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What you consider your best rhyme?

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I'm fascinated with your experiment. Reminds me when I was younger I used pretend to be in the same faith as the people I've met just to get to see their point of view. I was Buddhist, Muslim, Catholic...but as soon as I was found out I would get a bad reaction from them ( they thought I was mocking them. I wasn't). are you still friends with anyone who stigmatized you for being (pretend)gay?

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Are you double bluffing? (Pretend to be gay -see the reactions- it turns out okay- then come out as really gay) if not, still a cool idea. More power to LBGT.

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Regarding the book you're endorsing (since scientology is something I'm not interested) Do you really believe you could obtain "happiness" and hold on to it ?

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Oh okay, I did read The Way of Happiness years ago, it was probably passed to me by a scientologist, now thinking about it. In my opinion, it was a very simplistic book (more of a leaflet) that was so basic in its ideas and really pointless. Just a bunch of mambo-jambo. On the Scientology subject, do you think you might had wasted time while being part of that?