I'm an entreprenegro. Actor, musician, entertainer, and entreprenegro.

My new album "Ludaversal" drops next week on Tuesday March 31st, but you can pre-order on iTunes and get 4 free songs now!

I work with the Ludacris Foundation to help kids help themselves, helping underprivileged children. Hell yeah!

And my new movie, Furious 7, opens next Friday April 3rd in theaters everywhere....and if you thought that this franchise couldn't get any bigger or better you're in for a helluva surprise.

I'm here with Victoria to answer your questions. Go ahead.

PROOF: http://imgur.com/codg3hY

Edit: I did enjoy this. Thank you guys so much for being true fans, and make sure you pre-order the album again, right now.

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jakew20163374 karma

Did that bitch ever get out of your way?

VerifiedLudacris2961 karma


SuperDuperTurtle1987 karma

"Better hide that big-ass forehead." Was that spit-take real or scripted?

VerifiedLudacris2218 karma

It was so real, that's why it came across so funny!

ontopic1766 karma

Who would win in a fight?

Rollout Ludacris with the big head (cuz he's smarter), or Get Back Ludacris with the giant arms (better at punching)?

VerifiedLudacris2171 karma

That's fucking hilarious man, dang!

That shit's crazy!

GET BACK Ludacris would win, with the big arms. Way too funny man!

ch405_5p34r1433 karma

Has anyone spotted you in public and shouted "LUDA!" really loud?

VerifiedLudacris2337 karma


I give them a head nod, when that happens.

DanyaRomulus1413 karma

It's been 14 years, so I think it's time to finally answer the question, what in the WORLD is in that bag? What you got in that BAG?

VerifiedLudacris1995 karma

Something illegal.

Allmaestro1366 karma

Why should i, as a motherfucker, get back?

VerifiedLudacris2247 karma

That's funny.

Because you don't know me like that!

nextfanatic1182 karma

How was recording Furious 7 after Paul Walkers death?

VerifiedLudacris1900 karma

It was very difficult, but we got through it together as a cast, and it brought us all closer together. And we were able to carry on his legacy in this film, in the greatest way possible.

bluepinkblack1022 karma

At this point in your career you’ve probably been hit with every silly ‘area code’ joke known to man, but I have a question about the writing process for that song. How conscious were you to make sure as many metropolitan markets were represented in that song? Were there any smaller, special shout-out area codes you were certain to include, or conversely, any area codes you actively made sure to exclude? Are there any area codes you regret leaving out from the song?

VerifiedLudacris1919 karma

That is hilarious. Haha!

The song could only be but so... long. And yes, there are many area codes that I wish I could've put in there. However, I tried to get the ones that were as honest to the actual hoes I had in those area codes as possible.


ExtraAndroid840 karma

What is the funniest thing that's happened at one of your performances?

VerifiedLudacris1646 karma

Me falling and tripping over a damn speaker.

And, um... forgetting the lyrics to songs. But playing it off as if I meant to do it.

ludaquestion756 karma

Hey Luda!

Big fan here, do you ever feel a remorse for causing most people to mispronounce Ludicrous by saying Ludacris instead?

VerifiedLudacris1798 karma

Not at all.

In fact, I'm happy about it.

There's people that have lost spelling bees because of this.

I know, right?


Mentoman72708 karma

What's your biggest inspiration for your music?

VerifiedLudacris1410 karma

My children.

Competing with new artists.

Outdoing myself.

And my music out-living me.

corby315666 karma


Did you know Blueberry Yum Yum was going one of the main weed anthems at the time?

VerifiedLudacris954 karma

I did.


I did, and that's one of my favorite weed songs of all time.

Originalusername519630 karma

Luda, do you ever miss your Fro?

VerifiedLudacris1300 karma


I did miss it, and I started growing it back, until I realized that I missed my short hair.

Frajer583 karma

Do you still fill cups like double Ds? Also do you still prefer a lady in the street but a freak in a bed?

VerifiedLudacris984 karma

Yes. Yes, I do still feel like cups like Double D's. And my wife is a lady in the street, but a freak in bed.


I've got a hypothetical scenario here Mr. Luda. Would you rather eat campbells condensed tomato soup with water instead of milk or a hot pocket that's still a little lukewarm in the middle because the microwave you're using is getting old and needs to be replaced?

I'm asking for a friend who might be hungry and debating his options..

Edit: Okay guys, there was no friend. The meal was for me the whole time, muhahahaha! Ludacris picked out my dinner for the night, can't beat that!

VerifiedLudacris531 karma

I'd do the Campbells. I hate cold food.

NickPro561 karma

LUDA! Which producers do you enjoy working with the most and who do you want to work with that you haven't yet?

VerifiedLudacris1010 karma

Timbaland, Pharrell, Da Internz are some of my favorites. And who would I want to work with? Dr. Dre.

ableyoungthug1539 karma

I heard you still drive the car you did before you got famous, is that true?

VerifiedLudacris862 karma


It's on the cover of my album. Make sure everyone on here pre-orders my album RIGHT NOW on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ludaversal/id974115539

It's a 1993 Acura Legend.

randino41480 karma

What is more time consuming, recording an album or filming a movie? Since beginning acting, which do you prefer?

VerifiedLudacris763 karma

Filming a movie is more time-consuming.

It's hard to compare the two, but music is what got me here, so if I had to choose, I love music more.

ableyoungthug1478 karma

Luda, I'm glad you are here but what does Ja Rule think about this?

VerifiedLudacris470 karma

Um... he was in the first movie. So I'm sure he still continues to be a fan of the franchise. And I'm sure he's glad he's a part of it.

ArabianDisco466 karma

What did being apart of Crash and its critical acclaim mean to you?

VerifiedLudacris682 karma

It meant everything in the world that... the second movie I did in my career was an Oscar-winning film.

Because it made me get recognized on a critical scale a lot faster than I expected.

ThePinkPrintladyisme390 karma

I love how you love on your fans on social media... when did you get into doing that?

VerifiedLudacris461 karma

Probably about 5 years ago!

I was an early adopter.

J-SN364 karma

Hey Luda, what was the last album you listened to? and did you like it :)?

VerifiedLudacris971 karma

Kendrick Lamar's album. And yes I did. Very different.

eztarget896356 karma

Who is the funniest actor you worked with on set of any movie you did?

VerifiedLudacris770 karma

Um... Tyrese.

He's fucking hilarious, man.

joeyallday350 karma

Have you spoken to Eminem at all about any potential music? I know you wanted to collaborate with him at one point.

VerifiedLudacris573 karma


And I'm still trying to make that happen, so hopefully in the near future.

AyPay333 karma

How low can you go?

VerifiedLudacris649 karma

I can't go very low, but... I love to see women go low.

davemello84316 karma

Hey. How are ya?

VerifiedLudacris443 karma

Pretty damn good.

trifecta20294 karma

Who are the 5 best rappers in the world?

VerifiedLudacris1301 karma

  • Ludacris
  • Ludacris
  • Ludacris
  • Ludacris
  • Ludacris

richardo-san288 karma

Saw you at Cornell for my senior slope day and wanted to say it was definitely the best out of my 4 years there, thanks for coming!

What was your favorite thing about doing the Fast and Furious movies? Any fun stories?

VerifiedLudacris515 karma


Funny stories...

Living in London, shooting FAST 6, and this was a year where I vowed to work out every single day of that year, and I was flying in and out of London and back and forth to the United States, and I remember working out even while I was sick... that doesn't sound fun, I'm trying to think of something fun... BUT something fun is of course driving all the different cars on-screen in all the FAST & FURIOUS movies. I think the most expensive car I drove was a Bugatti. It's like a spaceship on four wheels.

musicinthestreets284 karma

I am a music teacher and I have a unit where I use popular music to teach different aspects of culture and how it affects populations of people. I hope that you answer this so I can use it in the next few weeks when I teach it.

Growing up, what type of music did you listen to, and how do you think that shaped you?

VerifiedLudacris414 karma

I listened to Michael Jackson, Prince, Frankie Beverly, and Mays... so a lot of soulful music, and it affected me. Because it helped me make my music soulful.

ScratchTrackProds264 karma

Whats your favorite thing about Saturdays? I personally like my system on blast with a pocket full of cash.

VerifiedLudacris281 karma

Hahah! I share the same opinion.

CharlesStross264 karma

What did you want to be when you were a little kid?

VerifiedLudacris469 karma

An Astronaut.

This is hilarious!

noahswetface247 karma

luda, hey! thanks for doing this!

  • favorite meal?
  • cookie?
  • breakfast?

My FOB (fresh off the boat) dad loves you but can't pronounce your name. The closest we've gotten is Looda-crisp!

VerifiedLudacris464 karma


Penne pasta. Chicken alfredo.

Oh! Ludacrisps. Does that make sense? No, I'm just joking.

Oatmeal raisin.


And favorite breakfast? Waffle house!

DylanFucksTurkeys238 karma

Nsync vs Backstreet Boys?

VerifiedLudacris465 karma

Mmm - damn. That's kinda a hard one.


Lolzzergrush229 karma

Hi Ludacris

My buddy ran into you at the airport in Costa Rica on his honeymoon and said you were super cool to everyone there. What was your favorite part of Costa Rica? Did you go to the Sloth Sanctuary there and if so what were the sloths like?

VerifiedLudacris279 karma

I did not get a chance to go there. However, where we did stay in Costa Rica, it was phenomenal and I loved it, and I'm glad I had the chance to go.


Oppiken220 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA. I loved "Rollout", "Move Bitch", "Stand Up" and when I was in high school (I regret doing this as a Asian kid in a velvet tracksuit) I would tell people I have "hoes in different area codes".

I just wanted to ask, if you and Tyrese had to compete in a drag race, what car would you choose and who would win?

VerifiedLudacris299 karma

I would definitely beat Tyrese. He's alight but he's not fucking with me when it comes to these driving skills.

m_langz215 karma

Why did you choose your stage-name Ludacris??

VerifiedLudacris471 karma

My first name is "Chris" and if you look in the dictionary under the term "ludicrous" then it means "crazy, wild, ridiculous" - which pretty much explains everything about me.

orangejulius198 karma

You recently had a photo with Jeb Bush. How did that come about? Do you endorse him as a presidential candidate the same way you did Obama in 2008?

What's your favorite place to eat in Atlanta?

VerifiedLudacris634 karma

I took a picture with Jeb because I was leaving being honored by the House of Representatives in Atlanta, Georgia, at the State Capitol. I was asked "which Bush I liked better?" and I comically said "The bush outside!"

My favorite place to eat in Atlanta is...R. Thomas.

kevin_sen188 karma

How did it feel when you finally cut your hair? Were you surprised with your head shape?

VerifiedLudacris324 karma

I think everyone should know what their head is shaped like! So to answer that question, I was not surprised. And i felt good about it, because I could finally take a shower and let the water fall straight onto my head without any worries.

climardo187 karma

Do you, like most people in hip hop, feel that you are one of the most under rated rappers in the industry? Do you like flying under the radar, meaning you know you are obviously important and influential but don't mind not getting the recognition you deserve? How do you balance music and acting? Have you ever thought about doing TV?

VerifiedLudacris382 karma


Yes, I do feel I am underrated. But that means I'm like a stealth-threat.

I've done television. I was on LAW & ORDER: SVU.

adibandzioch185 karma

How often are you actually late for meetings?

VerifiedLudacris750 karma

Not often at all. I'm usually an on-time guy.

VICTORIA NOTE: He was early for his AMA.

PhtevenPhtielberg177 karma

If you could obtain instant master tier skills in one musical instrument, what instrument would it be?

VerifiedLudacris340 karma

I'd say guitar. So I could rock out! Like a real rock & roll artist.

lucyness173 karma

What other stage name would you like to have?

VerifiedLudacris724 karma

When I was younger, I had a stage name, and it was "Kris Kringle" until I realized I could only rap about Christmas for so long.

That's true.

But i was like, 10 or 11 years old!

Cocaine_Hurricane170 karma

Why do you still keep the Acura around? You've said it's your favorite car, why is that? You have a Bentely, a Range, a Rolls Royce, what does the Acura do for you that the others don't?

VerifiedLudacris800 karma

Symbolizes me never forgetting where I come from.

AdultlikeGambino170 karma

Ludacris, do you like to pull pranks? If so, what is the craziest prank you've ever witnessed/experienced?

VerifiedLudacris392 karma

I do like to pull pranks. The biggest prank i ever experienced was when Red Man and Method Man were on a show called "Stung" and they made me rap over a beat of a frog-noise.

lpilky150 karma

Ludacris, big fan!

What was it like working with Paul Walker? Do you have any favourite memories with him you would like to share?

VerifiedLudacris398 karma

It was always a great time.

And the best memory is... the last conversation we had with him, 7 days before he passed away, we were shooting a scene and talking about life, and evolving, and becoming better people.

GregariousBlueMitten148 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA!

What had been your most bizarre fan encounter?

VerifiedLudacris522 karma

Most bizarre fan encounter was having a woman-stripper come on my tour bus, and then her mother came on the tour bus, and started stripping for us also.

plarah132 karma

Do you lift? What are your gym PRs?

VerifiedLudacris192 karma


I have so many. And they constantly progress.

Therefore, I can't tell you my PRs at the moment.

lemonadegucci127 karma

How did you fall into acting? Was it something you seeked out or it just happened because of your success in the music business? Have you had any professional acting training since getting into it?

VerifiedLudacris234 karma

No acting training. John Singleton the director asked me to try out for the part in 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS and from there, i got the part, and my movie career began!

bolomon7122 karma

What other movies do you wish to become apart of?

VerifiedLudacris239 karma

An action hero, like a superhero movie, where I can play a superhero.

OR in a movie where there are a lot of different martial arts, and I can use the martial art that I know (52 Blocks).

21we4114 karma

How was your high school experience?

VerifiedLudacris298 karma

I was the rapper in high school. Basically meaning during lunchtime, I'd be trying to gather a crowd around me to listen to my raps while someone else beatboxed. And my Trapper-Keeper, my notebooks, were filled with rhymes instead of schoolwork.

soylent_night111 karma

What do you enjoy doing most in your free time?

VerifiedLudacris256 karma

Smoking cigars and going on vacation.

ScratchTrackProds110 karma

Whats something awesome about being Ludacris that most people don't know?

VerifiedLudacris363 karma


That I can pretty much do whatever the fuck I want, hee hee!

clutchorkick110 karma

Do you play any video games? If so, which ones are your favourite?

VerifiedLudacris444 karma

I don't play any video games, because i have an addictive personality, and I don't play them on-purpose, because if I did play video games I wouldn't be here doing this interview right now. I'd probably be playing a video game.

Originalusername519108 karma

What's the most ludacris party you've ever attended?

VerifiedLudacris235 karma

The one at my house, called the "red light district" party named after my fourth album. It was like 5 hours straight party. But I would say the most intense five hours of life!

tattoolemky105 karma

Hi Ludacris,you've starred in some awesome action movies over the last few years but I was wondering which was your favourite to film,and which actor had the biggest influence on your acting career?

VerifiedLudacris276 karma

I would say that the biggest action film's FURIOUS 7. And the actor who had the most influence on my career is a tie between Terrence Howard and The Rock. Terrence Howard for, well...molding me into an actor, and The Rock for molding me into a beast in the gym.

NuccioKing102 karma

Do you and Chingy have beef or are y'all still cool?

VerifiedLudacris161 karma

No beef. Everything's all good.

Hotpotato2699 karma

What was it like working with Vin Diesel?

VerifiedLudacris186 karma

It's a blessing, because he is very focused. And hard-working as an individual. Especially when it comes to this franchise, and protecting every aspect of its integrity.

cush2push99 karma

Would you ever consider doing something outside of your comfort zone. As say working on Broadway?

VerifiedLudacris284 karma

Absolutely! The only way to move forward and succeed in life is to get out of your comfort zone.

AcidFridays95 karma

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

VerifiedLudacris349 karma

To read women's minds.

b18ch1ck95 karma

Would you like to meet up with a bunch of DC area Acura enthusiasts that happen to love The Fast & The Furious? :) We see you with that Legend on the album cover!

VerifiedLudacris180 karma

Aaaaah! If you guys want to drive down to Atlanta, let's get it started! Let's do something!

SamuelBigio89 karma

If you weren't rapping, what would you be doing? Besides acting and radio of course.

VerifiedLudacris246 karma

I'd be a male gigolo.


I'd work at a radio station.

snorga180 karma

Luda, this has actually been a running question on my Facebook feed for the last week - how does Ludacris feel about that Georgia State basketball?

VerifiedLudacris104 karma

They're doing pretty good. I'm very proud.

lemonadegucci76 karma

So, I gotta know, what-what-what-what's yo fantas-as-y?

VerifiedLudacris178 karma

Anything that I said in the en-tire song.

issacheaden73 karma

hey ludacris do you feel that all your albums is classics?

VerifiedLudacris357 karma

You mean "are" classics?

That's a pretty damn good question. In their own right... yes.

Heather96064 karma

What's your most favorite album you ever recorded?

VerifiedLudacris135 karma

LUDAVERSAL. Because it is... my most personal album to date.

imac1999YT57 karma

Hey, I got one question. What is love?

VerifiedLudacris207 karma

The summation of all things good.

geniusdragon57 karma

Just wanted to take the time to say how much of an influence you are. I hope to meet you sometime - come to Australia!

Question wise, how different is the recording process now compared to when you were making your first few albums? Do you write differently, or do you try and keep it as separate from the money and fame 'traps' as you can?

VerifiedLudacris97 karma

The only difference - I like writing in the car a lot, so I started where I'd have to listen with a CD. Now I just listen off MP3's. And I used to have to write on paper. Now i just type in my iPhone.

picturesouth55 karma

Who is your favorite "up-and-coming" producer? Or one we should all look out for in the near future to break out in a big way?

VerifiedLudacris68 karma

Da Internz.

kilotone32 karma

Whats the fastest you've gotten to actually drive a car?

Do you get furious at other people when they speed when you drive around normally in your caddy?

VerifiedLudacris72 karma

220 MPH. Ferrari 458 Italia.

As long as they're not in my way, I don't get furious.

Jenkins9229 karma

Ludacris thanks for doing this! What do you consider to be the happiest event in your life? I am sure you have had many memorable events!

VerifiedLudacris80 karma

My children being born.

slightlyburnttoast13 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses?

VerifiedLudacris69 karma

One horse-sized duck.

Cuz I'd kick that mutherfucker in the knees or something, bring him down to my size, and from there it's over.

Wait, do ducks have knees?


jdscarface8 karma

Mr. Cris,

What would you tell young impoverished kids who have given up hope on 'the system?'

Thanks, Luda.

VerifiedLudacris36 karma

I'd say "Make your own system."

ssmade067 karma

Luda,Thanks for doing this man, big fan How fun was roasting Bieber and just being there with a bunch of comedians?

VerifiedLudacris21 karma

It was very fun. Apart from the Paul Walker jokes that I didn't like at the roast.

Jhoodhenderson17 karma

How do u feel about universal dropping in 7 days?

VerifiedLudacris10 karma

I feel great.

As long as everyone on here supports the album.

420StonerThrowaway7 karma

Any advice to someone pursuing a music career?

VerifiedLudacris12 karma


Develop a small fan base on your own.

And let your music speak for yourself.

Unload_more_comments4 karma

What you consider your best rhyme?

VerifiedLudacris8 karma

Beastmode on the LUDAVERSAL album.

maximeyes4 karma

Luda, what's your favourite car out of the Furious movies?

VerifiedLudacris12 karma

OH! Ford GT. It was in FAST 5, in the beginning scene on the train.

HeyDude3783 karma

Good day sir!

What's the most challenging thing you've done in your life that you succeeded at? And, the most challenging thing you've tried that you failed at?

Thanks for the AMA!

VerifiedLudacris5 karma

Haha. The most challenging thing that I've succeeded at was putting out an independent album, and hoping that I became the man and the artist that I am today.

And the most challenging that I failed at was putting out all of the songs PRIOR to the one where I put out that album - and failing over and over again, until I finally succeeded.

Twathammer322 karma

I always hear that you went to OPRF high school but I've never seen any proof. So I guess what I'm trying to ask is do you think fast and furious should have ended after the second one?

VerifiedLudacris3 karma

What?! What the hell did that have to do with my high school?

I did attend that high school for one year.

theArnoldFans12 karma

What kind of workout do you do? Pump iron? Lift weights? Run? Supplements?

VerifiedLudacris4 karma


And variate throughout the week.