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Yao played WoW?


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The writers = Suzanne. OITNB = Time Hump Chronicles. The fans = Poussey.

You catch my drift. ;)

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Hi Jon! I'm a huge fan of both Bar Rescue & Hungry Investors; I actually got my current boyfriend hooked on BR, and we watch reruns constantly.

I was curious as to how you recruit people for your stress tests and initial recon at the bars you rescue? I would love to do either one if you ever came to another Dallas/Fort Worth bar (I know you've visited a few in the past). Would the info be posted somewhere on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or some other means of social media? Thanks, and have a great day! :)

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Hi Lea! Thanks so much for doing this AMA…my fiancée and I met on an OITNB fan page on Facebook, so we’re obviously huge fans of the show. I never thought I'd be thankful for someone going to prison and writing a book about it, haha!

My question to you is—what’s your favorite Big Boo quote? And who’s the sexiest girl in the cast, in your opinion? (don’t answer that if it’ll get you in trouble with your girl, lol)

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Wow, thanks for the answer!!! I'm gonna go brag to my boyfriend now about how I talked to Jon Taffer today. does happy dance