringing in more elements that I loved from the comics, strengthening the emotionality of the movie and making it even funnier.

roarshaq7 karma

Hey Peyton, recently i found out i have a huge ant infestation in my house, any tips on getting rid of them?

mrpeytonreed13 karma

I could see if Marvel would lend you the ANT-MAN helmet so you can command them to leave you alone. I can't guarantee they'll say yes.

tyjagi7 karma

What is your favorite Ant-Man series? And who were your favorite comic artists growing up?

mrpeytonreed18 karma

I grew up with the original Pym Ant-Man, so I'd say he's still my favorite in the comics. I was into the Lang Ant-Man as well and got a kick out of Eric O'Grady. That was a smart way to re-invent Ant-Man.

mrpeytonreed13 karma

Fave artists: Kirby, Romita, Byrne, Andru, etc...

AnonymousReed27 karma

Hey, Peyton! Huge fan! Will we see anything remotely similar to this scene in Ant-Man?

EDIT: Oh yeah, love the last name.

mrpeytonreed15 karma

You will see ants. You will see a Lego-type brick. You will see a fight in a briefcase. You will see insane things you've never seen in a movie before. (And I love HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS!) #Moranis

AnonymousReed24 karma

I am viciously excited to watch in IMAX Thursday. Thank you for the response and welcome to the Marvel Universe!

mrpeytonreed5 karma


GamingTatertot4 karma

I have to say I'm really looking forward to the movie. Ant-Man is one of my favorite superheroes, Paul Rudd is a personal favorite actor of mine, and I like the direction y'all seem to be going with this. I'm seeing it on Friday night with my best friend, can't wait!

mrpeytonreed2 karma

Great! Hope you like it!

Lorax15156 karma

Hey Peyton! Can't wait to see the movie Thursday night.

Question: With Cassie Lang's age in this film, does that prevent you from adding Stature to future films? Is that something you're interested in putting in a sequel?


mrpeytonreed6 karma

I'm really glad you mentioned Stature. Who knows what the future holds? But from the events of the movie, it's easy to see why she might want to become a hero.

Lorax15153 karma

Thanks! I think the whole 'lineage' of the ant man and wasp characters will play out nicely with the family theme.

So excited for Thursday!

mrpeytonreed4 karma

I agree. Hope you like it!

irishstevenj6 karma

What do you remember about working on Mr. Show?

mrpeytonreed10 karma

I remember laughing a lot. I remember how high the level of writing and performing were. A great experience and one I'm really proud of.

ckuiper6 karma

You've worked with a lot of hilarious actors. Who is the funniest comedian you've done a movie/show with?

mrpeytonreed18 karma

I've worked with a LOT of funny people. I refuse to rank them, but I will say two words: Amy Poehler.

shotterken5 karma

I've heard you say in interviews that you have been a Marvel fan for a long time. I'm wondering what some of your favourite stories and characters are?

mrpeytonreed14 karma

I was an obsessive Spider-man reader from Ditko, Romita, Andru on up. I was right there for the death of Gwen Stacy/Goblin run. And the Gwen Stacy clone. It freaked me out as a kid. I read FF religiously. And Avengers. Captain America. Invaders. Defenders. Luke Cage. Iron Man. What If?, Dr. Strange. And that's just scratching the surface.

infinitewindow5 karma

Hi, Peyton! Another UNC STV alum here. Congratulations on Ant-Man!

After so many years of directing both television and features, and with so many changes in both feature and series exhibition these days, which do you prefer personally, and which industry would you recommend to newcomers?

mrpeytonreed10 karma

I love working in both movies and TV, but for me, nothing matches the experience of showing a movie to an audience and feeling that group response. As far as newcomers, I don't think it matters which medium you start out in. Just try and break in any of them.

Playstationgamer995 karma

What villain would you like to tackle in an ant man sequel?

mrpeytonreed8 karma

Hmm. That remains to be seen...

sreeck5 karma

What's it like to work with Paul Rudd? Is he as chilled out as he looks on screen. All best for the movie. :)

mrpeytonreed9 karma

First: thanks. Second: It was great working with Paul. He is very chill. Even wearing the ANT-MAN suit in 95 degree heat in Georgia in the middle of summer.

JimmyTorpedo5 karma

Mr. Reed, what are your thoughts on a spin-off called "Aunt-Man: A crossing dressing man who falls in love with his nephew*"?

mrpeytonreed5 karma

This sounds suspiciously like the plot of CHARLEY'S AUNT.

The_Only_14 karma

I'm moving to Chicago on Aug. 1st, would you be able to help me move in? Are you in town that day?

mrpeytonreed13 karma

Aww, man! I would've loved to have helped you! Unfortunately, I'm gonna be in NYC that day recording audio commentary fro ANT-MAN with Paul Rudd. If we finish in time, we could catch a flight...

ef-784 karma

Hi Peyton!

What did you do different in directing this movie that will make it stand out in such a saturated genre?

mrpeytonreed8 karma

Instead of going bigger, we went smaller. You'll be surprised what a difference it makes.

ef-784 karma

This is the first time anyone's answered an AMA question from me. Thank you sir!

mrpeytonreed2 karma

You're very welcome.

jrunnin134 karma

Peyton! I won an IMAX contest to see an early showing of Ant-Man TONIGHT!

Any chance you want to quit your AMA right now and hop on a plane to Seattle and join us?

mrpeytonreed10 karma

Congratulations! Sadly, I can't make it to Seattle tonight, but I could stay up late and watch KURT COBAIN: MONTAGE OF HECK. Would that count..?

jrunnin133 karma

Only if you do it while drinking Starbucks.

mrpeytonreed7 karma


CristianGarro4 karma

Was it difficult to find a way of turning shrinking into a cool super power?

mrpeytonreed9 karma

The technology is so advanced now that it allowed us to play with many ways of making it cool. Ant-Man's ability to change sizes with lightning speed is just one of them.

seismicor4 karma

What's your favourite comic book to movie adaptation so far?

mrpeytonreed13 karma

I saw Richard Donner's SUPERMAN the day it opened. It imprinted pretty hard on me. Still my personal favorite.

philckd4 karma

What had to be the hardest in filming the movie? How hard was the challenge of filming between normal and Ant-Man size?

mrpeytonreed4 karma

It was all challenging. I wanted it all to look dynamic and photo-realistic. One of the most challenging was "de-aging" Hank Pym in ANT-MAN's opening scene. It's a tricky thing to do, especially because EVERYBODY knows what Michael Douglas looked like 25 years ago. Plus, it's the first scene in the movie! If it didn't work, a certain portion of the audience might be thrown at the beginning of the movie. Fortunately, a VFX company called LOLA did the work, and it's astounding.

Frajer4 karma

What was the best part about directing Bring It On?

mrpeytonreed10 karma

The best part was how excited everyone was to be there. The energy was great. I felt like a summer camp counselor. Hard to believe that BIO came out 15 years ago!

leophobic3 karma

I considered myself to be a fan of the MCU, however I feel that with each new hero movie coming out I am becoming bored. Is there anything about Ant-Man that will make it more exciting or different from other MCU films? Or are hero films dying?

mrpeytonreed11 karma

I think that ANT-MAN comes at a hero story in a very different way than some of the others. We went small instead of big. And let's face it: shrinking and controlling ants(!) are weird powers. But those powers allowed us to put some imagery on the screen that I guarantee you've never seen in another movie.

shabba-ranks3 karma

Hello Mr. Reed! I've heard great things about Ant-man and I'm super stoked to finally see it on Thursday night! I have two questions: did you feel nervous about accepting the director role for this movie due to Edgar Wright leaving? How difficult was it to balance this movie so it could stand on its own but also be cohesive with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

mrpeytonreed4 karma

I only felt nervous about the compressed schedule.

t4dominic3 karma

How was it like filling the big shoes left behind by Edgar Wright? Do you feel like you did the movie justice?

mrpeytonreed8 karma

I didn't really think of it that way. I just wanted to make the best ANT-MAN movie possible. I think we did the character justice and made a great movie. I hope you like it.

SuperSnake163 karma

How would you rank the MCU movies from best to worst (be honest)? Also, if you had the opportunity to direct a movie based on another Marvel hero, which character would you choose?

mrpeytonreed22 karma

I don't feel comfortable ranking the MCU movies. These are my peers and to be honest, I'm pretty tired of "lists" and "rankings". I'm not into "listicles" either. Wanna hear my Top Ten reasons why?

Ionnus3 karma

What inspiration did you and your team have for the scaled/action scenes for Ant-Man? Also, would you change Ant-Man's name if you could? :)

mrpeytonreed5 karma

I love ANT-MAN's name. It makes people underestimate him. At their own peril.

As for inspiration, we wanted to be the definitive shrinking movie of a generation.

5kybird3 karma

Hi Peyton, in the UK here. Not seen Ant Man yet, but feeling a bit 'superhero-weary' (its a British thing), so what would you say to convince me to go and see your movie?

mrpeytonreed7 karma

I would say: If you like to laugh, go see ANT-MAN. If you want to see imagery you've never seen in a movie before, go see ANT-MAN. You won't be sorry. I guarantee it.

toadeightyfive3 karma

Looking forward to seeing Ant Man this weekend!

I have just one question, really. Why did you go with Lang over Pym as the star of the movie?

EDIT: Figured I'd ask another one, since it looks like someone else already asked mine. How difficult is it to coordinate with so many other directors in the MCU? Do you feel having a shared universe helps or hurts your ability to tell the story you want to tell?

mrpeytonreed6 karma

The idea of making Pym the elder statesman/mentor and Lang the new Ant-Man was in the original Wright/Cornish drafts. I think you'll dig it when you see the movie.

ef-782 karma

Hi Peyton!

Were you happy with how the film ended or did you feel it was a bit anti-climactic?

mrpeytonreed7 karma

I love the way the movie ends.

liamquane2 karma

Do you have any advice on directing actors? :~)

mrpeytonreed3 karma

Yes. Listen to them. Create an environment where they can try anything at all. Brush, floss and use mouthwash because actors are human beings, and human beings like fresh breath.

A_Popcorn_Fart2 karma

Mr. Peyton Reed, would you have rather directed a movie about a different Marvel character? If so, who would be your dream character?

mrpeytonreed6 karma

I have to say that Ant-Man is the shit.

ellipsesdotdotdot2 karma

Is Ant-Man a comedy...? How much action is there?

mrpeytonreed11 karma

ANT-MAN is a comedy. And there's a LOT of action. Weird action.

throwaway3000__4302 karma

Do you direct the Jim Carey or just pull on the reins like some kind of horse from hell?

mrpeytonreed3 karma

Jim shows up with reins.

TheGreatPastaWars2 karma

How much say do you have on the production of the trailer?

What was the best ant fact you learned from making this movie?

mrpeytonreed6 karma

1) I was only marginally involved in the trailers. 2) I learned that the Bullet Ant rates at the top of the Schmidt Pain Index (look it up).

spacemoffin2 karma

Hi Peyton, have you read Nick Spencer's Ant-Man run?

mrpeytonreed2 karma

I have not yet, but it's next on my list. Have you?

vilkav2 karma

I know you came pretty close to directing Guardians of the Galaxy. Which other Marvel property would you like to direct, if not Ant-Man?

mrpeytonreed7 karma

There are so many, but for right now I'm just going to focus on ANT-MAN.

Vikingfromnor2 karma

Hey Peyton really excited to see Ant-Man here in Norway in just a little over a week, what was it like working with Paul Rudd on a big film like this? I've been rooting for him to be in a blockbuster since I first saw him on Friends!

And also seeing how big the MCU is now some hate is bound to follow, I've seen a lot of people saying that this was the first movie that was going to fail but according to critics and IMDB.com it looks like people are very pleased with it, do you read comments like this online and does it affect the way you go into a project or direct a movie?

mrpeytonreed4 karma

I do read some comments online, but it honestly doesn't affect the way I work on a project. Usually, they just make me laugh. Especially the well-written ones.

magna_in_vitam2 karma

Hi Peyton! I'm really excited to see Ant-Man this friday, so heres my question. What has been the most memorable thing about working with all of those talented actors?

mrpeytonreed3 karma

There are a lot of great memories, but I will make special mention of working with Michael Douglas. He is a true star, a brilliant actor and a consummate gentleman.

liamquane1 karma

How did you approach the action scenes of Ant-Man?

mrpeytonreed4 karma


liamquane1 karma

What was your favorite thing about directing a sub-sized superhero? P.S does the alliteration prove that I'm a screenwriter? (no...no it doesn't.) Thank you again Mr. Reed.

mrpeytonreed3 karma

Sincerely sensational shooting subsized super-hero.

Homeyjosey1 karma

Since Marvel has such a good track record of movies, how much pressure was on you to make a good movie?

mrpeytonreed4 karma

A lot of pressure. Most of it self-imposed.

HyperDan20001 karma

Do you think you'll ever have Nolan North to voice Deadpool?

By far is he my favorite Deadpool, he deserves some MCU love!

mrpeytonreed5 karma

Sorry, wrong AMA.

Vincanss1 karma

Was Ant-Man shot native 3D or post-converted later? Would you say it's worth me making the trip to see in 3D, in Imax ( I note you're not exactly going to tell me 'not' to) .. :-)

mrpeytonreed4 karma

ANT-MAN was post-converted, but we shot it with 3D very much in mind. The 3D in the movie is beautiful, and if there were ever a movie that benefits from 3D, it's this one. Really immersive.

gadgetguy031 karma

Hey Mr. Reed,

I've been a fan of yours since "Yes, Man." My question is in two parts kind of:

1)Were you familiar with the comic material before signing on to make "Ant-Man"?


2) If you were, did that make the adaptation any easier? OR 3) If you weren't, was that a challenge when making the film?

mrpeytonreed4 karma

1) Yes. 2) I think it made it easier.

gadgetguy031 karma

Thank you so much for answering my question! Have a great day sir and I can't wait to see the film!

mrpeytonreed4 karma

Thanks. Hope you like it!

AGallagher4101 karma

What was the most challenging scene to film?

mrpeytonreed4 karma

Hmm. All of them..?

Pepe_leprawn1 karma

Hey Peyton, I'm really looking forward to ANT-MAN. I was just wondering what it was like working with Paul Rudd? He seems like such a genuinely funny guy in interviews. Was he like that on set?

mrpeytonreed4 karma

Rudd is a dream to work with. I am now spoiled.

Schreckstoff1 karma

Do you have any insight on why Ant-Man in particular was picked for this Marvel Phase?

mrpeytonreed3 karma

ANT-MAN had been in development for a while, so I think it was finally his time.

SeeShark1 karma

Will you (or another director, or just Marvel in general) consider doing a movie about a new superhero that isn't an origin story? I don't think there has been a single one in the last couple of decades that wasn't a sequel to an origin story (or the third in a trilogy).

"New" doesn't literally have to be new; just someone without a current movie franchise.

mrpeytonreed4 karma

That's a good idea. I'm not sure what Marvel's plans are, but I like the idea.

Nephys1 karma

I finally got to an AMA early enough to get a good question answered, but now I'm here I can't think of anything to say.

Hello Peyton! How are you today?

mrpeytonreed6 karma

I feel pretty good. I'm eating some grapes. Does that answer your question?

liamquane1 karma

Hi Mr. Reed do you have any directorial advice? :~)

mrpeytonreed4 karma

Keep shooting! It's the only way to get better and better.

liamquane1 karma

What was it like working with Marvel?

mrpeytonreed3 karma

A great experience.

carowill751 karma

Why aren't you following me on Twitter?

mrpeytonreed4 karma

I'll need three reasons why I should.

liamquane1 karma

Hi Mr. Reed Can I ask; what was it like taking over a film after the original director had just left? I'm very happy with the choice of replacement. :~)

mrpeytonreed3 karma

Honestly, I approached it like any other film I've directed: take a hard look at the script, make it better, hit the ground running and work hard every day (and night) to make it the best movie it can be. I hope you like it. :)

liamquane1 karma

What thoughts went into the "Jumper" scene from Yes Man?

mrpeytonreed4 karma

Making sure Luis Guzmán didn't plummet to his death. Making sure Jim Carrey didn't cause Luis Guzmán to plummet to his death.

its_metrognome1 karma

If you had the chance to turn into the size of an ant with special abilities, what would be the first thing you would do?

mrpeytonreed4 karma

Show up at your place and wreak havoc.

shwinnycakes1 karma

What has Paul Rudd specifically most brought to the character that you were really hoping would be conveyed?

mrpeytonreed5 karma

Credibility, relatability and a five-star sense of humor. Also: abs.

liamquane1 karma

What was it like directing Yes Man? I love that film so much your direction was wonderful! Thank you :~)

mrpeytonreed3 karma

Thank you. It was fun to make. As you might imagine, I laughed a lot.

SanAntonioBarracuda1 karma

Can you please name some people you've seen naked and describe their bodies?

mrpeytonreed6 karma

I can't print names. As far as body descriptions, most of them were human.

GhostshipDemos1 karma

Favorite Marvel film? (It's ok to say Antman)

mrpeytonreed5 karma

Okay, ANT-MAN.

LostCollegeKidFMe1 karma

In all honesty, do you expect this movie to be as big as other marvel movie like Iron Man?

mrpeytonreed4 karma

I don't know what to expect, but I know it's a kickass movie.

MrJamieScho1 karma

So excited to watch Ant-Man! The reviews have been really postive, congratulations. Who is your favourite Marvel hero, aside from Ant-Man?

mrpeytonreed6 karma

I'm a big fan of Cap's.


I'm the ANT-MAN! Scapadipiptipity bibideebop dooobopoeopop.

Is that song in the movie? Please say yes.

mrpeytonreed2 karma

I wish it was.

JewJutsu1 karma

Who will win in a fight? You or Peyton Manning? You get to pick a weapon.

mrpeytonreed4 karma

Peyton Manning would win unless I was allowed to have an Ash-style chainsaw arm. Please go make that short film, Internet.