Hi there. My name is R.A. Salvatore (call me Bob) and I’m the author of more than 50 novels, including more than thirty set in the Forgotten Realms fantasy setting (including my new release, “The Companions”), a couple of Star Wars books (including the novelization of “Episode II: The Attack of the Clones”), and eleven books set in my own creation, DemonWars.

I was the “Creator of Worlds” for 38 Studios, a wound that’s still raw, I admit, and have worked on numerous gaming projects, tabletop pen-and-paper and video. In that vein, I’ve got a kickstarter, DemonWars: Reformation, running right now, a week to go, for a pen-and-paper, old-school tabletop role-playing game set in my DemonWars world of Corona. We’ve already funded and are pushing through the stretch goals (mostly art) right now, and the joy of this is that I get to work with my sons again, and with some incredibly talented folks I got to know at 38 Studios.

Whew, that was a mouthful. Okay, hammer away and take the conversation where you will – this is your forum, after all, so ASK ME ANYTHING.

My Proof: https://www.facebook.com/pages/RA-Salvatore/54142479810

Whew - ran all the way through and now it's time to hit refresh. I'm almost scared to do it.

OKAY GOTTA RUN...That was a rush - these always are. You guys were so kind and gracious - I'm almost disappointed! My softball team, Clam Battlehammer, lost in the bottom of the last inning and I came here looking for a fight, dagnabbit!

Hehe, just kidding. Great talking to all of you and I'm sorry I simply couldn't get to all the questions!

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IkickedRAsalvatore503 karma

This isn't a question...more of an apology for the below, an excerpt from an IAMA a year ago that i stumbled across about a month ago:

''I was in a PUG with my character "Bruenorr" and "Innovindil" was the group leader. She pm'd me: "Salvatore for the win!" I was tickled, so after a while of back and forth, I told her who I was. She started quizzing me, and when I told her that no, I hadn't been on this particular MUD she was naming (I've never played a MUD since ZORK), she accused me of being a fraud and had me booted from the group''

It was me.....I'm so embarassed, I was just browsing old IAMA's , stumbled across yours and thought 'Wow RA Salvatore did one! reads eagerly' when i came across the above I was mortified! I already contacted you on facebook to apologise but thought I should 'gain closure' from the reddit community, so i registered just for this!.

I'm really grateful I had the chance (even if i didn't know it at the time!) to talk to the creator of the legendary Drizzt and co.

Luckily I haven't played WoW for a couple of years so further potential embarassments can be avoided.

P.s I look forward to 'The Companions' when the paperback version is available in the UK!

pps I'm sorry for calling you a fraud and kicking you!

RASalvatore380 karma

Haha! Awesome - I was hoping you'd see that. I was laughing for a month!

I tell that story all the time. So much fun.

You reached out ot me on Facebook? I answer all of those - hmm...

GerbilGal84 karma

you play wow? do you still play?

My hunter's pets are all named after your characters <.<

RASalvatore166 karma

Haven't played anything much since 38 Studios went down in flames...

njfinn65 karma

How screwed did you get in that deal?

RASalvatore178 karma

I took a risk. I lost. Moving on!

And I can't be bitter when I made so many great friends.

Slit51836 karma

Not all of them Bob, but nearly all of them. You do your best ;)

RASalvatore74 karma

ALL of them - I'm just always behind!

raptcha297 karma

I think you mentioned before about Jarlaxle getting his own novel, is this an idea you are playing with or is it just a matter of time?

RASalvatore621 karma

Both. Right now we're going forward, but I do want to write a Jarlaxle/Zaknafein story set long before the birth of Drizzt.

brbroome660 karma

I threw my wallet at the screen. I hope you felt that.

RASalvatore352 karma


brbroome185 karma

Canadian wallet too. More coin.

malphonso24 karma

Pardon the stupid question, how do you carry coins in a wallet?

Maldetete32 karma

As a Canadian I'm calling his bluff. All my coins are in my car awaiting to be given to Tim Hortons.

RASalvatore40 karma

Dunkin Donuts...

We kept Dunkin Donuts open when they were hunting for the Boston bombers...no lie. Only thing open in Watertown and several other cities!

Kaevar90 karma

This is awesome. When you mentioned Zak from Jarlaxle's point of view I instantly wanted to know more about their relationship. Going forward though I am really excited to see Jarlaxle's role in the Sundering, if he has one.

RASalvatore160 karma

Of course he has one - he's Jarlaxle!

iehova75 karma

That would be amazing. Ever since Jarlaxle let on that he and Zaknafein were well acquainted, I've been dying to know about it :)

RASalvatore151 karma

Me, too.

TheBobHatter262 karma

If you wrote another Starwars Novel and Disney told you to ressurect Chewbacca, would you give him a robot spider body?

willneu97231 karma

This is important.

RASalvatore848 karma

Umm...I'd put him in the cyborg body of Jennifer Lawrence and have him rip the arms off fanboys.

SJtheFox227 karma

First, I'd just like to say thank you. As a kid, I hated reading. I'm a slow reader and the only reading I ever did was forced. A friend gave me The Dark Elf Trilogy when I was a freshman in high school and I read the entire Drizzt series straight through until I ran out of books. That was over ten years ago and I still love reading. Thanks for making me love books!

My question is this: Do you ever get tired of, or frustrated by, writing within the confines of the D&D system?

RASalvatore198 karma

You're not a slower reader than I am, honestly...I'm obsessive about reading every word. Yikes!

Shared world can be frustrating at times, but more often than not, you're standing ont eh creative shoulders of giants, and that's inspiring. So the good far outweighs the occasional bad!

codythebeau157 karma

Hi R.A.! I don't have a question, I just wanted to sincerely thank you. You spoke at my girlfriend's English Honors Society banquet (Fitchburg State) a few months ago. I had no idea you would be making an apperance, but it changed my life. I had dropped out of Fitchburg 2 years prior because I had become incredibly disenchanted with the whole experience. I used to love creative writing, but I didn't really have the passion for it anymore. Your speech alone re-awakened my love for creative writing, and the positive impact it has had on my life can't be understated. It might seem silly, but I don't think I could ever truly express how powerful your words were and the effect that they had on me. Thank you for everything R.A.! (And a special thanks to Professor Ben Railton at Fitchburg State for introducing myself and so many others to the work of Mr. Salvatore through his outstanding Sci-Fi Lit class!)

RASalvatore186 karma

Well, that's awesome. I love FSU - they've asked me to sit on their advisory board for their game design major. Perhaps I'll even teach a class when I get some free time.

zedbra147 karma

How do you pronounce Drizzt?

RASalvatore391 karma



IrregardingGrammar3 karma

Just in case Bob doesn't get around to you, I've always pronounced it like it's spelled with the double Z's making a "ZZZ" sound and then a T on the end.

I saw it referenced on a forum that Elaine Cunningham once said that Drizzed rhymed with "pissed" (so Drissed with a harder T sound for the d, Drisst) but could find no proof. I like both but will probably stick with Drizzt unless Bob makes a correction.

zedbra6 karma

That is exactly how I pronounce it, but a coworker years ago said it was Drizzit

Klashiez16 karma

Was that coworker Pikel Bouldershoulder?

RASalvatore11 karma


MalMuffins126 karma

First off I would like to say that I'm a new fan, but your books have gotten me through a recent rough patch in my life and I thank you for that! I have two questions one is when you play D&D do you play normally as a Drow, and how do you feel knowing that you've created the character that is known as the cool character to play as? (Me and my ceramics teacher actually have a running joke about how someone will start making a character that "Not Drizzt," but they end up having a two-weapon ranger drow with a panther animal companion, but honestly guys it's not Drizzt!) My second question is will you allow a Drizzt movie to be made, and if so where would it start off? The Dark Elf Trilogy, or The Icewind Dale Trilogy? As a film major it makes me excited to see one of my favorite book series turned into a great film adaptation!

RASalvatore246 karma

Well met.

Honestly, I've played a drow exactly once - I was getting so many queries about whether I ever played Drizzt that I decided to try it. My DM killed me in the first encounter and everyone at the table told me to roll a real character.

I do use evil-Drizzt-twins and many other drow when I'm DM'ing, usually to humble cocky players.

Yeah, I get many complaints from DMs about Drizzt clones...I just laugh and try not to think about ruining the best "monster" in the game!

As for a movie, it would be up to Hasbro, as they own the Realms.

BloodofDiamond157 karma

"My DM killed me in the first encounter and everyone at the table told me to roll a real character." LOL

RASalvatore144 karma

My group is merciless, I tells ya!

PBXbox68 karma

Sorry, but the NPC has gated in a Balor. Your deeds of valor will be remembered.

RASalvatore74 karma

Balor? Him again?

MalMuffins31 karma

Lol thanks for the reply, Drow are now in my top favorite races along with Hobbits. My newest character is actually a Drow Sorcerer raised by Hobbits :D

RASalvatore119 karma

Hobbits? Err, halfling...two words: Spider Parrafin.

Two more: Oliver deBurrows.

HBKnight29 karma

Have you ever given any thought to returning to the Crimson Shadow series?

RASalvatore33 karma

I've thought of rolling them into DemonWars. Look at the maps and it will make sense.

Think real world...

SJtheFox27 karma

I have many, many "not Drizzt" characters. Rangers are cool, okay? And who doesn't want a panther?! I mean, really.

MalMuffins67 karma

Okay I want to play as a Drow Ranger.....It's not Drizzt guys.....Ummmm I'll take the two-weapon fighting branch...I swear its not Drizzt.....ummm and for an animal companion I want a panther......Guys I'm telling you its not Drizzt......and his name is Diz Do'durdon.....See I told you he's not Drizzt

RASalvatore115 karma

You can get an onyx figurine that summons a black panther in DDO...but, umm, no really...it's not Guenhwyvar...

Salacious-117 karma

Have you ever tried writing in a completely different genre that you were unfamiliar with (like, murder mystery, erotica, whatever)? If so, how did it turn out? Can we read it?

RASalvatore286 karma

I've thought about it - perhaps I've done it - but if ever I did, it would be under a different name, as I wouldn't want readers coming with preconceptions.

analogWeapon205 karma

I wouldn't want readers coming with preconceptions.

So... Erotica then? I'll show myself out...

kappetan160 karma

If he wrote erotica, I really hope its still D&D based

RASalvatore356 karma

Think I'll move on to other questions...


cvillemade117 karma

I, uh.. don't have a question. I just wanted to thank you for giving me a world to escape to after a long day of getting pushed into lockers and down stairs when I was in middle school.

I'm not concerned with getting a reply. I just hope you see this.

RASalvatore146 karma

I was bullied mercilessly in Junior High School...I feel your pain, man.

SteroidSandwich77 karma

No one blames you for not wanting to grow up.

Of all of your books which one was the hardest to write?

RASalvatore161 karma

"Mortalis," the 4th book of the DemonWars series. Easily. I wrote it during the darkest time in my life. It proved to be my catharsis, and got me through it.

I still think it's my best work - and so do many who have read it.

chewypow72 karma


As a 30 year old man, I have been reading your novels for most of my life, and they have been a great inspiration to me. They got me interested in martial arts when I was young and it has continued to be a lifelong commitment for me, and the books are just badass as well. I loved The Companions and am ready to see where the Realms and these characters go next.

My questions then.

1) You have written combat with such detail, specifically in the Forgotten Realms and Demonwars books.. do you or have you trained in any form of combat sport/martial art or do you have consultants who help you script the fighting? This may have been answered somewhere before, but I figured you're here, so I'd ask.

2) Favorite authors to read, both in Realms and out? I am looking for new books. Seems like a lot of series are wrapping up (Raymond Feist's Riftwars, WoT), so I'm always looking for good new books.

Thanks for the awesome reads!

RASalvatore111 karma

I boxed with friends in high school and paid my way through college as a bouncer, where we trained with the Airborne guys out of Ft. Devens, who made up most of the doormen at the club.

Oh, and I played hockey all my life!

Favorite authors? Tough question - answering it means I leave out a bunch. My reading is eclectic; I jump all over the place. Next up is "Zealot," for example, and a young adult novel from a dear friend.

Terry Brooks, Fritz Leiber, Matt Stover, Greg Keyes, Elaine Cunningham, Troy Denning, Ed Greenwood (love, love, love his short stories) and on and on and on...Michael Shaara and Jeff, too! Walter Miller...see, now I can't stop!

chewypow40 karma

Excellent, a lot of authors I've never read and some of my favorites. My wife will not thank you for giving me more authors I need to buy, but I do. Also, it's a sadly thrilling thing that one of my two favorite authors (sorry, Feist has you tied up) responded to me, so thanks much! You're awesome.

RASalvatore37 karma

Ah, Feist! I'm in good company.

Maybeyesmaybeno31 karma

Have you read The The Malazan Book of the Fallen (10 in all?)

They are amazing.

RASalvatore25 karma

I wanted to - but haven't found the time yet. Heard good things.

Hunads62 karma

Hi Bob, I'm a big fan of Drizzt and the the whole gang... Only one question from me:

  • Who (if anyone) was your inspiration for Catti-Brie? (I'm also curious about her name, what does it mean?)

RASalvatore145 karma

My daughter, Caitlin Brielle, was born 15 days after I turned in the rough draft of The Crystal Shard.

When my editor pointed out that I needed a strong female character...

ontulmora46 karma

Huge fan! My question is will there ever be a Dark Elf video game? I loved the story of Amalur and the gameplay was great, but I think playing Drizzt in that type of game would be amazing. Are there any plans to bring Drizzt into his own game?

RASalvatore85 karma

There has been one (Demon Stone) and he appears in the old Baldur's Gate games. Going forward, I know there's a lot of interest, so I hope so!

Again, it's up to Hasbro.

ontulmora65 karma

So you are saying everyone needs to start flooding Hasbro with emails and tweets about making a Drizzt game and or movie...understood sir!

RASalvatore108 karma

Oh boy, I'm sure they'll appreciate me for that...

(but, yeah...shhhhh)

IAMAVelociraptorAMA39 karma

Hey, Bob!

I love writing. But I'm also incredibly lazy! How do I overcome the latter problem to work on the former?

RASalvatore203 karma

Lazy or content?

Two different things.

Look, there's no silver bullet here. To be a writer means writing. To be self-employed in any field means an incredible amount of discipline. You think I want to write when it's 75 degrees out and a convertible is sitting in the garage? or when its 95 degrees and my pool is full of friends?

You either do it or you don't.

There is no try.

broskiatwork10 karma

I was going to ask a similar question and I wanted to touch on this:
This is actually really helpful. I mean, some people might see it as a flippant response, or something along those lines, but it really is true. I'm an aspiring writer but finding time and inspiration is hard for me. Plus, unmedicated ADD >_> I have absolutely no trouble with writing, though of course I need some work still to make it a polished piece, but staying focused is so frustratingly hard for me.

To not completely hijack this, I'm going to make a new reply, also.

RASalvatore44 karma

In case I don't see your other reply...I recently told my sons that I love video games because they prevent me from having too much competition.

Life is just distractions and then you die - Tony Soprano

gizmochimp39 karma

I tore through the Drizzt books when I was going through some really stressful times. They were an amazing escape and a rare bright spot during some bad days. Thanks.

My question: When will I be able to play an amazing Skyrim style Drizzt game? Can't you pull some strings?...

RASalvatore82 karma

Hasbro holds the strings!

So scream, but don't tell 'em I sent you!

Illamasqua36 karma

How do you find the inspiration to keep moving when writing gets shitty? Because as beautiful and powerful as it is, sometimes... writing gets shitty. Ideas contradict each other and get stuck, words don't sound the way they should, plans feel incomplete with no clear solution.... it's a shitty process and when it gets like that I have a tendency to just take a break for a while and then I end up not going back to it for far too long. What do you do? Or what inspires you most when you need a fresh idea?

RASalvatore102 karma

Every writer hates every book he or she is writing somewhere along the process. For me, it's usually when the excitement of starting a new adventure is passed, and I'm not quite to the point where I can rush to the dramatic ending.

How do I get past it? The same way any professional writer gets past it: I quit whining, shut up, sit down and type.

joethomma32 karma

What would you say the problem was with 38 Studios, if you could boil it down to the main one? Were EA's expectations simply too high based on having you and Todd MacFarlane involved? I thought it was a great, underappreciated game. It's a bummer we won't get a sequel.

Skexin18 karma

I can't speak from Bob's perspective, but from what I recall, the game itself was actually a success...Unfortunately, 38 Studios had too many other expenses associated with starting up such a large development company without enough income to support it initially.

RASalvatore31 karma

The game was a success - we just couldn't secure the last funding for the BIG game. Ah well.

DashCat930 karma

I had read about how you were given a list of Star Wars characters you could kill off in Vector Prime (or at least a list of characters you couldn't kill off). Do you ever wish that you had chosen a different character? (Obviously, please correct me if I'm remembering this wrong or I'm misinformed).

I've gotta say, though. If that character had to go out, dropping a moon on their head was a hell of a thing.

RASalvatore80 karma

No - George was given such a list.

I was given the hit.

sheetsjason29 karma

If you made a dark elf movie who would your ideal choices to cast the companions be?

RASalvatore133 karma

I would never answer this question. If the studio cast different people, it would be all over the internet that they weren't my first choice.

I saw what happened with Anne Rice...

I will say, though, that someone once told me Edward Norton would make a great Entreri. I was befuddled, but then I watched American History X.

ironictwostepper29 karma

Do your kids like your books?

I love them, and am having a hard time getting my son to join me on the path of the Drow, any advice?

RASalvatore133 karma

Oh sure - one of them, Geno, has written three (and two comic series) with me, and another, Bryan, is the one who designed the game for my DemonWars kickstarter linked above.

My daughter is harder to bring along, but I'll wear her down eventually...got her boyfriend reading them!

And my grandson? Doomed - he'll be getting them as bedtime stories soon.

My advice, though, is to let someone find their own way with books. Read to your kids, help them find something that interests them, and get out of the way!

gummi_worms28 karma

I've only ever read Vector Prime by you, but was it weird killing off a character like Chewbacca?

RASalvatore62 karma

Yeah, I still regret giving in and doing it, honestly.

madcaplaughter26 karma

Bob, I just want to say thank you for the impact your work has had on me. The Dark Elf trilogy not only got me into D&D, but was also my gateway drug into the fantasy genre in general. After that, I read everything I could get my hands on, all thanks to you. My only question is, what are you most proud of as an author?

RASalvatore44 karma

Proud? Wrong word, I think.

I'm happy. I feel blessed to be able to do something I love and make a living at it.

And it always humbles and inspires me when I hear from someone that my work has affected him/her in a positive way.

TheBobHatter25 karma

Hey Bob huge fan and huge request. Please create a name and brief bio of a character. This will be my next Dnd or Pathfinder character.

If you do this I can die a happy man. :)

RASalvatore70 karma

Umm, that's kind of what I do all the time...

Name: Drizzt Do'Urden Bio: Emotionally scarred drow warrior...

Synoq23 karma

In between book parts, in the Drizzt books, you have journal entries by Drizzt explaining how he learns and experiences the world. These entries seem to formulate the philosophy of Drizzt. Moreover, my question is: when you were writing these entries, were you building upon your own personal opinions of life in general? Do you feel a connection with the characters you create? P.S. Thanks for everything, your my favorite author!

RASalvatore36 karma

Yes and no. Drizzt reflects many of my beliefs - that's why he's the hero, after all. If he was acting against my beliefs, then I wouldn't peg him as the hero in books I'm writing!

Keep in mind, though,that he's not talking to you, and certainly not preaching! He's trying to make sense of the world, which is what I try to do through my writing.

uberlad20 karma


RASalvatore80 karma

Enjoy the journey.

Goals are great, and having them keeps you on a good path, but it's the journey that matters. The journey is, after all, YOUR LIFE.

And you only get one.

Bork-laser20 karma

Hi, Love all your books and have read every one with the exception of the cleric series. Had a few questions. 1) Any future plans for Jaraxle, A trilogy of his past would be amazing. 2) Do you read other series in the FR universe. Which ones are you favorite. Mine personally is the Undead, Unclean, ect trilogy. 3) Since I have spent hundreds of dollars on your work and have enjoyed every second of it. My question is where is the best place to purchase your works, which allow you to get the most . I usually buy from amazon, but am willing to purchase from anywhere to insure you make the most. Its the least I can do.

RASalvatore69 karma

Many plans for Jarlaxle - fear not. he won't let me stop writing about him - maybe some day I'll even figure him out.

I used to read them all, but got overwhelmed (slow reader). Right now, I'm focusing on the Sundering series (reading Erin Evans' "Bromstone Angels" - it's really good.

The best thing anyone can do for me in the next week is to support, or even just help spread the word, about my kickstarter. DemonWars is very important to me.

For purchases in the future...check out RASalvaStore.com (I know, right?) a small on-line bookstore my wife set up because so many people were asking how they could get autographed books.

Gopherhole12320 karma

You often talk about how when you write you let the characters talk to you and they tell you how the story will unfold. In your opinion aside from the brilliant fighting scenes, do you think this is what makes you stand apart from other authors? Thanks for a great 25 years of reading!

RASalvatore38 karma

I don't know that I "stand apart" - such things are for readers to decide.

I do know that I'm on a wonderful journey here - for 26 years (professionally) and counting, and it thrills me that so many readers have decided to take the journey beside me.

And yes, these characters as friends seems to be a driving part of that, which is why I said "the hell with it" and took the chance with the new book, "The Companions." It was for the readers, it was for me, it was for Drizzt.

Tyranoth18 karma

Hey Bob,

My question is this:

Out of all the characters you have written, which one do you relate to the most and why?

Huge fan of your work, a big thank you from accross the pond (UK).

RASalvatore51 karma

I relate to many of them.

Drizzt is who I wish I had the courage to be. Regis is who I fear I too-often am. Bruenor is me in a bad mood.

And on and on...

raptcha18 karma

will we see Tos'un Armgo appear in any future books?

RASalvatore35 karma

"Night of the Hunter" comes out in March of next year, and I'm working on the book for next August, so I can definitively say...YES!

In a big way.

fine_feline16 karma

Hey Mr. Salvatore, thanks so much for doing this again!

First, I just wanted to let you know that you are at the top of my long list of favorite authors. I think I have a very unhealthy obsession with your characters. This was made apparent to me when I cried for a whole weekend after I read The Ghost King. Thank you for giving us characters that I can be so attached too.

My 2 part question is this...

Do you see an end to the Drizzt series anytime in the near future (I hope not) and do you already have the ending scenes floating around in your mind for how it's all going to go down?

RASalvatore53 karma

No and no...it's just a journey for me, down a winding road that always has a bend ahead.

I stop writing when they put me in the ground, not before.

iSoQuailman15 karma

Bob, The Companions was absolutely amazing. I have always been curious how you are able to develop your characters psychology so well. Do you ever have to go to people of that profession for advice?

RASalvatore52 karma

Egads, no, I avoid psych like the plague!

I always try to look at the world from the perspective of a historian, and view the people I meet as if they were someone important to me. For example, when someone is driving terribly on the highway, instead of getting all road rage on them, I pretend it's one of my sisters who's having a terrible day - and I wouldn't want anyone getting all road rage on her.

I'm always trying to see things through the eyes of the person with whom I'm interacting.

supermidgetloaf15 karma

I just wanted you to know how much your books have meant to me. As a child I fought alongside Wulfgar, and stalked the Under-dark with Drizzt. You introduced me to whole new worlds, and in Drizzts' thoughts to himself at chapter beginnings I was introduced to a type of real and meaningful introspection. Thank you so very very much.

RASalvatore10 karma

Always humbling and inspiring to hear sch things - so thanks!

Slit51814 karma

Hey R.A., I know you occasionally go out and have a good drink, but I have another question for you. When you were younger, have you ever used or experimented with any other substance, such as marijuana for example, and if so, have to tried writing under their influence?

RASalvatore34 karma

When I was 18, so was the drinking age. I used to party pretty heavily in those days.

I was also working as a bouncer - and so I was dealing with idiot drunks all the time. And I realized that I could be just that. On my 21st birthday, I stopped drinking.

As for other substances...when I was in high school, I don't really know anyone who didn't try pot. I did, I admit, but I never really liked it. Pharmaceuticals have a bad effect on me - when I hurt my back, tehy put me on a muscle relaxer that turned me into an angry beast. Honestly, I almost hit my child - something I NEVER do - and so I flushed them down the drain.

Now I do enjoy a drink or two, but I DO NOT like the feeling of being out of control. I have excised my big demon (shyness) and have a great time sober.

Of course, that makes me a lightweight, so even sharing a couple of bourbons with a good ol' Kentucky boy like Larry Elmore leaves me dragging the next day!

Numlocks14 karma

What is your favorite sandwich?

RASalvatore27 karma

Lobster rolls at Fenway Park!

HanShotThird13 karma

Do you still see Mortalis as your best novel? I've heard great things about the Companions (though I haven't had the chance to catch up yet)

RASalvatore24 karma

The Companions is up there, but yeah, "Mortalis."

Throw in Homeland and The Highwayman...

AML8614 karma

The Highwayman isn't getting enough love in this thread! The sequels were harder to get through than your other works, perhaps because The Highwayman set the bar so high.

RASalvatore10 karma

Love, love, love that book.

mutten00612 karma

Hey Bob! You may remember me from Facebook as Dustan. I'll cut right to my question(s).

1: Do you plan on doing more with the 2nd set of companions? (Artems, Effron, etc...)

2: What Demonwars character was the most fun for you to write?

3: What's your favorite movie of all time and why?

Thanks for doing the AMA :)

RASalvatore20 karma

  1. Yes!
  2. Marcalo De'Unnero, hands down. Love that guy - he thinks he's right and he's SOOOOOO wrong!

ctsmith7612 karma

Hey R.A., love all your work in TFR and the Corona series. Any plans to revisit Corona anytime soon? Thanks!

RASalvatore29 karma

The kickstarter! Look up! Click the links!

I've been wanting to bring DemonWars roaring back to life and this is how I can do it. So yes, absolutely, with the game, the novelization, and given the interest, with some novels.

plentar11 karma

What advice do you have for a group of tight-knit friends creating a new fantasy world (aka IP!)? We're all gaming veterans (as consumers) and love the idea of writing and playing in our own world. Any advice you have would be great!

Also - I am such a huge fan. The Darkelf Trilogy has a huge impact on my teenage years and I can thank the journal entries from Drizzt for a lot of perspective I wouldn't have otherwise found growing up. It certainly helped make me into the person I am today!

RASalvatore24 karma

Back my kcikstarter, of course! j/k...or maybe not...

Anyway, building a world means understanding CULTURE and SOCIETIES. Know your history. You may be writing about elves, but if they don't connect logically to human readers/players, you will fail.

jaja10110 karma

Hey bob! What's your favourite character you created?

RASalvatore16 karma

Have to go with Drizzt.

Sorry Oliver. Don't be mad, Marcalo...

xyphius10 karma

Thanks for being an inspiration for me. I'm terrible at writing, but that hasn't stopped me from trying to write a story that has been floating around in my head for over a decade now. Reading your books has inspired me to actually attempt to write! Thanks

RASalvatore11 karma

Well, good luck! Remember, it's a journey, not a goal.

winter_beard9 karma

If you were to write yourself as a hero into the Forgotten Realms setting where Drizzt resides, who would you be? (Race, Class, Alignment, etc)

RASalvatore21 karma

Well, Drizzt is who I wish I had the courage to be.

Jazios8 karma

First off. I am a huge fan for many years now.

My question if you had the chance, in what other form of media would you like to see Drizzt. Be it movie, tv series or video game. And which do you think would suit him and the other characters the most?

RASalvatore17 karma

Yes to all and no to all. I love when other people take up the mantle in different formats, but I'm terrified when other people take up the mantle in different formats.

Yeah, in the end, I'm a control freak, which is one reason I'm trying to bring back DemonWars.

MerlinsMage7 karma

Hi Bob! As a long time fan, I would first like to say thank you for introducing so many amazing things into my life. You have been a major inspiration for me as far as my desire to be a writer, to never give up my 'geekdom' and to strive for my goal, no matter how unrealistic it may seem at any given time. (no, I don't want to be the Supreme Darklord of All, but I do want to open a coffee shop...its a big goal)

So I have a few questions, naturally with this being an AMA.

  1. What advice can you give a writer who simply cannot seem to find/create plot cohesion/dialogue?

  2. Is the saga of Drizzt TRULY over? I understand that many people were shocked and somewhat outraged at the end of The Neverwinter Saga, but if it is over, I would like to congratulate you on ending it. It had an amazing run, but ending it would open you up to so many more opportunities. If it isn't over, well...still opportunities but I can't help but feel that he has had his run and the spotlight should shift away.

  3. What DMing advice do you have for someone who has never ran a successful campaign? Usually I create my own worlds, which is where it all seems to go wrong. Anything is useful.

RASalvatore14 karma

  1. Your characters will show you the way. LISTEN to them!

  2. "The Companions" came out a couple of weeks ago. I'll say no more.

  3. Let the players WRITE the stories. Don't lead them by the nose!

monthius7 karma

Hey Bob! Really a huge fan of your works. (I got a cat named after Guenhwyvar, and she's on her way to become a miniature version of her namesake!) First of all, I want to thank you for all the brilliant books you have written.

And for my question: Are we ever going to see a video game starring Drizzt? I mean not some cameo appearance as in Demon Stone or Baldur's Gate etc, but with his own game.

Thanks in advance, and can't wait to read more from you!

RASalvatore7 karma

You never know - but it's up to Hasbro.

myeno7 karma

I read the Canticle series when I was in middle school (some 15 odd years ago) and to this day I still reflect on how enjoyable an experience it was reading those books. They surely shaped my appreciation for fantasy and gaming to this day. Thanks for all the great work you have done and the best of luck to your endeavors ahead!

RASalvatore10 karma

Many more adventures to come.

Jthurk016 karma

I have been a long time fan, Got you on face book, As a child I never had an imagination, so I never picked up a book. I pick the Forgotten Realms and never put them down, I love these books, and open a whole new part of my brain. As far as movies go, if Drittz was put into a movie, I would make 10's of millions, if done properly, This type of fan base needs this, We have very few good movies that are fantasy, Lord of the rings, made it huge, and This would be even bigger, and a lot more material to produce than lord of the ring, if you went in order that is. Harry potter would be a good comparison for popularity I believe.



If you were to do a movie, would you let something sub-par release, like the dragon ball Z movies, Or, would you even have a say.

Thanks for your time.

RASalvatore13 karma

I would have ZERO say with the Realms, unless Hasbro and the studio involved chose to ask my opinion.

For something like DemonWars, I would protect it fiercely.

czar416 karma

First off I love your work. I wanted to know what are some of the things that help you come up with characters. And if you have drawn parallels from Indian mythology for any of your characters?

RASalvatore13 karma

Everything I see, read, play...every person I meet...every vista, every musical piece, every movie...

A writer is someone who takes it all in, chews it up into tiny pieces, re-arranges reality in his brain, and spits it back out, hopefully in enjoyable patterns. So yes, I'm sure some of that has bled into the work (not sure which "Indian" you're speaking about, but either way, yes). When I was a kid, we spent every Columbus Day driving along the Mohawk Trail, and the rumor is that my family has a bit of Native American blood...

WillTruth126 karma

Don't really have a question, all I wanted to say was that ur awesome and I love your novels.

RASalvatore5 karma

Well, too kind, so thanks!

TharpDaddy5 karma


RASalvatore13 karma

Terry Brooks' Shannara. I get him. We're best of friends.

OzarkMountainMan5 karma

So, oddly, the only thing of yours that I have read is the Spearweilders Tale Trilogy, which I though was brilliant, but I assume is less popular. Do you have a soft spot in your heart for your lesser known books? Are there others that don't get picked as much, but should be given a look?

RASalvatore3 karma

I wish more of my Drizzt readers would leap into DemonWars, absolutely. Both series (DemonWars and The Saga of the First King) rank among my favorites.

And of course, life is not complete without Oliver deBurrows from "The Crimson Shadow Trilogy"!

djnicko4 karma

Who do you prefer, The Backstreet Boys or N'Sync?

RASalvatore18 karma


DarkOctober4 karma

Just wanted to say on behalf of my boyfriend what an amazing talent you have! He couldn't be here to say this himself, but I know he will be disappointed in hearing he missed it...you pretty much touched on any topic I think he might've asked you, so, if nothing else, could you please say hi to my boyfriend Brian? I'm sure it would make his day!

RASalvatore7 karma

Hi Brian.

praise_reekris4 karma

Mr. Salvatore, welcome to Reddit! The Drizzt series is probably my favorite book series to date. What advice would you give to an aspiring fantasy writer?

RASalvatore11 karma

if you can quit, then quit. If you can't quit, you're a writer.

iamjacksrevenge4 karma

Hi Mr. Salvatore! I just have to say you're one of my all-time favorite fantasy authors - I've read and re-read the Legend of Drizzt series more times than I can count! Your writing is a huge inspiration for me.

My question, thought it has probably already been asked, is this: what advice can you give to aspiring fantasy authors? Writing has been a huge hobby of mine since high school and my dream is to have my work published someday. Just wondering what the best of the best has in terms of advice. :)

Thanks for doing this!

RASalvatore7 karma

Listen to your characters. Let them tell you the story and show you the world as they see it.

And on a practical note: read everything you write OUT LOUD to yourself. Seriously, it helps a lot.

roman_4114 karma

Isn't it wonderful to see the Yankees near the cellar of the AL East?

But seriously...great way to end "The Companions". You planning on killing them off 1 by 1 now that they're back?

RASalvatore5 karma

Anyone writing off the Yankees doesn't understand the swagger that team brings to the park.

it will be wonderful at the end of September, not before! Although, I admit, baseball wouldn't be any fun for me without the Yankees...or MFY as we call them.

As to the second part, if they die, they die.

Mitsurugi_San4 karma

Hey Bob! I am really grateful for a chance to ask you a question. So thanks for setting up this AMA! :)

One question I have always wanted to know your opinion on is this. What god do you think artemis entreri would follow or rather what god would more than likely have an interest in him? I have had discussions about this on your forums and other places and the answers always very. Since there has been a lot of talk/books on the choosens of gods lately. I am more than interested in what your answer would be for Artemis. :) Thanks again!

RASalvatore10 karma

Entreri would follow any god he figured he could kill if need be.

I don't see him as a particularly religious kind of guy.

comatt4 karma

Hey Bob!

I think I heard once that since Hasbro owns Wizards they own the rights to Drizzt? 1. If this is so, for how long? 2. And have they ever considered making any Drizzt and company figures?

A cool series of animation would be great! Although I'd hate for people to miss the books..

RASalvatore9 karma

Wizards (Hasbro) owns the Realms. I'll leave it at that.

And yes! Gale Force Nine is doing Drizzt minis now and htey're gorgeous - they were selling them at GenCon. I'm hoping to get some up at RASalvaStore..com

IcanhotwireAuteris4 karma

Just wanted to say thanks for all of your writing. You and ed greenwood are the two authors that got me into reading when i was a kid, i cant possibly count the hours of enjoyment i've gotten out of your books.

Thanks for being awesome.

RASalvatore8 karma

Thanks for taking the journey beside me!

Juneauite4 karma

Do you ever feel like other modern fantasy writers are changing the genre? I know everyone has their own styles, but still. If so, do you feel like it impacts you?

RASalvatore6 karma

Yes and no. Sometimes it bothers me how miserable many people who dominate fantasy message boards seem to be. It's all whining all the time.

If there's no joy in your hobby, then why is it your hobby?

And the "gritty," kill-'em-all attitude has become cliche to me.

IguanasRC3 karma

Hi R.A! I got so excited when I saw you were having an AMA. You are by far my favorite author. I have read and re-read every one of Drizzt's books, along with many others based in the Forgotten Realms world. Your books have captivated me like no other, and I miss the days when I could open one of your books and not know what's going to happen.

Without your books, I would never have read nearly as much as I do now. You are the reason I am currently pursuing an English major alongside my Pre-Med track. On top of that, the way you address some of the deepest conundrums of the human experience through Drizzt's journey have really made an impact on how I live and how I treat others. Thank you for all of that.

Anyway I have a few questions I'd like to ask.

  1. Is there any one book or series in particular that really kindled your love of the fantasy genre?

  2. In your opinion, what is your greatest achievement in life?

  3. At what point did you realize that you had "made it" as an author?

RASalvatore7 karma

Well, thanks for the kind words! The English side-track will serve you well, wherever you go.

  1. The Hobbit. Can't say enough about it.
  2. My family. Nothing else is close.
  3. Have I? Well, when I saw the Drizzt Kre-O (Hasbro's "Lego"-like blocks, I wondered if that was what "arriving" looked like)...oh, and last year, a guy from Pixar Studios did the year in the NFL in cartoon form, adn in his Raiders vs. Panthers bit, there was Drizzt and Guen, ready to battle "raiding" orcs.

westsidegrieves3 karma

Could you provide any insight into the material you were working on for Project Copernicus? Was always interested in seeing what sort of world they were building before it got shut down.

RASalvatore3 karma

If I told you, Rhode Island would sue me. Seriously.

I created a skeleton for a world with 10,000 years of history, then helped the teams of writers and artists flesh it out. I still feel it was truly special - Reckoning was a tiny slice, historically and geographically. I wish people could see the whole pie.

ivarwaters3 karma

I have been a huge fan of yours for years, my aunt just stood in line last Christmas season for you to sign two books for me and it made my Christmas! So I just want to say thanks for all that you've done!

My question is one I thought I saw on your last AMA but I'm not sure if there was an answer. Have you had weapons training or do you work with a sword fighter in order to so vividly write the fight scenes? You always describe Drizzt as dancing and it really is evident through your writing how beautiful the fighting is. So I just wondered if you made it all up or worked with someone.

RASalvatore3 karma

I watch the fights in my head (particularly the feet and balance) and write down what I see - oh, and I make get rid of passive verbs and make the sentences shorter.

I want pulses pounding.

No time to breathe!


ChiefAaron3 karma


When can we expect more graphic novels? They are such a great companion piece to the Dark Elf novels.

RASalvatore3 karma

I hope so. "Cutter" is almost done, with the fifth issue coming soon. It will be out in a graphic novel format in the fall, I think.

I'd like to do more. We'll see!

alphaidemnity3 karma

Why don't your characters stay dead when they die?

RASalvatore3 karma

Read DemonWars and we'll talk.

uberlad2 karma

Can you DM a D&D game for my buddy's birthday in September?

RASalvatore2 karma

Lol, my gaming is a very private experience for me. THe others involved with DemonWars: Reformation keep asking me to put up a reward level where people get to play a game with me at GenCon next year, and I keep resisting!

RASalvatore2 karma

Plus, I'm playing DemonWars now - and it's a blast!

JarlaxleForPresident2 karma

Hi! Ive asked about a Zaknafien/Jarlaxle prequel before, but I you said you can't go outside your timeline. So I guess I gotta ask if we can get any hints on what's next for Drizzt and will we see any more Bouldershoulder Brudders?

(Loved the new book btw!)

RASalvatore2 karma

Don't know on the Doodad and his brudder...


I seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time in Menzoberranzan lately...