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Do they sing songs that remind them of the better times?

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There SO needs to be a David Attenborough-esque Brazzers film where Uniden narrates on the human mating process!

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I used to work with JTF2, and they lived in Graceland in downtown Khandahar City with all the other Secret Squirrels.

All I ever heard from those guys was high-school clique shit about other nations.

"Those Delta Force bastards ate all the ice cream!" really takes the bloom off the SOF rose.

*Quick Edit: I wasn't JTF2 myself, nor am I SOF, but we occasionally worked together.

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So a good friend of mine from military college - still serving - is transitioning male to female. While it is unquestionably odd to see your former brother walking this path, she seems far happier now, and the quality of her performance remains stellar.

I'm an old-school combat arms kinda dude, but I have zero heartache about this, and I'm with you that the medical costs should be borne by the Crown, not the member.

I'd certainly much rather serve with a happy sister than with an unhappy brother. Frankly, those that oppose you can go fuck their hat.

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On a scale of "1" to "Gay", that comment scores a solid "Gay".

Shine on you crazy diamond.