I am an actor, comedian and impressionist from Chicago best known for my impression of President Barack Obama. I made worldwide news in 2011 when I was kicked off stage the the Republican Leadership Conference on live television and have since been on TV movies and all over the internet since. You may recognize me from the Reddit front page today where I appear with a Kim Jong Un lookalike. Link here:https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/2yx3vm/barack_obama_and_kim_jong_un_impersonators_take/

Looking forward to answering all your questions now!

Check out my site at www.IamReggieBrown.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe_ukHTQkGqvboo97ioP1Gg Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/IamReggieBrown Instagram https://instagram.com/iamreggiebrown/ Vine https://vine.co/u/963356784683376640 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IamReggieBrown

AMA Ladies and Gentlemen, The President has left the building! Thank you for your questions! https://twitter.com/IamReggieBrown/status/576481772977827840

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lichorat945 karma

Is this guy a better impersonator?http://ilooklikebarackobama.com/

IamReggieBrown327 karma

Hilarious. I've seen that guy before ! lol. I think he comes up as a high rank when you Google Obama Lookalike. Google "Obama Impersonator" :)

jtkaye559 karma

Do you regularly dress up as Obama and just go about your daily life? Do people freak out?

IamReggieBrown622 karma

Lol. This is what I look like on a day to day basis: http://presidentialcomedy.com/rb_aboutreggie.html I only get into my Obama character when I'm working.

devilsephiroth401 karma

Although u have the same eyes as me they look dreamy on you.

Is it hot in here ?

IamReggieBrown242 karma

Aw shucks thanks

CatTurdDay253 karma

I hung out with him when he came to Atlanta and Barack happened to be in town that same weekend coincidentally. People freaked out.

IamReggieBrown424 karma

Yes. People do freak out. I've had people faint!

suaveitguy431 karma

What does the future hold for you after the POTUS leaves office? Have the George Bush or Bill Clinton impersonators helped prepare you for the transition?

IamReggieBrown331 karma

I will still have a great amount of residual income due to this character but I look forward to having the time to involve myself in other projects I put on the back burner due to my hectic performing/ travel schedule for the past 6 years. I have developed a show that has life outside his terms and he is just one of the many impressions I do and talents that I have. Next Wednesday "Impress Me" airs on Pop TV where I play "Reggie" a character loosely based on myself and I do more of my impressions. Check it out!

jstrydor153 karma

Have you considered on continuing on as a presidential impersonator with the next president that takes office?

IamReggieBrown54 karma

I have, I did a video with Funny or Die that ended with me as Romney back in 2012. Look it up when you get a second. It was scary.

suaveitguy53 karma

Suppose it depends too on what Obama does next. The train might keep rolling. Thanks for the answers. Good luck with everything.

IamReggieBrown76 karma

Thank you!> It's hard to base my career solely on the performance/ longevity of someone else. That's why I started going to comedy route. Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, I want you to enjoy my comedy. I look forward to bringing things back to my original interests but this job has given me the chance to travel the world, make great money and set myself up for the next business endeavors.

Menpachi225 karma

"Thanks Obama"

How many times have you heard this?

JoeBidenBot300 karma

Oh, so Obama gets some thanks but not ol' Joe? I see how it is.

IamReggieBrown212 karma

Awww, don't be like that Joe!

IamReggieBrown158 karma

I wish I heard that more! lol. Most people that didn't vote for President Obama feel the need to tell me that. I don't get the "Thanks Obama " line much personally. I thank Obama everyday!

sdfghs214 karma

Why did you start with impersonating Obama?

IamReggieBrown567 karma

I am from Chicago and my brother Lawrence told me all the way back in 2001 that I looked like " A guy named Barack" who played basketball at The East Bank Club. Later that week, someone else told me to Google the name of her professor "Barack Obama" and I saw an image of him for the first time. Fast forward a few years and EVERYONE who saw me on the street told me I looked like Senator Obama and I realized that if you can become the best presidential impressionist in the world, the benefits are amazing. I've traveled around the world and back again for 6 years and have been able to make an amazing living from it and meet awesome people! http://presidentialcomedy.com/rb_aboutreggie.html

suaveitguy171 karma

When you spoke with him, had he heard the same about you?

IamReggieBrown282 karma

We didn't get that far. Secret Service was swarming!

TinyPenisBigBalls75 karma

Man, all the pieces that had to fall into to place for this to end up becoming your life. Fucking crazy. Glad you're really enjoying yourself though man... I mean Mr. Potus.

IamReggieBrown38 karma

Thank you. I know man. It was destiny.

ClericalNinja202 karma

Have you done it with a Michelle Obama impersonator?

IamReggieBrown227 karma

I have! Subscribe to my channel on YouTube and check out Obama Gangnam Style and Healthy

ClericalNinja284 karma

I... Uh... I am surprised you answered that.

IamReggieBrown73 karma

Lol. How could I not?

gringao192 karma

Do you make a lot of money as an Obama impersonator? When did you realize impersonator was a viable career choice?

IamReggieBrown551 karma

Let's just say that thanks to Obama I'm in the 1%. How many times have you heard someone say that!? I found out back in 2008 that Steve Bridges was able to make millions as a George W Bush impersonator, so I sought out his manager, Randy Nolen and signed with him!

vronjay166 karma

How did people react when you were walking around with the Kim Jong impersonator?

IamReggieBrown273 karma

They had a blast, we couldn't stop to accommodate all the picture requests. Howard (Kim Jong Un) was trying to charge them $10 a shot! He actually made $20, I don't like charging. I just want people ot follow me on my social media and post their pics with me tagged!

animatedanon162 karma

I am going to assume a Kim Hong UN impersonator brings in far less for an appearance.

IamReggieBrown302 karma

Howard is actually a lookalike. Most people don't know the difference. He is Chinese but raised in Australia so he has a thick Aussie accent and doesn't attempt to do an impression. That's where the $$'s at!

animatedanon199 karma

Crocodile Jong Un!

IamReggieBrown91 karma

Lol. Exactly

Menpachi150 karma

Biggest troll/prank you pulled as Obama? Go.

IamReggieBrown656 karma

Performing at the Republican Leadership Conference and roasting all their candidates before being kicked off on live TV. It made worldwide news for 3 days and brought my website from the bottom pages of Google rankings to the top. 7 months later my ex manager, Dustin Gold, stabbed the producer of a reality show we were taping in the stomach with a steak knife while I slept in the other room. He went to jail far a couple weeks and came out with a vendetta to ruin me and my career. He extorted my website and began to rebook other "Obamas" including the "Bronx Obama" on my bookings while lying to me and telling me he wasn't. I started a new website and released "Obama Gangnam Style " on Youtube. It got over 50,000,000 views worldwide in a week and brought me up to #1 again, beating out my old website my manager hi-jacked from me! I had to beat myself out at the #1 slot to regain control of my bookings and my career

IamReggieBrown129 karma

I will be closing my AMA in 10 minutes, I have to get back to running the country!

dragonfly1993121 karma

do you have impersonator friends?

IamReggieBrown221 karma

Lol, I do have a few impersonator friends out there. Kim Jong Un, David Beckham, Bono, Sarah Palin (Believe it or not) George Bush, Bill & Hillary Clinton.

BrockThrowaway126 karma

You're friends with Tina Fey?!

IamReggieBrown89 karma

Lol. Her name is Patti Lyons. Tina Fey, I wish!

sdfghs75 karma

Have you (or somebody you know) ever met the person they are impersonating?

IamReggieBrown121 karma

I actually me him in person at a fundraiser in February of 2012. You can Google is to pull up the video or see a still shot at the bottom of this page : http://presidentialcomedy.com/rb_aboutreggie.html I wasn't in makeup when I met him, but he knew who I was :-)

adhere258 karma

Hey Reggie, I remember when we worked together and customers asking you if you knew you looked like "Senator Obama". Awesome how far you've taken it. Congrats on everything. My question: What are your thoughts on Butterfield 8 burning down? Inside job or not? :)

IamReggieBrown57 karma

Jon Starr!?

Butterfield 8 was a total inside job! Those guys were creeps that came in and bought the place out and ran it into the ground. I loved that place and am grateful for the friends I've made and the times we had! There was no other place in Chicago like it.

suaveitguy52 karma

What do you feel when you see blackface, even 'tastefully' done?

IamReggieBrown149 karma

It all depends on the situation. I think Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder was hilarious! I wasn't offended by that at all. It was done in good taste. If a white kid dresses up as his favorite character or role model who happens to be black for Halloween or something, I think it's acceptable and respectable. It wasn't always been done this way. There have been some disrespectful portrayals of blackface.

suaveitguy49 karma

What did you think when Steve Bridges decided to continue from GWB to doing Obama?

IamReggieBrown67 karma

I thought Steve was an amazing George W Bush impersonator and think that he should have stayed in that character. With all due respect to him and his family, I was not a fan of his Obama, he never quite got the makeup, mannerisms or the voice.

IchTanze48 karma

Do impersonators you know ever get plastic surgery to look even more like the person?

(Chad Michaels and his spot on Cher impersonation comes to mind, he for sure got work done. And he, like, worrrrrks.)

IamReggieBrown73 karma

Some actually do and I don't agree with that at all. I love that I can put it on and take it off whenever I want but that's just me. To each , their own!

CaptainDarkstar4243 karma

Have you ever found a Putin impersonator? If so, then you guys should have like a faux debate or something, it would be hilarious.

IamReggieBrown44 karma

I wish. The only Putin I've seen lives in Poland

suaveitguy39 karma

What did you think of the early SNL (Aykroyd, Chase) impressions of Nixon/Ford/Carter where there was little effort to sounds like the subjects, and almost none to look like them?

IamReggieBrown76 karma

That may have been fine back in the day but I think that the game has evolved. I auditioned for SNL back in 2009 after they saw my Obama and requested me. I wasn't ready back then. NOW I think I would be a valuable asset to the show after professionally performing as a comedian and impressionist for 6 years.

suaveitguy30 karma

What was the audition like? It is sort of a famous process, that hasn't changed in decades. What is it 3 impressions, and 2 original characters? Who did you do?

IamReggieBrown61 karma

I did Jon Lovitz, Tiger Woods and Obama for my 3 celebrity impressions. I'll share my original characters after I audition again!

CaptainDarkstar4222 karma

That's awesome dude, you should definitely try and see if they want you still. You are an amazing impersonator.

IamReggieBrown27 karma

Thank you! Thank you!

diffymanglehop31 karma

Have you ever been contacted by the secret service to fill in for Obama, because Obama had to go on a secret mission?

IamReggieBrown50 karma

I wish. I volunteered but never heard back from the White House

HOLM3Z-IRL31 karma

Ever meet Obama and copy his movements to freak him out?

IamReggieBrown58 karma

I'm still waiting on the invited to the Oval Office. I can't wait to do my impression for him.

suaveitguy30 karma

What is the best moment a (specifically) presidential impersonator has had? Would Vaughn Meader be the biggest ever?

IamReggieBrown51 karma

I think that Steve Bridges performing with George W Bush is the biggest thing to have happened for an impersonator. It was amazing and I hope that President Obama invites me to do something similar. It's one of the only things left on my to do list as "President"

stringhopper28 karma

Love your work! How competitive is it between Obama impersonators?

IamReggieBrown74 karma

Thanks! I've been on the grind for years, in the beginning, I was traveling around the country, planes trains & automobiles, staying at cheap hotels and doing everything I could (Within reason) to make a name for myself. It's gotten to a point where non of the other "Obamas" compete with me in the corporate entertainment market. I developed a 30 minute multimedia comedy show that I now perform worldwide. All the other "Obamas" are lookalikes and don't what I offer or attempt to do an impression and can't really capture the movements and everything else an impressionist captures to create the illusion that you are the person that you're imitating. I'm not trying to put them down , I'm just relaying what my clients repeatedly tell me.

IamReggieBrown94 karma

I hope that didn't sound obnoxious. I'm trying to answer as many questions as I can as quickly as possible!

Rustysha23 karma

Have you ever gotten things for free because people thought you were the president?

IamReggieBrown85 karma

Definitely! People pick up tabs, send drinks over. I get free merchandise from clients who want me to endorse their products. I got upgraded to first class on a flight once when I didn't have time to get out of makeup. Funny thing is, my friend Patti, a Sarak Palin impersonator was sitting next to me in the back of the plane. and the flight attendant left her there!

i55555522 karma

Does anyone ever confuse Kim Jong Un as being Psy?

IamReggieBrown26 karma

Lol. I think so!

Trexmaster21 karma

If you surpass President Obama's AMA, would you consider it your greatest success as his impersonator?

IamReggieBrown19 karma

It would be up there!

Andrewda17 karma

What did obama say to you when you met him?

IamReggieBrown33 karma

"Good to see you...Thank you so much" I happened so fast ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWD0DzTfyT8

jhc141516 karma

How often do people think you are the real Obama? And what do you do when that happens?

IamReggieBrown86 karma

Every audience I perform in front of thinks I am him for at least the first minute. I've had people chase me out of rooms past my secret service details and ask me to pass legislation on their behalf. In my head I'm thinking" You just heard me tell jokes for 30 minutes, sing and do the moonwalk and you STILL think I'm him!?" lol

fosterlywill15 karma

Have you heard this episode of This American Life with Louis Ortiz? If so, are your experiences similar to his?

Have you experienced any legitimate anger from people who dislike Obama?

IamReggieBrown25 karma

I have heard that episode. Louis and I became friends after a mutual manager screwed us both over about a year or two ago. If you saw his documentary, did you see the manager who offers him tons of money and bookings? Those were MY bookings my ex manager was offering to him while he was charging my premium rates based on my successes and pulling the old bait & switch. Louis is a lookalike as they mentioned in the interview which means, he just can't get the voice, mannerisms and performance down so he doesn't compete with me in the corporate world but I think he does do OK in some projects. Thankfully, I think there's enough work out there for all of us! People who dislike Obama transfer that anger onto me at times. I usually disarm them with jokes.

UnseenDragon13 karma

What's the best reaction you've ever gotten from someone?

Have you ever been mistaken for the president in a negative fashion (kidnapped, threatened, assaulted by a farmer)?

IamReggieBrown41 karma

A CEO from KIA and his wife walked into a private room where I was having dinner with a client and friend of mine who owns a few dealerships in Southern Georgia. When she saw me, she quickly fainted and her husband caught her. That was priceless!

mamajuju4513 karma

Did you get animal style with your In-N-Out?

IamReggieBrown22 karma

Lol. No. My stomach hurts after 1 double double with fries!

LordRobicar9 karma

How much Reddit Gold would it take to get you to attend a Presidential event and have someone photograph you shaking Obama's hand?

IamReggieBrown15 karma

I would love that!!! Great question. Reddit, let's make it happen!

ImTahz8 karma

Hey! What's it like going to a different country? Also are you worried about being kidnapped or attacked when visiting?

IamReggieBrown45 karma

No. Outside of America, most people don't watch FOxNews and actually love our President. The international treatment and reception is always better than here. Our politics are so divisive, some people have a hard time seeing past the comedy of what I do.

worth_the_monologue8 karma

Who setup the meet up with Kim Jong Un? And why? (great stuff, by the way)

IamReggieBrown18 karma

Howard( Kim Jong Un) He actually contacted me a year or two ago and he finally made it to the US. we have a few videos coming out soon. Here's a preview: https://vine.co/v/OFXZZW9wZmF

AdmiralFacepalm7 karma

What's the best experience you've ever had while impersonating?

IamReggieBrown39 karma

After a performance for the top 55 CEOS in Tanzania, Africa a happy client sent my colleague and I on a 2 day safari in the middle of the Selous Game Reserve on Lake Maze in Tanzania. Definitively one of the best days of my life. Another client sent me on a day tour to Jerusalem after I shot a McDonald's commercial in Tel Aviv. Amazing.. .

YouGotThatGasMoney7 karma

Does impersonating overwhelm you?

IamReggieBrown23 karma

The comedy can be hard in a room where people are really opposed to the President. They trasfer those feeling directly on to me. That's why I come out hard with some string openers to get them in my pocket. That usually loosens them up. I love my job though and I love making people laugh.

penguinbutthole7 karma

What is your position on Area 51?

IamReggieBrown19 karma

I want to visit there

That91Guy6 karma

ever considered doing a porn parody as obama? if so how much would money would you do it for?

IamReggieBrown24 karma

NEVER! lol I have too much respect for President Obama and the office of the presidency. I've had some crazy offers over the years that I've turned down for some big $$$. For every offer that I've turned down, other "Obamas" have picked up

That91Guy3 karma

haha awesome thanks for answering

IamReggieBrown7 karma

My pleasure.

aliceinwonderbread6 karma

By the sounds of it its not your pleasure

IamReggieBrown8 karma

Ba dum Bump!

Claw-D-Uh5 karma

Whos your favourite Pokemon?

IamReggieBrown13 karma

Pikachu. It's the only one I know:)

seagoats5 karma

Do you actually enjoy what you are doing though?

IamReggieBrown9 karma

I love my job and all the opportunities it has given me!

Jay213104 karma

What's the name of the Kim Jong Un impersonator?

IamReggieBrown15 karma

Howard. He's like Madonna, no last name. ..


metalhead44 karma

You are officially a distant relative to ol' Barry.

Since it's ama, do you ride motorcycles?

IamReggieBrown4 karma

I don't but my brother Jonathan does. He pops some mean wheelies!

QuantumAwesome3 karma

Can you do Obama's voice as well?

IamReggieBrown4 karma

Yes. Check out my site at www.PresidentialComedy.com click the "News" tab for more

TheDoctorInHisTardis3 karma

Do people give you discounts for looking like Obama?

IamReggieBrown4 karma

Discounts, not really but people pick up tabs, send drinks over and stuff like that. I get free merchandise from clients who want me to endorse their products. I got upgraded to first class on a flight once when I didn't have time to get out of makeup. Funny thing is, my friend Patti, a Sarak Palin impersonator was sitting next to me in the back of the plane. and the flight attendant left her there!

aliceinwonderbread2 karma

What's it like impersonating somebody on a day-to-day basis? Do you ever feel like your just striving to look and live like someone else that you don't get to live your own life? I've always wondered.

IamReggieBrown1 karma

Not at all. I'm not one of THOSE impersonators or lookalikes. I have a business and I only become Obama when I'm working for a client or shooting an original video. There is a very fine line between me as Obama and me on a day to day basis. I can't say that for all impersonators. Some blurred that line a long time ago. I'm grateful that I can put it on and take it off at will. The attention I get in character is overwhelming as you can imagine Here's me when I'm not the President : http://presidentialcomedy.com/rb_aboutreggie.html

TheBigBadDuke2 karma

If I met you, would I be as disappointed with you as I am with the real Obama?

IamReggieBrown3 karma

Not at all! I'm curious, how exactly has he disappointed you?

blair91232 karma

Do you have a favorite TED talk? Also, if you could choose to not look like Obama, would you?

IamReggieBrown2 karma

I don't have a definitive favorite TED Talk but I watch them all the time, especially when flying Delta as they have them on the entertainment system. I wouldn't change my looks for the world. I look enough like him out of makeup for most people to make the connection. Some people see me and say they don't see "Obama"

shadow_ireheart2 karma

What kind of crazy stuff do people ask you to do when they hire you?

IamReggieBrown3 karma

Nothing too crazy. They hire me to come in and make them laugh! www.PresidentialComedy.com

phantasmagori2 karma

Who won the B-Ball game?

IamReggieBrown6 karma

Me. We all know Kim don't got game!

Beboprockss2 karma

Would you two be willing to mud wrestle in my living room wearing dresses, while I make it hale silver dollars?

What would the fee be for that?

IamReggieBrown4 karma

Why not?

P0tatoFTW2 karma

What did you do before you started impersonating Obama?

IamReggieBrown5 karma

I worked in restaurants for 14 years with dreams of having my own cooking show and opening up a restaurant before I began to write for the NBC 5 Street Team and also hosted AKIRA TV. http://presidentialcomedy.com/rb_aboutreggie.html

Knight-in-Gale2 karma

Have you visited a City and Hardcore GOP Supporters started blaming you for some shit you didn't do?

IamReggieBrown2 karma

Always! lol I'm surprised about the outright hate and vitriol some people have for President Obama. It's sad

adi_tion1 karma

How did you get started as an impersonator? Was there an agency that you went through?

IamReggieBrown2 karma

What I do is pretty niche so I signed with Randy Nolen, the manager who represented the previous #1 grossing presidential impersonator Steve Bridges

HypoLoL1 karma

How does one incorporate "Obama impersonator" into a resume?
Need to know for science.

IamReggieBrown2 karma

Under job description

RunWithSharpStuff0 karma

What do you think of this?

IamReggieBrown4 karma

Haven't checked out that link. SPAM? What is it?