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Neil Cicierega does that.

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Congrats to both of you on an awesome season, we hope to see you back on Discovery next year! It's been great seeing so many AMAs over on our sub and I'm really happy to see you getting one on the big stage.

For both of you: Do you think BattleBots should revive televising a lightweight and/or middleweight class in their competition? There have been a lot of legendary bots in the lighter classes over the years (Ziggo, Hazard, T-Minus, etc.) and it'd be a great way to connect the series closer to grassroots robot combat which features classes even lighter than the lightweights.

For Paul: Now that you've retaken a 2-1 lead for Giant Nuts over Ray Billings and Tombstone, do you think your competitors will believe Bite Force is now the robot to beat instead of Tombstone?

For Marco: Which one of the other robots in BattleBots do you think Daniel would have the most fun driving and why?

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Awesome response! Love your comparison of Bite Force and Tombstone.

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Wow, Daniel driving Bronco would definitely be amazing to watch! We need to see if Inertia Labs would be willing to return the favor. Obrigado!

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Wow! Fifteen years ago my parents got to take me to my first concert, and Kansas was opening for Yes in Hartford! What a night for a kid like me! It's nice to see that you two are taking your time to answer some questions today, and I congratulate the whole band on forty years. (And tell Steve I congratulate him on a successful career and a long, happy retirement! Ronnie's doing a great job taking over his position, and it's nice to see "The Wall" get its speed back!)

1) For most of the last several decades, "Song for America" always seems to have at least some part in the middle that's getting cut out live; this despite comparable epics like "Journey from Mariabronn" and "Magnum Opus" (when you don't stop after Howling at the Moon, of course) consistently played in its entirety. How come, and any chance an unabridged "America" will finally return to the setlist, especially with two keyboard players in the band again?

2) If you could play one Kansas album front to back in a 2015 setlist, which one would it be? (And yes, if you pick Leftoverture you would have to put "Carry on Wayward Son" at the beginning. I'm sure you guys could close with something like "Down the Road" or "Bringing It Back"!) My pick would either be Kansas or Masque; Robby would probably love "All the World" getting some attention again!