** And that's it. St Patrick's day is over for another year. It was a long and stressful day but it's done now. Catch you all down the road at some stage! Thanks for the questions!

Proof at www.twitter.com/thomashousedub

I'm back again for a mini session. Yes it's St.Patricks day. And yes I own and run a pub here in Dublin. It's 11:45am and the streets are already busy. We open for business in one hour. We are The Thomas House and we're located at 86 Thomas Street in The Liberties area of Dublin. So feel free to ask me anything about this, one of our busiest days of the year.

https://vimeo.com/90651618 a video of the bar. I'm Gar!

I also run an Internet radio show every Sunday. Details at www.twitter.com/elbangbangshow so check us out there!

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CharlesCat1373 karma


bombidol914 karma

That would most likely be me.

FamousAverage964 karma

3 Top selling beers

3 top selling whiskies today?

bombidol1400 karma

Guinness. Founders All Day IPA. Porterhouse Red Ale. Jameson. Powers. Bushmills.

Nbed98531171 karma

I'm from Grand Rapids, and that lit up my face to see that Founders is having that much reach overseas, especially on a big day like today!

bombidol1068 karma

The guy who owns Founders is Irish so of course we sell it!

havestronaut336 karma

No wonder their breakfast stout is so great!

Midgetforsale289 karma

Founders Breakfast Stout is my absolute favorite beer!

bombidol245 karma

Amazing stuff.

ontopofyourmom195 karma

Have American-style microbrews or other craft beers/real ale/whatever made much of an inroads with Ireland's drinking public?

bombidol270 karma

Big time. We sell a lot of them here.

LarkSquire78 karma

Sierra Nevada?

bombidol141 karma

Yup. Anchor and Founders too

PM_Anything_573 karma

How is different than any other day in Dublin?

bombidol1206 karma

It's absolute mayhem in the city for the last few days. There are hundreds of thousands of tourists descended upon the city to see the parade and celebrate their Irish heritage. Pretty much from midday on it turns into a massive drinking session. Like an all day New Year's Eve.

CharlesCat396 karma

All personal financial benefit aside, what are your thoughts/feelings on Americans celebrating their Irish heritage?

bombidol1186 karma

I'm all for it. What's the harm? As a rule Americans are a pleasure to deal with in bars. Once they realise that here we pay on delivery of the beer. Tabs etc are a rarity.

CharlesCat205 karma

Well that's good news. I could understand if our nostalgia was a bit thick at times. Such as, "Ohh look at that charming stone wall out in the pasture. I'm just going to go take a stone from the wall.. to remember."

steve_kuato558 karma

I think the only thing the Irish get confused about (I'm Irish) is when Americans say "oh I'm Irish" we we interpret to mean born in Ireland but actually it means my grandmother came to the U.S. 150 years ago.

Nothing wrong with it, but it is a cultural difference for sure.

Sorry for the shit grammar but it's Paddy's day.

bombidol683 karma

We are very inclusive and forgiving here. Today we are all Irish.

jaytreaty17181524 karma

How many people on average do you have to kick out on St. Patrick's day?

bombidol861 karma

Roughly 10% maybe

Gortrok350 karma

That sounds like a huge amount! How many bouncers do you have working today?

bombidol956 karma

None. Just me!

elpaw522 karma

How annoyed do you get by people calling it St Patty's Day (with the 'tt')?

bombidol514 karma

It used to bother me but not really anymore to be honest

PM_ME_1_MILLION_USD481 karma

What volume of beer will you sell today?

bombidol737 karma

Hopefully over a thousand litres.

AdviceMang312 karma

How much is that in cubic cubits?

bombidol1248 karma

78 Danzigs.

Ehhoe406 karma

How many people do you expect to not be able to leave on home on their own, in a rough percent?

bombidol565 karma

Most will be fine as in general people are transient on a day like today and go from pub to pub. You just have to watch the doors and make sure that people that are too drunk don't get in.

ruddagermacguffin401 karma

Did you have many people in your bar off their bakes on the old yokes last week?

bombidol220 karma

None actually!

obnoxiouscats399 karma

How's the Craic been so far?

bombidol445 karma

Minimal craic so far

something_python337 karma

Need to visit your craic dealer.

bombidol360 karma

I'll viber him

MeOulSegosha357 karma

Can you deliver to Merrion Square? I'm stuck at work...

bombidol377 karma

Ill swap you

HRHill286 karma

Are you still alive? Please check in.

bombidol337 karma

Still here.

SlicK5250 karma

What do you do to prepare staff that has not experienced the madness before?

bombidol449 karma

On a day like today we switch to plastic "glasses" so they are told not to leave the bar unless of emergency. To take their time and not get rushed by people screaming at them.

Grepus221 karma

What equally insensitive shot name are you going to offer all the American's who will undoubtedly ask for an Irish Car Bomb at some point?

bombidol193 karma

We serve those

plasticcastle194 karma

How do you manage to pour a decent Guinness under such pressure from the crowds? Are you pouring to order, is it settling properly?

bombidol304 karma

We always pour in order. When it gets crazy busy we start pre pouring the first stage then top up. They are never sitting long.

Mud-180 karma

Favorite music to play today?

bombidol741 karma

The Dropkick Murphys are playing across the street today so it will all be similar to their style more than likely.

ontopofyourmom154 karma

How much do people like the Pogues anymore?

bombidol421 karma

Everyone loves the Pogues.

SARmedic173 karma

Are you already pissed?

bombidol359 karma

I won't be partaking today

A1SauceBoss168 karma

As a fellow bar owner, strip club owner to be exact, what kind of margins do you make In dubin?

bombidol249 karma

It's tight here because of excise duty 50/60 percent is tops.

B00YAY159 karma

Man, went to Dublin from Tennessee for St Patricks in 2007. Traveled with the University of Tennessee band to March in the big parade. Went out that night and never saw such a hot mess. Spent an hour trying to find a bar we could get into in Temple Bar only to give up and wander to a place called Hurricanes. Crazy town. I don't see how the bars made money considering noone could move to get to and from the bars. I imagine the aftermath is like mardi gras in New Orleans. How big of a mess is the place after today?

bombidol378 karma

Avoid Temple Bar at all costs.

bombidol176 karma

The city will pretty much be distorted and rebuilt tonight.

thr33to3154 karma

Can you take a call from a radio station in Phoenix??

bombidol170 karma

I just did! Lemme get an hours sleep and walk these dogs and call me back at 7/8pm Irish time if you can.

FreddyFazBAM145 karma

What's the craziest thing you've encountered on St. Patrick's Day in your bar?

bombidol386 karma

People who just stare into the void and are non responsive.

FreddyFazBAM39 karma

I am Irish, and lived in Ireland. But I NEVER saw anything like that!

bombidol159 karma

The people who do it are rarely Irish to be fair.

bhuvan4130 karma

How weird would be for you open a barn in India and have people ask weird questions about your accent?

bombidol124 karma

Sounds like fun.

something_python128 karma

This is the first st Patrick's day I've not been out getting pissed since I was 15. I'm stuck right now, alone, in China. What do you suggest I do to have a good paddys day?

bombidol395 karma

Enjoy China. You aren't missing anything here that you won't see again !

Avion1127 karma

Is it possible to walk out sober from an Irish Bar?

bombidol243 karma

Of course! Just stop drinking.

something_python291 karma

So, no then?

bombidol205 karma

Self control!

ballet_ribbons108 karma

I work in an Irish pub in Canada. What are your thoughts on all the "Irish" things we do in North America on St. Patrick's day that aren't very Irish at all? (Green beer, for example.)

bombidol174 karma

There are actually a few bars here doing green beer now too

Topbong93 karma

Are the new beers from Guinness any good? I've seen them advertised but not tried them yet. Are they proving popular?

bombidol132 karma

The West Indies porter is great. I'm not big on the Dublin Porter.

angrydeafpeople71 karma

Are you hiring? :-D

bombidol66 karma

Afraid not!

bolyosis63 karma

how many litres of beer will your bar dispense today?

bombidol98 karma

Over 1000 at least

bolyosis45 karma

what do you do on a regular day?

bombidol85 karma

It's all over the place. Probably less than quarter that if we are lucky.

MudBankFrank53 karma

Hey trying to visit Dublin again, Was there for the Penn State game last August had a blast. Any recommendations? every local told us to stay out of Temple Bar last time.

bombidol85 karma

Most of the pubs and restaurants on the outskirts of the city will be more suitable for humans today.

painfullysatisfied51 karma

What do you do the other 364 days?

bombidol185 karma

Serve beer

iaintyobabydaddy49 karma

How many litres of vomit are expected in-premises today?

bombidol137 karma

All them.

bombidol24 karma

As few as possible hopefully.

Hoddwadd241 karma

Have you ever been called a west brit?

bombidol150 karma

Not to my face

joest1640 karma

What is your favorite flavor of K-cup?

bombidol80 karma

What ever the strongest one is

wilburtino38 karma

Defend The Thomas House!

I'm avoiding town today, always messy. How many people do you envisage having to throw out today? It's a weird day, 5pm feels like 3am with people stumbling around.

bombidol46 karma

DEFEND! Hopefully not many people will have to be removed.

Cintijones22 karma

do you get to celebrate or is today all business?

bombidol54 karma

All business today unfortunately.

bombidol20 karma

I'm slowing down a little for an hour or two to grab some rest between shifts. Keep the questions coming and I promise I'll a see em all (maybe)

LizzieDane11 karma

On a scale from 1 to having my passport taken off me, how bad is it that I've never celebrated this and I live on the same island you do?

bombidol20 karma

I think Patrick's day has become more of a "hang out with tourists" day.

katrinald6 karma

How do you feel about American celebrations for St. Patrick's Day. Do we get it right or make fools of ourselves?

bombidol16 karma

It can be a fun day for everyone. The problem comes when people abuse alcohol.

afspdx2 karma

I hope the tradition I've seen in lot on American pubs and bars on St. Patrick's Day to serve beer dyed green in color is really a dumb Yankee idea. Is St. Paddy's Day in Dublin green beer free?

bombidol5 karma

There are one or two places selling green beer but it's not common.

Deximaru1 karma

What would say to convince a local that being behind the bar is better than propping up the bar?

Also, what is the most popular drink today?

bombidol1 karma

It will be all Guinness and cider today mostly.

rooodiee0 karma

Have you ever considered visiting columbia SC for st pats!?

bombidol2 karma

Id visit for other reasons !

ristorilsm0 karma

Is it big in the England area ...thingy mainland deal?

Whatever you call where Oxford is

bombidol1 karma

The big Island? I think there are parades etc there in some places.

Ughyouagain-1 karma

What's your favorite part of St. Patty's Day?

bombidol10 karma

Going home.

the0ncomingstorm-5 karma

Does anyone in Ireland give a shit about St. Patty's day, or is it, as I suspect, just a reason for Americans to get belligerent drunk and be stupid?

bombidol5 karma

People enjoy bringing their children to see the parade but I think the average adult avoids the city centre like the plague.

[deleted]-5 karma


bombidol3 karma

Either way!