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I am a Cata lol, thjere are about 2,000 enrolled members

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I've always loved being native american, but when I moved out of state for the first time I truly fell in love with my culture because I then got to see how blessed I am to be apart of the indigenous community. I guess I finally got to see how unique it was and the pride I have will never go away.

What I hate is that people will ask the dumbest and most thoughtless questions, like when I'm at work serving tables I always get a guest or two that ask me if I did a rain dance or they ask me if they can be apart of the Pueblo's dances because they just recently found out they are like 1/16th Native American etc.

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I don't find it offensive. It's funny me and my buddy were talking the other day how white liberals are generally the only people offended by it. Me personally, I think that there are bigger things to worry about in the native american community instead of an NFL or MLB teams mascot. I'd like to see alcoholism go away and many other things prioritized first before any if that other stuff

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I have a few people that I contact prior to dancing and they make me what I request, mocccasins, shirts, and any other things. Some of the stuff i have is passed down but I like to try new colors out every year

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My best friend is from Nambe! Do you know the Kaskallas? I love the fact that we went from San Juan Pueblo to Ohkay Owingeh really was a big deal for us because I felt we were now makjing progress and embracing a new era of native american greatness/pride