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This is a super-inside baseball question: did you end up posting to generally acceptable broadcast specs, or did you use any specific specs (e.g. Netflix IMP and loudness, Youtube DVD/Blu-ray repurposing, 422 vs 444, metadata, etc.)?

I work in post-production partly as a sales engineer and want to guide potential clients toward the level of technical precision that's right for their project, both creatively and exhibition-wise. Knowing what decisions you made for Life Sucks and why would give me a concrete and entertaining example to point to as a real-world illustration for clients looking to emulate your success.

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Hi Naomi! Just wanted to let you know you're killing it in Twin Peaks: The Return.

Recently you've returned to major roles on premium television series. What's drawing you back to the "small" screen? Do you see any drawbacks to the kind of open-ended roles and characters found in today's creative space on television? Are you more comfortable with the clearly-defined character arcs of feature work?

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Hi, Peyton! Another UNC STV alum here. Congratulations on Ant-Man!

After so many years of directing both television and features, and with so many changes in both feature and series exhibition these days, which do you prefer personally, and which industry would you recommend to newcomers?