Hello everyone.

I'm David Hasselhoff.

My latest single is "True Survivor," from the film KUNG FURY.

My official site: http://davidhasselhoffonline.com/

If you wanna Hassle the Hoff, the time is now.

Victoria's helping me on the phone.



Edit: Please stay tuned. The film KUNG FURY is released on May 28th for free on YouTube. And the best is yet to come from me and my family. I'm extremely proud of my daughters, Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff and Hayley Hasselhoff, who are both following their dreams and making a difference in their own lives through the internet and show business.

A big thank you to David Sandberg. And the millions of people who've viewed "True Survivor."

You all have made a difference in my life.

I promise to continue to make a difference in yours.

And thank you to everyone! Thank you so much babe!

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thenebular343 karma

You’re in a desert walking along in the sand when all of the sudden you look down, and you see a tortoise, it’s crawling toward you. You reach down, you flip the tortoise over on it's back. The tortoise lays on it's back, it's belly baking in the hot sun, beating it's legs trying to turn itself over, but it can’t, not without your help. But you’re not helping. Why is that?

edit: Wow! My first gold! Thank you

RealDavidHasselhoff380 karma

I'm not helping a tortoise turn over because... laying on its back... and I'm not helping it...first of all, why am I walking in the desert? How long have I been in the desert? And if I've been in the desert for more than 4 days, I'm probably not turning the tortoise over because I intend to eat it.

There are places where they do serve turtle-orders.

Sadly, they taste like chicken.

bluepinkblack324 karma

Mr. Hoff! What is Spongebob Squarepants like in real life? (asking for a friend!)

RealDavidHasselhoff333 karma

Spongebob Squarepants is really kinda like his character. Very funny, a little cheeky, but a really good guy!

rv49er260 karma

How often did you have to "adjust your pants" while being surrounded by so much talent?

RealDavidHasselhoff744 karma

Well, I'm such a big star that I have someone else adjust my pants for me.

jacala208 karma

i just want to say thank you!


you helped a dutch kid with downs syndrome dream come true,

this makes you a hero in my eyes!

RealDavidHasselhoff345 karma

The real hero was that boy.

I mean, here's a boy with Down Syndome, and he can speak two languages fluently, he had a heart of gold, and was constantly smiling and enjoying life.

We have so much to learn from children like that.

quigbert177 karma

What is your favorite parody of yourself?

RealDavidHasselhoff361 karma

I think my favorite parody of myself was on a commercial for - oh my god - Lean Pockets.

Look it up online. I played "Mr. Lean" for Lean Pockets.

That's...just...an absolutely...very crazy, messed-up, version of an asexual Hoff, who hassles people to stay lean by eating Lean Pockets.

I think they took it off their air because it was so weird. Ha ha ha!

shivan21157 karma

How did you come to the role in Knight Rider?

RealDavidHasselhoff235 karma

Great question.

I auditioned. I blew the audition. I was seen on an airplane by Brandon Tartikoff, who was the head of NBC programming, and he personally called me in. The first audition I blew because I was nervous. And the second audition I programmed myself to see it, believe it, live it, and I lived by those words, and programmed myself into I'm here for a reason, and I believe that luck is being prepared for opportunity when it presents itself, and I came in to rock and roll - and I got it.

shivan21128 karma

Do you like South Park? They surely do like you.

RealDavidHasselhoff313 karma

YEAH! The first time I saw SOUTH PARK, our daughters came in saying "Dad! Dad! You're on TV doing SOUTH PARK!" And then I watched it and listened to what they were actually saying and I was like "Oh my god!" I picked up the girls and took them to the other room - because I suddenly realized what they are saying was R-rated, and my daughters were too young at that point. They were I think 8 and 10 years old.

But I think SOUTH PARK is brilliant.

rv49er117 karma

How often do you hear "don't hassle the Hoff?"

RealDavidHasselhoff176 karma

Almost every day? It's become kind of a signature, and it's also on all of my t-shirts.

You can find the t-shirts on my website.

We take them all over the world for concerts, and most of them are used for giveaways, as a way of bridging the gap between making money and making friends.

TheDuskDragon114 karma

What's up David! Thanks for doing this hofftastic AMA.

If every word somehow had "hoff" incorporated in them, what would be your favorite "hoff" word to use?

RealDavidHasselhoff280 karma

That's a hoffsome question.

The one word that gets me hoff, that takes me to hoffinity and beyond... is simply: hoffalicious.

ranchdepressing103 karma

If you could remake one of your past projects as a musical, which would it be and why? Also, would you reprise your role or take someone else's?

RealDavidHasselhoff195 karma

I can't tell you any more than...something like that is in the works.

Stay tuned.

CaptMcAllister98 karma

Do you feel you had any part in bringing down the Berlin wall? I saw a VH1 I love the 80s show where it seemed like you felt you should get some credit for it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

RealDavidHasselhoff269 karma

No, I never said I felt I should get credit - I've always been misquoted, and I was only asked to sing above the Berlin Wall on New Year's Eve because I asked if I could. I also went behind the Berlin Wall before the wall came down, and saw the horror of how people were living. I did a special for National Geographic that was quite accurate, quite moving, about people who escaped, who died, trying to escape - the last person died only 30 days before the wall came down. And I did find that they were signing my song "Living for Freedom." I've talked to hundreds of East Berliners who said "It was a song about freedom, it was a song about hope - everybody else thought it was just a pop song in West Germany, but for us who lived in East Germany, it was a song that gave us hope."

And that's my connection.

It wasn't as if i had anything to do with bringing down the wall. But I did have something to do with it by chance, through that song, and helping people retain hope.

And that was very important to them. That's what they told me.

SexiasMaximus93 karma

Mr. Hasslehoff,

First, I just need to let you know that we have an office tradition of changing people's desktop wallpapers to a picture of your radiance whenever someone walks away without locking their computer. This is currently my go-to. Do you have any other suggestions and/or favorites (they must be safe for work)?

Second, how did you get involved with the Kung Fury project?

RealDavidHasselhoff153 karma

The answer to the first question is: no, I don't have any other photos you can use.

It seems like everything I've ever done, and am about to do, is on the internet already.

And I got into KUNG FURY because it's an amazing story that one man can make a difference! David Sandberg was a young animator and his dream was to do animation, and to maybe someday have his own show, he went out to Kickstarter with his animation that he made a short movie trailer with in his garage with very little help, except for a computer, and the world responded.

He raised $625,000.

On something he did in his garage.

And that attracted Universal Records, Universal Studios, worldwide recognition, and he - as well as Universal Studios- got together to think of who would be the best guy from the 80's to record the song for you.

And he said "David Hasselhoff."

And they called me, and I saw 10 seconds of the trailer, and I said "I'm in. I don't care what the money is, or where this goes, I think it's really cool, and I want to take a shot with this guy. Somebody took a shot with me a long time a go, and I want to pay forward the favor."

And so I'm very happy and very proud of David Sandberg and his animation, and I'm very happy and proud of "True Survivor." I think it's a really cool song.

beernerd46 karma

There seems to be a lot of stuff on the Internet about you being the antichrist. How the hell did that get started?

RealDavidHasselhoff114 karma


I was just talking about that today.

When I first read that I was the Antichrist - that was the first time I realized there are some wacky, messed-up people on the internet who have nothing better to do than to sit there and smoke something they probably shouldn't be smoking... and come up with crazy stuff like that.

I have to tell you that I did read the entire two pages of why I'm the AntiChrist. And at the end, I was actually doubting myself.

Because it was so good!

I have been called "the Antichrist" by several of my ex-wives though.

But I just think it's funny that there are people in the world who have nothing better to do than to come up with that stuff.

So my answer to that is: get a life!

And then LOL - because it did make me laugh.

Maddie_N41 karma

What's your favorite memory from judging America's Got Talent?

RealDavidHasselhoff110 karma

Threatening to kill Piers Morgan on the air.

And they cut it out.

We became good friends after that moment.

geebee76541 karma

Hi David! Which version of Nick Fury would win in a fight? Yours or Samuel L. Jackson's?

RealDavidHasselhoff85 karma

Oh please.

You really think my Nick Fury would ever lose to Samuel L. Jackson?

RealDavidHasselhoff93 karma

Besides, I have a secret weapon - KITT the car.

seismicor41 karma

Hi, David. Thanks for being Michael Knight. What are your favourite memories while doing Knight Rider?

RealDavidHasselhoff68 karma

Oh, every day. Waking up, going to work on KNIGHT RIDER was an absolute... gift of rock and roll joy.

It was just absolutely amazing to get paid to drive a car fast, to work with scripts that were about saving lives not taking lives, it was a show that really lived up to its motto - that one man can make a difference.

And as corny as it sounds, that show and that saying have been kind of my motto and the way that i feel about life... and about everything. That you can make a difference. And if you make a difference in your own life, you can make a difference in someone else's.

sdsoldier76039 karma

Is it hard being truly amazing?

RealDavidHasselhoff56 karma

I am blessed with a drive and a passion for show business, and am honored to be able to communicate with people worldwide through my work.

That is amazing, to me.

Homeyjosey38 karma

I have $3, what should I buy at Mcdonalds?

RealDavidHasselhoff89 karma

God, um... definitely have the ice cream. That's only $1.

The only thing I really eat from McDonald's is the ice cream.

So have 3 of them.

NDoilworker37 karma

Hey Hoff!

Who was your favorite or least favorite roaster during your Comedy Central Roast? Did you legitimately have a good time?

RealDavidHasselhoff75 karma

I had an amazing time. My favorite roaster was Greg Giraldo, who said "Hey, I love you man, please don't hit me" before he went on, and I said "If you don't say the most horrible things you CAN about me, I will hit you." And he was so endearingly funny on the show that I still think back, and smile and laugh about his presentation.

oscarveli31 karma

Do you own the original KITT or a car that looks similar to it?

RealDavidHasselhoff88 karma

I have access to about 35 KITTS pretty much all over the world.

There's a KITT car club, and I'm kind of the mentor of that. And I continually restore KITT cars for my own use. I just restored one and sold it for charity for a gentleman in Turkey.

The true story - and this IS the true story - there was never one original KITT car. It was made up of many different pieces. And if anyone says it's an original KITT car, the sad part is it's not true.

There have been cars that were driven by me, fantastic replicas, but most of the cars were stunt cars, and never actually one original.

The original dash and the original nose of the car is in a secret place.

And I can't tell you where.

robinsky130 karma

What was your favourite episode of Baywatch you worked on?

RealDavidHasselhoff96 karma

My favorite episode was called "Charlie." Also, there was one called "Come Fly With Me." "Come Fly With Me" I directed, and it was my first and only directing job.

The most emotional show we did was a true story about "Charlie," a boy who had cancer who came to live with the Baywatch crew, he spent his last 6 months on the set of Baywatch while UCLA did research trying to find the gene that caused his cancer.

And the great news is they DID find the gene that caused his cancer, and were able to identify it.

The bad news is that Charlie passed away, and we gave him a lifeguard burial.

So we recreated that scene, which happened in real life, on the show, played by another boy named Michael Cuccioni. And Michael and I became good friends, and his theme in life was "together, we can make a difference" and he fought his own cancer until he died a few years later.

They were amazing, inspirational children.

And their memories will always live on through Baywatch.

MileHighBarfly29 karma

Whoa! THE David Hasselhoff?! Neato! Um, my question....

My my wife is going to give birth to my first baby boy in about 2 weeks! Do you have any advice for a new father? Seriously, I'm a little nervous, any tips and tricks you can provide would be awesome!

RealDavidHasselhoff61 karma

The tips are:

  • Enjoy every moment. The fun, the fear, the trying to get the baby to sleep.

Because it goes really, really fast.

And record everything, so you have it as a memory to show the child later, to show the child that you were there for them when they were born. It's important.

wicro27 karma

What was it like to be on the set of Sharknado 3?

Edit: The hoff answered my question. I can now die a happy man.

RealDavidHasselhoff41 karma

Oh, SHARKNADO 3 was a welcome surprise! Everybody was really fun, they didn't take it seriously, we had a great time. And there were parts of sharks everywhere. And even the people who make the movie couldn't believe their success - they were just riding the wave of good fortune.

They were lovely people.

theArnoldFans125 karma

Hi David, What do you do to stay in shape? What exercises do you do? How often do you hit the gym and were guys like Sly and Schwarzenegger fitness role models for you?

RealDavidHasselhoff63 karma

You know, I know them personally, and I have to tell ya, both of them are really good guys on a personal level.

I spend as much time as I can each day devoted to working out - whether it's just 20 minute of cardio, or lifting weights, or I do a lot of bike riding now, a lot of hiking.

The key is consistency, and I think 90% of staying in shape is diet.

And if you adhere to a decent diet, you can still go off and have a McDonald's ice cream once in a while, and not show it.

But it's consistency.

theArnoldFans122 karma

David, do you go to the movies much? Star Wars and Terminator 5 is coming this summer...Are you a Terminator fan and would you make a good Hoffinator?

RealDavidHasselhoff35 karma

I'd make a great Hoffinator.

I'm more of a fan of movies like AMERICAN SNIPER than I am of TERMINATOR or STAR WARS.

I am planning on releasing my own animated show soon. And you'll be hearing about that. It's quite exciting. And I'm actually sitting in the studios right now - when I took a break from meeting with my supervising producers and writers to talk to you guys!

RealDavidHasselhoff18 karma

And a dash of live action!

ranchdepressing22 karma

What are some strange things you were asked to autograph?

RealDavidHasselhoff45 karma

I've been asked to autograph breasts, butts, chests where the next day they would come back with my autograph tattooed...I think the weirdest thing was having my face tattooed and revealed on a talk show in Spain on a guy's right buttock.

RealDavidHasselhoff49 karma

And he actually pulled down his pants to show me the tattoo.

It was very bizarre.

geebee76521 karma

David, could Street Hawk beat KITT in a race?

RealDavidHasselhoff41 karma

No chance.

bluesbro18219 karma

How can I grow as much chest hair as you?

RealDavidHasselhoff46 karma

Um...drink a lot of water.

Go look in the mirror.

And say "grow. Grow. GROW."

And then put - LOL!

BrodyApproved17 karma

What does your ideal breakfast consist of?

RealDavidHasselhoff28 karma

Four poached eggs, one piece of toast, one lean cut of meat, coffee, and water.

CowDeer16 karma

Hows your day going?

RealDavidHasselhoff29 karma

My day is probably one of the greatest days I've ever had.

I met with some producers that were offering me a movie, a tv series, and I'm now in the offices of some major animators, and we're developing an idea to put on the air as early as next year that involves me playing one of the characters.

It's been a really exciting day. And my girlfriend just walked in, so it's getting even better!

Redwinevino16 karma

Hello David

Can you tell us anything about your film with Ken Jeong and Hulk Hogan?

Thank you for doing this AMA

RealDavidHasselhoff24 karma

Um yeah! Hulk Hogan is a dear friend, and actually, an incredibly good actor. A very sensitive guy who's in touch with his emotions. Ken Jeong is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. We banged heads occasionally on the show due to different ideas of the writing. But I think in the end, it was all for good, because we both had super-creative ideas about what would be funny, and at times, they were TOTALLY different, but in the end - it made the movie better. Because sometimes he'd win, sometimes I'd win, but we'd let the final edit tell the truth.

And the final edit turned out quite good.

The movie probably won't be available until October or November.

shivan2114 karma

Hi David, will you make it in the upcoming Killing Hasselhoff?

RealDavidHasselhoff19 karma

Well, you'll have to see.

You'll have to see.

But I'm very proud of the movie. And I have to tell ya...what's another word for cheeky? Very off-color, crazy humor. Like the Comedy Central Roast.

FrankLovestheHoff13 karma

Any True Survivor merchandise on the way? Posters, T-Shirts, That sweet Kung Fury Jacket you wore?

RealDavidHasselhoff20 karma

You know I want that sweet jacket myself.

We already have my assistant calling them to find out what's going on, because I think they're merchandising some of those things.

Stay tuned, I'm pretty sure they're going to be doing something with it.

mamboyin13 karma

I have been watching your new talk show in Finland, which is amazing. The duet with Michael Monroe was excellent.

Have you made a talk show in USA or plan to make on?


RealDavidHasselhoff17 karma

You know? I think eventually I'll get here, in the United States. I love MIchael Monroe, I think he's one of the most underrated rock stars of all time, he's just amazing. We met him at a wrap party in Finland, and he performed for me, a whole set. He was just fantastic. I could never reach his level of rock singing. He's the best there is.

I think I'm a pretty good host to have a lot of fun. And the show's doing quite well. I know we'll be back in Finland and Sweden. We're talking to Norway and Denmark.

If you'd like to find it - look up "David Hasselhoff talk show Sweden" or "David Hasseholff talk show Denmark" and you'll like it.

It's a blast.

Midnight198511 karma

What is your favorite dance move?

RealDavidHasselhoff20 karma

What..is...my...favorite dance move?!?

The Hoff-bot.

Power-Girl10 karma

What's your favorite animal?

RealDavidHasselhoff19 karma

What is my favorite animal?

Wow...probably a cheetah. Because they're the fastest animal alive.

And they still interact with humans on a really cool level.

Mondeaux10 karma

What's your favourite cereal and why?

RealDavidHasselhoff16 karma

Well, I loved - when I was growing up - Lucky Charms, because it was indescribably delicious!

And right now, I don't eat much cereal, but I'm a big fan of granola. So I'll eat a lot of granola, and use it for snacks when I'm hiking.

cinemaair10 karma

how did you get your hair so fantastic for the True Survivor video?

RealDavidHasselhoff15 karma


That's a funny question, because it was a nightmare.

We were shooting in the UK, and went to some bizarre makeup place that had pictures of everybody in LORD OF THE RINGS, and GAME OF THRONES, and monsters, and weirdoes, and the people who were working there looked like monsters and weirdoes, and they gave me a wig that never seemed to work, and held up production to the point where everybody was getting quite nervous - so at the end, they basically said "Let's just use your hair" and we had some clip of longer hair that clipped into my real hair, but most of it was my real hair, just a bit longer in back, but it was a bit of a panic.

And I think it's pretty funny to actually see the video now.

ranchdepressing9 karma


I am really excited about one of your projects, The Devil's Carnival 2. What was that set like? Do you have any awesome songs? Could you tell us about your character?

Also, do you plan on joining the TDC2 screening tour?

RealDavidHasselhoff14 karma

If I'm available, absolutely I would show up on the tour.

It's really - my character is the dresser of God - so I'm God's wardrobe guy. And I'm very, very precise, and picky, and I have an attitude that I know what's best for God and what's best for everyone to wear, and - let's see - the song was... I think the song is called "Nip and Tuck."

It's the weirdest, wackiest movie ever - but so much fun to be in. And hopefully even more fun to watch.

thenebular8 karma

Who read KITT's lines when you were in the car filming knight rider?

RealDavidHasselhoff18 karma

Usually the script supervisor, who was riding in a tow truck in front of the car, or standing offstage with a script in her hand. Her name was Winnie, and everyone used to fight over who could read KITT for the day, because everyone got a kick out of it!

Darkchyylde8 karma

What's your favourite "guilty pleasure" movie?

RealDavidHasselhoff26 karma

I think it's THE OTHER WOMAN.

Have you seen that movie?

Every frame of that movie was hysterically funny.

That, and actually my all-time favorite guilty pleasure of all time is SUPERBAD. That was awesome.

brokencurse8 karma

Hoff. You were there. it was a mess. Do you want a Mayweather/Pacquiao rematch?

RealDavidHasselhoff18 karma

You know? No. I really don't.

I think that the last fight was disappointing to me.

Basically, if you saw my interview before the fight, I called it - I said he'd be boxing, he's going to hit him, he's not going to tangle with him - and retreat. Because that's his style, which is a classic boxing style. But I also thought Manny could've attacked him a lot more.

They were both playing it extremely safe. Which disappointed millions of people who came to see them "get it on." They could've at least done that in the last round.