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Hello and thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

My question: Thinking back, does anything about the tense climate in today's political scene remind you of anything that happened before the war broke out?

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Thanks for doing this! Anti-dentite episode changed my life and is a huge reason why I became a dentist. My question is: What's the craziest impact you've found out to have had on someone else's life?

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Crap, I just saw this. I had no idea!!! Thanks for doing this and hopefully you see this question.

My question: What's your favorite joke of Bills? Thanks so much fr doing this, man. Huge huge fan.

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Thanks for the answer! I was hoping (or not hoping) that maybe she saw similar tendencies today that mirrored things that happened leading up to the war.

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Hahaha awesome. Right off the top of my head, I think my favorite has to be about the Beatles being so high that they even let Ringo sing.

Bill pointed out so much hypocrisy in society that it's almost sad that his jokes still hold up to this day since we still deal with the same issues that he had a problem with. Thanks for your answer!!!