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European here. 1. How do you feel about Cristobal Columbus and the history related to your people? 2. How are native Americans seen in America? 3. Could you tell us something special about native Americans that you think most people don't know and should? 4. What is the dance for? 5. What are native Americans main believes? (religious?). Thank you for your time! I find this very interesting. And sorry if my English is not correct.

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2- It depends entirely on the area. I've experienced both extreme racism, and also people who thought I was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Where I currently live, the only natives seen in a bad light are the Navajo, and the shit I hear people say is terrible, that they're just a bunch of fat, thieving, drunks, and nobody cares or thinks badly of the other tribes. Where I grew up, though, the racism was terribly extreme against all Natives. To the point where, just recently, a group of kids at a hockey game were assaulted by adults.
It really just depends on where you are. Most people outside of areas where there actually are Natives tend to not really have an opinion, and believe racism is dead, but it really isn't.

3- Something special? I don't know about that, really. Most people don't know there are 566 federally recognized tribes, and that using the blanket term "Native American" is covering an entire race of people who all come from different groups. It's like saying "White", when the various kinds of "White" are all different. It's like assuming a French, a Welsh, and a Russian are all exactly the same.
I guess one really interesting thing, from my tribe at least, is that there is a very strong sense of family and familiarity among the people. What is commonly seen as gay or socially taboo just isn't as much of a thing. I've seen dog piles of young men (16-21 ish) lying in the sun together, basically cuddling. There's nothing weird about it, and nobody sees them being together and comfortable and thinks it's weird. Showing mild physical affection as a male, to other males, isn't negative, and is more of a brotherhood thing, and in no way indicative of sexual orientation. I always thought that was cool.

5- The question of beliefs goes back to that there are many, many tribes, and they're all different. In general though, the "creator" is seen purely as a father figure, and in no way a god to be feared. Rather, "he" is more of a force of nature, and in my tribe, the true religion, so to speak, is "All of my relations." Which is spoken as a prayer, in the language, and is a kind of reminder that we are all related, the people, the animals, the plants, the earth, everything, and we are simply living with the rest of nature. Basically that whole, one with nature thing.

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Wait... you're not OP!!!!!!!

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Nope, but he's not he wasn't answering anything. I felt a bit compelled to, since I have a couple answers.

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What /u/fireinthemountains said is spot on. Everyone stereotypes and can be racist while others are extremely fascinated

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Christopher columbus in my opinion is just as bad as Juan De Onate or Don Diego Devargas. All of them committed genocide and threatened my people with violence if they didnt commit to the spanish religion. Columbus is given credit for finding america where in reality, the indigenous people were here long before he set foot.

2) Native americans are very stereotyped in american, misunderstood, and generally made fun of because of our tradition. However there are some people who are very interested and understanding to us 3) A lot o people have this misconception that we live in Tipi's and don't really live in a modern time. In fact we do have computers, tv, houses, and generally live a normal life outside the pueblo.

4) The dances are for good luck, to ring in the new year, and also as a way to keep our rich tradition alive to make our ancestors proud.

5) There are many beliefs that native americans believe so i cant really base that off of the entire population.

Thank you for your curiosity!

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Fellow New Mexican!

Red or green yo?

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Green on pizza and burgers, red on everything else.

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yeah this guy has the right idea lol

RyanRainbird310 karma


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I was born in Albuquerque. I'm now 26 and live in Cleveland. The only thing I want is Twister's! Oh my god the things I would do for one of those burritos...


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You have to try El Parasol or Golden Pride too!

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What should the federal government be doing to alleviate problems on reservations? Do you identify as an American at all?

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I do identify as an American, but I feel like the government could do a tad bit more in the way of funding for our youth and seniors

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Where do you stand on the Washington Redskins name?

RyanRainbird322 karma

Hate it, but a lot of people are okay with it so it's a love/hate thing I guess

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African here Have only seen Native Americans in movies where they referred to you as Red Indians. 1. Do you guys call yourselves Red Indians?

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haha no, do you guys call yourselves purple americans?

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Don't know why people are downvoting you, but many do call ourselves Indians. The word "Red" is no longer emphasized. But we also go by American Indians, Native Americans, or just Natives. Sorry OP isn't around.

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What you said was correct and sorry, I got busy

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Are your dancing outfits handed down from generations or do you make new clothes? And do you have several dance outfits or just one set?

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Some of the clothes we have for dances are hand me downs but they also sew and create more clothes for the future. I use my dads clothes to dance

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Have you been to a sweat lodge?

Does your tribe use psychedelics? Have you? What was it like?

I am interested in the methods used by pre-modern people to do all sorts of things, survive and make tools, hunt and conserve, etc. For example, my grandfather taught me that honey bees always go straight back to the hive after lighting on water. This is where the term bee-line is derived. Any insight into old ways from your people?

RyanRainbird311 karma

I actually used LSD in the kiva last night and it was amazing. I loved the closeness i got while under the influence, but to answer your question not everyone is totally ok with Psychedelics.

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I was at Ohkay Owingeh this past June for the feast day and felt so fortunate to be able to see the dances, most memorably the Buffalo dance. The history of the Pueblo people and Spanish colonialism was not taught to me in school. I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about this history. When I was there, I saw that there were some people that were having trouble being respectful of the dances, not intentionally but just out of not knowing what to do. Would you mind going over how a visitor to the Pueblo can be respectful during dances? What are the photography customs?

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In ohkay owingeh there is a fee for the dances. In my opinion good etiquette is keeping your mouth shut, and your eyes open. Flash photography is annoying, but if you can film or take pictures quietly without bothering anyone then no one will have a problem with you.

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I have been driving through the states on several different occasions, and have stopped in many reservations. When we told the Americans of non-native decent about these stops and quick chats with people in the reservations, they would often warn us that what we were doing was dangerous.

Are there anything to this, should we worry about stopping and eating lunch in a reservation?

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No not in my pueblo, everyone is real friendly, and generally you can strike up a conversation with one at the dances and they will invite you to eat

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Where is OP? I don't see a single reply from him on here.

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Sorry man just got on, was busy with tribal things lol

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What can other Americans do to help the tribes? I'm always leery about charities because you never know where the money is really going.

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If you want to donate to a tribe, I suggest contacting someone who you can talk to personally first. There are a lot of shady people but donations work best if youre using it for the youth (as recreational facilites in pueblos are out of date)

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My grandpa was a metis filmmaker working on a story about the uranium mines in Navajo country, NE Mexico when he died. Could you PM me and potentially connect on this?

RyanRainbird36 karma

email me at [email protected]

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How do you prepare for the dance?

RyanRainbird310 karma

We have practice 3 days from wednesday-friday. Then a rest on saturday, and we wake up at 2 to get ready, and have to be in the pueblo by 4 or 5

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Osseo. Are you fluent in your native language?

RyanRainbird39 karma

I'm somewhat fluent in tewa but i plan on becoming more fluent in the next few months

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What's it like living on a reservation? Does it feel like the US? Would your rather live in a regular city?

RyanRainbird312 karma

My pueblo is close to a few cities so it's not totally different. when i bring friends over they're more or less surprised at the fact we live normal just like anyone else

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What languages can you speak? How prevalent is spanish in NM?

RyanRainbird38 karma

Spanish is very common, my friends and family's last names are spanish due to Juan de Onate taking over and committing genocide among my people

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Why do you and all of your friends drink listerine?

RyanRainbird32 karma

Uneducated question but pretty funny

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I've heard humor is a big part of dances. Are there elements of humor in the deer dance?

RyanRainbird32 karma

a tad bit, I would explain but it would be better if you could see it in person so you can see what im talking about

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Have you ever smoked weed with Dave Chappelle?

RyanRainbird34 karma

Hahah no but I have seen that stand up special and I love Dave Chappelle for that:)

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How much do you see in the way of resentment/chip on the shoulder around where you live? We have a couple tribes in my area and both of them got screwed about as often as any tribe, and a certain number of people you see from either one seem as I said, resentful and hostile to outsiders because of this.

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I don't generally appreciate the spanish conquistadors but i do feel like most of our present day problems are brought on my ourselves. So many people drink away their problems, and blame people for so many things

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Are you circumcised?

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does a bear shit in the woods


Isn't it a big historically inaccurate to call yourself a native American when genetics has proven that todays "indians" or "native americans" actually come from Asia and are just as much immigrant-settlers as Europeans?

RyanRainbird31 karma

No we call ourselves Native American's. not indians.

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Why do you hate the Washington Redskins but not the Kansas City Chiefs?

RyanRainbird32 karma

I dont hate the chiefs but redskin is very offensive. Like imagine if there were a team named after african americans named the purple skins

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Do your native american dances just give psychological help, or is there real magic to them? Tell me you can shape shift into a bird and fly!

RyanRainbird34 karma