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LeaDeLaria2455 karma

Someone asked who my biggest crush was on the show and why it was Ruby, and then deleted their question, so here is my answer:

Excuse me?!


Although I'm sure Ruby is quite hot to many of you out there - I don't fuck other Butches. I'm not a fag. I only sleep with girls. Real girls. Femmes.

So my biggest crush on the show has to be Laura Prepon.

speedreisa1379 karma

You were so amazing in Season 3. I especially loved your relationship with Pennsatucky. What did you most enjoy about those scenes together?


LeaDeLaria1241 karma

That I get to work with Taryn Manning.

She's very cool and talented. Very giving, as an actor. In fact, we hang out quite a bit off the set as well.

Up_from_below1298 karma

How do you find playing such a butch lesbian in such a successful show despite being a straight woman?

Absolutely loved you in the new season!

LeaDeLaria2061 karma


BoogieBot977 karma

Hi Lea! Thanks for doing this AMA. More importantly, thanks for being your wild, wonderful self, in real life as a celebrity (I mean I don't know you personally, who knows, you could be really quiet and demure) and on TV. I honestly can't think of any other butch characters I've seen on TV or in movies (outside the LGBT genre anyway) who hasn't been some macho caricature or been "feminized" or met with some terrible end.

As a butch lesbian, it's so nice to FINALLY see someone who looks like me on TV - someone who isn't solely there to be the butt of a joke, but is a human with both flaws and good traits. Even most LGBT-geared media shows - including The L Word - depict nothing but "lipstick lesbians" or femme tomboys.

I really enjoyed learning more of Boo's back story during season 3 of OITNB. As a baby butch, so much of the story - parental pressure to conform to a feminine ideal, the street harassment, the swagger and anger used as a defense against the 'phobic world - really resonated with me, because most of those things have happened to me, too.

I see elsewhere in this AMA that you say that the Boo/Carrie character was heavily informed by your personality and mannerisms, so I'm curious to know how much of Boo's back story was directly informed by your own life. Did you share your own experiences with the writers while that episode was being written?

I hope this question reaches you and isn't buried under the comments of a thousand adoring fans. Thanks again for visiting us on Reddit today!

PS. My new favorite Big Boo line/scene is "A very hetero hello to all of you." I laughed so hard I cried!

LeaDeLaria751 karma

Everyone likes that line!

I'm partial to "Lord of the Lesbians."

I feel like I've answered this question already, but since you took the time to write it, I'll answer as well: it's not unusual to think that those things just happened to you, because Butch Lesbians have a shared life experience. In fact, all those things happened to me as well. And to every Butch dyke out there.

I remember seeing BOYS DON'T CRY when Brandon went to the next town, to roller skate at their roller rink disguised as a boy. I did that. And a lot of Butches I know did that as well.

courtiebabe420745 karma

So - are you as brash and outspoken in real life as you are in the show? Because I kinda love that about your character. <3

Thanks for being here today!

LeaDeLaria2767 karma

No, I'm very shy and demure.

And actually, I'm heterosexual and married to a really nice man.

We have 2 kids, a collie, and a station wagon!

Ha hahaha!

yoeddyVT392 karma

You had me going until you said station wagon. They don't drive those anymore, all those suburban families drive SUVs. :-)

LeaDeLaria937 karma


Please forgive me, I'm a lot older than you.

And I'll take a 1960's station wagon over an SUV any fuckin' day!

ClintonHarvey278 karma

Is that man that lovely pastor?

LeaDeLaria602 karma

HILARIOUS. You got me there.

I guess you could see the love between us in our scene. Even though I tried to push a table over on top of him.

eumenides642 karma

The reason I enjoy OITNB so much is because it's "feminist" in a really basic and satisfying way. I LOVE that the women in the show rarely, if ever, wear "TV makeup" and are stuck in institutional clothes; you see them as they truly are. I also think OINTB gives trans/queer/lesbian/bisexual women a unique opportunity to show what it's like without softening much for the TV audience.

Do you feel like you're given a chance to be yourself within the confines of Carrie? Do you feel like OITNB gives a fair shake to marginalized groups?

LeaDeLaria931 karma

Well, of course I am Carrie. Which I've already said. The part is written for me, so I am completely and utterly Carrie Black. The only difference is that I never got caught doing anything against the law, so I'm not in jail.

Do I think they're given a fair shake? That's a strange way of putting it. I think it's the most ardent, feminist, pro-queer programming that has ever hit television in the history of television.

ArchangelPT637 karma

Is Taryn Manning as huggable in real life as she is on TV? She's the cutest little meth head ever.

LeaDeLaria692 karma


Honestly? You can't help but wanna hug Taryn Manning. She's adorable.

whitbeyondmeasure598 karma

Hi! I just graduated from High Point University, and I went to your show there a couple months ago and LOVED it. I just wanted to tell you how much we all appreciated that you stayed to take pictures with the whole audience! There aren't a lot of celebrities who do that.

That said, here's my question: What's the strangest thing that somebody's ever said to you at a meet and greet?

LeaDeLaria863 karma


"Sign my boob."

Of course I signed it! HA! I'm going to say no to that?!?

mameinhisname555 karma

What does Natasha Lyonne's hair smell like?

LeaDeLaria990 karma


Her dog, Root Beer.

Her dog's name is Root Beer. So I'm going to say her hair smells like her dog.

(I'm saying that to be funny. But I'll probably get a text from her in a few minutes).

Humanities512 karma

What is your advice for baby dykes who arent fully out/ comfortable with themselves yet? thanks for being an inspiration :)

LeaDeLaria1778 karma

The first thing you have to know is that you don't have to do anything unit you're ready to do it - no matter WHAT these bullies in our community might say.

When you're ready to come out, come out.

But until then, love yourself, and learn to be comfortable in your own skin.

That's the most important thing.

PlacentaSandwich497 karma

Hey, I fucking love you. I follow you on Instagram and your rad life perks me up when I'm feelin blue. My question for you is what kinda snacks you guys workin with on the set of OITNB? Are we talking kit kats and gatorade or are we talking pizza and capri suns? I ask because I just think snacks are important.

PS I'm about to write #totescunt on my toaster strudel with icing.

Edit: will take pics.
Edit 2: nvm I ate the last one yesterday. Sorry.

LeaDeLaria575 karma

We're talking pussy.


That is brilliant.

AlphaDigital414 karma

Hello Lea, what are some tips to becoming a professional womanizer? And what's your perfect sandwich?

LeaDeLaria972 karma


Lots of booze. Lots of money. Lots of slaps in the face.

Natalie Portman.

xoleah25368 karma

How was having the clown makeup on for the Mother's Day scene? It seemed like it wasn't smudged in the slightest!

LeaDeLaria574 karma

It was so much fun.

Taryn and I would talk and laugh between takes, and this particular day, she kept looking away, she wouldn't look at me, I knew she was doing something very emotional and she wouldn't look at me. So Andrew McCarthy (the director) came out and said "Why are you being so quiet, Taryn?" and Taryn said "I can't look at Lea, otherwise I'll start laughing!"

It was great.

And then we all started laughing. It took us a really long time to finish, because we couldn't stop laughing about the makeup.

caillait22365 karma

Thank you for doing this! Loved the new season. I felt like the 3rd was almost a build up season for an explosive 4th season. Do you agree? What are your thoughts on the next season?

LeaDeLaria1304 karma

Season 3 has only be on the air for 10 days.

And you are seriously trying to get spoilers for season 4 already?

Here's what I can tell you about season 4. I'm in it, and it comes out sometime next year.

eggsandsusej345 karma

is there any character on the show that you just can't stand?

LeaDeLaria1021 karma

Sam Healey. I think he's a jerk.

LeaDeLaria1158 karma

They keep trying to give him good qualities, but he always does something that pisses me off!

And of course, who liked Vee? (Except for Crazy Eyes)

KatherineSour300 karma

Hi Lea! I'm no expert on LGBTQIA+ culture but I've had conversations with friends recently where they told me that "Butch" is no longer as much of a "thing" (I guess) as it used to be. What does the Butch identity mean to you and how do you think it plays into Boo's character, especially considering what we learned about her in Season 3?

LeaDeLaria1027 karma


Well, the "Butch" identity isn't what it used to be, because "Butch" is still considered to be a pariah within the gay community. Nelly Fags and Butch Dykes are ostracized by their own people. As a result, a lot of Butches have just gone into hiding.

My entire career has been trying to put a positive face on Butch. In other words, don't judge a Butch by its cover.

banerrycorknut264 karma

You’re probably expecting a flood of OITNB questions, so apologies for being unoriginal and adding to that, but - were you surprised when you read the season 3 scripts and found out that Boo’s teasing and messing around with Tucky would turn into more of a genuine friendship? Were their scenes together as fun to film as they were to watch? I thought their relationship was really adorable, and really liked the almost big-sisterly aspect of it. Watching the first two seasons I never thought of Boo as a good candidate for being a good influence over someone else, but it worked so well!

LeaDeLaria357 karma

Well, that's because of our writers.

You see, it's not up to US to think of things, that's what they do.

And they're very good at it. They just keep surprising people.

I think what happened was they saw the camaraderie and friendship that Taryn and I have as human beings? It came across on the screen. So I think they just kept writing for us.

And as to whether or not I thought it was going to happen - I don't think I'm the only person in the cast who feels that way, the whole cast feels like they have no idea what's going to happen, the writers are SO good at what they do!

lindsayhall5285260 karma

Hi Lea! Thanks so much for doing this AMA…my fiancée and I met on an OITNB fan page on Facebook, so we’re obviously huge fans of the show. I never thought I'd be thankful for someone going to prison and writing a book about it, haha!

My question to you is—what’s your favorite Big Boo quote? And who’s the sexiest girl in the cast, in your opinion? (don’t answer that if it’ll get you in trouble with your girl, lol)

LeaDeLaria624 karma


What, you've only been together for 3 years, and already engaged? Don't tell me - let me guess - lesbians...?

The sexiest girl on the show is me, what the fuck do you think?!

And my favorite quote - oh my god - it's so hard! I'm going to go with "Lord of the Lesbians." I think "Stop with the clitterference."

sexrockandroll237 karma

What was it like working with the dog on set in Orange Is The New Black? Had you worked with animals on set before?

LeaDeLaria424 karma

Well, I don't work with the dog anymore. The dog was just in the first season.

Avery was her real name. She was a puppy, so all she wanted to do was eat and sleep. Usually, at the point she was supposed to be acting. We have a lot of outtakes of me trying to push the dog into the scene...very funny.

And I've worked with animals many times, most particularly in EDGE OF 17, if you've seen that movie, my character in the movie had a pug dog, and literally the dog in the movie was my dog.

Odynia13229 karma

Huge fan of the show and you! What has been your favorite scene from all three seasons to film and what would you have as your last meal?

LeaDeLaria1195 karma

Well, the sex scene in season 3, episode 4. I thought it was a very important scene for people to see a dildo being used the way a dildo is used.

My last meal would be a big rare steak. Wait a minute!

Let's have more fun with this.

My last meal would be Laura Prepon.

zsbogle216 karma

What is your strangest interaction with a fan?

LeaDeLaria674 karma

It would have to be the first time I was asked to sign a screwdriver.

They had a sharpie and everything, came running out of the Ace Hardware on the corner in Bushwick where I live, about 48 hours after the first season dropped, screaming "BIG BOO, BIG BOO, sign my screwdriver!"

I signed it! And I said "Have you finished the entire season?" and she said "Yeah!"

Back then, I didn't know this was normal, but she watched 13 episodes in 48 hours!

ClintonHarvey125 karma

At least they didn't ask you to sign their golden retriever Lab.

LeaDeLaria255 karma


No, in fact, if I start walking up to pat a golden retriever, the owners usually start running the other way.

But we should say this: Little Boo was a golden lab. Not a retriever.

BigKev47194 karma

When you started acting, could you possibly have anticipated that shows like Orange would emerge to give you real material to work with, or were you somewhat resigned to playing "Comic Relief Butch Dyke #1" and collecting a paycheck? What role other than Boo are you most proud of? Also, St. Louis metro area represent.

LeaDeLaria301 karma

Mmmmph! That's great.

Yeah, because I was playing "Comic Relief Butch Dyke #1" so often, I started basically turning those roles down. I was sick of them. And I would only play the part if she was written realistically. For example, the role i played in CALIFORNICATION.

When I started out acting in 1993, did I anticipate that something like ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK would exist?

FUCK no! Who the hell knows that's going to happen!?!

LeaDeLaria143 karma

Yay St. Louis! Go Cardinals!

Noahguy169 karma

Hi Lea! In what ways are you and Boo different and the same?

LeaDeLaria466 karma

Well, I am Boo.


They wrote the part for me, so every time I have to utter a line, it's so simple, because it's something I would say myself.

GlassHouseResident249 karma

I have sort of a crush on your character. Does this mean I actually have a crush on you?

LeaDeLaria451 karma


LeaDeLaria574 karma

And I can be found at the Cubbyhole in New York City almost every single night.

LeaDeLaria494 karma

West 4th and 12th street. It's a LOT OF fun. Little dive bar.


I might consider moving back to NYC just to meet you and give you a big smooch!

LeaDeLaria288 karma


You don't have to move here to do that. Just fly out!

r2d3d166 karma

Hey Lea! If you could have any superpower , what would it be, AND , did you have any hand in the character design and development for big boo, like did you add any personal touches to her story or anything ? Love what you do, you're an inspiration

LeaDeLaria830 karma

I would like to be Whale-Woman. Okay?

Like a whale, okay?

Which means I would have an 8-foot-tongue and breathe through a whole in the top of my head.

alters_ego159 karma

You are awesome. Thanks for doing this. Are all of Boo's tattoos yours? I figure that some of the tatts on other characters may not be real, but could see where yours could all be.

LeaDeLaria283 karma

Until season 3, I was the only one whose tatts were real.

LeaDeLaria320 karma

Not just SOME of them. They're all mine. Everyone else's were painted on. Now Lori Petty is on the show, and Ruby Rose is on the show, and they both have tons of tattoos that are all real.

SoltanPill150 karma

Hi Lea! How was you experience working on the Friends set? Were they friendly or did they very much keep a distance?

Also, i read you were 57 in the Daily Beast interview and i couldn't believe it. You definitely have a much younger energy!

LeaDeLaria404 karma

Well, I have a much younger energy because you are what you eat!


The FRIENDS set was great. Really, really great. Lisa Kudrow was especially lovely. And she would laugh at anything I said. It was my first experience of working with a really nice star.

King_Groovy144 karma

can you tell us what happened with you on the subway in Manhattan a few months back? That video went viral

LeaDeLaria503 karma

Yeah, I'm aware of the fact that the video went viral, hahahah! What happened was there was a man preaching loud homophobia. And as soon as I heard his hateful words, I stood up to him. I refused to let him speak. I literally chased him off the train.

Chrispydk142 karma

Who do you see Big Boo getting into a relationship with at Litchfield?

LeaDeLaria520 karma

Oh please. What am I, stupid?


She's the fucking star of the show! Then I get to be in every scene!

joanmoriarty135 karma

Yourself aside, who do you think is most like their OITNB character? (In terms of personality and not crimes committed, although if you want to give us the scoop on the latter too, I won't complain.)

LeaDeLaria322 karma

In terms of personality? Natasha Lyonne. No two bits about it.

Completely and utterly, that's her.

whit28tx129 karma

Hi Lea! Big fan of the show and your work! My friends and I just can't get enough of the relationship that your character has developed with Doggett this season and love how genuine it feels! Hoping that next season has more Pennsatucky/Big Boo adventures! Also loved your cameo in First Wives Club - probably one of my favorite scenes from that movie! My question is, out of all the projects you have worked on, what has been your favorite?

LeaDeLaria139 karma

When i starred in the Broadway revival of ON THE TOWN. And Jesse Tyler Ferguson played my boyfriend, Chip. Truly fun and wonderful experience. It was my first Broadway show, and I'll never forget it.

Briana_mich121 karma

Hi Lea!! You are so amazing on OITNB. What is your favorite thing about playing the role of Big Boo??

LeaDeLaria513 karma

My favorite thing about playing Boo is how 3-dimensional and real she is. Until this show, whenever a Butch lesbian was portrayed, in ANY media form, she was always stupid, a truck driver, drank too much, beat her girlfriend... Boo is not only smart, she's the smartest person in the prison. And she has a heart of gold.

There's not an ounce of violence in her.

siegel_caww118 karma

What was it like playing Eddie in Rocky Horror on Broadway?

LeaDeLaria515 karma

The best about playing Eddie in Rocky Horror on Broadway was that Joan Jett played Columbia, so I got paid to make out with Joan Jett 8 times a week.

I would've done that for free.

shouldbutwont113 karma

Hi Lea, what is it like working with Natasha Lyonne? It seems like you two have such good rapport! Congrats on your engagement

LeaDeLaria250 karma

Natasha Lyonne and I are both complete assholes. And we love that about each other.

I learned early on in season 1 that we like to punk each other out. So every time we're in a scene together, all we're trying to do is make the other person l laugh. We ad-lib and do things that aren't written on the page, just to try to make the other person fuck up! And as a result, you get some very funny scenes from me and 'Tash.

SoltanPill100 karma

Does it make you happy to see how your campaigning for LGBTQ community has helped young bisexual/lesbian actresses like Evan Rachel, Ellen Page, Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart etc be able to walk down the street holding hands with their girlfriends without fear of their careers being effected? I know there will always be some homophobia but by and large it hasn't effected their careers and it does help their young fans feel it's okay and normal.

Also, as with butch lesbians being ignored, bisexual invisibility pisses me off. That just because you are currently with a man or woman that your attraction to another gender is dismissed as a phase.

LeaDeLaria216 karma

I've never been in the closet. In fact, when I first started doing standup, I performed under the name "The fucking dyke" not my own name. My entire career has been an effort to try to make a change in the world, and get laid.

Not necessarily in that order.

So that I have been able to be a part of seeing a societal change in their attitudes towards LGBTQ individuals is amazing. Sometimes I look back on my career and get very excited, and yet I also feel very tired.

vickalarr97 karma

If you could appear in another TV show, what would it be and who would you want to play and why?

LeaDeLaria454 karma

Oh, AMERICAN HORROR STORY. I'd want to play anything, as long as it was with Jessica Lange or Kathy Bates. I fucking love that show.

ParanoidArtemus87 karma

  1. What was your major inspiration to start acting?

  2. I'm looking to meet some girls, wanna be my wingman?

LeaDeLaria419 karma

1.) Well, frankly, I'm not very good at anything else.

It's either do what I do, or become a prostitute. That's really the only other thing I'm good at, is sex.

2.) HAHAHA! Like you're going to be able to get ANY girls with me standing next to ya!

somethingeverything76 karma

Hi Lea! Love you on OITNB, especially Big Boo's backstory. Sticking with the backstories, whose backstory are you most excited to see unfold in the upcoming season? Also, what's your favourite cheesy joke and drink of choice?

LeaDeLaria181 karma

That's SO funny! You're doing it too!

This is what I can tell you about season 4: I'm in it. And it takes place sometime next year.

And my favorite CHEEZY Joke? I'm going to have to say "What does a lesbian bring on a second date?"

Because I wrote that joke! The U-Haul joke.

(I know, it's so crazy)

Oh, honey. Tequila. LOTS and lots of tequila. There is NOT ENOUGH TEQUILA.

I think everybody knows that about me.

LeaDeLaria184 karma

I'm a big fan of the tequila.

JLA3072 karma

Hi Lea! Thank you for doing this AMA! I love your character on OITNB.

My question to you is, what is the atmosphere like on set? Does everyone joke around when not filming or is it pretty serious?

Thanks again!

LeaDeLaria251 karma

Yes, it's very serious.

In fact, we often have Mass.

LeaDeLaria192 karma

...I'm just joking with you! All we do is laugh!

GiantAcroyear65 karma

Hey Lea, thanks for doing this. Who would be Boo's ultimate hook-up?

LeaDeLaria278 karma

deep intake of breath


That word ultimate has thrown me.

Who does Boo want more than anyone else in the world?!

Emma Watson.

ayushkapri64 karma

Who do you consider your closet friend/actor from orange is the new black?

LeaDeLaria157 karma

Oh, this is so hard.

We all really like each other.

There's a group I generally hang out with, and that group is: Emma Myles (Leeanne), Taryn Manning (Pennsatucky), Lori Petty, Samira Wiley, Kimiko Glenn, and one of the new girls from the new season, her name is Emily Althouse, she plays Sussudio, and of course, it's all about Jackie Cruz. And she's Flocka.

ThrowawayYourFaceNow61 karma

Lea, I am such a fan! I am so happy you're here on Reddit! When you're not filming and doing stand up, what do you love to do for fun? Do you have a pet? Will you be in the Texas anytime soon for any fan conventions or stand up shows??? Lots of love to you and yours :-). Thanks again for answering all our questions!!!

LeaDeLaria189 karma

No, I was just in Texas, at SXSW! No, I do not have a pet, but we'll be getting two cats very soon. And what do I love to do for fun? Cunnilingus.

stuckonli58 karma

Just wanted to first say thanks for giving a booming voice to a community that is often misrepresented. Now I need to know, what's your fav song off your new album and which one should I play to watch the panties drop?

LeaDeLaria80 karma


Okay. My favorite song off the album? Ooooh, that's so hard. I like so many of them. I'm gonna say "Suffragette City," the duet I sing with Janis Siegal from the Manhattan Transfer.

The one you wanna play to make the panties drop is "Space Oddity."

The album is available for download TOMORROW - it's called "House of David."

LINK! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/house-of-david/id1004607299

Ellisj9858 karma

Hi! What was your favourite moment off/on screen whilst filming OITNB?

LeaDeLaria126 karma

Oh my god, there's so many.

I think my favorite moment would be...after the first take of the daggering dance I did in episode 6, season 1?

As soon as the take was done, our director Mike came out onstage, and gave me a big hug, as the cast all cheered and applauded.

Yeah, that was pretty great.

bethrestbabys54 karma

hi lea! thanks for all that you do. :)

if you could pick another role to play on oitnb that already exists, which one would it be? or is there a character you wish existed that doesn't?

LeaDeLaria263 karma

I'd like to play Roxanne, a prison guard who fucks both Piper and Alex and aids them with escaping to upstate New York, and they're still not heard from today.

rizzorat48 karma

I love following you on Instagram and wanted to ask, how similar is Boo's story to yours? I can't imagine you ever being less than fully yourself. Did you have a lot of support growing up, or were you pressured toward that invisibility like Carrie?

LeaDeLaria188 karma

I was pressured towards invisibility, exactly like Carrie. However, unlike Carrie, it's important to know this - my parents came around. They didn't disown me, they didn't throw me out of the house - we talked.

And eventually, they came around. They learned. And I had a great relationship with both my parents until the day they both died. I just think it's important that people out there know that your parents can learn, and they can come around.

ClintonHarvey42 karma


Boo and Chang have been my favorite characters since season 1, which is weird, I know, I'm glad they finally got to both of your stories.

But I have to ask, I was a BIG fan of little Boo, and I very much disagreed with the choice the writers made to have what...happened happen with little boo.

Any idea what was going through their heads, why they decided to go that route? And what the reaction on set was? It was the ONLY thing about the show I didn't like. Oh, and also the Daya/Bennett storyline. Blagh.

LeaDeLaria93 karma

That it was hilarious? In fact, that's why most other fans immediately made memes that said "it got weird." The set was fine, because we all thought it was hilarious. And I'm sorry that you didn't like the Bennett / Daya storyline - I personally became so involved in it that I stopped reading the script so I could watch it unfold in real time!

moose_queef36 karma

What's up! Do you miss the screwdriver? Do you know more about Big Boo and why she's at Litchfield? Thanks!

LeaDeLaria113 karma

Yes. No. I have a Hitachi Magic Wand.

Sure...honey, you must be behind the times. That's in season 3. So the answer is: yes.

ayushkapri36 karma

How did you start your acting career? When did you know you wnated to become an actor?

LeaDeLaria92 karma

As a stand-up comic. Probably when I was 10? And I did acting in high school, I was a drama major in college even though I dropped out, you know, like that. But once I hit as a stand-up, I was the first openly-gay comic to perform on television in America, which catapulted me to fame, and as a result, I got a lot of acting gigs.

herbalish32 karma

Love you girl! Your Bowie covers are amazing! Which do you prefer singing or acting? Any chance Big Boo will break out into song?

LeaDeLaria100 karma

I prefer to do them both at the same time! In other words, I love me a Broadway musical!

There are a lot of musical theater people in our show. And we are all trying to convince Jenji to write a musical episode.

Write your Congressperson.

kidamy35 karma

Please, dear God, yes a musical episode! I wanna see Big Boo sing!

LeaDeLaria116 karma

You wanna see Uzo sing?!

Annie Goulden (who plays Norma)? Beth Fowler (who plays Sister Ingalls)? Samira Wiley? Danielle Brooks? LaVerne? Jackie Cruz, Kimiko Glenn, and myself... almost all of those names have starred in Broadway musicals, most notably Sister Ingalls originated the role of Mrs. Potts in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and won a Tony for it! Yeah!

That's why there's a scene in my backstory where they end it with me saying "My people are only stage managers anyway."

It's very inside, and very funny.

speel32 karma

Where do you get your bow ties from? I want one.

LeaDeLaria113 karma

Most of my bowties come from Saint Harridans.

It's a woman-owned company out of California that makes men's clothes for women and transmen.

Having said that (I'm the face of their line), I also have Tie the Knot foundation ties.

In fact, I designed a tie for them that JUST came out. Mine has little pin-up girls on it. It JUST came out, hasn't even been out a month. It's a limited edition of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK ties. Kate has chickens on hers, and I don't know what Uzo has on hers.

ProperGrammarBitch31 karma

Thank you for doing an AMA! I think you're great. Big Boo is one of my favorite characters on OITNB. Are there any scenes that you have had to do that make you feel uncomfortable? I can imagine some of them would be kind of awkward since you're friends with the girls. Maybe it's because I'm an awkward person. Hahah

LeaDeLaria58 karma

No, I never felt uncomfortable playing any scenes. In fact, I think the writers sit around in the writer's room, think of the craziest thing they can do, and say "Let's give it to DeLaria, she'll do ANYTHING for a laugh!"

arosewest31 karma

Hi! You came to speak at Chapman University one time, and my friends and I loved it!

Since starting OITNB, what's the craziest thing you've learned about that goes on in prison?

Thanks for doing this!

LeaDeLaria167 karma

I think the craziest thing I learned about was the prison in Georgia that put all the lesbians in one cell block? They segregated the lesbians and put them in one place, away from the rest of the prison population, because they didn't like 'em. However, I think that might have worked against them, because I think that sounds like the most fun dyke bar ever.

Frajer28 karma

How did you pick the songs on Double Standards?

LeaDeLaria57 karma

DOUBLE STANDARDS? I wrote down my list of all-time favorite college rock tunes, and then along with my producer, Matt Pierson, we whittled it down to about 15, and then suddenly remembered a bunch more songs, so it became 50 again...and then we had a lot of fights... and eventually, got it down to the 12 tunes that we chose.

It took a long time.

Yoda4Prez27 karma

Big Fan!

Coming from a fellow musician. Who or what inspires you most?

Keep being hilarious!


LeaDeLaria43 karma

Probably my biggest influence musically is going to be John Coltrane, Betty Carter, and Ella Fitzgerald.

meganmac199426 karma

Growing up, who were your biggest lady crushes??

LeaDeLaria51 karma

Oh god. Growing up?

June Lockhart in LASSIE.

I especially liked her when she went on LOST IN SPACE, because then she wore that tight-fitting outfit.

linwail21 karma

If you could have any exotic pet, what would it be?

LeaDeLaria35 karma

A kinkajou.

I just think they're adorable. I met one once, and it literally crawled inside my shirt, and wrapped its tail around my torso, and was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. I've wanted one ever since.

iamCaoimhe20 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA :)

Im curious as to what was the funniest thing to happen on set during Season 3 in your opinion?

LeaDeLaria93 karma


Oh, there are so many things...

I'll have to say the funniest thing was the Bedbug Episode, where I was in granny panties and a sports bra, trying to work with Natasha, and I kept pulling the granny panties up higher and higher, giving me horrendous camel-toe, and every time she would say something sassy to me, I'd pull the granny panties up higher... she couldn't take it. I would just hike those panties up higher. She was losing her mind!

Kvakker20 karma

Whats your favourite food and drink? :-)

LeaDeLaria52 karma



And meat.

ivanthe_terrible20 karma

I follow you on instagram, you have such a cool sense of fashion. Where do you shop or do people ask you to wear things for them?

LeaDeLaria50 karma

My stylist is (coincidentally) also my fiancé! Her name is Chelsea Fairless. She's a fashion editor at V Files. She chooses all my clothes. But I also am the face of Saint Harridan.

If you want to follow her on instagram, she is https://instagram.com/female_trouble/


AlysAmyLynett17 karma

Hey Lea! Firstly, I thought I'd say that you're an incredible actress and you blew me away in the third season of OITNB. Secondly, I am psyched for your new album- Lea Delaria, jazz, AND David Bowie!? I'm spoilt. And lastly, I want to say you're an inspiration to young women like me who, at 23, is finally coming to terms with her sexuality. It probably isn't significant to you but you've helped me. This was meant to be an AMA but it turned into a TMA (tell me anything) :) So any way, I'm curious to know who your celebrity crush is? Any way, rock on Lea Delaria, you are one cool chick!

LeaDeLaria47 karma

First let me say, of COURSE it's not insignificant to me. Being this person, out and proud, is a choice that I've made, JUST so people like you wouldn't think you were the only one.

Because when I was growing up, there was NO ONE on television that looked anything like me, or mine.


My celebrity crush - Danny Devito. HA!

Coincidentally, he's the person I want to play me in the movie of my life! HAHAHAHAH!

Cultofluna710 karma

Sweet! Finally an AMA I'm not late to. My question is:

Are there anything you based Boo's character off real life experiences? Like your own little twist to her?

LeaDeLaria14 karma

Yes, actually, there is.

When Boo eats, she tucks a napkin into her neck. That's something that Lea DeLaria does as a person. Because I'm Italian, I tend to get food all over my shirt. It's really unattractive when one is out.

DSCH1019 karma

Hi Lea. You're amazing and probably have one of my favourite voices in the world. Your version of The Ballad of Sweeney Todd is absolutely stunning! My question is what do you eat for breakfast?

LeaDeLaria18 karma


My fiancé.

kaylaxxxx7 karma

Is there anywhere you'd like to travel that you haven't been before, and favourite place you've traveled to?

LeaDeLaria13 karma

Oh, that's so good.

Yeah, I'm desperate to go to Machu Picchu. Desperate!

And Paris. Nothing has been able to top Paris. And I've been everywhere, man.

I've been a LOT of places. And nothing tops Paris. The most amazing city.

channingtaintyum7 karma

Hi Lea! Thanks for doing this. If you were really a prisoner at Lichfield, which character do you think you would actually end up becoming friends with?

LeaDeLaria9 karma

Oh. Nikki!

That's who I'd be friends with.

Alex would be the one I'd try to pick up.

sarahdwaynec5 karma

What are your favorite movies and/or TV shows ? LOVED you this season. Edit : Typo

LeaDeLaria8 karma

Aw, thank you!

My favorite movie is Alfred Hitchcock's REBECCA.

TV's a little harder. I love AMERICAN HORROR STORY. I love HOUSE OF CARDS. And LAW & ORDER: SVU is background noise in my house. It's constantly on.

Ricrac7224 karma

Hey! Big fan of the show, where do plan to take your singing career?

LeaDeLaria14 karma

Um...HAHAHA, I'm not exactly sure what to say to that, darling?

Why don't we say "I plan on singing in the shower whenever humanly possible!"

Pedocide4 karma

How important are your social connections in getting hired for roles like this?

LeaDeLaria10 karma

Not important at all. In fact, I'd never been seen by Jen Huston (who's the casting director for the show). What was more important was that it was taking place in a women's prison. I mean look at me. Of COURSE they were going to call me into the show.

GamierGaming4 karma

What is Orange Is The New Black? I live under a rock.

LeaDeLaria10 karma


ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK is a religious program that deals with Moonies. You've seen them. They're the people that only wear orange! They usually hang out at airports, offering you a flower.

You can find it on Netflix!

There you go!

Kukuran4 karma

Hi Lea! Not only do I love your performances in OITNB and the Oblongs, but I love your Instagram profile. I must ask:

What do you do to keep your hair looking awesome?

I saw your picture on IG with Angus Oblong, who is one of my favorite artists. What is he like in real life?

Thank you!

LeaDeLaria6 karma

HAHAHAAHA! so funny!

I go to the Mexican Barber two blocks away. His name is Pascal. And he charges me $12. And I use Kiehl's cream gel.

And Angus is completelyfuckinginsane. The man put his clown makeup on in the middle of Hamburger Mary's so we could take a selfie.

You do know I'm the voice of Helga, right?

leelee04314 karma

Hey Lea ,

Thankyou for being just generally bad ass and fantastic !

you making an appearance in the UK anytime soon ?

may do a serious of interesting backflips around the room if you say you are !!!

LeaDeLaria4 karma

In fact, I am indeed performing at the London Jazz Festival!

That takes place in November.

RobL944 karma

Hi Lea. First up, I love you. I actually posted on Instagram this morning that if I was a woman, I would want to be you. SEE: - https://instagram.com/p/4OqgICj1mw/

I think you're awesome in OITNB, but seeing as you love Broadway, what is your favourite musical & what is your favourite song from a musical?

(Also, loving the Bowie covers!!)

LeaDeLaria8 karma

Thank you for the Bowie covers love, I appreciate it, I worked a LONG time on those.

My favorite Broadway musical is the one that is currently running, called FUN HOME, and my favorite song from that show is the one called "Ring of Keys." It's about a little girl who doesn't realize she's a lesbian yet, and she sees a great big Butch dyke with a big ring of keys.

louistheshrew4 karma

Hi Lea! I've been a fan of your music for years.

Who's your favourite jazz vocalist and who's your biggest musical inspiration? So excited for House of David!


LeaDeLaria5 karma


So, thank you, for being excited for "House of David." I am too.

My favorite jazz vocalist is always between Betty Carter and Ella Fitzgerald (depending on my mood). And probably the biggest influence on my music was my father, who was a jazz pianist and taught me the language of jazz.

funnymann33 karma

Hi Lea! Best advice you ever got as a stand-up?

LeaDeLaria6 karma

The best advice I ever got as a standup?

Well...hmmm. I never got really good advice as a standup. I'm trying to think if anybody gave me really good advice.


Actually, I got great advice from Sandra Bernhard once - not to cave, just to keep doing what it is you do.

vickalarr3 karma

On a scale from 1-10 how much did you enjoy shooting your sex scene? ;)

LeaDeLaria5 karma


kaylaxxxx1 karma

Hey Lea! What was it like working on Edge of Seventeen and what did you like most about it?

LeaDeLaria3 karma

It was a very low-budget indie film that took place in Cleveland in the winter. So it was incredibly uncomfortable filming. What was great was how much the cast got along, and partied in the hotel.

And by "hotel," i mean "shitty little motel."