Hey there, Reddit, my name is R.A. Salvatore and I am here to discuss "Rise of the King," the newest steps in my journey with Drizzt Do'Urden that began in 1987.

For those catching up in thE series, the last few books have been:

The Ghost King Gauntlgrym Neverwinter Charon's Claw The Last Threshold The Companions and Night of the Hunter

I've been kind of busy these last few years.

Or we could talk about DemonWars, novels and RPG.

Or we could talk about writing.

Or, well, you could Ask Me Anything.

As Clooney might say, "I'm bona fide."


Okay, have to run off to bed. It's been a long week, in a different city every day! Thanks for joining in and I hope the road of adventure continues for a long, long time!

Peace, Bob

ps. I'll try to get back in the coming days, but you can always get me at my Facebook page (see the llink above).

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dualwieldsoftware14 karma

How many times drafts do you go through on your books? I'm hitting draft four on my first novel and I'm afraid I might have to go to five. Not sure if that's perfectionism or just me being new to the craft. Curious to know how you go about editing as well. It's...not as fun as writing!

RASalvatore26 karma

Usually three...when I get about 80% done, I start editing (chapter in the morning, new writing in the afternoon). Then it goes to the editor, we argue, and I clean it up (he wins the arguments).

krkr8m12 karma

Keep those drafts and go over them to see if you want to add something back in. Too many drafts turns some writing into vanilla when the readers will actually enjoy rocky road a lot more.

RASalvatore14 karma

And that there is good advice. Six-of-one, half-a-dozen of the other editing is a bane to all writers. Believe in it and let it go.

CuteKittyCat213 karma

You are by far my favorite author. I love your facebook and your work and you make the world a better place by being in it.

I just received the Core Rule Book for DemonWars; I can't wait to play and I was wondering:

What inspired Gemstones as a mechanic? What are your thoughts on 5th DnD?

RASalvatore13 karma

It always made sense to me, as crystals and gemstones doing magical things has been part of our race's lore forever and a day. Also, it gives me a great mechanic for story tension, and, well, for gameplay!

What I've seen on 5th so far, i really like - the game seems to be a throwback ot the days of thinking on your feet instead of just referring to tables.

livvylive13 karma

Pleasepleaseplease help me settle an argument: How tall are Artemis, Jarlaxle, and Drizzt?

RASalvatore11 karma

That's an impossible question! I have no idea, honestly.

I just sit down and plow through it, forcing my fingers to move over the keys, and for some reason, it seems to work.

JayarielDrillowup9 karma

Good evening sir. My first question is why did the Drow Goddess of the Spiderweb Pits Lloth decide to reconstruct House D'ourden in Mezzoberranzen?

RASalvatore10 karma

Because she's the Tim Wakefield of Menzoberranzan (knuckleballer), adn thought it would turn a few heads and roll a few eyes and anger a few rivals.

stvalient8 karma

Hi! So one of my all time favorite characters in your books is Kimmuriel Oblodra. There's so little about him in the books... are there any interesting facts or insights that come to mind about the character? Like, how did you come up with the name? I've always thought it's cool sounding! And is he really as emotionless as he likes people to think?

RASalvatore13 karma

Yeah, he's secretly REALLLLLLY angry about what happened to his house.

You'll see soon...

Jg280z8 karma

I wanted to let you know that I have read every book you have ever written and your books have helped shaped who I am! Your use of life lessons and struggles and how it's human nature to overcome adversity really hits close to home for me. I will always be a true fan of your work! So thanks for the inspiration and I look forward to seeing what's next for you! With that said, whats your most favorite antagonist from any of your books?? Thanks again for all you do!

Also I named one of pets Guenwhyvar! She is all black and always by my side!

RASalvatore11 karma

Well thank you.

Everyone's expecting me to say Entreri, or Jarlaxle...but I have to go with Marcalo De'Unnero from DemonWars.

he was just so sure he was right, and no one has ever been more wrong.

Goldtop897 karma

Hi Bob!

I believe I can say that lot of us (here) dreamt about a movie/tv series based on Drizzt adventures. Sure, can't ask about things that may happen, but wanted to ask if there was any talks with some producers in the past?

PS I wrote a message to you on fb few months ago and you replied - it's really cool that you're that kind of guy who finds time for his fans from overseas!

PS2 sorry for any language mistakes!

RASalvatore9 karma

Anything like that is all Hasbro's call, alas.

Damadar6 karma

I want to thank you for signing some books for me in Webster Grove - it was a great time, and I'm glad I get to give away two of them at a convention this weekend. (You made the Convention-Runner's Day, by the way.)

My question: How do you feel about events like NaNoWriMo? (National Novel Writing Month)

Another: Karen Traviss uses a program called Scrivener to write her books now; do you use any special software?


RASalvatore10 karma

Events like that can be very helpful for people who believe they want to go into writing. The discipline needed to do the desired word count is...well, just what you need to survive in this business.

I use WORD, that's about it. I've thought of going to one of the dictation softwares, but my brain and voice apparently don't synch up appropriately and I find myself stuttering more than creating!

Damadar3 karma

Thanks! I've been thinking about getting into writing, so I am looking at Scrivener to help me keep track of my characters and details.

Thanks again for doing book signings, still, and I picked up Demon Wars: Reformation (shipped today!) because I was too eager to wait until Friday.

Do you have an ETA on the next Kickstarter?

RASalvatore8 karma

It will teach you a lot about yourself and your plans...

I expect we'll launch the next kickstarter (knights, probably) around the end of the year - the class is shaping up, and so are the small group, even solo games, I want to put into this one for people who can't find a gaming group.

Bobby_Bitt6 karma

We all know Drizzt is an incredible swordsman and is basically borderline supernatural with his scimitars. What would happen if Drizzt was separated from his weapons and gear (and friends) somehow, and had to pick up and use different weapons to do battle with? I would love to read a few fight scenes like that to show that he has some versatility. Sort of like BATMAN when he occasionally loses his utility belt. I know we have seen him wield Khazid'hea against Obould and that he has become accustomed to the bow, but I think it would be cool to see him be forced to use things that make him think outside the box or even use a different style of combat altogether once in a while. It seems to me like Entreri would be comfortable using ANY weapon including his bare hands... making me wonder if he truly is the superior warrior to Drizzt.

Is there any chance of us seeing something like this in the upcoming stories?

RASalvatore7 karma

Fighting is about balance more than anything else, and Drizzt is pretty good in that department. I'm sure he'd be fine. He's not "supernatural" in the Realms setting, however, for it's filled with heroes who can put some hurt on a monster in a hurry.

Bobby_Bitt4 karma

I would LOVE to see him get thrown into a gladiatorial type situation or something where it was all knuckles and fast thinking. Or just uncomfortable situations in general without Twinkle and Icingdeath.

Not that I am telling you how to tell your stories. You are the Grand Master, sir.

RASalvatore5 karma

Does present a fun image, though...

crowdarkfall6 karma

Also Drizzt was trained in all weapons at melee magthere, but with out the companions of the hall, that's a whole different store.

Bobby_Bitt3 karma

Ever since I read Homeland all those years ago I have been waiting to see him put some of that training with other weapons to good use!

crowdarkfall6 karma

He sometimes gets to use some of them, he has lost his weapons before, I am interested to see some more short stories about his life in the underdark

RASalvatore6 karma

Crouching Tiger scene?

grrmisfit5 karma

It has been awhile but im pretty sure when he lost icingdeath he picked up a longsword as a companion to twinkle.

RASalvatore6 karma


pnewell6 karma

Any post-writing rituals?

RASalvatore6 karma


ek_toryn6 karma

Finally catch an AMA and it's for the one Author that is my favorite! Bob, I was given a copy of the Crystal Shard back in high school and ever since than, have been a huge fan of your work. I think every single one of my friends over the years have heard about my love for Drizzt and the Companions of the Hall. Most all of them have, in turn, read the Crystal Shard and than have gone on to read your entire compliment of fiction! That being said, my question to you is, Have you ever thought about going back and writing a series or short novella about the loss of Mithril Hall told from Bruenor's Grandfather and Father's perspective? The idea of going that far back and seeing the origin story would be a fantastic read! Thank you for your time!

RASalvatore7 karma

So many stories...so little time. That would be fun, but so would a million other things!

SillyDarkElf6 karma

Hello! :D

I've been reading your books for about a decade and I have yet to find a series that I enjoy as much. :)

Just a quick question, is there any chance that we might see the Goddess Eilistraee make a return to the realms anytime soon?

RASalvatore9 karma

Don't know. Not in my books, I'm sure (never really liked the concept).

grrmisfit6 karma

I have loved all of your books with the Dark Elf ones being on top. I have a couple questions.

  1. Far as Drizzt artwork is concerned, what is your favorite portrayal of his image for you? We all have our own mental pictures on what he would look like and as his creator your opinion would be great to hear.

  2. Second.. is there any chance of Drizzt meeting up with Liriel Baenre?

I know I said a couple but I could not resist this one.. animated movie even a possibility?

RASalvatore6 karma

Elmore's image is forever in my head and heart. There have been many other good ones - too many to list (though a big hell ya to Todd Lockwood here).

One of the joys of being a writer is watching artists interpret my work.Walpole, Levon Jihanian...Caldwell, Easley, and on and on...

bennyamd6 karma

Hey Bob! Gosh its absolutely incredible thinking about how I get to interact with my favorite author thanks to means like this.. Firstly I would just love to say how much of a wonderful impression I feel the Drizzit Do'urden Series has made upon my life, It has definitely helped shape me into the person I am today as when I was a young boy I Drizzit was my most treasured role model.

My question is (and you have probably heard it in the past but I can't help asking it...) What is the likely hood of the Drizzit Do'urden books becoming something we may one day watch on TV? And if this were to happen in which format would you prefer it to be seen in... A Series of Movies, A TV series, an animated format? Anime? ;) Personally I would love to see it as an anime for only in anime has I been able to see such fight scenes that would do justice to the sheer beauty and elegance of Drizzits Swordplay. If I could squeeze in another small question it would be have you ever seen any anime?

RASalvatore6 karma

I think it will happen - the books have been rolling along for too long with too many readers for Hollywood not to notice (and they have, several times, over the years).

But it's all up to Hasbro. The Realms belong to them.

VitaminsXYZ5 karma

Hello Bob! Just wanted to say that the Drizzt series got me through a tough time in high school. Thank you so much for all the adventures!

Oh, and I never got to ask last time, but what are your favorite video games?

RASalvatore12 karma

Reckoning, of course.

Honestly, i don't play much these days, but I hope to get back to them soon. I've got the Mass Effect series sitting next to my computer.

And thanks for the kind words.

sno4wy5 karma

Hello Mr. Salvatore, In your dark elf series, for a very long time, the only characters who have seemed capable of being non-heterosexual were female, a trend that was broken only fairly recently by Afrafrenfere. Even so, non-platonic non-heterosexual female/female activity is very present, whereas Afrafrenfere remains the only allusion to a male/male example. What is the reason for the dearth of male bisexual/homosexual/pansexual characters in the Drizzt series, especially considering that it is set within a world that doesn't share the real world's stigma towards sexualities that are not heterosexuality?

RASalvatore9 karma

Can't speak for others, but I suspect part of it is that the fantasy tradition, until the last 25 years or so, remained very rooted in teenage-boy mindset - chicks in chainmail and damsels in distress and that sort of nonsense. Thankfully, we've come a long, long way.

For me, tough question, and it probably has an answer rooted too far in my 55-year-old Catholic-schooled psyche than I care to admit.

But Afafrenfere has become one of my favorite characters, and his orientation is an aside. It doesn't define him, but neither do I hide it, adn neither does anyone around him really care. Also, Jarlaxle breaks all the boundaries, I'm sure.

The world is full of diversity - to me, that's its beauty, and it helps prevent this journey from becoming a boring stroll.

sno4wy6 karma

Well, I can't speak for others either >.> however I do want to say that I appreciate your response (which is a calm way of saying that I'm glad you can't see how happy it makes me to finally know how you feel about the subject, for this degree of happiness would surely be frightening). I know sexuality can be a delicate subject to discuss, but if no one else shows us how much it can enhance one's journey... there is always Jarlaxle ;P

RASalvatore4 karma

Hehehe, Jarlaxle always has an answer, doesn't he?

mbc0813 karma

Speaking of Jarlaxle, will you ever write a book on Jarlaxle and the beginnings of Bregan D'aerthe?

RASalvatore7 karma

Wouldn't mind that - with a little Zak thrown in.

havocallsbane5 karma

Good Evening Mr. Salvatore,

First off, what do you go by?

B: I saw that you at first were going to study computer science. Do you tinker at all with it or has writing pretty much taken all your time?

3rd: Out of all the series and books you have written, which character or event has had you sit back and just stare at what you had written?

D: I recently met you in Columbus. Which was cool and surreal meeting you. I've read your books since I was 14. I'm 26 now. Still my most favorite author. I brought the four collectors editions with me to have you sign. Of course you know that they span the first Drizz't 13 books. When will a collectors edition come out for the rest?

RASalvatore9 karma

Bob - I spell it backwards, though.

Hehe, I studied Fortran, Basic and Cobol, so, umm, no.

Brother Francis in "Mortalis" (DemonWars).

I think they will - I talked them into it. Not sure about omnibus editions, but at least numbering them forward!

Mello1015 karma

Hi Bob! Wondering if you will ever include some history to some items used in your books. I'd love to know how/why Icingdeath was made and the thought behind Twinkle. Any chance of inclusion in a future book?

RASalvatore11 karma

I do that with some - Aegis-fang, Tiago's weapon and shield, obviously, and Taulmaril's history was somewhat revealed.

I just go with where the story and pacing take me on issues like this. Sometimes it might add, but sometimes it might simply slow everything down.

I don't like slow.

Klutar5 karma

Hi, massive fan, own all of your books, always look forward to a new novel. Do you more enjoy writing about Drizzt and Forgotten Realms, or Corona because it's more personal?

RASalvatore5 karma

Corona is my world and I love the creation, but the Realms' gang are like family. So I work in DemonWars and go home for visits when the mood hits.

makarwan5 karma

Hi Bob, I've been a fan for several years, and a DnD gamer since 3rd ed. If your publisher asked you to kill off one of your main characters, or lose your contract, would you do it?

RASalvatore12 karma

If my publisher ever thought they could tell me what to write, I'd gladly walk away. With my writing, I drive the car, not work on the pit crew.

But they don't, and that's why I truly appreciate Wizards.

HeGotMyName5 karma

Hey Bob, nobody makes me want to be a dwarf more than you! I have read all of your forgotten realms publications but just recently got into Corona. Is there room in the DemonWars Saga for a race of good dwarves unlike the evil Powrie race?

RASalvatore5 karma

Sure...or at least, everyone would believe that until...

Seriously, as brutal as the dwarves in The Highwayman and Saga of the First King were, there were flashes that it was cultural. They are brutal warriors (like the Vikings), but evil is a value judgment that may not apply neatly.

HeGotMyName2 karma

Thank you for getting back to me. I do see it as a cultural thing, but then I remembered that the powrie that was raised by the elves was said to be an even worse disaster than the goblin they tried to raise. I guess I'll just have to play another campaign setting to play my dwarf. :D

RASalvatore3 karma

Yeah, but was he a disaster because of their patronizing superiority and his powrie pride, I wonder?

TimMH14 karma

Have you ever gone into detail as to whether the Drow were just another species of Faerun that evolved in the Underdark over time- with the fantasy mythology- or that the curse of Elven lore, regarding the schism of the city had some validity on their origin?

RASalvatore9 karma

The Realms mythos explains it all, but that's Ed's thing. I just picked it up (along with Gygax's work and a copy of Puzo's "The Godfather") and gave them their current culture and society.

depagnius4 karma

Hi mr. Salvatore! I'm a big fan of the halfling race, and almost always run one in dnd campaigns. I love your characters Regis and Oliver deBurrows. I'm excited to start your demonwars series, and was wondering if any of the main characters in that series are halflings? Oh yeah, thank you for "The Companions"!

RASalvatore5 karma

Not in there, but there's a rumor that The Crimson Shadow is part of the DemonWars world...

JarlaxleForPresident4 karma

I just bought Rise of the King today. I gotta finish another book before I can start it, though. Any words to hype me on reading it even more than I already am?

RASalvatore8 karma

Bring tissues...

For laughter...umm...yeah, that's it.

afijaymz4 karma

I absolutely love Drizzt. Sojourn is what got me into reading as a child (even out of sequence, I was enthralled with your writing). But I may have seen (or asked, myself) most questions I have for Drizzt.

My question: was it hard to go the direction you did with Cadderly? I was sorry to see the result, but saw the need in the story line.

RASalvatore6 karma

If you saw the need, then there's your answer. I try to keep hope alive in my Realms books (DemonWars can be darker), but sometimes, the sacrifices hurt a lot.

kaygora4 karma

If you had time, would you write a book about Pwent in his time away from Bruenor? after the fall of mithril hall and before the icewind dale trilogy?

RASalvatore7 karma

If I had time, I'd write a lot of books, and sure, that'd probably be one of them!

dragonlove3 karma

The first time I get to an AmA I care about and I can't think of a single thing to ask.

How do you like your toast?

RASalvatore7 karma

Dunked in my coffee...I know, sounds gross, but what can I say?

neutronpenguin3 karma

Favorite cake?

RASalvatore7 karma

Vanilla with butter-cream frosting.

neutronpenguin2 karma

It's official, best AMA ever.

RASalvatore3 karma

Come on! That's an OBVIOUS answer!

PixilDot4 karma

No, Chocolate is an OBVIOUS answer! LOL - vanilla is a bit more surprising, as I've honestly never met anyone who had it as a "favorite" before. Really?

RASalvatore3 karma

Yep. Ice cream, too.

heebhammer703 karma

Who would fare better (not necessarily win) in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, Drizzt or Artemis?

RASalvatore12 karma

Got to go with Artemis. Drizzt would ponder the meaning while Artie would just swill them down to beat him.

[deleted]2 karma


RASalvatore2 karma

See below.

therosesgrave3 karma

Im curious about the writing process for something so big. Forgotten Realms is a popular setting that lots of people use, but also there's a legitimate timeline where events occur. Do you (or any other FR authors) have to communicate what sort of plans you have for the setting? Or do they sometimes ask you to incorporate certain events? Also... is there a "they" some sort of FR overlord who makes sure everything is canon?

RASalvatore3 karma

It ebbs and flows. One of the joys now with The Sundering and beyond is that the lines of communication have been thrown wide open, and the authors and design team talk all the time. It's pretty awesome, honestly.

Minipantalones3 karma

Is there a place where I can read all of the little one-off stories? Like the Guen origins story, and the short-story about Jarlaxle and Artemis encountering the Netherese who want Charon's Claw back?

Were those stories ever published in one location? I am re-reading the books now, and I feel like I'm so confused on certain things that happened in those shorts.

RASalvatore5 karma

The Legend of Drizzt: The Collected Stories. We've got it over at RASalvaStore.com.

ManicGypsy3 karma

Have you played Neverwinter Online? If so, what do you think of how they represented Forgotten Realms? I think they did a poor job on making Jarlaxe's NPC. :(

RASalvatore7 karma

I have, early on (I don't game very much right now). I loved what they were doing around the launch - I haven't seen Jarlaxle!

Mello1013 karma

Since human monk is your favorite character to play, is that why Kane was vastly superior to Artemis when they fought? Could we see a unhappy reunion with them again?

RASalvatore7 karma

Kane wasn't my character, but one from the Bloodstone Module series Doug Niles did. As a Grandmaster of Flowers, well, that's pretty rough.

Might we see him again in the new book, I wonder?

krkr8m3 karma

When writing, how do you deal with distractions?

RASalvatore11 karma

Headphones, loud instrumental music...and with obedience (when it's my wife).

krkr8m1 karma

I use headphones as well, and though I'm older than the target audience, I listen to the newest pop, techno and dubstep to keep the distractions out. Something about the mindless noise that doesn't require thought.

My wife is a writer as well and understands, but my older sons are still teenagers and they often act before they think.

RASalvatore6 karma

George Winston and Jon Serrie for me.

santaclaws013 karma

Hello! I was at your book signing at the Book Loft an during the Q&A section I think I remember you mentioning making an expansion of sorts to the DemonWars: Reformation game. I was wondering if you had any ideas what you would be adding to it. Maybe stuff from the Jhesta Tu?

RASalvatore6 karma

The Allheart (and other) Knights will be next up. We'll move on from there - Jhesta tu will certainly get their day to shine.

We're taking our time, one or two classes/races at a time to properly flesh them out. We want every class to play differently, but to fit in with the others seamlessly - and that's no easy thing.

Fortunately, I've got a couple of very seasoned game designers working with me on this.

Eventide2 karma

Most of us who care to know already know the story of 38 Studios' downfall. I don't want to ask about that. But I would like to ask how you felt about the world of Amalur. Did it become as dear to you as your other work? What did you think of Reckoning now that it's the only representative work of that world we'll likely ever see?

RASalvatore4 karma

I LOVE Amalur - my biggest regret is that people think Reckoning was all there was. The world is huge, with 10,000 years of history, with a myriad of races and cultures...and it all made sense. Reckoning was one tiny slice.

Breaks my heart that those years of work are sitting on a server in Rhode Island!

Optimash_Prime2 karma

Hi Mr. Salavatore, I don't have any pertinent questions, other than were there any interesting stories dealing with the celebrities reading your stories?

RASalvatore7 karma

Ha, the Collected Stories - yes, I learned about them reading Ice-T's blog, where he complained about pronunciation. And then I heard the outtakes he put up on his podcast (and I was on the podcast, talking to him while walking down the streets of Boston on my way to Fenway).


Also, it was great seeing Wil Wheaton at GenCon. I think he's going to do some more with me, for my DemonWars audio work.

And, Victor Bevine (who reads the Drizzt books) and I were voted the Perfect Pairing last month, I just learned. Thank you, Victor, for bringing the books to life!

julianowens2 karma

Bob. Big fan of you on Facebook. Hope you're using that Purell for all the hand shaking at the signings.
Question : Is there any chance we will be seeing the dragon sisters from our previous encounter in some of your older books? Even with the timeline, you'd think they could still be alive but much older. Maybe ancient dragons by now?

RASalvatore4 karma

I think that's a strong possibility, sure. in fact, see below.

Damadar2 karma

Another question I had: The "War of the Spider Queen" series of novels, (six of them, I think) are branded as "R.A. Salvatore's War of the Spider Queen". How much involvement did you have in those novels, and what was it like working with so many authors, but not writing any of the books?

(Was the series your Idea, or someone else's?)

RASalvatore3 karma

It was the idea of Phil Athans, my editor. I served as one of the story creators at the summit, then as a content editor on the books.

States-alator2 karma

Hey Bob, as like most people here I'm a huge fan. You once replied back to me on Facebook when I was having writers block and it really meant a lot. Your books have been an inspiration and I have started many people down Drizzt's story.

My question comes from reading fights and just wanting to be there with the characters. Out of all the stories and fights particularly, if you could take part in any of them which would it be. To fight along with your characters?

RASalvatore5 karma

Ivan and Pickle at the inn...yeah, that one.

ladyvader312 karma

Mr. Salvatore! I love your books! Are you thinking about further developing any of the female characters in the Drizzt series?

RASalvatore3 karma

Sure am...and even some good ones, for a change!


Josh37812 karma

When Ice T did the voice over on your last books did you actually get to meet him in the recording session or any time there after?

RASalvatore3 karma

I talked to him on his podcast. I hope to do that again, and yes, to meet him. The guy is a hoot - really funny, and with many sides. i was impressed.

HypersonicHarpist2 karma

there was a debate in a Reddit thread a while back...who would it be least wise to mess with: Drizzt, Entreri, or Jarlaxle?

RASalvatore9 karma


Drizzt would teach you a lesson. Entreri would slaughter you.

Jarlaxle would play with you for a long, long time...you might return, Mr. Baggins, but trust me, you'll never be the same.

Edpalmatier3 karma

I would say Entreri. The other two would move on. Entreri would never stop..

RASalvatore8 karma

Yeah, but your heart would.

CottonCandyTacos2 karma

Where do you find inspiration? Say you're at a part in your book, and you just can't think of where to go from there.. Where do you dig for a solution?

RASalvatore6 karma

I sit down and type, type, type. I plow through it - no time for writer's block, which I simply refuse to accept. Even if what I type has to be discarded the next day, I've moved the process forward.

Razdusi2 karma

On the topic of writing. What is a brief summary or look at how you decide the level of description you give a character when you introduce them? Or when is it best to leave the majority of the description up to the reader?

RASalvatore3 karma

I try to give the reader a feeling and general description, usually. Sometimes I'll go deeper (Spider Parrafin comes to mind in the more recent books), but what I'm really trying to do is invite the reader to complete the picture.

What I think of these characters isn't nearly as important as what the reader sees in them!

hiddikel2 karma

Hiya, I love your books! I've seen you a couple times around MA, since I live on the Cape; I was wondering do you have plans to make another group of adventurers in Forgotten Realms similar to The Companions? Also, Why are you not touring near home with this book release /sadpanda.

RASalvatore4 karma

I'll be at King Arthur's Faire in Connecticut on the 25th of this month. Hoping to do some local conventions in the future, where i can set up my wife's on-line store (RASalvaStore.com - yeah, go ahead and laugh...it was my idea and they all laughed at me, then used the name).

And I think I just did the other part, although I have to get them back together.

kbyma2 karma

How do you keep track of 27 years of details for the Drizzt stories? Did you have to create a sort of database? Or do you just have a lot of piles of papers gathered over the years?

RASalvatore14 karma

I go on internet threads anonymously and ask questions...like, "Hey folks, let's make an inventory of Jarlaxle's cool items!"

And of course, there's the Forgotten Realms Wiki, always on my other screen...

Nachthauch2 karma

Good evening, As a fan for many years I have a million questions and can't decide on which to ask first. My husband is currently taking a test in college after a 12 hr shift so I must relay his admiration for your books as well. He is the one who introduced me to you and Drizzt and Elminster <3, so thank you for giving us hours of conversation topics, things to bond over and places to escape to together.

Moving on to my question, as a writer and creator of many amazing things, where do you find inspiration for all those things? Do you already have it all mapped out in your head, do you write as you go or do you talk to fellow writers and collaborate and brainstorm? Also, I have a very imaginative daughter (at only 9 I haven't let her read your books just yet) but she loves to create stories about elves, dragons and made up characters. Do you have any suggestions on how to foster the creativity and encourage her writing even more?

RASalvatore6 karma

I fall in love with my characters and let them take me on an adventure - I often don't know what will be on the next page, and that's what makes it interesting for me.

katehalliwell2 karma

Hypothetically, were a movie to happen, who could you see embodying Drizzt?

RASalvatore4 karma

Would never answer that - if they cast someone else, the internet would explode with cries that the actor wasn't my first choice...

kateykmck1 karma

I can't believe I'm here on time hah.

To start with, I wanted to say a huge thanks to you. The Drizzt series has pulled me out of scary dark places inside my head more than once. Your storytelling gets me every time.

And now, a question, what has kept you going with this particular series for so long? I'm not complaining, keep them coming!

Edit: And do you ever have plans to come to Australia? I'd love to meet you and shake your hand.

RASalvatore3 karma

I love the character(s) and people want to read about him (them). I always said I'd quit writing them when I got bored, when the publisher wouldn't let me, or when no one wanted to read the books anymore.

So far, so good.

Get rid of your spiders and snakes and we'll talk.

kateykmck3 karma

Oh come on man, you've spent how long writing about Lloth and her followers are a few spiders are stopping you from coming here? Heh heh ;)

I'd love to see you come and do a signing or a meet and greet at something like http://www.supanova.com.au/ this.

And hey, if you ever do come over (if you ever do, Brisbane one please :P Haha), there will always be an open seat at my gaming table for you! (No spiders or snakes, promise.)

RASalvatore3 karma

Well, thanks.

Cosmic__Perspective1 karma

Hey Mr. Salvatore! Huge fan - still waiting for my signed copy of Rise of the King to come in the mail! Anyways, I was just curious if you read/follow the Game of Thrones books? If so, what are your thoughts on the series? I know it might not be your style of fantasy, but they are a hell of a good read. Keep up the awesome work!

RASalvatore3 karma

A bunch went into the mail today...

Read the early books - I love George and could listen to him talk all day long (when we're on panels together, I forget that I have to speak, too).

I'll watch the whole series when it's done...I've become a marathon TV guy. Sons of Anarchy and Boardwalk Empire up right now, as they're finishing this season.

not_just_amwac1 karma

I love your Drizzt novels! Are there going to be more?

RASalvatore4 karma

One just came out and two coming next year...after that, we'll see.

crowdarkfall1 karma

I have been reading your books as long as i can remember, One of the top reasons i still love to read. I remember when i stumbled on to a book you wrote with short stories about how thing came to be such as guenhwyvar's story. I was wondering if you have more short stories perhaps some focusing on Pwent?

RASalvatore3 karma

My Realms short stories are altogether in The Legend of Drizzt: The COllected Stories, a paperback anthology and also an audio book from Audible.com with an incredible cast of readers (Weird Al, Ice-T, Duchovney, Wheaton, Felicia Day, Melissa Rausch, Sean Astin, Michael Chikliss and more...

thedeicider1 karma

Big fan, been reading the books for years. I hope the answer to this is no but...do you have an end point for Drizzt as a character or and end point for his journey?

RASalvatore7 karma


wambrita1 karma

A few months ago, my husband and I purchased a poster sized print from Larry Elmore, and the poster in question is the cover artwork of your first published novel, The Crystal Shard.

So, my question is this: How can we get you to come to our city for a convention, so we can get you to sign the poster as well? It's our dearest ambition to have our favorite writer sign the poster for us, so we can frame it and and then proudly display it in our front room!

RASalvatore3 karma

I don't control my professional travel - I leave that up to my publishers. They point me in the direction and push me onto the plane!

azariah191 karma

Mr. Salvatore I want to say thank you. You really got me into reading novels and the entire sci-fi and fantasy genre. My question for you is where can I buy your role playing game Demonwar: Reformation?

RASalvatore2 karma

RASalvaStore.com, of course - we've got everything, and you can get it signed, even personalized.

Abstruse1 karma

Wizards of the Coast tells you that they want your next novel to be something completely different and set in a world other than Forgotten Realms. Which world would you pick and what sort of story do you think you'd write?

RASalvatore2 karma

Probably wouldn't. If I'm doing anything other than Drizzt/Realms, I'm doing something where I will retain rights to the IP, at this point.

For myself...our time, with a twist on science to make theological and philosophical points.

dub19921 karma

Hello i just wanna say i love your books . My Q is how much did you know about dark elfs before you started and was it hard to learn everything you need to make a character believable?

RASalvatore3 karma

Not much - I just used low-level drow to humble cocky high-level groups (and with equipment they couldn't even take home).

federicocap1 karma

Hello Mr Salvatore.

Greetings from Argentina :D

There is so much I want to ask, but first let me thank you for your books and the awesome characters.

Now the questions:

Now that Aluestriel was found alive, is she going back to silverymoon or that is up to Ed to decide? Would be nice if she start teaching Cattie again.

Another question: The years in the realms have a name, and quite a few are really linked to your story. The name's were decided because of that, or you just make it fit with what happens?

And finally but more importantly:

A friend of mine draw a really nice fan art of Drizzt and Guen, how can I show it to you? My friend would touch the sky with her hands if you see her drawing.

RASalvatore2 karma

It would be up to Ed.

As for the years, they were previously named, and all of us Sundering folks were freaked out at how perfectly so many of them fit our novels - it was actually very strange, since these years were named decades ago!

Josh37812 karma

A friend of mine draw a really nice fan art of Drizzt and Guen, how can I show it to you? My friend would touch the sky with her hands if you see her drawing.

He's really active on his facebook page.

RASalvatore4 karma

Post a pic on my FB page.

PriestmanX1 karma

Heyo! Love your books! My mom and I are always talking about Drizzt and Jarlaxle and Bruenor and all the awesome shenanigans the Companions get into. It's great stuff, thanks for writing it.

Besides Drizzt, who is your favorite character? Favorite bit-character? Which characters would you like to revisit and develop a little more?


RASalvatore2 karma

Jilseponie from DemonWars, probably, or Entreri or De'Unnero or...see? I love them all.

Biit player? Oliver deBurrows, of course!

Razdusi1 karma

When writing novels or novellas how much do you outline your content before writing? I know a lot of writers have different balances between how much of the story the lay out before the main writing and then how much they just let their creativity run and follow wherever that leads.

RASalvatore2 karma

Basic outline - first couple/few chapters and a general overview of waht I expect after that. Then I put it at the bottom of my work and keep updating it as I make my way through the story.

sarxos1 karma

First, thanks for writing amazing stories, this can't be understated. Have you every collaborated with Raymond Feist on a work or vice-versa?

RASalvatore3 karma

No, the only writer with whom I've collaborated is my son Geno (and my son Bryan, too, on the DemonWars: Reformation RPG we did for kickstarter).

HypersonicHarpist1 karma

In the Saga of the First King series why are the Abellicans executing "heretics" when they are competing with the Samhaists for converts? It seems like that would be a bad idea on their part. (apologies for any spelling mistakes.)

RASalvatore3 karma

Go back and look at our own world history. Primitive religions were usually quite brutal, using the spectacle of horrible death almost as comfort to the onlookers, as if offering control over that which cannot be controlled.

Pagemaster221 karma

Hello Mr. Salvatore! I was unable to go to the signing in Columbus, but hopefully you enjoyed your time there, and at the other book signings. My question is that, while we could try to interpret how Drizzt has changed on our own, with varying degrees of success: To you, how has Drizzt Do'Urden (of Daermon N'a'shezbaernon) changed since Homeland?

RASalvatore3 karma

He hasn't change din any straight-line manner, certainly. He went from having nothing left to lose, so he walked out into the Underdark, to becoming too concerned with responsibility 9returning to Menzoberranzan). I think his journey is one toward making sense of the world, for him and for me.

A journey like that can take you many places - for Drizzt now, it's surely one of acceptance and contentment. But not to the point where he isn't up for a good battle!

Pagemaster222 karma

Thank you for the answer, and, I have a 2nd question: In Ynis Aielle, when Jeff delGuidice decided he couldn't keep living in Lochsilinilume due to his knowledge of the past world and inability to accept that it was over (like his ideas for improving things) why does he choose to go with the Colonae as a spirit rather than a physical being?

RASalvatore3 karma

Holy cow, I wrote that in 1983...I probably couldn't remember his name without the prompt!

Hehe, the spirit is forever.

koncertkoala1 karma

What is your favorite fantasy series and some of your literary inspirations/ book recommendations? :)

RASalvatore4 karma

Fritz Leiber's "Fafhrd and Grey Mouser" would be up there, very high.

Also, Tolkien, of course, and Terry Brooks were very influential over the years.

almack91 karma

Hey Bob! I hope you are having a good week, I know you've been busy. I know alot of your characters come from your dnd days, but how do you keep them all organized as far as how they should act and the like?

Also, are you coming to Louisville, KY anytime soon? I'd kill (not really) to meet/and/or play dnd with you.

RASalvatore3 karma

My character DO NOT come from my D&D days at all - I keep my gaming and my writing fairly separate (except for Oliver deBurrows, Highwayhalfling from The Crimson Shadow Trilogy, and now Brother Thaddius from the new DemonWars novella).

Won't be in KY this time around - all that's left is the west coast.

almack92 karma

Ahh, I was mistaken. Thanks for taking your time to respond anyway, as they say the best way to get the right answer is to post the wrong one :P

RASalvatore2 karma

Always works for me...and I seem to do it often.

Nelerath81 karma

If I recall Drizzt was originally supposed to be the side kick to Wulfgar, have you ever been disappointed in how he kind of stole the show from your other characters? Like I am a huge fan of Cadderly and wish he was as widely acclaimed as Drizzt is.

RASalvatore12 karma

I feel bad for Wulfgar, i guess, but heck no, I don't regret anything about Drizzt.

My license plate is DRKELF (people keep asking me, "Who's Dr. Kelf?")

Xelaadryth1 karma

Long-time fan, your series is my favorite book series! ^^

If you were to run a D&D campaign in the new edition, what part of the Forgotten Realms world would you choose to start it in? Where do you think would be the most interesting place?

RASalvatore2 karma

I always seem to find myself in the Bloodstone Lands. Something about them really appeals to my fantasy sensibilities.

johndhead1 karma

Bob - first, thanks for writing books that have had a massive impact on my life. We have met a few times at your signings here in Chicago, and I always ask you about the movie in person (won't do that here - I am sure someone else will).

What I was wondering is if you have considered doing a book of just Drizzt's diary writings. Maybe like a coffee table book, with big art. Something unquie and special. Maybe a kickstarter? I have a Babyon 5 at Twenty and a special edition of LOTR that are great out in the open, would love something special of your writings to go with them.

RASalvatore3 karma

I have been trying to convince WotC to do the collected essays - maybe get some professional reviewer to make it the Tao of Drizzt (yes, I'm talking about you, Mr. Paul Goat Allen). heck, i'd even lov eto read it for Audible!

MDR881 karma

What's your favorite class and race to play in DND?

RASalvatore3 karma

Human monk, 1t Edition, which is why I chose to do Reformation (the church classes - the Abellican monks) as the first DemonWars RPG book.

thebonelessone1 karma

Hi Bob!

You'd think that as a DM, a fantasy writer, and a lifelong fan of your work, I could think of a question, but I'm drawing a blank. Instead, I just want to say thanks for writing fun stories that helped influence my writing. Also, I found this short animation on Youtube the other night, you might get a kick out of it.

Just realized I needed a question... Have you and WotC/TSR ever been approached for animated adaptations of the Drizzt books? If not, and you had your choice, who would you want to handle the project?

Anyway, thank you again, and keep up the great work!

RASalvatore5 karma

Anything like that is up to Hasbro, and if anything's brewing, they're not telling me (and I couldn't tell you anyway!).

KA_Bren1 karma

As an aspiring writer I have some anxieties over how well the series will find its audience and (hopefully) sell extremely well and become a literary successes. I labor with love, faith, and careful thought so I want it to pay off very well in the end. I understand social media has made it easier to get the word about a book out there, but aside from that what has worked for you in the past that helped your work become a huge success and draw in readers who would be interested in it? What would you suggest I avoid doing at all costs? Did you ever worry about whether or not something will be a hit or a flop like I do right now? Thanks for your time!

RASalvatore3 karma

The world has changed so much since The Crystal Shard (1988 - pre-internet) that I'm really not the one giving advice here...

You could do crowdfunding, but be VERY careful - many people get wiped out by that route, underestimating their expenses.

Social media, sure. The problem is, there's so much noise out there now, cutting through it isn't easy.

For me, the breaks were simple: Forgotten REalms over my name and an amazing Larry Elmore cover.