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best known for The DemonWars Saga, his Forgotten Realms novels, in which he created the popular character Drizzt Do'Urden, and Vector Prime, the first novel in the Star Wars: The New Jedi Order series

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Six hundred. Duh.

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WotC keeps one, and it's a good thing! Too many books! Too many years!

I remember I was thrilled when I started writing "Servant of the Shard" because Jarlaxle could finally be front and center. Then I was terrified because I was on a tight deadline and realized that I had no idea of what this guy had for equipment, given all of his cameos in the previous books. So I went to a message board anonymously and started a thread "Let's inventory Jarlaxle's cool items!" A few days later, I downloaded and printed the 10-page thread - these folks had put in page numbers from the books and everything in their discussion of Jarlaxle...hehehe.

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I don't have time to answer that.

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Thank you for thanking me!

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No. Not yet. But I think it will happen, and I think I'll still be around to work on it!

Fingers crossed - and make sure you tell Hasbro to get it done.

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Umm...I'd put him in the cyborg body of Jennifer Lawrence and have him rip the arms off fanboys.

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Wow, blown away here by the response...

Thank you so much for your interest. I've got some scheduled press interviews to do, so I've got to say so long, but heck yeah, we'll do this again.

Quick plug: I'm on Facebook at R.A. Salvatore - I'm on there all the time.

Apologies to any I couldn't get to...just overwhelming.

Peace, Bob

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Wedding party from South Boston...20 of them, 5 of hour of pain before we finally got them out of the door.

And out htere, ont he other side of a trio of police cruisers, they taunted me and the other we ran out, too angry to be smart. I jumped on the back of a State Police car and leaped intot he crowd...almost. Those cops are good.

I was cuffed and in teh back seat before I knew what hit me. So was my companion. We yelled at hte cops about how those idiots had just trashed the club...they told us to shut up while they dispersed the crowd.

I protested and the cop turned around and said, "There are 20 of them!"

"But why are we getting arrested?"

"You're not - and where do you want to eat?"

And the Staties took me and Lee out to dinner.

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Worry about the writing. Finish something, find your voice, love your characters, THEN worry about how you're going to publish it. Writing is a way of life, a journey...publishing is a business.

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Both. Right now we're going forward, but I do want to write a Jarlaxle/Zaknafein story set long before the birth of Drizzt.