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How do gay men and women fair in the church of Scientology? Are they at a bigger risk to psychological damage by heterosexual members? Do they do forced conversion therapy? They are morally against same sex relationships, correct?

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What was your life like upon leaving the church? Was dating hard for you initially? Do you tell most people you meet about your experience with the church?

I know I come from a conservative judeo-christian background, so dating guys was definitely a big adjustment for me, I didn't know what was ok and not ok, I barely knew anything about testing or safe sex. Did you experience these sorts of hiccups upon leaving the church and going out in to the dating world?

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Do impersonators you know ever get plastic surgery to look even more like the person?

(Chad Michaels and his spot on Cher impersonation comes to mind, he for sure got work done. And he, like, worrrrrks.)

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What's a good first trick to learn?

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Hey Jill!

How do you plan on protecting the Endangered Species Act?

Would you expand on it? What protections against development would you suggest in order to protect every single endangered species?

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