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if such a system was implemented, most big companies wouldn't last long at all. They are propped up by IP, patents, insider trading, etc.

best line of this whole thread:

Profit is unnatural, and is gradually reduced by competition.

This really helps illustrate the fucked up system so many people are trying to overturn. "big" companies shouldn't exist in a true free-market, competition forces them to keep iterating or die fast :)

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He's obviously shamed into not responding... no surprise there...

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are you a greedy ass?

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you sell overpriced bullshit product.

Medical cannabis is not Hemp. You are deceiving the consumer and getting rich in the process.

You are a greedy ass and I hope your "business" fails and people learn to take care of themselves.

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It's made from Hemp, not cannabis. (rumor says Hemp waste) It's $150 for 500 MILLIgrams. That's insane prices. We charge $30-50 per gram for medical cannabis concentrate. This guy is a greedy ass selling snake oil.