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I'd like to hear about his "dance-walk" with Nikolaj from this most recent season.

I'm talking about this and this.

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If I ever run into you I will say "YOU sir, look like Oberyn Martell."

And then I'll walk away and mutter "But I know you're not."

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"They're normal people, I swear. Just... they're just... Okay, well they're not completely normal, but as close as one can get while still being weird. And that's normal! You get it?"

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Yep! I'd say get in contact with the mods at /r/MasterOfNone, and schedule them once a week. Everyone's already seen the show, but we'd rewatch before you make the post, and then discuss the specifics right there and then.

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He probably got to a million looks and was like "That's it! One million looks! I did it. Now to make sure I don't look. Ever again."

And then Jessica Simpson walked by. It was near the end of shooting, maybe even at the film's premiere. And it's almost slow motion as he does a quadruple-take on her ass.