Hello there, I'm Bob Salvatore (Author R.A. Salvatore) and I'm here to talk about my newest book, released this very day, "Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf." Of course, since it's your time, too, I'm here and available to answer questions outside of this book and series.

It's been a long and wonderfully winding road that I've walked beside Drizzt and his friends (and enemies). We first started out together in 1987, long before there was a Reddit, or even an internet to speak of.

The new book is available everywhere (I hope). it's also in audio at Audible.com:


read by the amazing Victor Bevine. We've won awards for Victor's narration of this series. Great stuff!

Also, for those who missed my E-signing, you can get the book signed, even personalized (or all the books, for that matter) at my wife's on-line store, RASalvaStore.com:


Here are my bona fides: https://www.facebook.com/pages/RA-Salvatore/54142479810

Okay, have to run! Thanks all for coming, and I hope you enjoy these next few steps in the road of Drizzt Do'Urden et al!

Peace! Bob

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Ultrahuntr171 karma

Alright, be honest here: How did you really come up with the names of Menzoberranzan and Daermon N'a'shezbaernon? Was it really just on the fly?

RASalvatore250 karma

it really was...on the phone, under pressure. I've spent years hoping I didn't subconsciously steal them from somewhere...

Ultrahuntr63 karma

That's incredibly impressive haha. Long names like that help me remember that just because there are a lot of characters doesn't mean the name can't be imposing. I confuse a lot of my players/teammates when I create people with long names, but they're just more interesting, and you've been a big inspiration for that, so thanks!

RASalvatore121 karma

To be fair, it was a lot easier to blurt it out than it was to write it.

Ultrahuntr39 karma

I think I remember you saying somewhere that you said that last minute to an agent before she pitched your idea. What was her reaction?

RASalvatore84 karma

An editor at TSR. She was...hesitant.

RASalvatore123 karma

Time to run!

Thanks for coming. I'll try to get back and tidy up some questions if I get some free time!


Merlin33378 karma

Why is it that when I see my favorite author started an AMA five minutes after I get home from work, and there's no comments that I cannot think of a single question to ask? I'll bet you a donut that I will have one ten minutes after this is over.

That said, Mr. Salvatore I'm a big fan of your work and have enjoyed all of your novels from The Crimson Shadow to The Companions for most of my life. The Icewind Dale trilogy was the series that got me interested in fantasy novels and opened up an entire universe for little (and big!) me. Thank you kind sir.

RASalvatore108 karma

Well, tahnks for taking the journey beside me. See that link up above to my Facebook Page - you can always ask me questions in PMs over there. And yes, i do answer them all.

ICO979774 karma

I'm sure you get the "why isn't there a movie" question a lot. From your past interviews I know it's not up to you. If it was, would you prefer a live action or animated version and why?

RASalvatore109 karma

I'm always partial to live action.

DrFeargood65 karma

Two questions.

I don't know how much of this is in your control, but have you considered approaching Netflix for adaptations of your works?

I feel there is too much story in many of your books to be contained within a film or even a set of films.

But, with the quality of product Netflix has been pushing out the last couple of years I think Drizzt and his company could find success on my instant queue!

Also, could you recount your favorite moment as a DM?

RASalvatore90 karma

it's not up to me, as Hasbro owns the Realms.

And here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzpgAQpcp8o

I wasn't Dm'ing, but still...

Ailodierap57 karma

If Drizzt was transported to our world, what would he be up to a decade after the fact? Where would he be living? What kind of companions would he keep?

Also you've been one of my favorite authors since I first started reading. I have many childhood memories of reading your books at the library on the weekends, and I've had a ton of fun catching up with my childhood friends these last few years doing a re-read (not just with the Forgotten Realms crew either!). Thanks so much for enriching my life with your works!

Edit: Guys this topic has 169 comments and the main post only has 26 points. Share R.A. Salvatore with the rest of the world; if you have time to ask him a question, please take the time to upvote this topic so others can see it.

RASalvatore121 karma

If Drizzt came here, he'd do everything in his power to get back! If he was stuck here, he'd be playing corner for the Patriots, opposite Revis (I hope he stays!), centerfield for the Red Sox, and spending his spare moments watching The Bachelor with my wife so I wouldn't have to.

KaytinGreyshade54 karma

One of my favorite quotes in the series is "For life is experience, and longevity is, in the end, measured by memory, and those with a thousand tales to tell have indeed lived longer than any who embrace the mundane."

My question is, how do you come up with stuff like this? Especially in Drizzt's diary-like segments before each section of the books. Is it just a burst of creativity, or do you really have to think for a while about lines like that? Is there inspiration, outside of your own mind?

Also, if I may, who do you prefer: Athrogate or Pwent?

RASalvatore113 karma

I watched the line at my brother's wake and funeral and I understood then that he was the most successful person I ever knew.

i think a lot...maybe too much.

rnbwpnt48 karma

Thank you for decades of entertainment!

Word? Scrivener? Something else?

RASalvatore56 karma


Imperialvirtue45 karma

Hello Mr. Salvatore! I confess I have not read your books, though I do know Mr. Do'Urden (what D&D player doesn't?), and definitely one of the coolest characters out there.

My question has to do with your work on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The studio may have fallen, but I loved the game to death. Is there any possibility we will see Amalur again? Even in a different form, like a book, comic, or whatever ends up happening?

I loved being in the Faelands so much, and it felt like such a solid, well-put together setting, especially the references to Gaelic myth.

Cheers from a fellow worldbuilder!

RASalvatore47 karma

Rhode Island owns it, and now the tech is getting old. I doubt anyone will buy it from them at this point. And yeah, I loved Reckoning, as well - the team at BHG did a great job of getting our IP on their engine and coming up with a story that fit the world.

EmperorGestahl38 karma

I'm going to naively pose a question; FR, the Drizzt series, and your work in general has helped me evolve as a DM and has given me a lot of inspiration for adventures and battles that I may not have come up with otherwise. Do you find the time to play games like D&D still? do you prefer player/DM? and are there any great adventure hooks or encounters you can think of that really stick out from your experiences?

Thanks, your fan always.

RASalvatore69 karma

I am DM'ing a DemonWars game every Sunday night. gives me a chance to be mean...

Invaderk238 karma

If you could change one major attribute/character trait/race/etc about any of your characters, who and what would it be?

RASalvatore80 karma

Wow, interesting question...

I actually did some of that with The Companions, by the way - ask Spider.

But maybe I'd make Jarlaxle a woman...or Wulfgar - yeah, like Lagertha on "Vikings."

PleaOfInsanity37 karma

I just wanted to say I started reading the Legend of Drizzt series back in 96 shortly after my father died and they helped me get out of a deep depression. You are by far my favorite author with a true understanding of the "human condition," and are fully able to express that understanding in your novels in and out of the DnD universe.

IF i remember correctly Wulfgar was you original intended main character. Did you ever think Drizzt's tale would get this far?

RASalvatore37 karma

Of course not, though I knew it was his tale, not Wulfgar's very early on in the writing.

Logun026 karma

As with most people here I am a long time fan. So long that I once had all the original prints. Sadly (or maybe not so sadly) I read them through and through so many times I"ve had to replace them thrice over. Thanks for your contribution to my life and for creating something I've enjoyed countless times throughout the decades.

Edit> I would also like to add that you were the first successful author to get me to truly understand what it might be like to be an Elf. When Drizzt is exploring his life in the years following the passing of all the companions, I finally had that moment of clarity as to how lonely he must be, and how empty parts of his life will be because of how much he loved Cattibrie. I've always hated how keenly you made me feel his pain. It was quite a wonderful bit of writing.
What do you consider to be your best work ever?

RASalvatore32 karma

Mortalis - book 4 of the DemonWars Saga.

Homeland and The Companions get honorable mention, along with The Highwayman.

SallySassalot23 karma

Will we see more of Ambergris? I think she's amazingly fun!

RASalvatore48 karma

Oh heck yeah - my new dwarven strike team has...oh wait, no spoilers!

Schreckstoff20 karma

What happened to Cadderly, is he still drawing his circle even after the 2 realms separated? Also with the weave having returned and so many gods resurfacing is Deinier back too?

Can't wait for my copy to arrive tomorrow.

RASalvatore28 karma

At this point, yep.

mchds19 karma

So, what happens when Gromph casts a spell he cannot contain???

RASalvatore30 karma

Fun times.

ICO979717 karma

if you could have not killed off one character who would it have been?

RASalvatore49 karma


BeastCoast17 karma

Lucky you! He's not dead anymore!

RASalvatore66 karma

he's a Disney Princess!

ladyvader3117 karma

Hi Mr. Salvatore! I am a huge fan of both Drizzt and Artemis Entreri. I am currently writing an essay analyzing the psychology of Entreri :). I feel like, besides Drizzt and Cattie-brie, the strongest relationship that I have seen in the entire series is that of Entreri and Jarlaxle. Will they be reuniting soon? In writing the relationship between Jarlaxle and Entreri, what inspires you? Thanks!!

RASalvatore23 karma

I will only say that Jarlaxle is taking over the world (of course) and he might need a lackey king to hang a title on (again).

fightercaprice16 karma

Do you do anything special to celebrate your book release days? (Other than doing this event, which is awesome- Thank you!)

RASalvatore22 karma

No. I actually dread them now. Not sure why. it's very strange...maybe I'll figure it out.

Osiriph15 karma

What was your imagination or creative power behind Tiago and his weapon set? My friend and I, who have been reading and discussing your books for years now, have a feeling that something will happen to Drizzt's iconic weapons because of this foe.

RASalvatore26 karma

I needed a new villain that people would actually, you know, hate. I hate him, so I think others probably do, too.

I admit that I hated Entreri early on...

And i still hate Marcalo De'Unnero the most.

Osiriph16 karma

I have always loved Entreri, a human able to go toe to toe with Drows was just amazing. The only time I hated him was when he hurt Regis. I despise Tiago, I cannot wait for his demise. I sincerely hope Drizzt, or even Entreri, tear him apart for what he's done. Thank you for responding! OH! One more question! Will you ever travel back out to Colorado for another signing? I've met you once and I have to say it was an awesome time. If you could it'd be awesome to have you back out here!

RASalvatore17 karma

i'd love to come back to Colorado - always had great signings there. Nothing on the schedule at this time - and really, the stores have to push the publisher for things like that.

Osiriph12 karma

I just totally fanboyed out right there, no joke. Thank you for years of adventure and being able to see Drizzt and everyone grow. I can't explain or tell you how much your books have helped.

RASalvatore16 karma

You're quite welcome...and thanks for the kind words.

DNDRollInitiative14 karma

Hey there, I love your work in novels and video games and basically everything! I wanted to know how long do you spend planning the story of a book before you begin to sit down and start writing?

RASalvatore21 karma

Anywhere from a month to a year.

Mordengard14 karma

Hi Bob long time reader love your books. I have to say I wish there where more stories of cadderly and the bouldershoulders. I t hurt to see pikel go. Have you thought of doing some back stories possibly a short story of how pikel became a druid it's all been fairly vague. I would also like to hear more about athrogates background. How is he still alive?

RASalvatore17 karma

No back stories in the lineup right now...but keep reading.

Sir_Rule14 karma

Hello Salvatore. Are there any "homebrew" D&D rules on some of the characters you've created that we don't know about?

RASalvatore28 karma

Not really - i keep my gaming and my writing separate for the most part, especially concerning characters. If I try to play mine from the books, my Dm kills 'em dead.

Smubee13 karma

What do you think of D&D 5th Edition so far?

RASalvatore17 karma

I liked what I saw - a lot. But I still like DemonWars better (active defense), so I'm playing that. besides, my group won't change.

GMDrew13 karma

Been a fan for many years. I am sure you have been asked this many times, but what is the proper pronunciation of Drizzt? My second question, will you be attending Gen Con 2015 and maybe doing book signings? My third question, what was your first story and how hard was it to get it published? Thank you for your time in responding and for giving us such amazing stories for over 20 years, it has been an amazing ride. By the way, if Chewie had to die at least a moon was dropped on him, any other death would have been unworthy, but it was a fictional death that actually brought tears to my eyes, so much so I had to put the book down and couldn't pick it back up for a few days.

RASalvatore31 karma


or drizzit or drizzzzzzz or drizzle or (my favorite) f-r-e-d

I will be at GenCon, I believe, but nothing's confirmed yet. I want to be there, since Terry Brooks is a guest this year and I haven't seen him in far too long.

It was, and remains, very hard to get published. I spent nearly 5 years working for nothing, every night until early in the morning (then going to a paying job each morning).

fightercaprice12 karma

Hi, Bob! I had the day off today, so I've been engrossed in VotID all day and am enjoying it very much! I especially enjoy reading about Regis and his newfound confidence and skills. Which of your reborn heroes did you enjoy rebuilding the most?

RASalvatore13 karma

Yeah, Regis was a blast.

i'd go with him, but I can't say that I'm not having fun with all of the gang.

hiddikel11 karma

Greetings. I've read all your realms books and love them! Quick questions. Will Entreri ever get his dagger back? Or will something at least happen to it other than it sitting under the eves there forever?

You went from Elmore doing your cover art- who was the most amazing ever to Lockwood- who was also amazing with a couple others thrown in there- to a bunch of super closeup selfies of Drizzt. Could you please bring back the awesome cover art that has been on most of your books? I'd be so grateful.

Will you do more book signings near your house? I live a few towns away, but rarely get to drive too far to see your signings.

RASalvatore16 karma

You need to catch up...you're several books behind, i take it.

I have no say int he cover art - authors rarely get any input into such things, other than suggestions that won't get followed!

And yes, I hope to, but there's nothing on the schedule right now (probably why people have shown up at the softball fields with my books!).

hiddikel3 karma

Isn't the dagger tucked under the eve of a house in port llast that Spider Parrafin sits on top of in rise of the king?

RASalvatore9 karma

Read "The Last Threshold."

howie5216 karma


I am as confused as hiddikel. I read all the books and from recollection, Entreri left the dagger in the eases of the house before he got taken by Tiago and this was after The Last Threshold.

RASalvatore17 karma

Port Llast to Luskan...Beniago... No more hints!

Galdaius8 karma

I am a HUGE fan of your books. Have the whole series and audio books as well. I Also love the Spear Wielder's Tales. Do you ever intend to do another series like this? I loved jumping into a completely new world that you have created with an amazing story as always.

RASalvatore8 karma

Crimson Shadow is probably the closest thing I've done to Spearwielders...and yeah, I had fun with Mickey, you bet.

Ireallylikecheeseman8 karma

Since Cadderly ended up being taken, can I marry Rorick Bonaduce? ( when he's a bit older, anyways! )

RASalvatore9 karma

All yours.

JayarielDrillowup8 karma

I am glad to see you are still at the top of your game with writing new books. My current question is this: As of right now who is more skilled Drizz't or his late father?

RASalvatore20 karma

We'll never know, but I wouldn't bet against Drizzt...

JayarielDrillowup6 karma

Quite true indeed sir.

Okay next question: Who would win between Cadderly (prior to "The Ghost King") and your top clerical monk from Corona in a none soul gem clerical powers match only?

RASalvatore9 karma

Coronan monks kick butt. Sorry Cadderly, but DemonWars is my thing (including the RPG!).

JayarielDrillowup5 karma

If his wife decides rpwise to kill me, I guess I earned it with that last question XD.

Next question: Who in all of your series would you say was the toughest good vs evil fight against demons?

RASalvatore7 karma

Ho ho what?

JayarielDrillowup3 karma

Which fight vs demons was the hardest one you ever wrote about in any of your book series ever?

RASalvatore7 karma

The lower chamber in "The Archmage" (and no, it won't be out until September).

bloopiedoobie7 karma

Do you ever plan on coming to Australia? I would love to sit in on a panel that you were doing or a real life book signing!

Perhaps I could tempt you with a spot at the table with my gaming group running a home written Menzoberranzan campaign? Huh? Huuuuuuuh? Hahah.

RASalvatore14 karma

it's a possibility...but a really long flight. Did I mention that I don't like flying?

bloopiedoobie6 karma

I really hate it too. Like, a lot. Maybe I'll just track down if you're doing any signings or appearances while I'm in America early next year. But, if I'm brave enough to come over there, you should come here. I mean, I get extra brave points for being Australian, but I'm still a girl :P haha

RASalvatore24 karma

yeah, but as someone who writes Catti-brie, Jilly, Brynn and Elysant, I know that girls don't need extra points.

Atigerwithlaserbeams7 karma

How much control do you have over major events in the Silver Marches? Do you write a giant war with a kingdom of orcs that then gets added to the lore, or do the higher-ups say that they want a giant orc war, which you then write?

RASalvatore10 karma

I get all of it. i work with the guys, but they let me run wild, and I love it!

TheOutlier7 karma

Thanks for being such a prolific writer. I really enjoy your stories and recently got my son to start reading them.

The reference to you on the D&D 5th edition character creation chapter was a wonderful addition to the book that really made it feel like D&D.

Did you have any influence on the creation of 5th edition D&D?

Have you enjoyed playing 5th edition with your group? Are there any fun gaming moments that you can share with us?

RASalvatore6 karma

No, I didn't have anything to do with it. Love the team who did it, though.

But alas, i still play DemonWars.

DexterityJones7 karma

Nothing to ask bob, just want to say thanks for the 20 or so years (since I 1st discovered your book in the school library) of entertainment...... I suppose I should ask a question though, how'd you get so good at writing the actual combat scenes? many authors (while writing great plots) tend to go over combat lightly. Yours however is like reading an action movie, it's brilliant and meaty.

RASalvatore10 karma

I play hockey.

DexterityJones5 karma

As a Canadian, I approve.

Also, go Habs.

RASalvatore8 karma

I still have nightmares about Ken Dryden stoning the Bruins...

DexterityJones5 karma

Should be a good playoff year for both clubs, though I'm hoping we'll get a little further than we did last year...

RASalvatore7 karma

Not sold on the Bruins right now, but we'll see.

bandrica7 karma

Mr. Salvatore,

At what age did you decide you wanted to write, and what is the best advice you can give to someone who wants to write, but doesn't k ow where to start?

RASalvatore10 karma

Honestly, it was after college. I started when I was 23.

04Dark6 karma

Looking forward to the "Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf". Gonna start it as soon as I finish rereading "Rise of the King". My family has been reading since the early 90's. Hope you keep the great books coming for many more decades. As for the AMA part of the post, any chance of you coming to Pensacon in the coming years?

RASalvatore8 karma

You never know. I travel to a couple of conventions a year...wherever the publisher points me.

frogfinderfred6 karma

Hey, thanks for your excellent work! I noticed a major change in writing style from your earlier books, where you had several sentences in paragraphs, to later books where each line might start its own paragraph. Was this intentional? From a writing for the web class, I learned that people read down the left side of the page like the shape of a capital F, and I thought your later works really fit this web method of reading. Hopefully this isn't too personal, but does drinking a little help the craft? I know like Hemingway and other authors drank a little to help with writing. You know I loved your Drizzt novels as a teenager, and they read so different now. I only read the Cleric Quintet as an adult, but gosh, what a treat! Thanks!!

RASalvatore10 karma

it's nothing I do consciously (except I shorten sentences to speed the pace in fight scenes), and sometimes, it's the editor's heavy fingers.

void_moon6 karma

Do you think that nowadays if a new author spends the time to write a novel to the best of their abilities - is it smarter to try to get traditionally published, or risk getting lost in the sea of self published titles?

RASalvatore12 karma

I think getting published traditionally is better - and it's really next to impossible. Self-publishing is a ton of work that is not writing!

DNDRollInitiative3 karma

Why would you say it's next to impossible?

RASalvatore12 karma

Getting through a non-existent slush pile in a New York house now is quite a feat.

FourFootGecko6 karma

Thank you for letting us share in the adventures with you. If you could expand Drizzt to any other media, what would you choose? Maybe a Netflix series perhaps?

RASalvatore16 karma

I think DemonWars would make a great series, but the Drizzt books might do better as movies. I don't know - at this point, I'd just be glad to get a bite on any of them.

Spoggerific6 karma

Do you speak any foreign languages? If so, do you read in any of them? There are some pretty interesting tricks of writing you can do in other languages that are just straight up impossible in English, and as someone who enjoys reading, I think that's really cool.

The only foreign language I speak to the point where I can read novels in it is Japanese, so my example will be from Japanese: The language has multiple first person pronouns, each with its own different flavor of nuance. In one particular book I read, the main character was narrating the story. It turns out that the main character was possessed by a demon halfway through the book, but this isn't explicitly mentioned to the reader until the very end. If you're paying attention, though, you'll notice the narrator's style change slightly, with one of the cues being that he changed which first person pronoun he uses.

RASalvatore11 karma

I (sort of) understand French and can pick up Italian (both of which I heard a lot in my house when I was very young).

I do play games with languages in the books though - Pericolo Topolino is Italian for "Danger Mouse," which fits the halfling grandfather of assassins. (Colloquially, it also refers to Mickey Mouse, but meh)

And in the newer books, ancient Delzoun looks a lot like Scottish/Gaelic. Language is fun and tells you a lot about a culture, and with the new understanding of language and colors, it's important, too.

Shadeax6 karma

Did you read the hunger games?

RASalvatore11 karma

Nope - enjoyed the first two movies, though.

Welvator6 karma

Hey Bob,

I was wondering how you got into roleplaying games? Also are you currently running or participating in an campaigns? Thanks for doing this AMA.

RASalvatore13 karma

my brother got me into D&D with some of his friends from work in 1980. I was in college at the time and it proved a perfect creative outlet. I still play - DemonWars - every Sunday night.

riotoustripod6 karma

I was entranced by the Legend of Drizzt series, and flew through them from Homeland through Gauntlgrym in about a year. One thing that struck me is how fitting all your characters' names seem to be, whether they're part of the main cast or more of a background player. This is something I've always struggled with when I write; do you have a method for coming up with names that fit?

RASalvatore10 karma

I close my eyes, hit the keys and hope enough vowels come up.

Seriously, names are brutal. I use placeholders so they don't hold me up. Eventually, the character will tell me his/her name.

Rathkeaux5 karma

Will there be anymore licensed weapons from your series produced?

RASalvatore8 karma

No idea. Would love it, but I haven't heard anything.

black_flag_4ever5 karma

How do you force yourself to sit down and actually write something long form?

RASalvatore9 karma

Writing is all about discipline - getting started is the hardest part. I know that once I get rolling, I will fall in love with it, so I force myself to get going!

HypersonicHarpist5 karma

I just finished reading the first Demon Wars book and really enjoyed it. You've hinted before that the Demon Wars Saga and the Crimson Shadow trilogy happen on the same world if you think of it as a globe. Does this mean that the Elves in Avon and Eriador are in some way related to the Touel'alfar?

RASalvatore10 karma

If that happens, and it might, they would not be related...now Oliver and the powries...

HypersonicHarpist4 karma

but Oliver doesn't like getting blood on his fancy clothes...

RASalvatore9 karma

So the dwarves would wipe it off for him...

HypersonicHarpist4 karma

That would sure be a hilarious scene. I loved Oliver, imagining him with an exaggerated French accent just made it better.

RASalvatore11 karma

He's the little French guy on the wall in Monty Python's Holy Grail...

MirandaGemini5 karma

I'm not sure how fair of a question this is to you, but will this book be available in stores in Australia? I've not been able to find any of your books since The Hunter's Blades, which is pretty darned upsetting.

RASalvatore8 karma

I don't know. You can get it from RASalvaStore.com, but shipping is brutal!

KhalTannen5 karma

Have you ever been surprised by anything that you've written that you were 'unhappy' or 'disappointed' about at the time that fans just loved?

And a quick follow up; If so, did the fans loving it cause you to change your mind about being unhappy with it?

RASalvatore5 karma

I'm often surprised by the little things that get a lot of buzz, and more so by the things I think are really great that don't get mentioned, ever!

i don't have enough time between writing and release to be unhappy about anything. And I don't go back and re-read very often because I'm afraid I'll hate it!

avsfan15 karma

Would you think of starting another lengthy series like dizzt? Also would you think of doing a series on bruenor 's background?

RASalvatore7 karma


Seriously, I doubt I have that many years left! i didn't consciously start a long series with Drizzt. it just sort of happened.

avsfan15 karma

Lol!!! But I would like to hear on bruenor's back story I think other people might also(One of my favorite characters). One more thing do you think if you didn't finish the series who would you want to finish it for you, if you had a choice?

RASalvatore8 karma

My son Geno.

nbd90005 karma

Ok! I feel like there was a very sudden shift in your writing style from traditional fantasy pulp stories to a much grittier and realistic system of character development. Is there something that happened to you that impacted your writing and caused this? also: obligatory huge fan comment.

RASalvatore9 karma

Nothing particular. I just settling in and had fun with it.

DonXanadu4 karma

Hi Mr. Salvatore, big fan of your books. I'm currently reading the third book of the Two Swords series. Not sure if that's the correct name because I read them in spanish. So muy cuestiĆ³n is: when is this new book going to be availabke in spanish?

RASalvatore7 karma

There seems to be problems with the translations lately. I have no idea what's going on, honestly. You can get them in English, worldwide on e-book. Other than that, I honestly don't know.

DonXanadu5 karma

Thank you very much and sorry for my bad spelling, but i'm on the phone. So, I will be looking for e-book with much anticipation.

RASalvatore11 karma

Typos on the internet? Who'd believe that?

Dannyboy32104 karma

I-I-I... I don't have a question, but I wanted to post anyways. I AM A HUGE FAN (all caps so it must be true). Oh wait, after 15 minutes of contemplation I came up with one.

Do you ever do visits to school libraries to meet avid fans among the student population? For example, my mother is a high school librarian and has hosted a few of these kinds of events and would certainly love to have you pay them a visit should you feel like it on a whim.

RASalvatore4 karma

I used to do it all the time - haven't much lately.

avsfan14 karma

If you had to retire dizzt how would you do it?

RASalvatore11 karma

I don't know - but I would want it either heroic or at least, upbeat. There's nothing wrong with a feel-good ending to a series in the midst of dystopian and gritty genres.

wtf_am_i_doin_here4 karma

Hello Mr. Salvatore, i've been a huge fan of yours for years and i was wondering, what, other than personal experiences i suppose, inspire you to create the characters, worlds, stories that we all love and immerse ourselves in? Please keep up the good work and keep'em coming, i never have enough of those books!

RASalvatore6 karma

I get my inspiration from everything around me - the people i meet, the music, the books, the movies, the sounds, the smells...life.

BlueTruckCoffee3 karma

Hey Bob

Are you ever going to find yourself in Milwaukee?

I used to get books signed by you every year. I've traveled to Philly, to Connecticut, i've seen you in San Diego at the greatest book store known to man (mysterious galaxies) but now that i moved here to Milwaukee i haven't been able to wait eagerly in line to shake your hand and tell you Semper Fi.

Also will your wife have signed books in her store? I missed the e-signing.

-Nick (loyal fan, and has Icing Death and Twinkle tattooed)

RASalvatore7 karma

Well, I get to Indy every year for GenCon - that's not far.

And yes, the link is up above. We have the books!

livvylive963 karma

An unfortunate trend I've noticed in fantasy novels: authors seem to have no problem fetishizing/hypersexualizing lesbian relationships, but shy away from both a) male homosexual relationships and b) healthy/loving homosexual relationships in general. As an author, why do you think this is?

RASalvatore13 karma

Probably a million reasons dating back to less enlightened times. I see the same thing in movies and tv, until recently.

I have no problem with either in my work. I'm writing about people - all the various incarnations of people.

doubledrizztdude3 karma

Any plans on penning another video game?

RASalvatore7 karma

Not at the moment, but I've done some work on one that will be out soon, I hope...and I can't say any more than that.

djnicko3 karma

I see you like signing books so often.

But I must ask, when are you going to start signing our Audiobooks?

P.S. - I got into Audible around September and was stoked to finally catch up on the last 8 or so books that college made me have no time for. I am so happy to see you and Audible so tight!

P.P.S. - What should we name our daughter?

RASalvatore10 karma

Someone told me that they were working on a way for an audio signing of and audiobook...that wold save on the hand cramps.

And you should name your daughter something that will remind you that she owns you...because she will.

Razdusi3 karma

A question about you as a writer. What is your safe writing environment? As in do you have any unique or interesting habits that are tied to your ability to write and what was most instrumental in finding your "writing place" where you can comfortably write?

RASalvatore8 karma

I often put on music - George Winston, Jon Serrie - and let the sounds and the words on the screen take me far away. When I'm on a plane (I hate flying), I bury myself under the headphones nad into the screen and sometimes forget I'm on a plane.

TBentley763 karma

Hey Bob, I am in a Drizzt fan group and there were several posts of people able to purchase the book before the release date. Many people were upset over this due to the fact that they were waiting for it to be released or that they had ordered it online. Does this happen very often in your experience? Who is responsible for the mix up? Thanks :)

RASalvatore7 karma

Stores are given an official lay-down date. This is because you want the big week to happen everywhere all at once for some bestseller lists. Some stores don't honor that (Canada always seems to have the book early).

At this point, I just shrug. I don't care about the lists. I just want people to enjoy the journey with me.

hellfudge3 karma

Hey, Bob. Thanks for doing another AMA. Huge fan, and have been since I found a copy of Streams of Silver at a used book store.
Here's my question:because of the nature of the setting Drizzt is in, if you had to write a flashback scene (or novel!) Would you allude to the rule set that the scene (or novel!) was set during? Like a Zak scene (or novel!) using allusions to 2nd? Thanks.

RASalvatore13 karma

I still write in 1st Edition, putting just enough new flavor into it to make the editors think I'm writing in the newer editions. The probably curse me a lot up at WotC.

moto14803 karma

I met you when you came to talk in Lansing, MI and I wanted to thank you for being so kind and gracious to me. I was so nervous to meet you and you were so nice. So thank you. :)

So, since I have to have a question...what's going to happen to Allheart since it didn't get funded? Are you going to try again?

RASalvatore7 karma

I don't know yet. I'm looking for ways to lower the COGS, but I really don't want to cut quality. I'm very proud of the Reformation book because of the high quality all around and I don't want to cheapen it.

Razdusi3 karma

I love all of your fantasy books but something I was wondering was whether you write other mediums of writing such as essays or poetry ever? Have you ever tried these types of writing? If so how did you enjoy them or dislike them?

RASalvatore6 karma

I've done a few poems - I was quite proud of the sonnet I did to start the Sundering series. I've been so immersed in the novels for so long that I haven't really had the time to explore other types.

that will change soon.

Razdusi3 karma

Can you give us anything about what these other projects will be? I love reading the secondary genres that authors write in. I feel that it is a window into another aspect of that person's life that you don't get when you only read one type of writing from someone.

RASalvatore5 karma

Not yet - I'm still putting thoughts together.

admirable_antwat3 karma

Greetings once more Mr. Salvatore! Thank you for all of your fine works. My question for you, from my father and i, is: where did you get the idea of Drizzt? Was it like a thought on the john one day? And why did you go with the whole renegade drow idea?

Thanks again for you time and effort! I look forward to the new book!

RASalvatore9 karma

off the top of my head, on the phone with an editor who was late for a meeting. The whole rather funny story is told in the forward to the Dark Elf Trilogy.

admirable_antwat4 karma

I'll be investigating promptly!

One last question, who would play Drizzt the best in a live action movie?

RASalvatore7 karma

I would never answer that. if they cast someone else, everyone would say he wasn't my first choice!

fightercaprice3 karma

A lot of your main characters have really gotten a power-up in the recent books, and of course Jarlaxle always has new toys... what about Entreri? Is he due for some new items/tricks soon??

RASalvatore7 karma

Power up? I hate the term. The old crew had 20 years to prepare for the road, so of course they came well-practiced. But a knife in the back will still put them to the ground.

Inxanity13 karma

Hello, Mr. Salvatore! Obviously, you are a big time novelist for The Forgotten Realms, but if WOTC ever asked would you consider writing something set in Greyhawk? Thank you!

RASalvatore4 karma

Possibly - I love the setting. But then again, if I wasn't writing the Companions right now, I'd probably be living in DemonWars.

GhostStep3 karma

Hello and thanks for your time. I have been a fan since I was 13 and my mom brought the Dark Elf Trilogy home for me. Your stories inspired me to express myself not through the art of writing, but the art of music; thanks for that. Now the question. Are you ever afraid of the series becoming too long winded and are you ever upset with the limitations placed on you by WotC?

RASalvatore10 karma

When it's not fun for me anymore, I'll walk away. it's really that simple at this point.

And not really regarding WotC. They let me get away with a lot, honestly.

pyrgusmalvae3 karma

Hi Mr. Salvatore, I've poked through some of your AMAs and never posted, but the burning intensity of this question has now reached critical mass: I'm going to go ahead and preface it by adding that I'm queer and have queer friends in the fandom, so this is not just a matter of idle curiosity, but is there any specific reason you've been so evasive in discussing Jarlaxle's sexuality? Because when you say "Jarlaxle breaks all the boundaries" and is "ambiguous and adventurous" I feel like what you're trying to avoid saying is "bisexual," and I'm...not sure why all the winking and nudging is necessary?

RASalvatore7 karma

I don't think Jarlaxle is bisexual, but it wouldn't surprise me. I'm not being evasive - characters tell me their stories in bits and pieces, almost like I'm getting to know them as I write them.

Brother Afafrenfere, on the other hand, is openly gay. And no one cares (negatively, I mean). And that's the point. And I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to me that these few years later, after thousands of e-mails, I have never heard a bad word about that choice.

Very different than when I started and got horribly misogynistic e-mail about Catti-brie, simply because it was wrong to have female heroes.

Gives me hope for the world.

Schreckstoff3 karma

First let me preface what a great book The Companions was I especially loved Bruenor's story.

Now what was your primary goal when redesigning the companions more specifically Regis?

With Drizzt being a chosen of Mielikki are the companions his only boon?

RASalvatore9 karma

Who says Drizzt is actually a chosen of Mielikki?

my goal with the companions was asking myself what it would be like if I could do it all over again, knowing what I know now.

Then I took the three logical paths: anger for feeling cheated (Bruenor), redemption for failings (Regis), and a pure dedication to a desired end (Catti-brie).

And then added a fourth course: this time's for fun (Wulfgar).

howie5213 karma

I just finished reading "Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf" and am craving for more!

Some teasers for "The Archmage" please?

RASalvatore12 karma

it has a wizard in it!

Arthurisadork3 karma

Any authors you admire?

RASalvatore7 karma

Terry Brooks. And many others - but starting to name them will get me into deep, deep trouble.

Shmeeggeggy3 karma

With the direction that the Sundering has you taking, would you/have you considered bringing back other characters from earlier in the series? Zak? Mooshie?

RASalvatore8 karma

You never know.

19kilo203 karma

This is most likely a long ago answered question but, was there any outside interference to ally Dwarfs with Orcs, as you wrote many years ago in one of the Drizzt novels? Or was it a personal choice to start a new era so to speak.

RASalvatore8 karma

it was a personal choice about a particular area, a particular set of circumstances, and a pair of brave individuals.

DropDeadArtemus2 karma

What sort of music helps get the creative wheels turning?

RASalvatore9 karma

Instrumentals - George Winston, Jon Serrie.

[deleted]2 karma


RASalvatore3 karma

Well, very kind, adn thanks for that. I thought Entreri's story was fully told in "Road of the Patriarch," but I got so many letters asking me to play it out that I couldn't drop him.