Happy 420 Week Redditors!

Tripp Keber here at the Dixie Brands Inc. Global Headquarters in Denver, Colorado! I am one of the two original founders of Dixie Brands, Inc and Dixie Elixirs & Edibles (http://dixieelixirs.com), Colorado’s premiere licensed marijuana infused products manufacturer (MIPS).

Look out for Dixie coming to a state near your in 2015!

For over 5 years, we have been defining the future of cannabis by providing the world's most delicious, innovative and consistent cannabis infused edibles, topicals, tinctures and sodas. When I'm not thinking about the future vision of Dixie and the industry, I actively support the efforts of the National Cannabis Industry Association, as founding member and current Board Director.

Additionally since 2013, I have served as a Board Member of the Marijuana Policy Project as well as an Advisory Board member of the Medical Marijuana Industry Group in Colorado. Fighting to end our failed prohibition polices and provide safe access to safely regulated cannabis is my passion!

In particular, I am an avid supporter of Dr. Sue Sisley's groundbreaking PTSD research on behalf of veterans.

As you [probably] know, 420 is around the corner and Denver is getting in gear for the biggest cannabis Holiday in the country! Coincident with this incredible weekend, we couldn't be more excited to be re-launching our world famous Elixirs. Cannabis regulations change quickly, and we're all still learning the best way to regulate and administer our emerging industry—thus our l cannabis-infused soda has been off of the shelves since February here in Colorado. Sometimes we have to pivot, as we did with the Elixir bottle but as innovators we chose to rise to occasion and invested in developing the world's first child resistant bottle that holds carbonation and is dosable! I think the most fascinating aspects of this emerging, yet booming industry, is having to constantly think on our feet as we are, what I like to call, a start up in a start up industry. The challenges, and opportunities, are endless. So much so, in fact, that itls often a challenge to stay on target and not get distracted.

I am honored to be part of America’s (and the world’s) next great industry. Ask me Anything…but once I get going it, might be hard to stop. There’s a lot to talk about… Victoria's helping us get started.

PROOF: http://imgur.com/MR9vBqu


Update: Hey guys, we're going to take a small break, but I hope to be back to answer more of your questions. Thank you for your questions so far, and for the opportunity!

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gringostroh10 karma

In a more serious note, what has your companies experience been in terms of being treated as a legitimate business i.e. banking, local business groups?

TrippKeber4 karma

In recent years, we at Dixie feel like we have had a 95% approval rating. We have access to the highest levels of government, both local and state, and in recent months, even federal agencies.

We believe in 2014, marijuana went mainstream, and we are starting to see the benefits of that across the board.

Banking is a complex issue related to the cannabis industry. It is the single greatest opportunity, but also the single greatest threat.

It's important to note that you have an industry that is doubling on an annual basis, in which 85% of the transactions are conducted in cash. I truly believe that both our federal and state governments understand the importance of offering traditional banking services to businesses like mine.

Watch closely, later this year and next, for what I believe to be a viable solution.

virus58777 karma

are you a greedy ass?

TrippKeber4 karma

Well...I dont happen to think so. Im a businessman, and while its hard to take your question too seriously I will tell you that being successful in business can be confused with greed. But the truth is...without smart people running businesses that are grounded in being successful, we cant move the industry forward. We have spent 100s of thousands of dollars on meeting compliance/regulations, changing our packaging, working on education etc. to help move the industry ahead. That doesnt happen without money. So, while those who are activists are necessary. And those who are passionate about the plant are necessary. I would submit that businessmen and women are necessary as well. My hope is that collectively we find the right balance to bring legalization to the national level. But thanks for the insult :).

gringostroh5 karma

Can I come work for you? Please.

TrippKeber2 karma


Thank you very much for your interest in Dixie. We get that question a lot.

It's an honor to see so many people interested in joining the cannabis industry.

And I'll refer you to the email address - [email protected] - to reach out to for more information.

PhasersSetToKill5 karma

How do you feel about the military's Zero tolerance for marijuana? should the military allow usage?

TrippKeber6 karma

Wow. thats a tough one. I dont know that I am educated enough on the issues. But i will say its likely a similar challenge to employment law or DUI's here. Its tough to measure (currently) the amount of truly "active" THC someone has consumed, and when, and then draw the conclusion regarding impairment. So the military being the military and not fond of grey area simply would rather not deal with it. Thus, its zero tolerance. That said, I do believe in a state where it is legal to consumer (medical or adult use) our soldiers should have the right to do so. But again, its a complicated question with a number of rabbit holes.

Bob0024 karma

What is your favorite edible?

What is your opinion on the future of cannabis or hemp in fighting cancer? I've got a mild form of cancer, but have had hemp oil recommended to me several times.

TrippKeber4 karma

My favorite edible is the Dixie Awakening Mint, which offers 5 mg of active THC. And it is a Sativa strain.

As it regards to the future of cannabis and fighting cancer, although I'm not a medical doctor, so I can't make claims, there's clearly evidence that suggests that at a bare minimum, cannibanoids have the ability to assist with the regression and / or mitigation of cancer cells.

Additionally, there are hundreds of websites and studies that suggest that hemp oil may assist with many of the side effects of cancer.

BadBetchen4 karma

How do you feel about regulations in the industry? Are they good or bad for your company? for the industry as a whole?

TrippKeber11 karma

Here in Colorado, we have incredible respect for the Marijuana Enforcement Devision. The prevailing attitude of the MED allows key stakeholders, like Dixie, to have a seat at the table. The adage "seek first to understand, and then be understood" applies each & every day.

And it's refreshing to work alongside confident regulators that truly understand the importance of this powerful plant, and how it impacts so many aspects of society, from a political, legal and social standpoint.

We operate at the pleasure of the state of Colorado, and it's a privilege to do so.

psyflame3 karma

When can I find your products in the CA Bay Area?

TrippKeber3 karma

Not yet, but coming soon! Dixie is building a state of the art manufacturing & production facility in the Bay Area. We hope to have products on the shelves of licensed medical marijuana dispensaries sometime this summer. Please stay tuned! We look forward to serving patients across the entire state of California soon.

Erudition3032 karma

Hi Tripp, thanks for taking the time to do this AMA.

What are the biggest compliance challenges you've faced as a leader in the MMIPM industry in Colorado? Do you think software tools (like METRC) compound or reduce those types of challenges for cannabis entrepreneurs?

TrippKeber0 karma

So the single greatest challenge is the compliance requirements associated with packaging, labeling, and dosing. To give you a perspective, most CPGs (or consumer packaged goods companies) update their packaging every 36 months.

We have updated our packaging completely 3 times in last 18 months.

So in addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been spent, the intellectual horsepower required is NOT insignificant.

Being the future of cannabis is challenging from day-to-day. But we're extremely bullish on what the industry has to offer both medical marijuana patients and consumers, not only here in Colorado, but across the country.

koeonta1 karma

How's Steve looking today?

TrippKeber3 karma

Which Steve?

koeonta4 karma

Sexy Steve from Philly, of course

TrippKeber5 karma

In that case...He's got some work to do :).

BlueSky18771 karma

Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?

TrippKeber1 karma

I have to go with Star Wars. Looking forward to the next installment.

CaliforniaThinMint1 karma

How can one invest in your company?

TrippKeber0 karma

At the moment, you cant, sorry to say. We are neither looking for funding nor are we publicly traded. But you never know what the future may hold.

haidenVUE921 karma

How did you initially fundraise, and how much? Very curious how long you waited to take on investment, and what your worth was when you finally did. Really fantastic work overall. You're an inspiration for all entrepreneurs in this industry!

TrippKeber0 karma

Initially, we didn't fundraise, because there were very few individuals that I knew that were interested in being part of the cannabis industry. So we did most of the heavy lifting on our own backs. Almost 4 years later, we successfully raised $8 million dollars to fund expansion of Dixie through its parent company, Dixie Brands.

Thank you so much for your kind words. It means a lot.

BadBetchen0 karma

What is the largest misconception about the cannabis plant? Is THC a cannabinoid?

TrippKeber2 karma

Of course, yes it is. THC is indeed a cannabinoid. And is one of eighty that have been identified in the cannabis plants. Clearly, THC (which offers the consumer or patient a psychoactive experience) is seemingly the most popular these days.

MSAurelius0 karma

Hi Tripp,

A couple questions:

How are you dealing with the banking restrictions imposed on your business when you offer a product that is sold in the industry? Where do you see buyer habits of consumption trending towards? Everyone will always prefer their own way, but what are people's habits? What is the most difficult process when infusing cannabis into edible mediums? How do you and your business stay ahead and innovative in this industry and what are some common mistakes people encounter or problems they misconceive when entering the market?

Sorry for the long inquiry, but I'm very intrigued and strive to make a name in the industry myself. Thanks for your time!

TrippKeber-2 karma

Wow! Well, we are fortunate as a manufacturer and as Dixie Brands to have banking relationships.

We are hopeful that all participants within the cannabis industry will have the same soon.

Keep your fingers crossed.

We are finding that consumers of edibles (THC-infused products to ingest) are focused on products with health and wellness - less calories, fewer sugars, fewer carbohydrates.

We refer to these as "innovative delivery systems," taking advantage of science that we've understood and created over the past 5 years.

Why consume a pot brownie, when you can ingest one of Dixie's Relaxing Mints?

It's a much more positive experience.

beernerd0 karma

What's the best edible for someone that has never tried cannabis?

TrippKeber3 karma

The lowest-dosed edible you can find.

In particularly, in the state of Colorado, we have consumer education programs, including "First Time Five" as well as "Go low, Go slow."

Each promoting novice cannabis consumers enjoying no more than 5 mgs of active THC, allowing for no less than 60 minutes before your next dose.

mileHImusic0 karma

Will Dixie Elixirs be at The Denver Post's UMS again this year?

TrippKeber0 karma

Complicated question.

Our intentions were to be at the UMS this year, but advertising laws involving cannabis companies are incredibly complicated. These very laws that are designed to promote cannabis companies, like Dixie, preclude us from actually participating.

m0zzetho0 karma

How do you guys take everyday snacks like cheetos and turn them into edibles?

TrippKeber2 karma

To be candid, we don't make THC-infused products like Cheetos or other savory snacks.

We at Dixie believe the future of cannabis is creating innovative delivery systems.

That being said, we always appreciate and on occasion chuckle at some of the product suggestions we receive from our loyal fans.

Keep the suggestions coming. And thanks a lot!

Erudition3030 karma

Will Dixie have a booth at the Cannabis Cup this weekend?

TrippKeber-1 karma

We will not. We've chosen to not participate directly at the High Times Cannabis Cup. But we will be involved with dozens of events around the city, beginning Friday, and though 4/20 itself.

Look out for Dixie's street teams across the city, giving away 4/20 survival kits!

Noncensical0 karma

Is there any way for me (a resident of Maryland) to get a regular supply of your products? I feel so left out. I've never had good edibles, and I've tried plenty of times.

TrippKeber1 karma

Not at this point in time. Come visit us in Colorado! It's beautiful this time of year.

thedanks0 karma

Hey Tripp, I'm currently a budtender in Denver, I have a culinary degree and working towards my bachelors in business. With the industry so saturated here in Denver, What is the best way to get a job at an edible company here in CO?

TrippKeber0 karma

Email [email protected].

Secondarily, create a resume or CV that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Dixie hires team members each and every week, and as our company continues to grow, we're looking to identify and hire best of breed employees in all categories.

Good luck to you!

profound-magician0 karma

How does your company advertise this product and what are the limits in this area?

TrippKeber2 karma

The limits related to advertising are not insignificant. It is challenging to utilize mainstream media platforms. But at at a bare minimum, you must focus on publications or forums that focus on a demographic that is 21 years or older. The advertising rules & regs continue to evolve, and it's an incredibly complicated and challenging subject. On occasion, it's frustrating. I wish we could do more.

TheChameleonPrince0 karma

Why prompted you to enter the cannabis business? How did you deal with the stigma and negative association of entering a grey field with disapproving friends and family?

TrippKeber4 karma

Initially, what prompted me was money. And I humbly submit that I'm slightly embarrassed by that. But in a very short period of time, I realized the powerful benefits that cannabis can offer to all types of people. It's surreal, looking back 5 years later, that money was the primary motivator, now that I know how we ( as a company, Dixie) have impacted hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, across the country.

To date, I've never received any disapproving comments from friends & family.

But the day is still young. You never know.

DPdotCOM0 karma

What aspect of the professional cannabis industry is the most underserved? On the day when we see Eaze getting a really respectable investment & valuation for modern delivery services, it would be interesting hear your thoughts on what business roles need the most expansion in the cannabis industry. Marketing, Capital investment, Home growth, etc?

TrippKeber1 karma

Simple answer to that--banking. There are other areas that could stand some improvement (marketing being one that is improving rapidly, the retail experience, labs/testing). But as i mentioned earlier, if we can get banking fixed it would create huge opportunity to improve on all of the other elements.

legalweed840 karma

Will Dixie be attending the Denver cannabis cup this year?

TrippKeber-1 karma

Not this year. We are involved in a number of 420 activities, but not the Cup.

hitemwiththefork0 karma

How can I get a job in the Cannabis industry? I live in PA :/ willing to relocate though! ...I really wanna do PR for a dispensary...

TrippKeber2 karma

There are a number of MJ related job sites. But overall, just differentiate yourself. Find an opportunity to share with a specific dispensary EXACTLY how you will make a difference to their business. Remember that most are completely overwhelmed and busy, so you have to approach them with that understanding. A random email and resume isnt going to cut it for most. Study them, find out what makes them tick and then share with them the issue you can solve for them.

clockwork_jesus0 karma

Who would win in a kaiju battle, Super Mecha Miley Cyrus or The Colossal Radioactive Justin Bieber?

TrippKeber4 karma

Miley Cyrus.

I've met Justin Bieber. Not scary.

Ima_asku_aboutcheese-1 karma

Hi Tripp. What types of Cannabis Cheese do you know of? And what Cheese best pairs with a run of the mill Indica and sativa?

TrippKeber-1 karma

On April 1st, we launched an incredible product, called "Canatuna." Check it out on our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DixieElixirs/photos/a.146597758725750.40160.129061613812698/916005691784949/?type=1&theater

That being said, I don't have any experience infusing THC in cheese.

That sounds interesting, let us know how it works out.

Durkbeef-1 karma

I was curious as to what you think would the maximum dose you could give someone with a cbd packed pill and still see medically useful results? Im, uh.... asking for a friend

TrippKeber0 karma

Not sure I understand the question? The max dose of CBD in terms of when is it no longer medicinally beneficial? If so, thats hard to answer as it would vary by person, what is being treated etc.

215to303-1 karma

Visiting Colorado soon, love the outdoors, where would you recommend going for a hike? Can't wait to purchase a Dixie Lift energy shot, seems like the perfect trail companion :) Thanks for doing this!

TrippKeber-2 karma

One of my favorite trails is in Aspen, Colorado. "Maroon Bells" offers both a vigorous workout and inspirational views. I can't think of a better place to enjoy's Dixie's Lift Energy Shot.

Good luck and send us a selfie!

TaiwanLannister-1 karma

what's your favorite movie?

TrippKeber2 karma


pitcherofwater-2 karma

Hey Tripp! Huge fan of Dixie Products and Pot Barons of Colorado! What was that filming experience like? What was your favorite part of it? What was it like watching it on TV? What was your favorite part of the show that didn't involve Dixie?

TrippKeber0 karma

It was an honor to be included alongside so many talented entrepreneurs.

Overall, I thought "Pot Barons of Colorado" represented both myself, my team members, and my company in a positive and accurate light.

We're confident we'll see more coming from "Pot Barons" in the future. Stay tuned for more on that.

It was entertaining to see myself on TV. I can laugh at myself, and on many occasions, I did.

I think it was the reality of the situation, that so many people think it's sexy and exciting to be in the cannabis industry, but on more than one occasion, it was demonstrated that it's very challenging, and on one occasion, even frightening. So it shined a big bright light that being in the cannabis industry is not only challenging, but on occasion, dangerous.

dreaminwild-3 karma

How did you approach packaging your Dixie products? Are there certain restrictions on design specific to cannabis products?

TrippKeber1 karma

Carefully. And yes, many restrictions as well as requirements in terms of child resistance, labeling, etc. Its a very complicated aspect of our business but it comes with the territory.

CompassionateComm-3 karma

Will Dixie be carrying products with varying concentrations of the different cannabinoids?

TrippKeber-3 karma

Absolutely YES.

We're excited to have 4 to 6 products on our "innovation board" at any given time.

Many of which will introduce specific cannabinoid profiles, highlighting both THC and CBD, as well as other cannabinoids.

Stay tuned for more on that.

kayakergal-3 karma

Hi Tripp, When you say.... "Look out for Dixie coming to a state near your in 2015!" does that mean only states with legal marijuana laws or will customers in other states be able to order your edibles online?

Also, Do you have a retail store in Denver?

TrippKeber0 karma

To answer the first part of your question, to be very clear, we only intend to offer Dixie products in states that offer some form of access to cannabis, whether it be medical or adult use. It's incredibly important to adhere to the regulatory framework that each state offers, that allows us the privilege to distribute this powerful plant.

In my opinion, someday all 50 states will offer some form of access to cannabis. And when that day comes, it is likely you will see Dixie on shelves near you.

Keep the faith.

No retail store in Denver yet. But I love the concept of "Dixie-land!"

kayakergal-3 karma

It's ironic that your company is called Dixie and yet no southern states in the US have approved medical or recreational marijuana. It's extremely frustrating all around for people who live in the South and can't get access to your wonderful products -- especially for serious medical conditions that could be alleviated by cannabis. Do you foresee the south as being the last hold out?

And, as a side note I have heard a great deal of anecdotal information on cannabis helping migraines. Have you heard any success stories for migraines - specifically with edibles?

TrippKeber0 karma

I agree. It is very frustrating indeed. While there have been positive discussions in states like FL and even Alabama and Louisiana, Im not sure I see many Southern states "seeing the light" in the near term. Of course, there's always hope that they realize the tax and wellness benefits, but, Im not holding out a ton of hope. As for migraines--absolutely. I know of many who find that if they consume THC at the very onset of a migraine it can either significantly reduce the impact or potentially prevent it all together.

kayakergal-1 karma

Thank you Tripp. Regarding THC, I have heard that high CBD content combined with THC has also been quite effective. Do any of your edibles contain high CBD with THC?

TrippKeber-1 karma

We have a line called Synergy that is a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. It's a great product that can be found at dispensaries throughout CO.

baker_greencard-3 karma

Hello Mr. Keber!

Thanks for doing this! What do you think about the digital/mobile aspect and future of technology in the industry? Where do you see expansion, great promise or potential? Where do you see great potential in other aspects of the industry?

Thanks again for doing this! Love Dixie Elixirs products!

TrippKeber-2 karma

I think there is great growth happening around digital and mobile and i think there is more to come. We are at a point now where we are identifying real pain points that technology can solve for businesses and where consumers are less fearful of engaging with the industry digitally. I think tech is the next great growth platform within the industry (just look at the recent MSRT IPO..and for disclosure, I am a board member...). I think we have much work to do on the b-to-b side though. Hard to gain traction/adoption sometimes, but it will happen.

highassnegro-3 karma

Can you make some dabs that I can put up my nose?

TrippKeber1 karma

We dont currently make any dabbable products. Not sure snorting a dab would work though.

BlueSky1877-3 karma

Do you plan on selling the Dixie Elixir manufacturing process to out of state retailers? I'd love to see you all over the PNW!!

TrippKeber-1 karma

The answer is unequivocally yes. We intend to expand the Dixie Brand this year into Arizona, California (as previously mentioned), Oregon, Washington State, and even Nevada. Look for updates on our website & various social media platforms to learn more about dates of products being available in your home state.

Thanks for the loyalty and support.

vapewiz-4 karma

What would you suggest to smaller growers in states with medical programs and legalization plans to still be able to make a living growing? Should the home/small growers be worried about big marijuana business moving in and how that would change things?

TrippKeber1 karma

At the end of the day, it's important to put your foot in the water, and get in the game.

No matter how small your cultivation environment is, you have the ability to create powerful medicine in those states with medical programs.

Like any other business, it's important to focus on growth, and how that growth interacts with other businesses in your community. There certainly is a trend to reduce or limit the amount of cannabis that an individual, a citizen, may grow in his or her personal residence, and that will continue to be a focus of state regulators, not only here in Colorado, but across the country.

Please pay special attention to what your state allows you. There are many individuals languishing in the prison systems from a non-violent drug offense for the possession of marijuana, or the cultivation of such.

CompassionateComm-5 karma

Is Dixie going to market CBD infused products to other states and countries?

TrippKeber-2 karma

Absolutely, yes. We intend to release a new brand of CBD line products later this spring / early summer.

mauragaughan-6 karma

Hi Tripp! Thanks for hosting this live Q&A session.

Why do you think more and more tech investors are starting to put their money into Cannabusiness? And what impact do you predict this having in Colorado?

I'm a writer for Built In Colorado (www.builtincolorado.com) and am writing an article on weed-tech companies for 4/20. We would love your thoughts!

Thanks so much- Maura Gaughan

TrippKeber-8 karma

Maura--thats probably a longer and involved discussion. Feel free to reach out to our CMO at [email protected] to discuss.

rodneyindc-7 karma

Tripp, are there going to be regional licensing and or franchise opportunities for others to manufacture and distribute Dixie products?

TrippKeber-3 karma

Absolutely. THats part of our national expansion plans.

rodneyindc-5 karma

It's Rodney. You here soon right?

TrippKeber-5 karma

Sure hope so!