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When the lockdowns here in the US started to happen there was an issue with people taking ibuprofen and causing covid symptoms to be worst. Is there any evidence to support this? If so why would an anti-inflammatory make covid any worst than it already can be?

Thanks for the time, you guys are the real heroes here.

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This is good to know. My wife and I argued and argued about it and now I can tell her I'm right. Thanks! 🤘

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I'll be investigating promptly!

One last question, who would play Drizzt the best in a live action movie?

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Greetings once more Mr. Salvatore! Thank you for all of your fine works. My question for you, from my father and i, is: where did you get the idea of Drizzt? Was it like a thought on the john one day? And why did you go with the whole renegade drow idea?

Thanks again for you time and effort! I look forward to the new book!

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faps viciously