We are TRG-Aston Martin Racing - the North American arm of Aston Martin Racing. We're running two V12 Vantage GT3 machines at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona this weekend, attempting a full 24 Hour LiveFeed and AMA. Please let us know your questions and check out our livefeed for near-instantaneous info, pictures, videos, etc., as well as our social media and other channels.

Please direct your questions to specific people on the team - drivers, staff, crew, or feel free to ask general questions. We will be answering questions via the AMA and via video updates throughout the race. If we don't get to your question via the AMA right away, there is a good chance we're asking it in a video (if it's a good question, that is).

I am Jason Myers, the CCO for the team. I handle all the outgoing communications, PR, etc., as well as filling a role with business development, sponsor hunting/pitching, driver development, client relations, and more. Also helping me throughout the race is our Creative Director and artistic genius Ryan Budlong, as well as our VP of Sales and Marketing Paul Zindrick.

I will be performing this AMA in the pits and also in the media center and our VIP lounge.



Aside from the people listed on our bio pages, make requests for any members of the team you would like - specific names, roles, etc.

I'll be starting the AMA shortly after the start of the race - feel free to leave me any questions and I will start answering them as soon as I can. I will put up a tentative (very tentative) schedule of interviews and people to chat with - please bear with me if this AMA is not as instantly reactive as some.

Check out our LiveFeed here: http://www.reddit.com/live/uaracq2pqley

And please bear with me! I am happy to do this for the community!

My Proof: Representing in the hospitality suite: http://imgur.com/y1RP67C

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CookieMonsterFL25 karma

Hey TRG! We at /r/USCR and /r/WEC are loving the increase in interest with reddit and the sportscar community!

My question, how much support do you get from Aston Martin? As far as technical side of aero/engine/etc?

TRG-AMR_Official25 karma

Speaking of aero, here is a photo of our V12 Vantage GT3 on/in the rolling wind tunnel (Windshear) in Charlotte: http://imgur.com/DN38dgw

CookieMonsterFL7 karma

Wow, fantastic photo. Speaking of that wind tunnel, its the only rolling one in the U.S., correct? How far ahead to you have to reserve it for, and are the costs mind-boggling to use it?

TRG-AMR_Official16 karma

They aren't that ridiculously priced - wind tunnel time is already fairly expensive. It's all relative, I guess. Here are a couple others: http://imgur.com/FT1k1hO and http://imgur.com/oM8zrGR

TRG-AMR_Official22 karma

We get a ton of great support from Aston Martin Lagonda and Aston Martin Racing/ProDrive. Engineering, data support, car builds, parts, etc. It's a pretty in-depth program and obviously costs a lot a money, but it's well worth it. We also do cooperative marketing and branding campaigns, shared hospitality and events, etc. It's a complicated relationship, but hey, aren't they all?

TRG-AMR_Official12 karma

And thanks for the support /r/USCR and /r/WEC !!!!

CookieMonsterFL7 karma

Thanks for visiting! Make sure to stop by every now and then to say hi! I'm sure you'll gain a few fans that way!

TRG-AMR_Official8 karma

I will try to have more of a presence! Typically a lurker, and I can say a lot more from my personal account!

mikasaur20 karma

How long is each driver stint? How do you deal with food/hydration/bathroom things?

TRG-AMR_Official24 karma

It all depends on what the driver is comfortable, but 3.5 hours is the limit one driver can legally stay in the cockpit under IMSA rules. There are drink bottles in the car. Food is eaten when they are not in the car. As with bathroom things. Otherwise you get a damp seat.

flemingozilla18 karma

Which LMP car would you like to work on and why is it the SKYACTIV Mazda?

TRG-AMR_Official34 karma

LOL... that thing almost killed us at Road America. Had to have a new tub flown in from the UK and put together in time for VIR 10 days later... and still set the pole there. Bam. [Personal opinion]:Those things are moving chicanes.

Mikecom3215 karma

How does the crew prep for a 24 hour race? Do you guys sleep in shifts during the race, or just catch a nap whenever you can while the driver is out?

Another crew question - What's the craziest repair you've done during a race, and how did it hold up?

TRG-AMR_Official17 karma

The crew naps when they can. There are four drivers per car, sometimes five, so the drivers have time to head to the motorhome and sleep or eat or chill.

ssamios13 karma

Why do you think the advantages and dis-advantages of running a v12 in a class full of 6 and 8 cylinder cars?

(Hello from /r/uscr )

TRG-AMR_Official24 karma

720 hp. Even though they choke us down with restrictors, there is something to be said about six liters and twelve cylinders of British fury.

schrodingersBox7 karma

Good ol' logic. No replacement for displacement?

TRG-AMR_Official10 karma

Something like that!

TRG-AMR_Official6 karma

Thanks! That is awesome.

racingschoolguy12 karma

How many penis jokes do you guys make about the Deltawing?

TRG-AMR_Official20 karma

Ahahahaha... none that I can comment on officially, but... come on. Just look at it. At least it's finally getting quicker.

Honestly, glad to see radical designs and envelopes being pushed. In this world of formulas and templates and very tight regulations, it's much needed. Even if it does look like what you suggest.

thewildslayer12 karma

Mr. Myers, even with all the technological advances in automotive racing, is the reliability of the cars still something you worry about?

TRG-AMR_Official19 karma

Yes - the answer will always be yes, no matter how much we progress. Manufacturing tolerances and the human factor always play a part. It's gotten much, much better, but there are so many moving parts it's impossible to be trouble-free.

craigboyce12 karma

OK the money question. Who all on the team gets a Rolex if you win? (Besides owner/drivers)

TRG-AMR_Official16 karma

Only the drivers. Team owners used to get watches, as did crew chiefs. No more.

craigboyce8 karma

Thought the team had an option to buy watches with the engraving. That may have changed too.

TRG-AMR_Official14 karma

Last I heard these watches are not for purchase. You can get them engraved for an extra cost. This makes them unattainable, no matter how much money you have (unless someone sells you one they won, of course). Unless you have enough money to start/join a race team and then win the race. But buying this watch if you didn't win it is pointless.

Xephyron11 karma

Which livery do you prefer? 007 or 009?

Which James Bond movie is your favorite?

TRG-AMR_Official17 karma

Jason: The 007 livery is incredible. Bond movie? I enjoy them all!

ExtraPlus10 karma

Hey TRG! I have one question directed mainly to the racers:

-What's the most distracting thing when driving out there?

Inspired by this nsfw gif.

TRG-AMR_Official6 karma

Haha... that would be distracting! Honestly, I would say that most wouldn't be racing at this level if they had issues with distraction.

colegnd9 karma

What would you rather fight? 10 duck sized James Davidsons or 1 James Davidson sized duck?

TRG-AMR_Official18 karma

That's the toughest question yet. I would have to say 1 James Davison sized duck, as I could distract him with pieces of bread before drop-kicking him in the neck. We love James and all the other drivers!

Reddits_Worst_Night9 karma

How long do you expect this repair to take? Will you withdraw?

TRG-AMR_Official9 karma

TRG-AMR ‏@theracersgroup 5m5 minutes ago KB rallys the team "We're going to push forward and get every point we can get". #Rolex24 @Rolex24Hours pic.twitter.com/LBCZBAwepI

seandsmyth7 karma

Does each driver have a different race engineer/spotter or is it one per car?

TRG-AMR_Official8 karma

There are multiple engineers - tire engineers (even though we run a spec tire, still necessary and helpful), setup engineers, data engineers, etc.

There is a team of 10 spotters that are at various locations around the track. They swap out shifts during the race and are hugely important to the drivers, especially at night when visibility is bad.

empw6 karma

What is your favorite livery that isn't your own?

TRG-AMR_Official8 karma

The Michael Shank Racing prototype looks great, the AMR UK car looks awesome, and that ESM Patron livery is off da hook. Beautiful. The simplicity of the Porsche RSRs is great too.

bad_user__name6 karma

What is the toughest part of an endurance race?

TRG-AMR_Official7 karma

Everybody has something that is the toughest. For us marketing/media types the hard part is staying up all night. The drivers get to sleep. Toughest part for them is the focus and staying sharp at all hours of the night. And the engineers up on the pit box have to stay up all night and constantly thinking about strategy, fuel loads, drivers and their state of mind, etc.

bad_user__name5 karma

What is your favorite ever Aston Martin?

TRG-AMR_Official8 karma

I had one of the new Vanquish convertibles for a weekend - that thing is epic! Although the DB5 is a beautiful classic and the earlier (~2003) Vanquish was a beautiful car, as well.

CokeTastesGood395 karma

Is the team enjoying the GTLM race as much as I am?

TRG-AMR_Official7 karma

We are in the GT Daytona category, so haven't really been watching LM. Though I love the Vantage GTE and those Vettes. Beautiful cars and technology.

YSSMAN5 karma

With the wide variety of powertrains now being used, which ones are your favorite to hear going around the track?

Can't wait to see you guys come to Detroit this spring!

TRG-AMR_Official9 karma

The 6.0 liter V12, obviously! The RSRs and Vettes sound amazing, as do some of the Prototypes - the Wayne Taylor machine always sounds brilliant, and the Honda in the Michael Shank Ligier sounds great, as well.

legit3095 karma

You list that you are running the GT3 spec cars, but GTD has slightly differant regulations for most cars. How did you have to modify the car to fit it into GTD from the euro GT3 spec?

TRG-AMR_Official10 karma

I can let Weston (our Director of Competition and GT3 Team Manager) answer that, but basically there are some things like we have to dumb-down our aero a bit, no ABS or TC, put restrictors on the engine, higher ride-height, etc.

And it's no longer just Euro GT3-spec - there are global GT3 regs now. It's the future of GT racing, honestly. Pirelli World Challenge saw this and embraced it - and are reaping the benefits now.

Deliriously5 karma

So did you get a chance to take a couple laps around the track in a street car or something? Seeing the cars on the banking is awesome. Wishing you guys luck, thanks for doing this!

TRG-AMR_Official14 karma

I did! I drove a minivan on the banking at around 115mph during a photo shoot - video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pdM67wTA18

bduggleby5 karma

In 2013 TRG-AMR was on the 24 Hours of Le Mans reserve entry list. Any plans to have a crack at it again?

TRG-AMR_Official9 karma

Yes, we'd love to, but it's an expensive endeavor. We have eight cars on the entry list for this year's Aston-only support race, so that will be fun. We've gone to Le Man three times (with Porsche) and won once (2003) in the GT category.

sbstnb5 karma

What races does the NA division regularly compete in?

Also, do you use Vantages exclusively?

TRG-AMR_Official7 karma

We compete in a number of series - the IMSA Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge, the IMSA TUDOR United Sportscar Championship, and the Pirelli World Challenge GT and GTS classes.

Yes - we use the V8 Vantage GT4 and the V12 Vantage GT3. http://trg-astonmartinracing.com/aston-martin-race-cars-2/

cody180sx4 karma

How do you guys build the engines to take that kind of abuse for so long?

TRG-AMR_Official10 karma

AMR/ProDrive builds the engines for us. Those guys have quite a history of building great things - Subaru WRC cars, Ferrari 550 and 575 GT1 cars, the Mini rally program of present, etc. So they know what they're doing. And it's what they're built for - it's not really abuse if you've built it to be reliable for 10,000 km at full throttle.

vaporsilver4 karma

Not sure if you can answer this but what's been the number one factor of the hardship with the Aston? I've followed TRG since their Pontiac days and they've anyways adapted to new manufacturers quick. They were successful with both Pontiac and Porsche.

However, with Aston they've had 5 straight poles and nothing to show for it.

Is there a fundamental problem with the BoP for races? Bad luck? Poorly made parts prone to breaking?

Just curious, thanks!

PS: Tell Weston and Joey Riggs that MJ says Hi and I wish them the best of luck!

TRG-AMR_Official9 karma

Well, it's different. The Pontiac days were a Pratt and Miller factory effort with TONS of engineering dollars thrown at it. GM was all-in with that deal. That, and Grand-Am was at an interesting point in terms of competition/BoP.

Porsche wasn't overnight in the slightest. TRG came to Daytona seven years in a row before a win. We raced Porsches for over 20 years.

AMR/ProDrive make incredible cars. The fields are so competitive right now with such amazing drivers, so much manufacturer support, etc. it's a tough time to be super competitive right out of the box. Look at the issues the Audis are having and they've been around awhile with a massive factory support program.

racingschoolguy4 karma

What would it take for you guys to sneak something Reddit-related (or Dickbutt for extra lulz) onto TV?

TRG-AMR_Official14 karma

I'll put the reddit alien on something if I can. It won't take you anything other than the suggestion!

craigboyce4 karma

Do you think Fox will interview Dorsey Schroeder? :-)

TRG-AMR_Official4 karma


schrodingersBox4 karma

How would the team feel if the Mosport race turned into a 6 or 12 hour event? I want to start up a petition.

TRG-AMR_Official3 karma

We could live with that.

12hoyebr4 karma

How excited were you guys to secure the poll spot for the GTD class? How do you plan to hold onto that spot?

TRG-AMR_Official8 karma

In a race like this, pole is a relatively meaningless, though it's a nice stat. It's a long race, and starting at the front of the field isn't necessarily an important thing. It's nice for the PR side of the house and helps motivate the drivers, crew, etc. but it also makes the series look at us and start wondering whether or not there needs to be a BoP (Balance of Performance) adjustment. Always give and take. There is always someone watching and lobbying against you if you're doing well. It's the nature of the beast, unfortunately.

Yoshiman4004 karma

Favorite Aston and non-Aston Bond cars?

TRG-AMR_Official8 karma

Current-gen Vanquish Volante. Didn't he drive a Z3 and a Z8? Out of those two, the Z8, obviously! Which other non-Astons has he driven?

YSSMAN8 karma

Off the top of my head, '71 Mustang Mach 1, AMC Hornet, BMW 750i, Lotus Esprit, and that amazing Ford Ka in Quantum of Solace.

TRG-AMR_Official12 karma

Lotus Esprit could be fun if it remained running.

spatchbo4 karma

Will the 007 team be around for questions?

TRG-AMR_Official5 karma

Possibly. We might have to close the AMA for multiple reasons.

CookieMonsterFL3 karma

Any comical antics by the drivers or crew? Any traditions you guys have with pre-race race or post-race?

TRG-AMR_Official9 karma

Sometimes at night they play tricks on each other while napping in the pits, but not too often, actually. They are all super tired and need the rest. Post-race we like to sleep! And maybe have a beer or two. Champagne if we've won, of course!

doompenguin3 karma

What criteria do you use to pick your drivers? Is there anything you use other than past performances? (Bringing personal sponsors, being friends with you, sheer persistence when badgering you for a drive etc)

I'm aware that there are plenty of talented drivers to choose from who are looking for a drive and don't have a contract, how many drivers do you consider before filling a vacancy?

TRG-AMR_Official4 karma

It all depends, really. Sometimes we have watched a guy from the lower ranks mature and grow into a position. Sometimes we take a chance. Sometimes they bring sponsorship/funding. Sometimes they have personal funding. It all depends. There are 100 great "pro" drivers for every seat.

forza1013 karma

What cars do drivers drive when they are off track? Are they limited to non competitors cars or is the team pretty cool about it?

Take those away and you get rid of quite a few of fancy cars.

TRG-AMR_Official8 karma

We have no restrictions, though some manufacturer-based teams do. Corvette guys get Corvettes, Porsche guys get Porsches. While we love Aston street cars, they are a bit unattainable for most.

schrodingersBox3 karma

Can you please high five your main rig driver? We talked his ear off at Mosport about driving under low bridges. ... oops!

TRG-AMR_Official3 karma

Yes indeed! Al or Kevin? Either way, they both just got high-fives!

ofearghail3 karma

Is there a way to follow you guys on cable? I've had a hard time finding a TV schedule for your races.

TRG-AMR_Official6 karma

All over FOX and online - check the sidebar in our LiveFeed for a complete viewing cheat sheet: http://www.reddit.com/live/uaracq2pqley

racingschoolguy3 karma

What are you guys eating today?

TRG-AMR_Official7 karma

The crew and staff eat normal food. Some lean towards more energy drinks and other stimulants. Drivers have their own regimens and routines. I will have them answer as they cycle through.


This may sound like a silly question... The drivers 'relieve themselves' in the car right? How much does that Aston Martin stink after the race?

TRG-AMR_Official9 karma

The drivers do not relieve themselves in the car unless absolutely necessary/emergency. That would be gross.

racingschoolguy6 karma

Hey man, I've relieved myself while driving while on a road trip. Are you saying I'm more hardcore than even Scott Pruett?

TRG-AMR_Official7 karma


schrodingersBox3 karma

What's with the neon lights in the grill? Practical or just because?

TRG-AMR_Official7 karma

Just because it looks awesome and helps us identify the cars at night and from afar.

MrAwwesome3 karma

Is there any way I can get free stuff from you guys? I love Aston Martin almost as much as I love my girlfriend.

TRG-AMR_Official10 karma

If you would've said you love Aston Martin more than your girlfriend I would've sent you a swag bag.

schrodingersBox2 karma

I'm wondering how health conscious crews are. Like do other team members match the fitness requried by drivers to stay away, more alert and fast for pit stops n'stuff?

TRG-AMR_Official7 karma

Some are incredibly health conscious, others are not. But if they can't perform their duties they will be let go, so it's on them to maintain. Most of the drivers are incredibly fit and health conscious.

NorthStarZero2 karma

Penske or Bilstein?

TRG-AMR_Official3 karma


schrodingersBox2 karma

What about brakes? Calipers and pads.

TRG-AMR_Official3 karma

Brembo race three piston calipers front, two piston rear, Brembo race rotors, Pagid RS pads.

el_karacho2 karma

If you could drive in any other race series, what would it be?

TRG-AMR_Official8 karma

Well, myself personally? (This is Jason) TBH, I don't actually enjoy driving all that much, surprising as it may seem. I like the business side of things and being around the cool cars, fun atmosphere, travel, people, etc. makes it a fun career field. But I would drive F1 or DTM in a heartbeat... or LMP1 at Le Mans... or V8 Supercars at Bathurst... but who wouldn't?!?!

abcdefghijklmnopq3392 karma

What inspired you to race the Indy?

TRG-AMR_Official3 karma

I assume you're asking James Davison this question? I will have him answer when he is out of the car! He is presently battling for the top three after a restart just moments ago.

alias_792 karma

I am currently an Information Science and Systems major in university what kind of opportunities if any are there for me in the race industry? looking for summer internships by the way.

TRG-AMR_Official2 karma

I'm not sure I'm aware of a directly related position, though it seems like you would fit in with a manufacturer or top-tier team that does a lot of their own development. Layman's terms - what does your degree specialize in?

racingschoolguy2 karma

In your instructions you recommend we direct our questions to specific people on the team. Do you have a roster we can look at?

TRG-AMR_Official5 karma

There are two rosters above in the header/instructions - our office/executive staff and our drivers. Otherwise the list is pretty long - about 60 mechanics/engineers/hospitality, PR, etc. here this weekend. If you make a request for a specific or general positions I will do my best to fill it with someone who can give you the best answer.

bitteralex2 karma

Have you seen the Top Gear episode were they enter a 24 hour race? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

TRG-AMR_Official4 karma

I have, though I don't really remember it. I remember thinking they were a little amateur-ish to be attempting a 24 hour race, but if I recall, it was a fairly amateur type race? They definitely weren't the safest drivers on the track. I think it did a lot of good in showing just how much effort it takes to run a 24 hour race - it's incredibly tough!

schrodingersBox2 karma

Jason: Coffee or espresso?

TRG-AMR_Official3 karma

Espresso only.

schrodingersBox2 karma

What stop has the best night life on the NA tour?

TRG-AMR_Official4 karma

Used to be the Grand Prix of Three Rivers/Trois Rivieres. Laguna Seca and Long Beach are fun, as is Indy and Austin. But the real "active" nightlife award has to go to Sebring, of course.

4InchesOfury2 karma

Is TRG-Aston Martin Racing at all involved with iRacing bringing Aston Martins to the service? Link. If so, can you give us any updates?

TRG-AMR_Official3 karma

You know, we talked with some people regarding this for the past couple of years. We use the VirtualGT simulators and they were pushing for us to invest in developing both GT4 and GT3 models for iRacing, though we never did. Lucky for us - now we to design some liveries and get our VirtualGT fired up!

lucky02251 karma

*an AMA?

TRG-AMR_Official3 karma

Yeah, it truncated my title... I do know English real good, I promise.