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What do operations look like now in Afghanistan or looked like when you were on your way out? I keep hearing the need for Spec Ops, small unit deployments, from all military branches, to continue to carry out missions. What are we specifically doing more of now to combat terrorist activity?

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Hey Tim. Any advice or words of wisdom for an enlistee making his way to BUD/S later this year? Do you remember what going through SFAS and SFQC was like and how you earned your stripes? Thanks and good luck!

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What was the workspace like for you as an intern? Did you ever work around the vehicles directly in their shops or was it more of a hands off approach? Also, looking at Teslas impact on the future of the motor car industry, what is their biggest hurdle towards achieving mass market realization and acceptance from consumers? Everyone talks about the batteries being the most costly aspect of the vehicle. How long until we see production costs fall so Teslas become more affordable while not compromising quality.

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Talk a little bit about your job as a tender. What does an average day look like? Also, talk a bit about your grows (if you're able). What are your setups like and what does your dream garden look like? Is it indoor and climate controlled? What's the new tech. in Cannabis cultivation that you're most excited about?

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Hi Tripp,

A couple questions:

How are you dealing with the banking restrictions imposed on your business when you offer a product that is sold in the industry? Where do you see buyer habits of consumption trending towards? Everyone will always prefer their own way, but what are people's habits? What is the most difficult process when infusing cannabis into edible mediums? How do you and your business stay ahead and innovative in this industry and what are some common mistakes people encounter or problems they misconceive when entering the market?

Sorry for the long inquiry, but I'm very intrigued and strive to make a name in the industry myself. Thanks for your time!