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Thank you Tripp. Regarding THC, I have heard that high CBD content combined with THC has also been quite effective. Do any of your edibles contain high CBD with THC?

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It's ironic that your company is called Dixie and yet no southern states in the US have approved medical or recreational marijuana. It's extremely frustrating all around for people who live in the South and can't get access to your wonderful products -- especially for serious medical conditions that could be alleviated by cannabis. Do you foresee the south as being the last hold out?

And, as a side note I have heard a great deal of anecdotal information on cannabis helping migraines. Have you heard any success stories for migraines - specifically with edibles?

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Hi Tripp, When you say.... "Look out for Dixie coming to a state near your in 2015!" does that mean only states with legal marijuana laws or will customers in other states be able to order your edibles online?

Also, Do you have a retail store in Denver?

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I was going to report that question but kudos to you for answering it. Thank you for making the investment to help so many - especially those with illnesses that can benefit from cannabis. And particularly in a form that does not require smoking it; which can be prohibitive for those with lung issues.

Hey if being a successful entrepreneur makes one a greedy ass then I'm all for it. ;)