My short bio: I'm here to celebrate the theatrical release on April 27th of Bill's iconic 1992 live performance, Relentless. I'm also appearing in the 30 minute special about Bill that will precede it. Check for all the details. I'm also excited that all Bill's previous releases will be made available again on April 28th, thanks to the efforts of New Wave Entertainment and Comedy Dynamics. AMA

My Proof: Picture of me because the Bot was protesting I guess. Picture my wife took of Bill and me, Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. in LA, March 1982. Email message to me asking to proof the press release regarding this AMA:First draft of the Hicks/Reddit AMA media alert is attached. Please look it over and let me know if there are any changes. Here is the actual Press ReleaseCOMEDY DYNAMICS TO HOST REDDIT AMA IN CELEBRATION OF THE LEGACY OF BILL HICKS

Bill Hicks’ Brother Steve Will Answer Questions From Fans on Friday, April 24 at 5pm ET

Los Angeles April, XX 2015 – Comedy Dynamics celebrates the life of Bill Hicks with a Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on Friday, April 24 at 5pm with Steve Hicks, brother and executor of the Hicks estate. During the online interview, Hicks will answer fan questions about his brother’s historic legacy.

Steve Hicks Reddit AMA Friday, April 24th 5pm EST

Steve Hicks is featured in Comedy Dynamics Presents: Bill Hicks – a one night only screening of Bill Hicks: Relentless + documentary in which Steve Hicks curates never before seen footage from the Hicks archives. The one night only screening will be held in participating Fathom movie theaters across the country on Monday, April 27 at 8pm local time.

Tickets for Comedy Dynamics Presents: Bill Hicks can be purchased online by visiting, or at participating theater box offices. Fans throughout the U.S. will be able to enjoy the event in nearly 350 movie theaters through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network. For a complete list of theater locations and prices, visit the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change).

For artwork/photos related to Comedy Dynamics Presents click here. To view the official trailer, click here.

Link to Bill Hicks Website of which I am the administrator; note my name at the bottom as someone who can be contacted regarding Bill information:

On Facebook, find me at Steve Hicks where you will see plenty of Bill posts that will eliminate any doubt that I am Steve, Bill's brother.

Finally, the link to calling out the theatrical release of Relentless on Monday, 04/27/15, and my involvement in the 30 minute documentary that will show prior to that.

Besides all that why would I really be here if I wasn't Bill's brother, right?

Let me hear your questions if you've got them. I'll be back at 500pm to answer.

Thanks.Well, Bill fans, I think I need to shut it down. It's 640pm and I'm well over my hour. Thanks for your time and questions. I hope you'll be able to make it the screening of Relentless Monday night. There is a 30 minute special before it where I tell a few Bill stories I bet you haven't heard and you'll see some pictures and video you haven't seen as well. Here's the link: I may check back here a little later and see if there are any lingering questions. Thanks again.

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clevverguy64 karma

Will you consider doing this again? It sucks this post got completely overshadowed by Chris Pratt's ama. There are thousands of Bill Hicks fans here on reddit.

Steve_Hicks24 karma

Sure, I'd love to if there are enough people interested. Thanks for asking.

kazamx4 karma

Yes please do

Steve_Hicks6 karma

thanks for the interest.

PsychedeLurk2 karma

Otherwise, there's always the option of hosting an AMA in several other subreddits, such as:
/r/Psychonaut (I have a feeling this one in particular would appreciate the chance to ask you some questions, and I for one would love to see you there).

Steve_Hicks2 karma

We'll just have to see where/if any interest lies. Thanks for the suggestions.

coldcoldiq1 karma

Very interested. On the off chance that you are still reading these, I just want to say your brother was an unmatched comedian and social critic, and responsible for some of the best laughs of my life.

Steve_Hicks2 karma

Thank you. Bill was a good guy. I appreciate that he is still impacting so many people. Take care.

MC5EVP10 karma

I agree, I'm pissed that I didn't see this was going on.

Steve_Hicks12 karma

Thanks, see below.

MC5EVP2 karma

A close friend of my family was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and was given around 9 months to a year to live. How did you cope with the news when Bill told you his diagnosis, and what advice could you give for friends and family of terminal patients? Did Bill want to give up right away, or did he just keep charging on without hesitation?

Steve_Hicks3 karma

Sorry to hear of your friend. Respectfully, I have no business giving out any kind of advice about how to handle it. I will answer your question about Bill-he was determined to beat it, so he set up chemo treatments in the towns he was performing in. He kept it all very quiet, only telling his family and a couple of close friends. He did not want it to become a distraction to his work as he was traveling around. He thought people would focus on that-you know-do this, do that, I heard this treatment is very good, have you tried doing this.....That kind of stuff. He did not want that at all. He wanted to keep doing his work without distractions. Bill never gave up until he was just no longer physically able to do it.

MC5EVP1 karma

Thank you for your response, and your brother is my favorite comedian by far. I'm sorry you lost him so early.

Steve_Hicks1 karma

Thank you. Hope things go well for your friend.

Elroy_Bubbins21 karma

Given the great expanse of the modern internet; the myriad of multimedia content, availability and constant evolution - my question is this... What kind of porn do you think old Billy would have pulled it to?

Steve_Hicks31 karma

Girl on girl:)

pretendbreadboy11 karma

Bill had talked about the branch Davidians and them being attacked by the U.S. Government, later on... What was it that made Bill so out spoken on this subject? Also other than relentless, is there any unreleased material we might be able to see/hear any time soon?

Steve_Hicks21 karma

I think Bill always championed the underdog and the Branch Davidian situation happened not far from Austin, Texas-in Waco- where Bill was spending a lot of time then. It just matched up, his passion and the closeness of that particular event. There are hours and hours of both audio and video of Bill that has never been released. We are going through it now to determine what to release. Stay tuned!! Something new coming out at least by October of this year, more to follow. There's some exciting stuff.

Stockguy7774 karma

Why not release all of it? As a Bill fan, I'd be interested in seeing all of it. He had interesting perspectives.

Steve_Hicks13 karma

We're considering anything that is of worthwhile quality.

claytoncash4 karma

I agree, I'd consume all of it given enough time. I think though for a posthumous release the estate of the deceased feels a responsibility to preserve the artist's image and make sure not to tarnish anything. Which means they should release every known recording of the "Goat Boy" act on a 2 disc set and that's it.

Steve_Hicks3 karma

Nice suggestion:)

backmask2 karma

What is the best way to "stay tuned" and watch out for this stuff?

Steve_Hicks3 karma

On my Facebook page I post a lot about Bill stuff. Or, Billhicksdotcom on Twitter, website.

goonsack8 karma

Watch this if you haven't done so already. Bill grabbed a buddy and a camera and drove to the spot of the siege (as close as they'd let him).

Steve_Hicks6 karma

They talked their way past the police checkpoints and got in there!

goonsack1 karma

Jedi mind tricks

Steve_Hicks2 karma

Ha- something like that.

fisch0910 karma

If you could say one thing to your brother today what would it be?

Steve_Hicks29 karma

On the personal side, that I miss him. On the public, that his hope that his comedy and his message would be heard and appreciated is certainly happening now, even these 20+ years after his death.

penguinopusredux12 karma

It is mate, it is.

Steve_Hicks7 karma


LordoftheGodKings2 karma

Your brother's message was the first of its kind that I heard and it started me on a path I continue to travel. His passing is a great loss but we are fortunate his work prevails.

Steve_Hicks4 karma

Thank you for the support. We'll continue to share Bill's work as long as people are interested.

TemptThePuffin9 karma

Came here to say one thing to you: Everybody misses him.

Steve_Hicks6 karma

Appreciate it.

MrCuckoo9 karma

Hey Steve thanks for doing this, I have a few questions.

Are you an actual certified genius? I thought I remembered hearing Bill say something like that.

What was Bill like offstage? How did he deal with life when things got heavy or just weren't going right for him? Would he confide in you a lot?

How does feel to see Bill's comedy and messages continuing to influence many people around the world? And do you have a favorite bit or bits of Bill's standup?

Thanks again, and it's really great to see a year full of Bill Hicks releases and events. The man deserves to be heard.

Steve_Hicks17 karma

About being a genius, until it can be proven otherwise, I'm going with a yes-hahahahah!! Offstage Bill was very humble and quiet believe it or not. When things were heavy for him he meditated, read, wrote music and communicated tirelessly with his family and friends. Unbelievable, humbling, proud and very cool that his work his appreciated by so many people around the world. I am honored to be a part of it on Bill's behalf. My two faves of Bill were, 1) about Christians, then forgive me, and 2), for its absurdity, Put 'em in the Movies!! Thanks for your questions.

jdl349 karma

... Or do you want grandma to meet Chuck Norris?

Steve_Hicks25 karma

Quick, true story. Shortly after Bill died I had to fly to Las Vegas for work. At the airport there, you take a train-like thing from the plane into the main terminal. It was late at night, I got on the train and there was one other person on it-Chuck Norris. Haha.

MrCuckoo1 karma

Hey Steve not sure if you'll see this but I wanted to say I just got back from the Bill Hicks special tonight and thought it was fantastic. That will be closest I'll get to seeing Bill. I loved your intro as well, learned some new stuff about Bill.

I'm proud to say Bill is a hero of mine, not just for the things he said but his determination to do so and to be heard, and his ability to not forget to make you laugh instead of getting wrapped up too deeply in an idea. I feel like he would always be the one to speak up in a silent room of people and that's what I admire most.

Alright looking forward to seeing more releases of Bill's, and if there are anymore stories you can share about you and Bill I'd love to hear them, thanks.

Steve_Hicks2 karma

Thank you for letting me know. Glad you enjoyed it. We'll keep everyone posted as new Bill things come up later this year.

ReddiDude7 karma

Hi Steve! I think it's quite the tragedy that we will never hear what Bill would've said about all the major political events in the USA after his death. What do you think he would have said about things like 9/11 (and the subsequent war, started by ANOTHER Bush), the whole NSA/Snowden affair or the recent wave of Marihuana legalization?

Thank you for your time and what you are doing with his legacy, your brother really gave a lot of people a new outlook on life - It's just a ride!

Steve_Hicks11 karma

Hey thanks. I really try to avoid speaking about what Bill might be saying these days, with all due respect. The one thing, though, i am fairly confident in saying is that I believe he still would be kicking ass about the things he cared about. That was part of his nature so would not have faded away.

ReddiDude1 karma

I understand, thanks for the reply! And passionately kicking ass really seems like the natural thing for him. I also really dig his music, is there anymore unreleased material?

Steve_Hicks8 karma

Thank you. Yes there are 13 other songs Bill wrote and recorded that we haven't released yet. Also, Marblehead Johnson, the group he had with his friends may eventually get re-released. And there are hours and hours of him playing around on the guitar with bits and pieces of song lyrics, that type of thing. So yep, probably will put out some more music. I always thought it might be a cool idea to have other musicians cover Bill's songs and put out as an album. So many singers and bands are fans of Bill.

ReddiDude2 karma

That is amazing to hear! Both that there are more songs by him and your ideas about releasing them. Please keep us updated!

Steve_Hicks4 karma

Yep, we'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for your interest.

cogito_ergo_numb0 karma

This. So much this.

Steve_Hicks2 karma


crosschris2 karma

It might even get Tool to release they were big fans of Bill.

Steve_Hicks6 karma

Lots of people waiting for that next Tool album.

MattyBeatz7 karma

What was Bill's reaction to his last Letterman performance getting bumped for airtime? Did you watch it when Letterman ended up airing it all those years later?

Steve_Hicks14 karma

He was extremely hurt and confused by it. He had been on 11 times before that and Letterman really liked him, so it hurt Bill when that happened especially because he was so sick at that time. But, he had only told his family and a couple of friends. Yes, my sister and I flew to NYC with my mother when Letterman had her on as a guest when he showed that clip. If you haven't ever seen that on Youtube, type in Mary Hicks David Letterman and you will see our mother on the show. She did great. and it was nice for Letterman to do that.

lettheidiotspeak7 karma

Of all the comedians who have been accused (some would say proven) of ripping off Bill, are there any that you feel have successfully carried the torch for his style of humor? I like Denis Leary, but he always seems like a pale imitation...

Steve_Hicks13 karma

You know I'm very biased of course, so take that with a grain of salt, but my opinion only, no, no one matches Bill. Plenty have tried, and many are successful on their own terms but Bill stood alone, says his proud brother:) It's one of the reasons there are struggles any time a conversation about a movie about Bill comes up-Who could actually pull off playing him?

cogito_ergo_numb1 karma

I know Russell Crowe has been touted around a biopic, but personally, I think Kevin Smith is perfect for the role.

dr1nkycr0w3 karma

That guy who played Eugene in walking dead man. He looks just like bill

Steve_Hicks2 karma

People say he looks like Bill some.

dr1nkycr0w1 karma

:D omg.

Seriously tho man. There's not a day that goes by I don't think of your bro in some respects.

He's made a huge difference in my life

Steve_Hicks1 karma

Same here.

Steve_Hicks2 karma

We'll see what happens. There is still interest and conversation about doing a Bill movie.

ForgottenPassword31 karma

This would force Kevin Smith to lose weight. Which would ruin a bit of his public persona

Steve_Hicks4 karma

He's not involved so he can stay large:)

RedditRalf6 karma

I love Bill Hicks, had the balls to say what others would have been afraid of, that in itself is truly a great thing.

Where there any influences in early years of Bill's life that made him use anti-establishmentarianism in his comedy?

Steve_Hicks16 karma

Bill always did not like authority of any kind. It was just something from a very early age that took shape as he got older and wiser in his art form, his style of comedy, that he used to try to get those messages across. I always have felt,too, that the unconditional love and support of his family gave him confidence that he could say whatever he wanted to and it didn't really change anything about the way we felt about him. He made us all a little more tolerant about things, in that regard.

Steve_Hicks6 karma

Well, Bill fans, I think I need to shut it down. I'm well over my hour. Thanks for your time and questions. I hope you'll be able to make it the screening of Relentless Monday night. There is a 30 minute special before it where I tell a few Bill stories I bet you haven't heard and you'll see some pictures and video you haven't seen as well. Here's the link: I may check back here a little later and see if there are any lingering questions. Thanks again.

cantwaitforthis5 karma

My favorite joke is his dad joke - "I never got along with my dad. Kids used to come up to me and say, 'My dad can beat up your dad.' I'd say 'Yeah? When?'"

What is it like being the brother of a late legend?

Would you consider sharing my kickstarter for a charity book with people?

Steve_Hicks3 karma

I'm honored to be Bill's brother and I love getting to be involved in his legacy. To me he never seemed like a "legend", just a good brother.

cantwaitforthis1 karma

Glad you took up continuing his legacy and chose to keep his legacy in front of people and not let it fade!

Steve_Hicks2 karma

Thank you. It is something i feel privileged to get to do and i enjoy it very much.

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Steve_Hicks14 karma

I am really Steve. Most Bill fans will know that as I am pretty active in supporting Bill's legacy. I "see" many of you over on Facebook and Twitter.

N8theGr86 karma

That's a bot, it's programmed to say that.

Steve_Hicks10 karma

I don't have clue what I'm doing:) Just trying to keep up with the questions.

N8theGr83 karma

No worries, just letting you know. It posts that comment to every submission.

Steve_Hicks16 karma

Oh, artificial intelligence is taking over the world, one RedditAMA at a time:)

Troppin7 karma

I see you two apples didn't fall too far apart.

Steve_Hicks3 karma


Steve_Hicks9 karma

There you go.

buddythebear4 karma

Was there ever a joke of Bill's you really didn't like or agree with?

Steve_Hicks8 karma

Yes, there was one. It was in Austin, Texas, Bill told the joke and completely lost the crowd, they just groaned and didn't like it. I don't remember exactly the wording of the joke but it had to do with the Virgin Mary and a Milky Way candy bar. I'm sure you can imagine where that went. I told him about it afterwards, that he'd just lost the crowd and I didn't care for it either. He never did it again that I am aware of.

buddythebear3 karma

Thanks for your response! I can definitely imagine where that joke went.

Bill is by far one of my favorite comedians and I'm so happy you're preserving his legacy. My entire worldview was shaped in part by your brother's comedy and I am so thankful for that.

Steve_Hicks3 karma

Thank you for that.

littlekittyblue3 karma

What's your favorite memory with your brother?

Steve_Hicks14 karma

Wow, just hanging with him, either just me and him by ourselves or him with our whole family. You know i always tell people it is probably so boring to hear from me because I, and our family, always think about Bill as the brother, son, uncle..know what i mean, not the iconic comedian/philosopher. So, always my fondest memories are hanging out with him as a two brothers would. Once he tried to get me to take mushrooms with him but I chickened out-he didn't push it. He just said, If you're not ready, then you shouldn't do them. I traveled to see him perform a lot; those were always fun times. And watching him play with and spoil my kids, his only niece and nephew. They loved their Uncle Bill!! You know, he was just a good guy that was fun to hang with.

littlekittyblue3 karma

Thank you for your response! I can tell it's from the heart, it made me smile.

Steve_Hicks4 karma

It's always from the heart about Bill, and I'm not trying to get too maudlin. It's just how it is:)

Intotheblu3 karma

Hi Steve, thanks for the AMA!

I'm curious, I know bill always spoke about his psychedelic experiences and how they've made him see the world differently.

I was curious if you ever had a chance to trip with him and what it was like? Or if you didn't how do you think it changed the way he saw the world and did comedy?

Steve_Hicks4 karma

I never did but he tried to get me to one time. We drove out to the middle of the desert in the middle of the night. I chickened out and never did them; he was cool with that. According to Bill it just sort of raised his awareness of the things that were really important in life-love, spirituality, compassion, etc.

bob_loblaws_law_bomb3 karma

I got into Bill around 10 years ago, had never done any drugs. The way he spoke convinced me to try them and I honestly haven't been the same since. The man completely changed my life and an enormous part of who I am is thanks to him. Would love to have experienced one of those desert trips with him and Kevin!

Steve_Hicks1 karma

Thanks for that.

Brabadeau3 karma

Hey is probably a question you get a lot but what comedians would Bill admire today? CK, Burr, Stanhope?

Steve_Hicks10 karma

I don't know for sure but Bill always thought the funniest people were his friends, the Outlaw Comics he started out with in Houston, Texas.

hyperintelligentcat3 karma

What's the best advice your brother has given you?

What do you feel was the best advice you gave your brother?

Steve_Hicks8 karma

Best advice he gave me-Be true to yourself, love your family and friends. That I gave him? At a very early age, maybe 12 or 13, as he passed me jokes to read that he was writing-Man, keep doing what you're doing, you're really good at this. And it turned out to be so!!

cheddarcheesegirl3 karma

What has become of the infamous porno wing? #manny!!! LOVED your brother...kudos and hugs to you.

Steve_Hicks6 karma

We never actually found that porno wing! I think when Bill got sick and moved all his stuff back to our parent's house, he probably pulled all those out and gave them to homeless people or something:) Thanks for the kind words. Bill was a really good guy.

MethTical933 karma

Hey Steve, how's it going? (other than your cells dividing)

Do you have an exclusive youtube channel for Bill? If not I don't think it would be too late to start one, though I am unaware of the ownership/rights issues you face.

A lot of Bill's most popular videos on youtube have been removed for whatever reason. He should have a stable official channel with all his complete specials and underground material on there. A complete youtube archive for the millions of future fans out there.

I will always love Bill, you are part of a special family.

Steve_Hicks8 karma

Getting ready to launch it!!! And yes, there will be his known stuff, some unreleased stuff, lots of good things. Stay tuned. I'm sure i'll be posting links once it's up. And our family owns all Bill's material so there are no issues with that for us. It's just a matter of what we choose to put out there. Thanks for the interest.

havebananas2 karma

This is such a good point.

There's so many younger people getting into him. I think you should post this on his Facebook or Twitter.

Steve_Hicks3 karma

Thanks, see above.

royspray2 karma

Hi there! Was curious if you ever get back to Austin? He was really loved here and I remember him being on ACTV often.

Steve_Hicks2 karma

Yep, I've gotten back there a few times. Like many people I love Austin, and would love to move back and live there again.

NorbitGorbit2 karma

what do you recommend people do as far as estate planning goes? what's the simplest thing bill could have done from a documentation perspective that would have made your job easier?

Steve_Hicks9 karma

Hah-the one thing I would have told Bill was learn how to use Excel Spreadsheets-hahahahah. To categorize and catalog all his stuff has taken quite a while.

easyjet2 karma

How did the porn wing go? I know he worried about that.

Steve_Hicks3 karma

Never found it.

easyjet1 karma

Never mind. I met your brother in Leicester England in 93 I think. I saw him live twice when he toured. My friend and I were catching the train and bill was on the platform. We talked to him a while and he was cool with us geeky kids who were trying not to be gushing fanboys. He couldn't tell us why Kansas isn't pronounced 'Kinsaw' in respect to your home state. We apologised on behalf of the moron that spoiled the " drink coke" punchline to one of his jokes the night before and I think he was still a bit pissed about that it seemed to throw him a bit. I've never forgotten the occasion nor him. I dont think it was that long before he died so its been a very fond memory of mine.

Steve_Hicks2 karma

Great story. Thanks. Bill was very down to earth and approachable as you experienced that day. Great question about 'Kinsaw', too. Nice one:)

easyjet1 karma

I Appreciate your time sir. Thankyou to you and your family for overseeing an important estate. I'll watch a few videos tonight I think.

Steve_Hicks1 karma

Thanks for joining in here.

marksayshi2 karma

Steve, did you ever try stand-up comedy yourself? Did Bill ever try to get you to do it?

Steve_Hicks9 karma

I was going to once when i was 23. I have this great letter from Bill then, so he would have been 18, telling me what it was like to be on stage, what do to if something didn't get a laugh, just some advice like that-at the ripe old age of 18!! i never did get up on stage though. I'm funny around my friends, but that is nothing like going on a stage in front of drunk strangers:) so I copped out and went into the exciting field of inventory management-Yippee!!

clevverguy2 karma

Who do you think would be Bill Hick's favorite comedians?

Steve_Hicks4 karma

I know growing up he really liked Woody Allen at first, then he really got to like and respect Richard Pryor. Throughout his professional life, his comedian friends, the Outlaw Comics he started out with were always the ones he said were the funniest. As far as current ones? I don't really know, but perhaps he'd gravitate towards those he considered to be innovative, cutting edge, that type, without naming any names.

mrpapadopolous2 karma

Who was bills favorite comedians?

Steve_Hicks2 karma

See some other answers to similar question below. Thank you.

je5551ca2 karma

When there are big, nasty, corrupt news hitting the internet- I often think WHAT WOULD BILL SAY? And then, of course, I imagine a world in which he would still be here covering topics like Charlie Hebdo. Which is in COMPLETE contrast to his bit about British crime with all the "hooligans" running loose. "The hooligans are loose! The hooligans are loose! Someone's knocked over a dustbin..." What do you think he might have to say about some of the biggest international news stories lately?? Or heck- childhood obesity even? Thanks Steve! Obvs a huge fan from 'Bama. :D

Steve_Hicks6 karma

I don't know for sure exactly how Bill would be speaking to the issues out there today, but I do believe he would have remained passionate and been challenging the things that raised questions to him. It was in his nature. You know we used to live in Birmingham? Bill would have been about 4-5.

je5551ca1 karma

I did know that! Thanks for the reply, Steve. And am thrilled to see the new footage. Bill lives on!

Steve_Hicks2 karma

Thanks, yes it is very cool that so many people still care so much about Bill and his work.

CelebornX2 karma

What was Bill's favorite James Bond movie?

Steve_Hicks7 karma

I'm not sure about that particular one but will say he LOVED movies and was a very avid theater goer.

havebananas2 karma

What were some of his favourite films?

Steve_Hicks4 karma

The Godfather, Terminator, he loved westerns, mysteries...

reddit8092 karma

Crap, I just saw this. I had no idea!!! Thanks for doing this and hopefully you see this question.

My question: What's your favorite joke of Bills? Thanks so much fr doing this, man. Huge huge fan.

Steve_Hicks2 karma

I have two faves: 1) About Christians...well, then forgive me. and 2) Put 'Em in the Movies!! What about you?

reddit8092 karma

Hahaha awesome. Right off the top of my head, I think my favorite has to be about the Beatles being so high that they even let Ringo sing.

Bill pointed out so much hypocrisy in society that it's almost sad that his jokes still hold up to this day since we still deal with the same issues that he had a problem with. Thanks for your answer!!!

Steve_Hicks2 karma

I like the Beatles one, too. Don't know if you know this, but because of Bill's love of the Beatles(and mine, too), a few years ago we took Bill's music to Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles did the majority of their recording, and remastered Bill's songs. Some were released as Lo Fi Troubadour; maybe some more in the future.

reddit8091 karma

I definitely did, but I didn't know you guys actually went to Abbey Road Studios to do it. That's an awesome piece of trivia. Do you guys have any unreleased standup material yet to be shown?

Steve_Hicks2 karma

Yes, quite a bit unreleased comedy material that we are discussing now as to what we may want to release later this year.

reddit8091 karma

Will it be on DVD? I'm surprised he's not on Netflix like a ton of other comedians.

Steve_Hicks1 karma

All his videos that are available start streaming (Like on Netflix, etc.) today, 04/28/15. I believe loom for the Comedy Dynamics Channel. There will be a box set of them that comes out in August.

Dabat12 karma

When I was young I had a lot of issues, and it was your brother's body of work that was instrumental in guiding me into my live and let live philosophy on life. Also, it was his work on politics (along with other greats like Carlin) that encouraged me to pursue several degrees I currently hold. I do not know how much influence your brother had on my life, but I doubt I would be the person I am today without him.

I have often wondered W.W.B.S. (What Would Bill Say) about the current political climate in the United States,?

Also, how do you think he would feel about the current Pope (Francis I)?

Steve_Hicks5 karma

First, thanks for telling about yourself. We hear things like that so often about Bill-never get tired of it-that he had such impacts on peoples lives, or their outlooks on life. It is very gratifying to hear that and we appreciate it when we do, so thanks. Again, i don't speculate on what Bill might be thinking about things these days, you know. I do feel confident he would still be railing against the types of things that bothered him. That was part of his nature so i feel that part of him would have continued. The rest, though, who knows?

Dabat11 karma

Fair enough. I didn't see your other reply before I posted or I would have asked something else.

Ok, so something else I do wonder, what was his favorite television show?

Steve_Hicks7 karma

The Simpsons, Northern Exposure are two I vividly recall.

RhythmicRed2 karma

I'm probably super late to this but I thought I would give it a shot anyway.

Could you elaborate on the relationship between Bill Hicks and Maynard James Keenan of Tool?

Steve_Hicks2 karma

I think they met couple of times. Bill introduced Tool at Lollapalooza one year. I heard there was talk about them touring together but nothing ever came of that. Of course, Tool sampled Bill on their Aenima album. They have remained big fans and Maynard still speaks of Bill off and on over the years. I was lucky enough to meet them a couple of times. Very nice group of guys, I liked them a lot. Maynard invited me to his winery in Arizona once but never actually gave me the address:)

RhythmicRed1 karma

Thank you Steve for your time to reply to me today. :)

I really appreciate it and wish you the best!

Steve_Hicks2 karma

Sure. Thanks for the question.

ThePopeDoesUSA1 karma

What do you think of the Bill is Alex Jones conspiracy?

Steve_Hicks2 karma

It's stupid. Unfortunately, it is very true that Bill really died Feb. 26, 1994. So, there's really nothing else to say about that.

ThePopeDoesUSA1 karma

There you have it folks, now shut up about it :-) By the way it was cool to see my question answered on the big screen!

Steve_Hicks1 karma

Ha-it's just come up so much lately I felt it needed to be addressed.

ThePopeDoesUSA1 karma

I made TV happen!

Steve_Hicks1 karma

You and Jerry Springer!

MallowCocktail1 karma

How did you guys spend your childhood?

Steve_Hicks1 karma

Typical stuff. Played sports, went on family vacations, went to school and hated it! Our grandparents had a farm so we spent some time in the summers there, playing in the haystacks, chasing the pigs, fishing......We had paper routes at one point. It was a very normal childhood. We did move a lot; our father was getting promoted so we wouldn't be in one place too long before we moved again. We did finally settle in Houston, Texas in the late 1960's. But, all in all, it was normal, nothing real exciting:)

Stockguy7771 karma

How about a funny story about when you guys were young and before he became a comedian?

Steve_Hicks4 karma

We both used to play baseball. I was a pitcher and 5 years older than Bill so I just knew if only he would listen to me I could help him become a great pitcher, too:) we were out in the front yard of our house in Houston practicing and I kept trying to tell him what to do that I thought would make him better. I kept on and on with it, finally he got sick of hearing me, so he threw his glove at my head, told me to go fuck myself, then went back inside. Haha- he hated ever being told what to do!

Stockguy7771 karma

lol. Guess he was rebellious from day one! Thank you very much for sharing

Steve_Hicks1 karma

Always, and I never tried to teach him anything about baseball again!!

backmask1 karma

Thank you, Mr. Hicks, for doing the AMA. Your brother has always been a huge influence of mine (in general, I'm not a comedian, but I do give a lot of commentary on the world around us in writing, etc.), and, as we all agree, he was taken too soon.

My question is what do you think Bill would be doing today? Obviously still comedy, but what edge do you think his comedy would have today? How do you estimate that he would have evolved, etc.? Would he have broken into written work?

Thanks again for doing this, and I'm sorry it's been overshadowed by Chris Pratt's AMA.

Steve_Hicks4 karma

I don't know for sure what direction Bill would have taken. The world's changed since then. I would believe he would still be challenging the things he saw going on that he was passionate about.

Jabbex15-2 karma

What Is it like being shadowed by Bill? Did you get overlooked by some people wanting to talk to Bill?

Steve_Hicks10 karma

Don't feel overshadowed at all. It was never any kind of contest. I'm here, or wherever, so people CAN ask me about Bill. I love it and I'm totally cool with that.

MallowCocktail1 karma

What did you do in life? What kind of profession did you partake in ? What are your hobbies ? :)

Steve_Hicks1 karma

Nothing worth mentioning. Thanks for asking though.