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How to the infrared images help you to determine crop health?

What does a "sick" crop look like compared to a "healthy" crop under the infrared camera? Can you post an example?

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That is damned cool. Thanks!

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What would you recommend for this:

  • Mix of carpet/hardwood (60/40 split although we might be moving more toward 40/60 as we renovate)
  • Two hairy dogs

I'm not concerned with cost, I just want something that cleans well. I'm tired of the crappy bagless vac we have right now, and the dog hair drives me a little crazy.

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Any particular model? I don't want to waste money on some kind of feature that doesn't do anything, but I also don't mind spending more if it means better cleaning.

It seems like there's a lot of options (Miele alone has 18 different models of canister vacuums!)

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